In the end you should be able to list the best golf driver for senior over age 70

It is factual, as you grow older you tend to loose swing strength, Senior golfer have the common challenge of loosing swing speed as they grow older with age

In the game of golf, one of the greatest misconception is as you age your game gets worse

However there is a truth in that but with the best golf driver for seniors you can easily overcome that

It is quite awful that some of the best shots ever made in the history of golfing were taken by the seniors

As a senior when you hit a certain age it’s normal for your distance to disappear this is as a result of your swing being weak and slow due to old age

This prompted club manufacturers to seeking out ways to produce and improve driver that will help the senior gain more distance no matter how weak their swing can be

The best golf driver for seniors is well characterized by flexibility so that when a senior hit it does the extra lifting by making the ball travel farther distance, this helps to compliment the senior slow swing

Here in this article today, we are going to be considering the best for seniors over 70 of age golf driver on sale

If you are a senior under age 70 and looking for a well suited driver that is perfect for you, please refer here: Best driver for seniors below 70

Looking for the best golf driver for senior over 70? We’ve got you covered, our picks are based off intensive research, feedback and reviews all with an effort to bringing you the best

What Seniors Should Look For In A Driver

Day in day out the golf equipment market is getting competitive, with this manufacturers are always in a hunt to developing quality

One of this great market is that for the senior golfer, as a senior golfer you must put this factors into consideration before purchasing your next golf driver

Lauch Angle

More often than not, your launch angle is like a cause or blessing, make the right selection on launch angle and you are close to making the best every choice of clubs for senior

And make the wrong choice, you might regret ever getting involved in golfing

If you’ve got a slow swing speed which is a common for senior, especially senior over 70  you will be needing a greater launch angle

The slower your swing speed the more launch angle you will be needing.


As a senior knowing fully well that you need assistant to be able to play perfectly and more efficiently on course

Your shaft should be lightweight as to heavy or heavy shaft would reduce your distance and accuracy

Shaft which is lighter will allow for higher club head speed and this will greatly help your game


Not to take this for granted, flexibility is a great role that must be treated with all seriousness

In fact flexibility is responsible for how far your ball will go, as a senior you will be needing a senior flex shaft

This is the best suited shaft flex for seniors as it does help to give you extra distance no matter how weak or slow you swing might be

Length Of Shaft

As it has been proven, longer shaft deliver greater ball speed and distance but reduces control

It’s advisable you take time to study your swing pattern so that you can know what shaft will be best suited for you


Most quality and valued golf driver comes with adjustable features to help fine tune to your playing style and pattern


The larger your hand the bigger the grip you will need, large grip offer more comfort and stability on hit


It is true that all driver are forgiving, however there are some that are more forgiving, this forgiveness is due to larger sweet-spot and well streamlined head shape
As a senior over 70 of age you should be looking for a golf driver which is insanely forgiving even on a mishit

What Loft Driver Should A Senior Use

Your loft driver is highly dependent on your swing speed and force

As a senior over 70 years, if you’ve got a swing speed of 105 to 115mph, 7 to 9 degree of loft is best suited, if you’ve got a speed of 85mph your loft angle should be between 14 and 20 degree

And for 130 and above, 4 and 7 degree of loft will do you good

Best For Senior Over 70 Golf Drivers

Cobra Golf Men’s 2019 F-Max Superlite Offset Driver(Best For Forgiveness And Feedback)

best driver, for senior, senior driver, over 70If you are beyond age 70 and looking for the best suited golf diver which will grant you ultimate forgiveness and distance, then the Cobra Golf Men’s 2019 F-Max Super lite Offset Driver is a great choice for you

The F-Max boost of a technology well known as forged E9 face technology for increased distance and ball control

You will get straighter ball flight and higher ball launch and this is made possible through the back/heel weighing which features an internal weighed pad positioned low and back heel

They are lightweight as well allowing for the senior to get the best of feedback and responsiveness as they swing


Lightweight to maximized distance and speed

Back/ heel weighing for higher launch trajectory

Forged E9 face technology for more distance and forgiveness

Large headed driver with large sweet-spot

Quality club set for long lasting durability


Not available for left hand orientation


Taylormade M6 Driver(Best For Responsiveness And Forgiveness)

enior driver, best driver, above 70With the Taylormade M6, you are not just buying driver, your are buying quality, as for the senior whose got high taste quality and wanting a very efficient and durable club driver

This is a great choice for you, with this club you will hit straighter and longer range shots this is as a result of the speed injected tuning resin

How about the twist face which does help to reduce spin and improve rolls, get the best of club head speed and response due to the aero dynamic carbon sole design

You will love the driver as they feel good to hit and very responsive with insane forgiveness brought about by large sweet-spot and streamlined head shape


Quality for long lasting durability

Easy adjustment features and good ball flight

Straighter and more ball speed and distance

Easy to hit with insane forgiveness brought about by aerodynamic carbon sole design


Someone complained of the absence of head cover


Callaway Golf Epic Flash Driver(Best For Forgiveness And Ball Control)

Employs a new technology called flash face this helps golfer get more speed and distance on every shots

The Epic Callaway boost of an amazing innovation called the jail breaking technology for more faster ball speed

It does have an adjustable perimeter weighing this helps golfers to easily promote draws and straighter shots

They are very lightweight and does feature a new lighter triaxial carbon crown

This is an adjustable driver and this makes it possible to fine tune your shots and playing style


Insanely forgiving and responsive brought about by the perfect weight to balance distribution

Adjustable features for ball flight customization

New technology known as flash face for more ball speed and distance control

Jail breaking technology for faster ball speed control

Lightweight for the best of response and feel


Still waiting to see the cons


Cobra Women 2018 F-Max Offset Driver(Best For Ball Control And Forgiveness)

With the Cobra Women F-Max every female would notice an amazing improvement on their game, they would be able to hit long and straight distance shots without much hassle

This driver is designed for what it was meant for-forgiveness, straighter shots all this is done with great consistency

This driver features an offset hosel design crafted for higher launch and more draw bias for straighter and more accurate shots

They are very lightweight brought about by it’s ultra light shaft this adds to your ball distance and control

They are insanely forgiving and highly responsive this is due to its back/heel CG weighing which is positioned close to the heel

How about it’s great speed at address that is made possible through the forged titanium face insert


Crown alignment features which makes club easy to align

Higher launch and straighter shots made possible through an offset hosel design

Back/heel weighing for more consistency and feedback

Insanely forgiving and easy to hit

Forged titanium face insert for more speed dispersion


Not available in left hand orientation


Callaway X Hot(Best For Responsiveness And Forgiveness)

The Callaway X Hot offer you long distance and speed, though it is only available it is only available in ladies flex option and not senior flex option

However there are great for senior women wanting a quick and spontaneous improvement in their shots without much hassle

Feature a technology for faster ball speed and added distance on off center hits, this tech is called the VFT

You will not only get added distance but extreme forgiveness and feedback, this forgiveness is so intense that it will help correct your ball even on a mishit

You can also adjust your loft setting by using the loft and lie adjustability, this will help for better shots and feel fine tuning

Driver head is designed with the latest aerodynamic features for better flight trajectory and target


Lightweight for better response and feedback

Highly forgiving with the best of feel this is made possible via the proper weight alignment and balancing

VFT technology for increased ball speed and distance

Adjustable features for ball speed, distance and feel optimization

Low CG and high MOI for more accuracy and launch trajectory




Today’s golfing do have in great offer golf drivers ultimately designed for the senior over age 70

The reason being as you get older and into the senior category, your swing tends to become weak and less powerful

With this driver club you will notice an incredible improvement on your game both distance wise and accuracy

















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