Best 5 golf drivers for beginners
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In the end you should be able to identify the best golf drivers for  beginners

Golf drivers are one of the most important club every golfer will be needing in their set, as a newbie golfer, you will be needing the best of golf driver club that is highly responsive and easy to hit

Many golf newbies or inexperienced find it difficult to make the best selections of club driver that will help them improve on their game

As a golfer just getting started you will be needing a custom fit club which is designed to offer more accuracy and feedback on your swing

 What is a driver?

A driver is a specific club in a set of club used for hitting/driving the ball the farthest distance than any other club in golf sport/game with the intent of getting the golf ball closer to the hole

The aim of the driver club is to hit long range distance shots that ensures the ball get closer to the golf hole,

Driver club is usually the first hitting club in a round of golf and putter is the last hitting club, putter club is quiet different from driver in the sense that you hit with full force a driver but you hit very slowly with a putter simply by tapping the ball so that it gradually and slowly goes into the hole

As a beginner man many things will confuse you, from Driver which is the first hitting club to Putter being the last hitting club, you need someone who can help you identify the best golf club driver to start and improve with

In this article we will be lifting the scale off your eyes by presenting the best drivers that you will be needing to help your inexperienced self have more fun golfing

For women beginner golf driver , please refer here: Best for women beginner golf driver

How To Identify The Best Golf Drivers For Beginners

Most beginners are know to have slower swing speed and a regular flex would be just fine 

You will be needing a very flexible(regular flex) driver with Low CG(Center Of Gravity) and high MOI(Monent Of Inertia) as this helps to creat exceptional forgiveness, high ball speed with precision and control

Golf club drivers are usually designed with attributes that will help starters achieve more accuracy & precision since hitting a driver in the fairway can be difficult 

You will need a driver with more loft, ( Loft of 10.5) or more is a great option if you are just starting out 

Note: A driver with more loft helps to create more spin which enables the ball to move in a straighter manner than a driver with lower loft.

This high loft driver helps you target a higher and more accurate trajectory as you perform a swing 

The driver must also have a great sweetspot for easier swing and shoud be able to travel far distance with little effort 

Note: All in all the best drivers for starters must be forgiving, have a higher and maximum accuracy on trajectory, increased ball speed with a longer ball travel distance and control

Drivers are usually made of titanium head and are expensive, infact they are usually the most expensive in a club set, and are between 43 and 46 loft.


What Is The Best Golf Driver For A Beginner?                                


  • Cobra Men’s Fly Z  Driver(Best Lightweight And Responsive)

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From graphite cobra men’s fly Z driver material was made. This driver was designed to give maximum distance with great forgiveness to every newbie male golfer who wants to have fun and comfort golfing

The my fly 8 technology gives golfers an opportunity to choose from eight simple adjustable loft starting from 9.0 all through to 12.0, The driver has a low spin because of the negative effect of too much spin which naturally reduces accuracy.

The low back centre of gravity zone weighing helps reduces the number of spin and fastness of the ball across the face, To minimize speed there is usually a trench in the perimeter of the face which helps to thin the wall structure.

Cobra men’s fly has a cover and tools for adjustment purposes, As if that is not enough, its light shaft is lovable due to its flexibility, Cobra is an ideal driver if you hope to move on to become great golfers

Cobra Men’s Fly Z  Driver Video Review By Rick Shiels Golf 


  • Cover and tools for adjustment
  • Speed channel face for Increased speed
  • The fly Z XL has an offset head
  • Adjustable CG technology for better forgiveness and feedback
  • Varying loft/trajectory setting for customization


    • Quite expensive but worth it.

  • Cleveland Golf Classic XL Driver(Best On Review)

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The Cleveland Golf Classic XL is one which is described as a great driver as they are well suited for the intermidiate and amateurs 

Note: If you always have problem sliding off the tee box then this one offers you a dead straight experience with a little fade 

They are very forgiving and feels extremely good and if you are lookinbg for a new and price friendly golf driver then you can barely go wrong with this 

This Cleveland on review gives you support and confidence, as it offers you exceptional ball distance travel plus accuracy all with little effort 

This driver is a classic and holds the record of the unbeatable title as the largest and deepest club face of any golf driver.

Note: The optimal CG helps to boost higher and more penetrating flight.

This club comes with a headcover. The shaft length of cleveland classic XL driver is about 45 inches with 258 gram of a swing.

They are also lightweight and you can also change the club face angle in order for your ball to be straightened.

Cleveland Golf Classic XL Driver Video Review By Mark Crosssfield 


  • Comes with a headcover
  • Weight correspond to a specific shaft
  • More distance with a slower swing speed.
  • Larger surface area to give beginners more confidence.
  • Great for both the beginner and intermidiate 


  • No option availabe for left hand orientation

  • Callaway Men’s Big Bertha Driver(Best For Customization Options)

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When set up correctly, the Callaway Men’s Big Bertha is hard to beat, this club does have all the best driver technology taht is ude for the loweest CG, Forgivenes and a hot face

This driver is light graphite because of this light weight and lots of customization options so that you can easily tweak to your specigification 

Note: You get to choose from 8 different loft that’s crazy!!

Built with a speed optimized technology to give you a longer distance ball drive even with a less than an average swing speed.

Features a large/deep face for greater accuracy and exceptional forgivenss and feedback even on a mishit 

Note: They are great at correcting a bad slice 

The callaway men’s big bertha drive will give you maximum satisfaction for which it is bought and you will be glad you did buy one.

Amazingly this one comes with a headcover so as to protect your driver from dust or un healthy element 


  • Adjustable to suit a user own specification
  • Excellent quality that ensures durability and maximum satisfaction
  • Built with a speed optimized technology.
  • Comes with a free head cover 


  • Customization option may serve as a distraction to newbies as they may develop the habit of a constant adjustment.

  • Taylormade Men Aeroburner

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The Taylormade Aeroburner is a great option for players with slow swing speed due to its advanced aerodynamic shaping and rounded toe for more accuracy

The Taylormade Aeroburner wil really help your game due to its perfect weight, length and balance 

They are designed to add yardage to your game and offers a pleasant sound on every hit that you will come to liove and appreciate

Note: This is right handed golf club, no left hand option as of time of writing 

This Driver featurs a new speed pocket which is responsive for reduced spin and an increase in the size of sweetspot 

We love the fact that this driver is very easy to align as a result of its PVC face and liner aeroburner crown graphic 

Note: This is a solid club with no adjustement as it is only availabe in 12 Degree

The Aero busrner are designed to be wide offering as much as 460cc titanium with a rounded toe for ultimate forgiveness and feel even on a mishit 

The raised centre crown keeps airflows attached longer and reduces drag. It comes with a headcover to protect it from dust and dirt.

Taylormade Men Aeroburner Video Review By Rick Shiels Golf 


  • Very forgiving and easy to hit brought about by large sweet-spot and high MOI
  • Made of quality
  • Comes with a head cover
  • New speed pocket for straighter and more forgiving shots
  • Better ball control and feedback brought about by proper weight distribution


  • Might take sometime getting used to as it does not allow for adjustemnt of loft 

  • Callaway X Hot Driver(Great For Natural Slice)

Best, driver, club, golf, most recommended

You will absolutely love the Callaway X Hot especially when it is set to the draw position as they become very forgiving 

Note: This is a great option for people with a natural slice as the draw face turns a slice into a fade and a fade into a staraight shot 

The Callaway X Hot Driver is one which features a speed frame technology which is a combination of VFT and hyperbolic face technology for a larger sweetspot and an increased ball speed for a more consistent and accurate distance

If you are looking for a drivr which easily gets the ball up to the air and is vry forgiving as well, then the X Hot is an option that is greatly recommended for you

This driver has an adjustable hosel which gives you the option to adjust drivers loft angle to your own specification.

Note: This is a really great option for senior players as well!!

The lighter overall configuration helps to deliver hotter ball speed as its name suggest and with the higher draw bias players with higher loft can take advantage for a more straight shots

Note: Golf club loft is 9.5 Degrees

For an improved feel it does offer an ultra thin wall casting technology with the premium lightweight shaft offering you more speed and ball distance travel 

Callaway X Hot Driver Video Review By PGA


  • Its does have an adjustable hosel
  • Extra light weight for the best of speed and distance
  • Draw bias technology helps golfer better fine tune their shot


  • Loft cannot be changed 

  • Taylor Made R1(Best Lightweight & Great For Tall People)

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Get this club if you are serious about playing golf, Better distance, more forgiveness, better disersion is what this driver is known for 

Note: This is a very long Driver which makes them great for people with short arms!!!

Looking for a customizable and golf friendly drivrer for a beginner? This is a perfect match for you and a great reward for your quest.

You wouldn’t be more pleased with this driver as it offers an incredible improvement to your overall performance on course 

This driver features the biggest head size in golf which happens to be the 460cc sized head which means more forgiveness even on a mishit

Note: It does make a great and pleasing sound at impact, this is a great option if you love sound


  • Great option for people with short arms as they are so long
  • Deep more active speed pocket for more speed and distance
  • Very lightweight for a more precise ball flight and control due to multi lateral construction technology
  • Features the biggest acceptable head(460cc) for maximum forgiveness even on a mishit 


  • Does not features a twist face technology if that is what you are looking for 

  • Adams XTD TI(Best For Feedback And Control)

Best driver, golf driver, men's driver, beginner club, beginners best

The Adams XTD Ti Driver is one which is made unique with an excellent black finish and stunning look for male golfers

With this driver you are rest assured of maximum ball speed on all off center and on center shots 

Note: This Driver are has benn tested multiple number of time by CT and this is to ensure maximum CT on every club 

Amazingly they are made from the best performing material for the best of efficiency and long lasting durability

We love the fact that it arrives in excellent condition and a grat customer service and when it comes to forgivenss and feedback, trust the Adams XTD TI to deliver far that exceed your expectation 

Note: Features a 9 Degree loft

They are also very easy to hit and respond quiet well to off centre shots with the barest minimum hit though it not the

Have a new and exciting experiance of high flying shot which gives you more accurate distance and feedback all made possible with the driver on review

Note: It does have a unique sound that you will love.

Adams XTD TI Video Review By 2nd Swing Golf 


  • Available in left and right hand
  • Easy to hit as they are very forgiving 
  • Flex is available in stiff.
  • Lightweight with high flying shot 


  • Crap head cover isnt too good.

  • Pinemeadow Excel EGI Hybrid(Best For Low Budget)

Best driver, men beginners, beginners driver, men, best driver

As a golfer who seems to have lost distance, the Pinemeadow is here to help you get back on those distance wth minimal effort

This hybrid is all forgiving and a great distance booster, improve your game and get better result

Note: All hybrid come with a headcover for free, thats great!!!

This driver has a nice well balanced weight all through club head this widens and makes the sweetspot increase

Club shape favour use from various lies, more and more have noticed how easy it is to use and favourbthose who have got weak swing

Note: This driver is availeb in lots of configuration option to choose from (6) this helsp for easy customization

They are great for shorts getting over creeks, mounds, bunker and up to a raised green. and when it comes to pricing you have one of the most affirdable hybird out there on sale 

Pinemeadow Excel EGI Hybrid Video Review By Pro Review TV


  • Price friendly and offers a pleasant feel
  • Easy to use and very forgiving
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Allows for high approach shots
  • Solid club with a pleasant feel


  • A bit heavy 


Beginners VS Professional Golf Driver, What Is The Difference?

Golf driver for people who wants to start playing golf is very different from that designed for Professional

While the driver head for a professional golfer tends to have smaller heads, offers less forgiveness and playability

Drivers for beginner on the other hand does come with very large head, usually the largest in golf(460cc), this Driver offer more forgivenss, feedback and accuracy even on a mishit to help the beginners better improve on their game

As this people becomes great at their game they go for a less forgiving club with small head as their professional counterpart 


What Are The Best Loft Angles For A Beginner?

As a beginner, you are probably curious on what loft angle is best for your driver?

It’s best you start out with a higher lofted driver having in mind that you are a beginner so you will naturally have  slow swing speed

Higher lofted angle is best suited with the reason being you’ve got slow swing speed and higher lofted angle will help compensate you for that by helping your ball travel longer distance than your hit

As you get better and become a faster swinger then you can go for a low lofted driver as that is best, if as a beginner you’ve got a low tee trajectory tee shot then the 10.5 degree driver will be best suited than 9.5 degree

The ideal loft on  beginner golf driver should be about 10.5 degree but you can also use 11 to 13 degree loft as those are great option as well

Based On Swing Speed, How Far Should I Hit My Driver?

You need a better fitting driver of you aren’t hitting with your driver  between 2.5 to 2.7 times your club head speed, as for an example, it simply means that if you’ve got a swing speed of lets say 75 miles/Hr you should be able to hit as far as185 to 190 yardage and about 270 yardage for golf swing speed of 100MPH

What Is The Best Flex For A Beginner

One of the important consideration when making a choice on your clubs, whether driver, putter, wedge or any club is flex

While trying to make a choice on flex, you will come in contact with the stiff flex, extra stiff flex(X-Stiff) and graphite

For beginners we recommend the graphite flex as it provides a variety of flex, steel flex is best for low handicappers and professionals


What Is The Best Long Distance Driver

Actually scouting for the best long distance golf driver is  difficult and daunting task, this is because there are many golf driver great for long distance on sale today

However after long research and reviews we found out that one of the best golf driver for distance is the Cobra Men’s king F6

Its long distance is brought about as a result of the front to back dual position center o gravity(CG) weighing system which does help you in dialing into your ideal launch and spin condition

Should A Beginner Golfer Use A Driver?

Everyone needs a driver, whether you are a beginner, intermediate and pro, golf driver are far one of the essential club you will be needing in your set

There is a popular saying which goes, ” even if you have no other club in your bag, you must have a driver” so the issue of whether a beginner needs a driver cannot be over emphasized as they are just too crucial to remain un-noticed

A driver is used to hit long range distance and if you are not driving, the you simply aren’t playing golf, the game of golf is all about driving

What Is The Swing Speed Of An Average Amateur?

An average amateur is expected to have a swing speed of about 90MPH which yields a distance of about 225 yardage, though it varies from male to female and senior to junior golfer

How Tee Height Affect Your Game

In a general term and for most golfers, the height at which golf ball is teed does have impact on their overall driver performance

There should be a proper balancing in teeing, when teed right you are sure to get maximum distance on your tees including a good trajectory

When teeing you must make sure that the ball bottom is t level with face of driver club, with this there is a better chance of you hitting your golf ball more squarely

This will definitely deliver the best of shot target as a result of direct contact with your club in up ward swing


Golf driver is an important club you will be needing in your club set, the golf driver is designed for the longest distance shots, seeing how important it is you need the best of them to be able to make long and accurate distance shots

Golf Drivers are designed having a particular audience in mind, there are golf driver designed for Amateurs or Pros, seniors or juniors, male and female, there is just a golf club for every category of people

Golf drivers for beginners are specially designed having the beginner or inexperienced golfers in mind, this club is usually one of the most forgiving and easy to hit, they do have one of the lowest CG and highest MOI to help the beginner better experience and enjoy golfing

Driver club for amateurs also are made of graphite materials with a regular flex recommendation for lightweightness and exceptional flexibility


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