In the end you should be able to list the best Golf Driver For 100MPH swing speed

Every golfer does have a swing speed, while some are fast swinger, other are average swinger, we also have slow swingers

And there are different golf driver built to suits different swing speed, just as the saying goes, different stroke for different folks

What Is A Swing Speed In Golfing

A swing speed is the ability of a golfer to hit the golf ball using a driver as far as possible across and taking into record the average ball distance travel

Today’s golfing offers the best on sale Golf driver for golfers whose got a speed of 100MPH, got a swing speed of 100MPH and looking for the best suited driver?

We’ve got you covered? most of the golfer especially beginners and intermediate aren’t aware how swing speed affect distance

In fact there is a big correlation between your swing speed and ball distance and which driver will be best suited for you

When making a choice on driver club you should take with serious consideration your swing speed as there are different driver suited for different swingers

New drivers are being launched everyday this ever increasing quantity of driver makes it even more difficult to make a selection on golf driver that will suit perfectly your swing

This is why we have decided to compile the list of the best driver that offers 100MPH swing speed which is also an average speed in golfing

With this driver you will be able to hit 240 to 275 yardage on your shots consistently

If you ever consider one of the best golf driver for the average swing speed of 100MPH, then this driver on our list is best suited for you

In this blog post of today we are going to be listing the best on sale driver for 100MPH swingers

For 90MPH swing speed Driver, please refer here: Best driver for 90MPH swing speed 

What Golf Brand Makes The Best Golf Driver For 100MPH Swing Speed

There are many brand out there which focuses on the production and manufacture of golf driver best for 100MPH swinger

This club company create massively targeted club driver utterly designed for the average swinger for un-matched game improvement

This makes them a ”go go” place for the that golfer looking for the best club driver that will suit perfectly

Without further delay we bring to you the list on sale for 2020

Best For 100MPH Swing Speed

Srixon Z 585 Driver(Best For Feel And Responsiveness)

Golf driver, 100MPH speed, best 100MPH, 100MPH driverGreat golf driver highly designed for golfer who hit between 90 to 100MPH swing speed, with this driver you will achieve massive distance and speed on your game as they are easy to hit and very forgiving

The forgiveness is brought about proper weight to balancing ratio and the exceptionally speed and ball distance travel is brought about by the light and fast Ti51AF cup face

Experience the best of response and feedback brought about by lightweight weight and soft shaft which does also gives you great and pleasant feel

One of the very stunning characteristics of this driver club is it’s ability to offer better and more advanced ball control than many out there, this means you are not only hitting long ranges rather you get getting the best of control

When it comes to quality, you cannot talk about the Srixon without a mention of quality, this driver is of good quality and offers the best of user experience and durability


Ti51AF cup face for better ball speed and distance

Lightweight carbon crown help for more responsiveness and feedback on every single hit

Good quality and great for the money

Exceptional control and feel when in contact with ball

Insanely forgiving brought about by it’s large sweet-spot and strategically placed MOI


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Cleveland Golf Men’s Launcher Turbo(Best For Forgiveness And Ball Control)

100 mph driver, best driver, golf driverGreat and outstanding driver that is great for swing speed of 100MPH, you aren’t just buying a driver you are investing in quality, with this driver you will get maximum ball speed plus distance

The exceptional speed and ball distance is brought about by the Turbo charged face, hit longer and straighter shots and most importantly with quality

You will get higher ball launch and ball trajectory all made possible through the ultra lightweight hosel which does internal and external weight reduction

The large headed driver features a large sweet-spot with un-matched MOI positioning for more responsiveness and feedback


Turbo charged cup face for the best of distance and speed

Insanely forgiving and responsive brought about by lightweight hosel which does have internal and external weight redistribution

Ultra lightweight hosel for higher ball launch and accurate trajectory

Very quality so that they are long lasting

Better ball control and feedback


Quite expensive


Taylormade SIM Max Driver(Best For Forgiveness And Responsiveness)

swing speed, 100MPH, 100MPH swingerIf you’ve got a swing speed of 100MPH the Taylormade SIM Max is one of the best quality you can bargain for

For that golfer who cares about quality and classy club driver, this is on then top of the list

Through it’s revolutionary new shape with aerodynamic you will achieve more ball speed and higher ball launch

How about its speed injected technology you will also have un matched distance and better ball control on every single hit

There is also the twist face technology which does also help to reduce ball spin and optimize rolls for better forgiveness and response

The adjustable features helps you to personalize your playing style and pattern


Twist face technology for reduced spin and well optimized ball rolls

Speed injected technology for unmatched distance and speed

Great for quality so they are very durable

Adjustable features for quick personalization

High MOI and highly positioned strategically Placed low CG

Coms with a head cover for protection


Quite expensive


Taylormade Golf M6 Women’s Driver(Best For Forgiveness And Feedback)

golf driver, best 100MPH,If you are a woman whose got an swing speed of 100Mand looking for the best of quality driver club which will add more accuracy and yardage to your game then the Taylormade Golf M6 Women’s Driver is a great place to start with

You are not just buying a driver which is great for an average swing speed of 100MPH it important to take note that you are buying quality

There is a speed injected technology which does helps to create more distance and speed on every single hit made

How about the presence of the aerodynamic which does help for maximum ball flight and well targeted trajectory for better result

This is an insanely forging and exceptionally responsive golf club brought about by proper weight balancing and redistribution and large sweet-spot, infact the largest allowed in golfing


Speed injected technology for more distance and speed

Twist face to reduce spin and optimize rolls

Aerodynamic carbon sole design for better ball flight and accurate trajectory

Massively Forgiving and responsive brought abut proper weight zoning and alignment

Great quality so that they are ultra durable and long lasting


Quite expensive


PING G400 Driver(Best For Forgiveness And Responsiveness)

Average swing speed, 100MPH, best driver, golf driverHit longer range shots and straighter drives using this well built and balanced golf driver

This is a great club for 90 to 100MPH swing speed and are very quality and efficient, the overall performance of this club is something else as you will get extra yardage with an effortless launch

This driver is in high demand due to it’s top notch forgiveness and instant feedback which adds to the overall performance of your game

They come with nice sound and perfect feel brought about by the internal rib structure that you will love and enjoy.

This is a big advancement to aerodynamic and stability as you will easily get high ball launch and trajectory


Enhanced feel an pleasant sound on impact

Advanced aerodynamic feature for easy and quick ball flight plus trajectory

Exceptional responsiveness with maximum feedback brought about by proper weight to balance alignment

Highly quality so that they are efficient and durable

Vortec technology to increase velocity, added distance with stability

Is 100MPH A Good Swing Speed

Firstly there is no bad swing speed, you are either a slow swinger, average swinger or fast swinger, however there is still room for improvement no matter how fast or slow your swing turns out to be

If you’ve got a swing speed of up to 100MPH, you are one of the top best average swinger

If you’ve got a 100MPH swing speed you could hit the golf ball as far as 270 yardage

What Shaft Should I Use If I Have A 100MPH swing Speed?

There have been a recent argument on where a 100MPH swing speed should be placed, some categorize it under an average swing speed while others categorize it as a fast swing speed

However this debate seems to be quite close to a single agreement with the fact that if it should be concluded as an average swing speed, it is at the peak of an average swing speed

A regular flex shaft is too whippy as a 100MPH swinger falls among the highest range of average swing speed

As a general rule, your swing speed will determine the driver best for you, as for 100MPH speed according to a chart by golf equipment manufacturers

You are better off using a stiff or extra stiff shaft



There are lot of impact you will get from your swing speed and the kind of driver you choose should be dependent on your swing speed

As there are different golf driver for different swing speed, from our list, this driver are great for that golfer whose got a 95 to 100mph Speed

















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