In the end you should be able to list the best on sale golf driver for senior women

Senior golfers complain too often that once they hit a certain age their distances just start to dwindle

This is well attributed to lost of swing force and speed, as a golfer grows older, into the senior category swing force becomes weaker and less powerful

Are you a senior lady and looking for a golf driver that is best suited for you? a driver club that will give you greater ball speed and distance? We’ve got you covered

Today’s golfing do have in great collection and offer highly targeted golf driver utterly designed to meeting the demand of that senior female golfer today

Before giving you this list, permit us to introduce to you the concept called ‘Driver’ as a club in golfing

Golf Driver Explained

Golf driver is one of the very essential club you will be needing in your club set, a golf driver from the word, ‘driver’ is a club used to hit the longest range distance shots

It is used to hit off the tee, which makes it the very first hitting club in every round of golfer, in simple terms you will hit the golf ball using the driver before any other clubs in every round

One of the very club that will have great impact on your game is the club called driver so you have to be careful when making a choice so as to make your golfing profitable

As a senior or elderly golfer you have probably lost swing force and now you have a slow swing force due to age factor

Because of this reason you will be needing a driver which will help compliment for your weakness

This golf driver are designed in a way that they are very flexible and lightweight this will help the senior drive longer range shots and speed even on a weak swing

The flexibility that this club present would ensure ultimate responsiveness and feedback on every single stroke

The younger golfer tend to use more stiffer driver when compared to the seniors, the reason being they do have a more forceful and powerful swing when compared to the senior with slower and weaker wing speed

Looking for the best for senior golf driver on sale today? We’ve got you covered, here in this blog post we are going to be listing the best for senior women golf drivers

For senior golf driver for men, please refer here, Best for senior men golf drivers

With this driver the female senior will be able to improve on their game as this club will add more yardage and speed to your game and most importantly they are very forgiving

Should I Use A Senior Golf Driver Or Who Should Use A Senior Flex Driver?

Even though this driver are meant for seniors, it is not restricted to the seniors alone

For those who’ve got weak and slow swing speed and wants to gain more distance, speed and control on the their game, then this driver is a great choice

So if you are female golfer and your swing force or speed is weak and you are looking for more distance and control , then this will work best for you


Best For Senior Women Golf Driver Reviewed

Cobra Women’s 2018 F-Max Offset Driver(Best For Ball Control And Forgivveness)

senior drivers, best senior, golf driverIf you want to get the best of straight distance shots and ball capable of correcting you even on a mishit then this is a great choice

This driver is awesomely forgiving and exceptionally responsive, you will hit better and definitely you driver will increase

The driver which does have a big sweet-spot helps for your distance and speed greatly, they are super lightweight with the best of feel and comfort brought about by soft and flexible grip

For higher ball launch this driver does come with an offset hosel design thus lead to more accurate and straighter shots


Maximum club head and speed brought about by ultra lighter shaft and swing weight

Easy to hit and align this is due to the visually appealing crown features

Proper CG and weight placement for more forgiveness and responsiveness

Offset hosel design for more straighter and  accurate shots


Not available in right hand Orientation


Petite Senior Women’s Majek High Launch Golf K Series(Best For Forgiveness And Feel)

golf driver, senior women, best driverGreat golf driver for the senior who is looking for quick super game improvement, sadly this driver is only available in right hand orientation

This is a perfectly balanced and weighed driver this makes them insanely responsive with then best of feedback on impact

They are very lightweight which promotes faster swing speed and ball control, this will add greatly to your distance

When it comes to a driver that is very easy to swing yet without sacrificing forgiveness this is one of such, along side you will hit straighter shots and most importantly with consistency


Large headed driver and sweet-spot for the best of forgiveness and feedback

Made of premium graphite which is lightweight for more ball speed and distance control

Good quality

Tour velvet grip which is lightweight and soft for the best of feel and comfort

Easy to hit driver club with low spin brought about by extra thin face for more accuracy on target


Not available for left hand


Callaway Golf 2019 Epic Flash Driver(Best For Ball Control And Responsiveness)

senior driver, golf club, golf driver, best women, women seniorsThe Callaway Epic driver is one which boost of a new technology well known as flash face this gives the golfer more speed so that they can get more distance

The Callaway is one of the most trusted and established brand and their driver are massively forgiving and responsive

A jail breaking technology which does place more load impact on club face helps boost ball head for faster speed and control

One loveable features about this driver is an adjustable perimeter weighing for a well streamlined and straighter shots

Lightweight and comfortable shaft makes hitting easy and fun, get off to a real start and improve your game like never before with this technologically advanced golf driver with top notch ball flight features for less spin and better rolls


Jail breaking technology for more ball speed and distance

Well optimized and streamlined club head for better flight and trajectory

High MOI brought about by lighter trixial carbon crown which saves weight

Adjustable driver for better customization preference

Made of quality with a comfortable and soft grip


Someone complained of a little too much flex


Taylormade M4 Draw Type Driver(Best For Forgiveness And Feedback)

golf driver, best seniors, senior ladiesThis is the best for the money golf driver for the senior ladies, having gone through various innovations and technology we present to you this very forgiving  and speed centered driver club

This driver is designed for straight high flying’s shots with low spin for the best of feedback and responsiveness

You will be very pleased with tis driver as it is a big step up that will blow you away, the lightweight graphite shaft makes club exceptionally comfortable with the best of feel on contact

Good and pleasant sound is produced on center hits, the adjustable features makes it a great fit for golfer of different playing style and levels

When it comes to quality, you can trust the Taylormade M4 Draws as it is made from quality material so that they are long lasting


Great quality

Reduced spin and straighter shots brought about by new face curvature

Flexible center slot for ball speed increase and distance

Well balanced and weighted for the best of response and feedback

Light and flexible for more optimized ball shots and trajectory

Flexible and soft grip for the best of feel


Might take some time getting used to


Senior Women Majek High Launch Golf K Series(Best For Response And Feedback)

Senior women, golf driver, best on saleYou are not just buying golf driver, you are buying quality, the Majek golf driver even though they are not as popular as the Callaway or Taylormade

This is a 460cc size head driver the highest allowed in the USGA, this size makes them exceptionally forgiving and ball is able to roll of face easily an quickly

The premium tour velvet grip makes them exceptionally lightweight and very comfortable, offering you the best of feel at impact

You will get maximum ball flight and launch trajectory because of the pure engineering approach

This is a perfectly balanced and weighed golf driver club which does offer the best of response and feedback

Even on a mishit you get corrected as this driver helps you to do straighter  and more accurate shot with consistency


Quality and efficient golf driver which is easy to hit

Lightweight premium shaft for more speed and ball distance travel

Extra thin face for more streamlined shots and accurate

Highly forgiving and very responsive brought about by the large head and big sweet-spot

Flexible and soft tour velvet grip for the best of comfort and feel


Not available in left hand

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Why we choose this Driver As The Best For Senior

There are certain criteria that must be met before a club driver is ever considered as the best or highly recommended for the senior

This criteria well include

Ultra flexible

Since they are usually slow swingers they are going to be needing a driver for faster ball speed and distance, this kind of club driver will help compliment for their weak swing

All this made possible through the extreme flexibility which this driver does produce


Club Head Size And Weight

The maximum allowed club head in golfing is the 460, this will definitely help improve performance for the seniors and accuracy on hit

They are ultra lightweight so that the elderly gets the best of responsiveness and feedback as they hit the ball


Adjustable Features

Adjustable driver are great for the senior even though some might have problem with adjustable features and they just want what’s already set to work for them

Not all senior golf drivers do have adjustable features but for the most part it does, this adjustability features helps you fine tune your game



While some driver are insanely forgiving others are less forgiving, as a senior golfer you are going to be using the highest pedigree of forgiving driver

This driver ought to be very forgiving, your shaft and loft will have to be very well balanced to achieve optimum forgiveness


What Loft Driver Should Seniors Use

If as a senior you’ve got a swing speed of 105 and 115 mph you should consider using a loft between 7 and 9 degrees

And if you’ve got a speed of below 85mph you should consider using a loft angle between 14 and 20 degrees

And 4 and 7 degree is best suited for that golfer whose swing speed is 130 mph or more



As you grow older with age and into the senior age category your swing tends to dwindle and become weak, for this reason there are specially designed golf driver for seniors

This driver club are made in a such a way that it compliments the slow and weak swing speed of the seniors by offering them more ball speed and distance yet without sacrificing forgiveness and feedback

If you are a senior women and looking for the best club driver utterly designed to help you with your speed and distance then you have the list













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