In the end, you should be able to list the best golf-hitting mat on sale.

Owning a hitting mat gives you the option to practice whenever and wherever needed, this ensures that your swing is improved and you become better at golf

You need to practice hitting as this helps in improving your tempo, balance, and consistency

To practice effectively and efficiently, one of the very pieces of material that you will be needing is a golf mat

A golf mat is an artificial surface from where you hit your golf ball and actually looking for the best golf hitting mat which mimick the real course should be what golfers seek for

In today’s blog post we are going to be listing the best hitting golf mat which for 2021 so as to be able to help you determine which to invest on

Thanks to technology and innovation, you can practice indoor golf without having to go to the course

Indoor golf became an ideal and necessary for many golfers especially during the Covid-19 pandemic as virtually all golf courses were forced to close down

This drove the demand for indoor golf, one of the very important pieces of equipment that you will be needing to practice in your homes is a golf mat

You obviously would not want to hit off a hard floor or carpet as this can damage your club and the floor and this is where a golf mat comes into play

Golf mats vary in size, design, quality, and pricing, so making a choice on which would depend on what you hope to be achieving with it and your budget

When buying a golf simulator many factors comes into play and one of the most vital and quality decisions that will impact your game is your golf mat

To play a golf simulator you will need this equipment

  • Launch monitor
  • Impact screen
  • Mat
  • Hitting net
  • Projector
  • Laptop/computer
  • Ball

For your simulator golf projector please refer here Best golf simulator projector 

What Are The Thing I Should Look Out For When Making A Choice On My Golf Mat?

Making a choice on your mat for golf would take different considerations, lots of golfers especially one which is using a golf mat for the very first time make a lot of mistakes because they do not put these factors into consideration

  • Quality

It is well agreed that quality means durability and efficiency, everyone loves quality for durability sake

Look for a golf mat which offers quality as a substandard quality would result in a shorter life span of the mat

You want a mat that would very well mimick the course and not some kind of mat that does not feel like the course

Quality as we all know come with an expense but I especially love the quality so I am willing to spend more

The last thing you will want to do is replacing your golf mat too soon because it didn’t last you long

  • Feel

Golf mats are made from different materials and textures so would often have a different feel, if you are going to play a lot of golf simulators then you should look for one which is easy on your hand and wrist

You wouldn’t want to get something that is hard on your hand and wrist as this will prevent you from playing for as long as you want

You should look for golf hitting mat which offers flex and have a feel of the natural turf as this will help you enjoy and maximize your golfing experience

  • Sizing & Design

Golf mats are available in different sizing and design, while some mats are very large others are small

The 4 x 9 size is the most recommended or something similar, your mat should also be able to grip the ground properly so that it does not slide as you hit

The larger the size the more stable and heavy your mat would be this can prevent it from sliding through as you hit

  • Real Tee Use

Can you use a real tee for some this is a very important factor, not everyone loves the fat driving range

One of the greatest advantages of a Skytrak is so that they are able to move around to different areas of your mats and this would help increase the life span

It also helps save your impact screen as you will be hitting from different angles instead of concentrating on a particular spot which would definitely wear your impact screen no matter how quality and solid they are

  • Budget

Golf mats would vary by price as they offer different quality and feel, the better the quality and feel the more expensive golf hitting mat becomes

Your budget is very important when outsourcing for golf hitting mat as not everyone has lots of money to spend on their mat, however, if you can afford it it is always advisable you spend a reasonable amount of money due to quality and feel as this gives you a better experience

A mat that cost $80 or less are usually of low quality and are more about providing entertainment rather than improving your game

In this blog post, we have helped you to outsource for this quality golf mat yet affordable for every serious golfer who wants to take their game to the next level

  • Height

Consider your height when purchasing a golf mat so as to make the right choice on which is best suited for you

The taller you are the wider the golf mat that you would be buying, for someone who owns a golf simulator the ‘5 X 6’ or larger golf mat is what you should be opting for

Having said this we bring to you the list of the best golf hitting mats for 2021

Best Hitting Mats For Golf

  • Golf Mat Country Club Elite(Best On Review)

Best golf hitting matt in 2021

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One of the very known and recognized brand for your golf mat is the Country Club Elite, this company has been into this for years and knowns what it takes to make a great golf mat that is very quality and does have a turf-like feel

Great golf mat as it solves the bounce problem which is often common with lots of golf mat

I love this mat as they are densely turfed 2x the face weight of standard driving range mat

They are also very recommended as it is often thick and takes the real tee giving you the best of experience as you use them

If you are an avid golfer or a professional and who wants the best this golf mat can be a great option to help you achieve that

According to a happy customer,” This mat is of high quality and you get what you pay for”

No matter the weather condition, this mat is built to handle any weather without any noticeable wear and tear on your golf hitting mat

Golf Mat Country Club Elite Video Review By Rain or Shine Golf


  • Very quality for long-lasting durability
  • Thick and have a turf-like feel
  • Great for any weather condition
  • Solve the bounce problem other range mats have


  • Expensive but worth it f you are serious about practicing at home
  • Dura-Pro Perfect Reaction Golf Mat(Best For Low Budget)

Best golf hitting matt in 2021

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One of the very best top-rated commercial hitting mats for golf is the Dura-Pro Perfect Reaction Golf Mat

This is a golf mat that has a hitting dimension of (4 x 5 feet) and a great for the curses, schools, and ranges due to quality and efficiency

Feels so real like the turf as it is made from 100% nylon 3D Turf fiber and 30% denser than the ordinary golf practice mat

Because they are thick and well built it absorbs club shock thus making it very easy on your wrist and elbow

Get the best of perfect stand and feel as mat has 5”/8” thick base pad, this mat is thick enough that they do not slip, stained and the turf is bounded(thermally, not glued) for the true purpose of longevity

Dura-Pro Perfect Reaction Golf Mat Video Review By Gavyn Page


  • Thermally bonded turf, not glued
  • Professional golf simulator mat
  • Quality and thick which mimick the real course
  • Built for multiple club use and all tees
  • Absorb club shock and easy on the elbow and wrist
  • Extremely portable and easy to use


  • Quiet expensive and a heavy-duty mat
  • Premium Golf Practice Mat(Best For Feel And Feedback)

Best hitting mat for golf

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This is a heavy-duty commercial grade hitting mat which is able to hold a wooden tee, no shock, no bounce as this golf mat eliminates them all thus giving you are the realistic feel of the turf

Made from 100% nylon fiber, )6600 super strong denier) and this makes them great for country club, commercial driving range, golf simulator or home use

Amazingly if you are looking for a mat that does offer a hole punch out for rubber tees, then you cannot go wrong with this Premium Golf Mat

They are available in different sizes like 3′ x 5′, 4′ x 5′ and 5′ x 5′

  • Premium Golf Practice Mat Video Review By Philip Stewart


  • Very durable and available in multiple sizes
  • Hole punch out for rubber tees
  • Holds a wooden tee
  • Professional grade quality
  • Easy on the hand and wrist


  • Heavy duty so less portable
  • P4G 3′ X 5′ Premium Quality Professional Fairway Mat

Best hitting mat for golf

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Great golf mat with sizing of 150 X 100, this is awesome! as it gives you enough playing ground

I love this mat as it is designed to be ambidextrous, this means no matter your playing position whether right hand or left hand this mat would just be perfect

Weighs 10 pounds so that they are very heavy and does not slide when hitting, this is a high-quality golf mat as it features 12mm nylon turf and 10mm Eva base

They can be used by a variety of ranges like the course, ranges, and schools nationwide, when you opt for this mat you get one rubber golf tee park with a cartoon box

This mat is able to absorb the shock of hitting down as it does have about 5/8” foam backing to the grass

You will be pretty happy with how it is holding up and they are great from everything from iron to driver

P4G 3′ X 5′ Premium Quality Professional Fairway Video Review By MrShotGame Golf


  • Very quality and highly efficient
  • Absorb the shock of hitting down as it does have 5/8” foam backing the grass
  • Large sizing for near-real actual experience
  • Easy to maintain
  • Very foldable this makes them portable and easy to carry around
  • Ambidextrous golf mat which makes them great whether you are a right-handed or left-handed golfer


  • Someone complained of mat barely holding up
  • Country Elite Golf Mat(Best Valued)

Best hitting mat for golfing 2021/2022

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Improve your swing in your own backyard using your Elite Country, if you are looking for one of the best golf mats then you cannot go wrong with this

These mats are the best for your golf simulator. they are turf, solid, and build  for long-lasting durability and efficiency

This practice mat lets you hit down the golf ball properly for a true feel and realistic practice

They are built so that the forgiving long fiber prevents you from getting injured while enjoying your game and a true feel of the turf

Country Elite Golf Mat Video Review By Rain or Shine Golf


  • Best for golf simulator
  • Forgiving long fiber which prevents you from getting an injury
  • True turf-like experience
  • Most quality and best for improving your swing
  • Used by many tour pros
  • 2 x denser than the standard mat


  • Expensive

Is A Golf Hitting Mat Worth It?

A Golf hitting mat is worth it, especially for those who want to still practice golf at their home, they are also great for golfers who have got a simulator

Golf mats is an artificial surface from where you hit your golf ball, Golf mats is made to mimic the actual course

During the Covid-19 Pandemic, the demand for a mat for golf was at an all-time high as more ad more golfers had to stay away from the course and still needed to improve on their game by playing indoors

Yes Golf mat is actually worth it especially if you are someone who wants to still play golf in your closet

Golf mat gives you the opportunity to practice golf sports games from the comfort of your home without needing to visit the course

This is especially very advantageous on days where the weather is dull or so cold and you do not want to visit the golf course, with your golf mat all you simply do is to enjoy your game indoors

Are Mats Bad For Golf Club?

Well. less quality mat can be bad for your clubs as clubs seems to come indirectly in contact with the floor

However quality golf hitting mat is the ideal especially one which has concrete or rubber beneath them

It also depends on your swing, on swinging your club may come in contact with the underneath surface

In conclusion, quality and thick golf mat aren’t bad for your clubs as they are turf-like and mimic the real course

Golf Mat VS Grass, What Is The Difference?

Is a golf mat that different from real grass? you cant take a divot out of a golf mat but you can do so when hitting on the grass

Since your club bounce off the surface rather than go through the surface, the way the club will interact with the hitting surface will be slightly different

Whether you choose the hitting mat or the grass each would come with its own merit and demerits

What Are The Advantage Of Hitting With A Golf Mat?

  • Consistency is the first advantage one derives from hitting with a golf mat, this is because with a mat you will get the same lie every time

Since there is no variation or difference between your lie you will be able to work on your game better and more efficiently

As an example when using a golf mat a slice is a slice, no excuse

  • With a mat, you will be able to work on some swing drills after each shot without the need to change location

A perfect example is that if a golfer decides to work on his ball positioning all you need do is to set up a club or stick perpendicular to the line of your target or your target line and then take your stance 

Golf Hitting Mat Its Disadvantage?

One of the very disadvantages of hitting with a golf mat is that it can have an adverse effect on your club and body as they can be tougher

  • Using a mat has proven to wear sown clubs faster than the grass, Mat can also be very tough on your wrist especially over a long-range section

This would even be the case most often if you have gotten a steeper swing

  • Mats are also usually more forgiving than grass especially if you hit very far, instead of your club digging into the grass it would end up bouncing off the mat

With a mat for golf, your ball flight is affected slightly similar to the way varying lie would have an effect on your distance and shot flight

Mat has a tendency to affect your shot by 2 to 8% in comparison to the grass

Golf Mat VS Grass, What Are The Similarities?

Many of the new golf mats have the latest technology which makes them almost mimic the real grass

Similar to the grass is a golf mat made of fiber, this is especially true when it comes to ball flight and ball distance travel

Amazingly virtually all the golf mat listed above are all fiber golf mat, this makes them a little pricey but you get exactly what you pay for as they are very quality and turf-like which make them mimic the course for the best of experience

Can A Hitting Mat Be Used In A Golf Simulator?

If you have got a simulator then that is perfect, a hitting mat can be one of the very valuable assets that you will be needing

You can use a golf mat without a simulator but with a simulator that’s perfect,  golf mats are used as a tool for golfers to practice their drives and other shots right from the comfort of their homes without having to damage the lawn

What Is The Best Way To Practice Mini Golf?

Just as its name suggests, mini-golf is also known as ”Miniature golf” is an informal version of golf played on a small putting course

in this type of golfing golfers focus more on putting of its parent game, in this game you aim to play the lowest number of point

The hitting mat actually stimulates the experience of an actual mini-golf course which aid you in  practicing your stance, aim, putt, and strikes

What Golf Mat Do Driving Range Use?

There are no specific mat for driving ranges however most of them use the 5′ x 5′ range mat for golf


Hitting mats for golf can be used as a mechanism for improving your game, golf mats is often used by both amateurs and the pros

You will appreciate a golf mat whether you are practicing long drives, chipping outdoors, or doing a swing with an iron in your golf simulator

There are lots of golf mats today, thanks to technology and innovation, now you can practice indoor and outdoor golf using your golf mats

There are lots of golf mats made available in the market and making a choice on your mat especially for first-timers can be a daunting and difficult task

To get the best out of your hitting mat you should look for one which offers the best of quality and efficiency, your mat should have a turf-like feel, it should be able to mimic the real golf course

Any of the listed golf hitting mat though might be quite pricey when compared to other advertising, however, prioritize quality and efficiency over anything else

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