In the end you should be able to list the best on sale golf driver for slower swing speed

Swinging the club head fast as possible in no way makes you a successful golfer rather there must be a perfect strike between power and control

Prior to this time, it was way difficult to measure the swing speed of a golfer, thanks to technology and slow motion cameras

Which have made it well easy and possible to take measurement of a golfers swing speed, back then the peak you can do was to measure distance and not speed

Everything is changed now as there are very advanced and sophisticated equipment’s that can help us measure our swing force

Through this technology it was noticed that the swing speed differs from mal to females, professionals to beginner and so on

Todays golfing have in great offer the best on sale golf driver for slower swing speed

Looking for the best golf driver for slower swingers? We’ve got you covered

Swing speed is definitely one of the variable that matters, this mean the best driver for you might be different for me

One of the most important criteria that must be considered when making a choice on driver club is speed

As a matter of fact if you aren’t buying speed, you aren’t buying driver

What Is A Driver

According to golfing, a driver is a club used to hit off the tee, from the word” Driver” this club is used to hit the longest range distance shots

It is also known as the first hitting club in every round of golf.

Golfers do have different swing speed, as a golfer your swing speed is generally categorized into

Fast swing

A fast swing is anywhere from 145 to 115, a golfer with fast swingers are best suited for a stiff or regular flex

Moderate swing

An average or moderate swing speed is any were from 105 and 110mph, the average male golfer swings between 80 to 90mph while for females its between 60 and 70mph

Slow swing

Slow swingers are golfers who hit the golf ball with less powerful force than normal, if you’ve got lower than 60 then you’ve got a slow swing speed

This blog post of today is well focused on the best for slow swinger driver, are you are slow swinger and looking for the best suited driver to aid you more distance and yardage


Best For Slower Swing Speed Golf Driver

PingG400 Max(Best For Distance And Forgiveness)

Great golf club for golfer who are in search of insane forgiveness, if you are senior and looking for a great golf swing that will help you increase your distance

Then this is a great driver to help you achieve that, you will not just getting longer driver but straighter drive and with consistency

This is the highest MOI golf driver from Ping family, they are easy to hit and insanely forgivi8ng with the best of response and feedback

You are not just buying a golf driver designed for more speed and accuracy, you are buying quality and this makes this club to stand out

The G-Max boost of the largest head driver, being 460cc, the CG  is low in the head this helps for launch angle maximization

And with the aerodynamics shape you will get higher ball launch and accurate trajectory, this club does what it says it will


Forged face flexes for more speed and ball control plus distance

Highest pedigree of quality for unmatched durability and efficiency

Aerodynamic head shape for better and higher ball launch and trajectory

Insane forgiveness and feedback brought about by proper weight balancing





Callaway Rogue(Best For Forgiveness And Speed)

slow swing, slow speed, best driver, golf driverThe Callaway Rogue golf driver is a great driver for golfer who is trying to boost their speed and distance yet without sacrificing accuracy along side

This driver combines the perfect technology known as jail breaking technology and X-Face VFT technology this promotes higher ball sped and long range distance ball travel

Right in this driver is a speed technology which is developed by Boeing and Callaway this encourages faster ball head speed and well optimized spin

If you are in search of a stable golf driver with great forgiveness tendencies that you get corrected even on a mishit, then this is a great one

And as for quality, they are moderate, this ensures long lasting life as well, take your game to the next level with the feedback and response offered by this amazing driver club


Lightweight for the best of responsiveness and feedback

Highly forgiving brought about by high MOI and low CG weighing

Speed step technology for better ball speed and distance travel

Comfortable and soft grip for the best of feel at impact

Comes with a head cover and adjusting tools to help fine tune shots and spin


Someone complained of head of driver being cracked


Cleveland Golf Launcher Turbo Driver(Best For Distance And Responsiveness)

golf club, slow swing, slower swingThis is the most current and newer version of the Cleveland Golf Launcher Turbo Driver

This driver is designed for easier and faster ball launch into the air, yet without sacrificing distance and speed

This club is resistant to twisting and this improves forgiveness, it does feature a technology known as turbocharged cup face of which makes a provision of higher COR for more speed and distance

You will love this driver as they are lightweight brought about by the reduction of the external and internal weight thus resulting in higher ball launch and ball distance travel

You will be able to control your ball and shots as a result of the counter balance shaft design


Lowered and well positioned CG for optimal launch condition and well optimized ball spin

Improved ball speed and distance

Straighter shots with consistency

Exceptional feedback and feel brought about by weight to balance alignment

Turbo cup face for ball control and speed


Might take sometime getting used to


Cobra Women’s 2018 F-Max Offset Driver(Best For Feedback And Distance)

slow swinger, golf driver, best driver, slow swingFor the ladies whose got slow swing speed and looking for the best affordable golf driver that will help to improve their shots and distance

They are very forgiving and lightweight this gives room for more response and well optimized spin

This driver will add more yardage to your shot and with less effort, features an offset hosel design this helps to create higher ball launch for more straighter and accurate shots

They are easy to align this is as a result of back/heel CG weight positioned near the heel for more straighter and drive and forgiveness

The forged titanium face i8nsert helps to deliver un-matched speed and distance on off center shots


Offset hosel design for more distance and speed

Lightweight for maximum speed and ball control

Highly forgiving and exceptionally responsive brought about by proper weighing and balancing

Easy club head alignment at address


Not available in left hand orientation


Cobra 2018 Golf Women’s King F8 Driver(Best For Distance And Forgiveness)

The Cobra King F8 boost as one of the fastest and forgiving golf club for women, especially those with low swing speed

This colorful driver is all packed with the latest golf technology which does favour and assist for better ball speed and distance

The 360 aero innovative polymer aero trip helps to generate more ball speed and flight trajectory

It does have an ultra light carbon crown and this helps for increased ball speed and higher ball trajectory plus control

F8 adjustable features helps to fine tune distance and ball spin for more forgiveness and responsiveness, you will hit straighter and longer distance shots without hassle

And with the dual roll technology you will have optimized ball launch and spin, the grips is soft and comfortable for the best of feel at impact


Precision milled face for better ball spin and trajectory

Dual roll technology for well optimized roll and reduced spin

Highly forgiving and responsive brought by the optimized E9 zone technology

8 adjustable loft setting to fine tune shot and spin

Ultra Lightweight for the best of swing experience and feel


Someone complained of being sent the wrong shaft


Should I Use A Golf Driver For Slower Swing Speed

The question is are you a slow swinger? If yes, then you should get a club driver for slower swing speed as it does offer longer distance and speed on your swing

This driver helps compliment you weak swing by giving you maximum ball distance

And if you are a fast swinger, the answer is a shocking yes, despite it is made for slow swingers it can be used by fast swinger as well



Having a slow swing speed can be frustrating and discouraging, as a golfer with low swing speed you should know that there is room for improvement

With the right driver club you can easily overcome this challenge, manufacturers have done their best by creating golf driver that will help slow swinger get maximum distance on their shots

In this article we have considered the golf driver best suited for  slower swing speed

With this driver listed above you will have to worry no further as you will get more yardage as you hit on course




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