In the end you should be able to list the best mallet putter club for kids

Today’s golfing have been so well refined that it does offer the child golfer the best of putter club, whether mallet or blade style putter there is always the best for better game improvement

As a golfer you will have to make a choice on what type of putter is best suited for you, when choosing a putter you will have to make a choice on Mallet style or blade style putter

The Function Of A Putter Club

Of course as well known putter club is one of the most essential club you will be needing in your club set whether you are a kid or adult, the club called putter is used to perform a putt, a putt simply means hitting the golf ball slowly and slightly so that it goes into the golf hole

Further more the aim of every golfer kid or adult is to be able to hit the golf ball so that it goes into the golf holes as fast as possible, the club well known as putter is usually the last hitting club in a round of golf


Types Of Golf Club Putters

There are generally two known types of putters clubs, they are the mallet and blade style putter, this two types of putter all perform the same goal, ”putting” but here is the difference

Mallet Putter

Mallet putter when compared to blade putter has a larger club head and is sometimes heavier, a mallet putter club has a more elaborate design, mallet putter have a large club head that comes in various shapes such as square, semi-circle or even more abstract design, When you look at the mallet putter you can well agree that much of it’s weight is away from the club face

Blade Putter

From the name blade, a blade putter club is usually blade like in shape, it does have simpler design when compared to a mallet putter, most importantly they are not as wide as mallet putter even though they are usually of the same weight

Blade putter get’s its name from it’s straight blade style club head which is attached to the end of the shaft, blade style putter shaft is attached to the blade heel or around or close to the blade Centre

Making a choice on any of the two mentioned above is determined by how each performs or feel in your hand, however for beginners you might well consider using the mallet style putter since they are more forgiving

When we take into consideration both putter type you get to see that mallet putter offers more forgiveness because of the point where weight is placed, however blade putter is easier to align


Here in this article we are going to be listing the best putter club utterly designed for the child golfer, knowing fully well that more and more number of kids are getting involved in golfing

Nowadays many club manufacturing company had to pay attention on golf putters highly targeted at the kid golfer, prior to this century, juniors were not that a great consideration in the design face of clubs, all that is but for gone story as there are more putters for kids than you can imagine

The underlying differences between a kid and adult putter boils down to material and pricing, interestingly kids club putters are much cheaper when compared to that of the adult

Looking for the best putters for kids, we’ve got you covered, we’ve got the true and updated list of kids best putter, before giving the list we will be listing the factors that must be considered before choosing club putters for juniors


Choosing A Kid Putter

When in an attempt to make a choice on putters for your child you must well consider this factor so as to be able to make the best selections

This factors well include length, weight, style, look and feel of putter, all this factor must well come into play so that you do not end of getting the wrong putter for your child


When choosing a putter for your kid you must well consider length, there is always a false assumption of buying longer putter all with a reason that your child will grow into it

When getting you child golfer a putter club it makes sense that it is the perfect size club, this will help me feel more comfortable, play with ease and on the long run this will make them become better at putting


As we all know just as with any other instrument, putters have different weight, finding the right weight for juniors is very important, a standard putter head is 350grams, a junior putter should not be too heavy like that of the adult, remember this children are not as energetic as adult

Putter Head Balance

Putters are designed to have weight distributed differently across face, this will help accommodate differences in putting style, a faced balanced putter is well recognized as balanced by placing it in your hand and observe how the head of the putter hang, when the head of the putter is parallel to the ground then it is a faced balanced putter

Best Mallet Golf Putters For Kids

Powerbilt junior Boy’s Individual Golf Club(Best For Alignment And Feedback)

kid's putter, best putter, kid's best, putter clubsThis is a right handed which is very sturdy for long lasting durability, it is an ease to use putter yet very forgiving and responsive, they are very well made and your child will love it

For easy lining of ball, to the front is a plate and right at the top is a diagram with lines for easy feedback and feel one every single hit, what a well cushioned grip which is very comfortable thus exerting  great and pleasurable fee, it is a good starter set for improvement


Great quality for long lasting durability

Good for the money

Well balanced and weighed

Well cushioned grip for comfortability

Very forgiving and responsive

Easy to line up for un-matched accuracy and feedback


Not available for left hand orientation


Crestgolf Kid’s Golf Club Junior Putter(Best For Forgiveness And Easy)

Kid's putter, best putter, best kids, putter clubsGreat golf putter for juniors and amazingly available in different sizes for juniors, they are well made for long lasting durability and easier to hit

For the kid who wants to do more great and accurate putt with all ease then here is it, they are very well balanced and weighed for the best of shot dispersion, feel and feedback on hit

Made of graphite shaft so that they are lightweight and easy to hit, the grips are comfortable as they are soft, putter does have the perfect combination of colour for the best of attraction which you kids will fall in love with


Easy to align putter and very responsive

Quality for durability and lightweight for feel and feedback

Good for the money

Comfortable grip and well attractive

Available in different sizes for a more robust option


Be the first to review


Orlima Golf ATS Junior Boy’s Golf Club(Best Balanced And Forgiving)

junior club, putter club, best putter, for juniors, golf putterGreat putter for the kid golfer with a perfect strike of balance and weight for the best of accuracy and ball control, it’s time for a better and more classical rolls which leads to a classical putts

Club is easy to align and well forgiving and highly responsive due to high MOI placement, the present of the soft rubber grip on club putter makes them so comfortable

Made of good quality and easy to align, great reviews say’s a whole lot about the Orilma Golf ATS, it is a great choice to introduce to your child as they will love it


Easy to align

Well balanced and weight

Lightweight and easy to align

Comfortable rubberized grip

Good for the money


Someone complained of club being way too long


Intech Golf Poop Putter(Best For Simplicity And Forgiveness)

putter clubs, best junior, junior putters, best puttersThis putter will literally improve your game, excellent putter for the junior looking for an easy to align and hit club putter, it is available in both hand orientation for better choice option, take you game to the next level and be known as the favorite on course

For proper hand positioning and lining there is a shaft which id double bended, happily enough there s a two matching head cover which is embroidered to it

So lightweight with a perfect combination of weighed and balance for better ball control and feel, the quality and pricing is very good, with this putter yu will do putt way more than  you expected


Extremely comfortable shoulder grip

Comes with two matching head cover

Great feel and feedback

Easy to hit without sacrificing forgiveness

Lightweight and quality for long lasting durability

Available for both hand orientation

Funny putter face that keeps your kids excited


Still waiting to see the cons



Best Blade Golf Putters For Kids

Crestgolf Mini Rubber Golf Putter(Best For Forgiveness And Control)

blade putter, best kids, for kids, kids putter, putter clubsFantastic and very attractive putter with the best of colour combination your child will love, they are available in different sizes and are well forgiving and easy

Well envied for it’s simplistic and portable nature, they are lightweight as well for easy hit with feel and exceptional response which ensures a classical and streamlined rolls

The rubberized grip makes them very comfortable and enjoyable for the child golfer as they hit, made of good quality for durability coupled with an easy alignment features for better accuracy


Perfect strike between balance and weight for more optimized accuracy

Easy to align for a better accurate putt

Lightweight and responsive

Durable and portable

Solid and comfortable grip for the best of feel

Good for the money


So far there has been no complain about this club putter


Acstar Junior Golf Putter(Best for feel And Forgiveness)

junior putters, best putter, best junior, putter clubGreat golf putter which encompasses all Junior ages, available in different size selections, reviews says a lot about how forgiving the Acstar putter can be as they are very solid and quality, this ensures long lasting putter life

The Acstar can be a game changer for the juniors, as you will do a more straighter and accurate putts, it is a win, win scenario for the junior golfers out there seek and tired of a poor putt

It is balanced and well weighed and you will be surprised by the quality, the grip also is amazing as it exert the best of comfortability and feel due to softness


Comes well packaged and quality

More excellent and streamlined putts due to easy to align nature

Perfect combination of Balance and weight for the best of response and feedback

Attractive and simple


Size cannot be adjusted

Someone complained of it being a bit short


Fun Green Golf 2 PCS/Pack Two Way Putter Club(Best For Forgiveness And Weight)

For kid's, putter club, best kids, best for kidsAmazing golf putter that can be disassembled and folded, this helps in reducing the size and thus they become very easy to ship, well made and exactly as described

If you seek for a great quality and portable putter this is a great choice, they are very affordable and great for beginners, with this putter you are in for a more classical putt such that will blow your mind

Highly responsive and easy to align due to its simplistic nature, lightweight an as well with the perfect colour combination that makes them well attractive


Well designed and comfortable grip for the best of feel

Lightweight and very portable

Can be easily disassembled and foldable

Easy to align for an accurate and straight putt

Attractive due to a well refined colour combination

Good for the money


Difficult to disassemble when too tightened so do not over tight



PowerBilt Junior Girl’s Individual Golf Club(Best For Balance And Weight)

putter club, for kids, best kids, children putterRight handed club putter club for the kid and junior girls, this is a steel shafted club so a little bit heavy, they are easy to hit and a great quality for the price

We3ll described by someone as the greatest putter of all time, you will drive longer and straighter yardage using this exceptionally forgiving and highly responsive putter

Though quite short but it does have a good feel off the club head as you hit, well built and balanced for the best of hit and with great accuracy, it simplistic nature makes them easy to align and hit


Made of quality that someone described it as a pro quality standard

Easy to hit and very responsive

Portable and simplistic

Forgiving and attractive

Longer and straighter drives


Steel shafted so a little bit weighty



Today’s golfing sport offers the kid and children the best of golf putter clubs on sale today, when choosing a putter you going to be making a choice on mallet or blade putters

Putter club is one of the most important club in a club set, this is why when choosing a putter club you should be careful





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