In the end you should be able to list the best driver for high swing speed

Today’s golfing offers the best on sale golf driver for high swing speed, prior to this era there were little to no driver club for high swing speed

Swing speed is the game of golf, without swing it can be predated that you aren’t golfing

Since swing speed is the game of golf, it becomes way important to consider your swing speed before making a choice on driver

Thanks to the technology which has made the hassle of calculating swing speed a thing forgotten

Your driver is largely determined by your swing speed, in golfing swing speed is generally categorized as Fast swing speed, Average swing speed and slow swing speed

What Is A Swing Speed In Golfing

In golfing swing speed is the force at which you hit the golf ball in several attempt using the club called driver and calculating the overall average distance

Fast Swing Speed

Swing speed are categorized into three

Fast swing speed also known as high swing speed, fast swingers have a swing speed of over 100MPH for men and for women over 80MPH

Average Swing Speed

This golfers swing speed is usually above 60MPH for men and above 50 for women, they can also be referred to as regular swing speed

Slow Swing Speed

If you’ve got a swing speed below 50MPH for men and below 40MPH for women you are considered as a slow swinger, they can also be refereed to as low swing speed

In today’s blog post we are going to be listing the best on sale men’s golf driver for high swing speed also known as fast swing speed

For best golf club for slow swing speed, please refer here: Best golf driver for slow swing speed

Looking for the best on sale golf driver for fast swingers? we’ve got you covered, our pics are based on intensive research, reviews and feedback all in an effort to bringing you the best

Best For Men Golf Driver For High Swing Speed In 2020

Taylormade Golf M5(Best For Forgiveness And Feedback)

swing speed, high swing, golf driver, best driver, for menWhen buying a driver performance should be the ultimate goal, the Taylormade M6 promises you the best of to notch performance which will add to your overall performance

And mind you, you aren’t just buying a driver club, you are buying quality, if you are a lover of quality and efficiency then this driver is just the right one for you

Through it’s speed injected technology with tuning resin you are in for more speed and distance than you ever imagine

The twist face technology is also there to help by reducing your spin and optimizing your rolls

This is truly one of the most easy to hit golf driver in the Taylormade M series and they are highly forgiving such that even on a mishit you get corrected

There is also then inverse T-Track which does allow for weight maneuvering for optimal spin and trajectory

From now on you goanna have straighter shots and most importantly with consistency


Longer and straighter driver with twist face technology

Speed injected twist face for more speed and distance

Inverse T-Track for high MOI increase and launching conditions

Proper weight balancing and alignment for more feedback and responsiveness

Highly forgiving due to large head and sweet-spot

Made of quality so that they are long lasting


Quite expensive


Cobra Golf F9 Men’s Speedback(Best For Feedback And Response)

swing speed, high swing,golf driver, for menOne of the best for the value golf driver for high swing speed is no doubt the Cobra F9 Speedback

CobraF9 was better than exceptional with the highest raw strokes gained average among the high swing speed test

Features a speed back technology with true optimization of aerodynamics for more speed and high launch trajectory

You will get more added distance to your driver through the feature known as dual roll technology

This is a good for the quality golf driver, though not the best in terms of quality but good enough

The CNC precision milled face offers well streamlined shots and optimized roll and spin for better forgiveness and response even on a mishit

They are also lightweight made possible through the ultra light carbon wrap crown


Very durable

Forged E9 face technology for more distance and more optimized ball roll

8 easily adjustable loft setting to help you manage trajectory, launch and spin

Ultra light carbon wrap crown for more feedback and feel

Speed back aero design for higher ball launch and accurate trajectory


Someone complained of not receiving adjustable wrench


Callaway Golf 2019 Epic Flash Driver(Best For Forgiveness And Quality)

high swing, swing speed, golf driver, best men, men driver, fast swingThis is one of the most famous golf driver across the Callaway brand, the Epic flash driver just as it’s name entails is designed for high swing speed, ”The flash”

Get ready for unprecedented distance and speed with this well designed and driver which does offer the best of forgiveness and ball control

This is quite unique from all other Callaway driver due to its flash face which does help golfer get more speed and distance on every single hit

Jail breaking technology also adds to overall distance and speed performance

And through it’s sliding 16 gram weight you will be able to get more and precise controls on your balls

Just like the Taylormade M5, this is a very quality golf driver and a great choice golfer who has a great taste for quality and efficiency

It does have an adjustable features which does give golfer the opportunity for shots and spin fine tuning which adds up to overall performance and forgiveness on course


Flash face technology for more speed and distance on every single hit

Adjustable perimeter weighing for draws, fades or straighter shot promotion

Great Quality and highly efficient

Lighter crown saves weight  which is redistributed to head and this helps to increase MOI for forgiveness un-matched

Jail breaking technology for more speed and distance

Insanely forgiving with the best of feedback tendency through even weight distribution


Due to increase in demand it get out of stock easily


Exotics EXS Driver(Best for Control and Forgiveness)

senior driver, swing speed, high swing, golf driver, for seniorsIf you are a senior who happens to be a fast swinger, the Exotics EXS is a great driver for you as you will hit not jus longer but straighter distance

Features a flight tuning system which does help for better ball flight optimization and trajectory

This is a highly recommendable driver if you struggle of the tee, they are well made and easy to hit with excellently pleasant sound and feel

There is a roll face technology which does help for ball spin and roll optimization so that you re guaranteed of ultimate forgiveness even on a mishit

How about the dual carbon technology which helps for weight redistribution so that club is well balanced for better ball control and speed

You can also easily adjust this driver to your preferred setting and playing so that you get the best out of your swing


Great for senior whose got a fast swing speed

Flight Tune System(FTS) for fine tuned spin and shots

Roll face technology for well optimized ball trajectory and launch angle

Good for the money

Adjustable features for quick customization preferences

Dual carbon technology for weight redistribution of which helps for more feel and responsiveness

Insanely forgiving which is brought about by high MOI and strategically placed low CG


Not as famous as other brands


Cleveland Golf Launcher Turbo Driver(Best For Forgiveness And Feel)

Golf drive, high speed, swing speedThe Cleveland golf launcher Turbo Driver is one that guarantees more distance and speed

With its Turbo Charged Cup Face you will get increased ball speed, distance and control

They are very lightweight thus offering you un-matched forgiveness and feedback, this club boost as one of the best for quality and efficiency

You will love this club due to it’s 0verall look and design, you will hit straighter and longer distance most importantly with consistency

This is a large headed driver with high MOI, low CG and big sweet-spot for unmatched forgiveness and feedback


Very quality and efficient

Turbo charged cup face for the best of distance and speed

Ultra light hosel for un matched feel and ball distance control

Straighter shots and better trajectory

Insane forgiveness and response brought about by proper weight to balance positioning


Still waiting to see the cons



One of the common thing to do when trying to make a selection on driver club is to determine your swing speed

The decision you should be considering when trying to purchase a driver should be tied to your swing speed

Today’s golfing offers the best on sale golf driver for high swing speed, here you have the list














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