In the end, you should be able to list the best on sale golf range finder for 2020

Today’s golfing do have in great offer the best on sale range finder, golf, as we all know, is number eight most popular sport in the world and still counting

Playing golf especially for beginner or starters even pros seem to be a very un-achievable and frustrating task


Golf Range Finder, What Is It Used For?

This is where a golf range finder comes into play, this device well known as a golf range finder is a little device that is handy and is used for measuring distance, slopes, and more,

it does tell you how far off you are from the pin

This device makes the game more interesting even for the golfer who see the game as dead,

Every year there is a real improvement in the golf sports industry, from equipment’s to technology all with an effort to making the game more, fun, lively, more engaging, and enjoyable

In this blog post of today, check out our top picks for the best golf range finders that would help you improve better on your game

When trying to make a choice on Golf Range Finder you will have to undergo a buying guide so as to make a great choice


Golf Range Finder Buying Guide

The range finder makes it possible to calculate long-range distance thus giving the players the advantage for a more targeted and precise shot

Here are some of the things that you should be aware of about a golf range finder


Branding as we all know is everything, there are a whole lot of readily available golf range finder in the market today, even at that not all offer it does the highest pedigree of efficiency and quality

You are going to be scouting for golf range finder with great reviews, as great reviews reveal the potency and flaws of a product as they have been used by someone else

Making a choice on your golf range finder can prove to be a difficult and daunting task as they are very many of them out there, some of this well known and trusted brand include the likes of Bushnell to the Nixon to the Callaway and so on, you can make a choice from any of them when in search of great brand makers for your Range finder


The stability of a golf range finder largely depends on its shape and design, it should have an easy grip for the best of comfort and a very clear view so that you can see very well and without obstruction


A good for the quality and features golf range finder should have a built-in magnifier which does help you to zoom in and out when the need be, remember the game of golf involves hitting over long distances

With a well-magnified range finder, you can easily locate your ball by zooming in so that object becomes bold and clearly seen without straining your eyes

Laser Range finder should be able to able to hit a 1000 yard as its claims to be, but this is of no use if the magnifier isn’t strong enough to see such distance

You should be looking for  a golf range finder with at least 6-7x magnification as 5x seems to be a thing of the past

Double Display is also known as Dual Display

The dual display features do help for two display of two varying color 0n the screen for better-enhanced visibility

Automatic Target Acquisition(ATA)

With the Automatic Target Acquisition, you will be able to specify with your target, this device is built in such a way that it ignores the unnecessary and track the targeted

Having said this our picks are based on intensive research, reviews, and feedback all with an effort to bring you the best on sale today

Life Of Battery

A good golf range finder should have a quality better life which should be able to last about 6  months to a year, with this you will never have to worry about battery again


It’s great for your golf range fonder to be waterproof this is to enable you to play no matter the condition

It is especially great for golfers who play a whole lot in the winter or the rain, you have to check if it is waterproof or water-resistant


Pricing is also a very important factor considered when in search of your range finder for golf, there are lots of range finder available in the market today, some come with reasonably fair pricing while some are expensive

The amount you are willing to spend on your range finder will determine how effective they are or become and of course, you should know that a great golf range finder does come with a price

However, there are range finder that you can find at a very reasonable price and yet they are great and does what it is meant for

For inexpensive range finder please refer here: Best Inexpensive range finder for golf


Golf Range Finder VS Hunting Range Finder, What’s The Difference?

From the word, ”Golf” a golf range finder is an instrument well targeted at golfing it is used to locate and know the distance traveled by the golf ball

In contrast, a Hunting Range Finder is best suited for hunting, hunting range finder is better at dictating longer-range object than a golf range finder

In terms of magnification prowess a hunting range finder is the best whereas for more efficiency and quick reading the golf range fonder is best

The device knowns as golf range finder work using a GPS Device for tracking and accurately measuring the distance traveled by the ball

The difference between the target priority mode of the Hunting range finder and that of the Golf range finder makes them not an alternative


Best Golf Range Finder Reviewed For 2020

Bushnell Tour V4 JOLT Golf Laser Ranger Finder(Best On Reviews)

Golf finder, range finder, best finder, best range, 2020 bestThe Bushnell is a well established, trusted, and recognized brand well into the quality and simplistic yet efficient range finder which does help for accurate measurement and distance calculation

The Bushnell Tour V4 JOLT Laser Range Finder does boost as the best for the quality golf range finder with the latest and more advanced technological features

This does include Pinseeker with JOLT and this helps the golfer with short vibrating pulses for a tactical confirmation which signifies lacer being locked into the flag

This technology known as the JOLT removes all doubt so you will be able to feel the exact distance

This  range finder is so amazing that it makes it possible to receive access to the Bushnell app or free

It does provide a range for long-distance, from 5 to 1000 yards, exactly what many range finder cannot do

How about the yardage to flag which it provides, as far as 400 yards out, it does come with an exceptionally long-lasting battery life and a well-built casing for longevity and you can never go wrong with them

Amazingly and surprisingly this Range finder does come with a two-year warranty and check the reviews as it does boost of near-zero negative reviews


Best for quality and review

Comes with the latest and amazing features which do help you to measure distance accurately and to see far distance without straining your eye

Comes with a two-year warranty

JOLT technology for accuracy un-rivaled

Long-lasting battery life with high efficiency

Comes with a hard casing for extra protection and wh9ch makes it easy to attach to your golf bag

When locked up on target it vibrates

Very comfortable and portable as it is small when compared with the previous version

No stress setting up as they are easy to set up and use straight


Quite expensive


Callaway Tour S Laser Range Finder(Best On Reviews)

Range finder, golf range, best range, laser range, 2020 finderThe Callaway Tour S Laser Range Finder boost as one of the most successful range finder for your golf, check the reviews

This golf range finder is well equipped with first-class technological and advanced features that will spice up your game and make you target more accurately than ever

This range finder boot of a 7x magnification which makes the, one of the most wished for, this 7 x magnification make you view a thousand-yard with easy

It is able to measure the angle of incline or decline for superior accuracy, the color, shape, and feel is exceptional and you will love it

you will notice how finding the pin becomes easy, in fact in seconds, this is a masterpiece

Here is the pint, buy this, for your self, for your friends, for your family as it is worth every single dime and you will never regret

How about quality, oh yes! this range finder boost as one of the best for the quality out there for 2020

If you are looking for a very simple to use yet highly accurate range finder then you cannot go wrong with this

Its precision measurement to other point is so very helpful and with the technology well known as slope adjusting technology you can be able to  improve straight distance measurement


Quality and highly efficient for durability

Exceptionally upgraded slope features which are very easy to read and understand

Very lightweight and simple plus they are easy to use

7X magnification for excellent image quality and they are easy to handle

Great at picking up pin within seconds


Does not cone with a rechargeable battery


TecTecTec ULT-X Golf Range Finder

golf range, range finder, best range, best finder, 2020 range finderLook no further for with the Tec Tec Tec you are in for the next generation range finder which does offer incredibly clear and precise vision

After Locking unto the flag the ULT-X vibrates, they can be used for any tournament

This golf range finder boost of unbelievable accuracy as you can easily and instantly catch a flag of 300 yards with almost a zero margin error

Amazingly this range finder measures up to 1000 yard without the image being blood instead they remain crispy, very sharp, and clear and this is brought about by its 6X magnification

How about the slope mode which does into account elevation on planning your shots

If you in search of one of the best range finder which is tournament legal then you cannot go wrong with this

The battery is long-lasting as it does last for up to 36 holes, they are extremely easy to operate

If you do not want to break the bank then the Tec Tec Tec is such a great range finder to help you achieve that, they are very rugged with all the rubberized edges for long-lasting durability and efficiency


Excellent quality and super easy to use

Long-lasting battery life which doe last up to 36 holes

Tournament legal due to highly visible faceplate

Measures long distance with unmatched accuracy

Rainproof and moisture resistant

Two-year warranty on purchase


Someone complained of it having a very strong vibration that you can barely feel


Bushnell Pro XE Golf Laser Finder(Most Valued)

Range finder, golfing finde, best finder, laser rangeThe Bushnell Pro XE Laser Finder is the best of the best as it is one of the most upgraded version, its quality and functionality is seconded to none thus giving you a great advantage for the targeted range

They can be expensive but you get exactly what you pay for, they are so designed that it does have one of the longest range targets

Targeting 500 to 1300 yardage, isn’t that amazing? the quality is classic, the built-in is exotic

JOLT has been advanced with all new JOLT visual features, as JOLT vibrates, a red ring now flashes this gives the golfer  greater feedback with exceptional confidence knowing full well that you have locked into the flag

Easily and quickly mount your range finder in your cart using the magnetic feature known as the Bite Magnetic Mount

This laser finder is one of the most durable and efficient to hit the market as it are fully wrapped  in a waterproof housing for un-matched protection

With this comes an added temperature and barometer pressure which is just so unique with the Bushnell Pro XE for more distance with un-beatable precision

If you have the money buy this as this is the most wished-for golf range finder and very common among tour pros and professional golfer who knows what quality and efficiency entails


Most wished for as they are the best of the best

Comes with temperature and barometer features for unbeatable accuracy and precision on target

Great for tour pros and professional golfers

Amazing and classical quality seconded to none

Ultimately durable as they are fully wrapped in a waterproof housing

Bite magnetic mount so that you can easily and conveniently attach them to the cart

Greater feedback and confidence brought about by the red ring indicating that you have locked into the flag

Better view fonder and magnification




Golfer range, rage finder, golf ramge, best range, for golingRaythor Pro Gen S2 Golf Range Finder(Best For Low Budget)

Great combination of features, performance, and pricing

The Raythor Pro Gen amazingly does come with a rechargeable  battery and is great for low budget

You will hardly see any of its kind as it does come with rare and amazing features at such a price

If you’ve got a low budget, this one is very great as it does what it says it will, go check the reviews and see for yourself

This can also be a great option for tour pros as it does have valuable features such as its physical slope which helps a golfer with more choice option when measuring distance

The Pinsensor with pulse vibration is built in a way that you get an accurate signal which helps you to receive yardage for your desired location

You can acquire multiple targets all at one as a result of the continuous scan features, how about the USB for charging your battery when it runs down

You will love them as this makes them stands out, and that being awesome customer support available 24 hours round the clock plus two-year warranty on product durability


Amazing customer support available 24 hours to receive your complaint plus a two-year warranty on durability

Quality and efficient

Great for low budget

Easy to use and comfortable

Rechargeable and long-lasting battery life which does come with a USB

Continuous scan for multiple targets


The physical quality of the product is quite low

Someone complained of having a problem adjust the focus of the eyepiece using a manual knob


Type Of Golf Range Finder

When choosing or in an attempt to make a choice on your golf range finder in 2020, you should be well aware that there are many golf range finder in the market, and for this reason making a choice on your range finder can be a difficult and daunting task especially for beginners and novice

With this reason, it becomes very important that you are acquainted with the different types of range finder for golf so that you can be able to place better judgment on which is best for you

In the sport of golf, there are two types of range finder and that being- GPS and Laser Range Finder


The GPS is an acronym for Global Positioning System, the GPS requires lesser time to determine your distance to the hole or any other point on the course

This is because to know the point around the course, it uses measurement, with a GPS range finder, courses are mapped and because of this you will be required to pay monthly subscription fees

GPS range finder is app-based and located on a device unlike Laser range finder which is a device on its own

Laser Range Finder

As for laser range finder, the object to determine distance from you must be in view, this entails that you are going to focus the range finder on the object you are determining the distance using the viewport

Once you have the target on sight all you do is pull the trigger of the range finder this sends the laser beam to the target point

If your target is very successful and precise, Range Finder would be locked, this lock indicates that you are on the right target and if out of target you get an error message displayed on the screen


What’s Better Range Finder Or GPS?

Which is better is based on preferences and what you hope to achieve with it

On arrival to your golf ball, GPS gives you yardage but for a range finder, you will have to take out and aim and then to receive your number aim at the flag

GPS does come with much ease although they can be complicated due to reading from back, front, and side, the Range finder is less complex as it gives you the basic reading


What Magnification Should A Golf Range Finder Have?

When making a choice on your range finder for golf, you should ensure it does have at least a large enough magnification of at least 5x as this enables you to see far distance object clearly, with this magnification quality you can be able to see the flag clearly

However recent Golf range finder does have up to 6X TO 7X magnification which is preferable as vision becomes even much clearer


Are Golf Range Finder Legal In Golf?

The question which begs if golf range finder is legal in golf seems to be a subject of debate, here the simple and straight to point answer, Golf Range Finder is legal in golf

Unless prior to this time it was not, the only restrictions are some features and not the actual range finder itself, there are some features which do come with the range finder that isn’t legal

A perfect example of one of this feature is the ”slope features”, to be allowed to use a range finder with these illegal features you must turn it off as this range finder do have the switch off mode for these illegal tournament features

So if you’ve got a range finder with such features and in order for it to become tournament legal all you do is simply switch features


Is Using A Range Finder Cheating In Golf?

Using a range finder, by all means, is no cheating, if it was then it wouldn’t be allowed, it only becomes cheating if the illegal features are turned on and used

Range finder does have its very important role as it does help to improve on your game and targeting,


What’s The Difference Between A Golf Range And VS Hunting Range Finder?

This question seems to be very common

Golf range finder or hunting range finder are known to play a similar role of which is finding the nearest object by ignoring distance distraction like trees, animals, or other golfers

Here is the difference and it is as simple as this, Golf range finder operates by using nearest or first target priority mode, in this, the range finder has an internal function to find the closest object

Whereas hunting range finder uses distant target priority mode, this distant priority mode is an internal function that locates the distance target, it does this by ignoring every near distraction


Calculating the distance on  a golf course can be quite difficult but not with a golf range finder, this device which are very smart, compactable, and portable help create with ease and simplicity  your distance and with high accuracy

When trying to make a choice on a golf range finder, you will meet with different, brands, shapes, sizes, and features in the market

This makes it a challenge on making the right choice, GolferCostume is here to help

This shopping guide has you pre-informed as you have the top range finder for your golf game reviewed today

Our picks are based on intensive research, feedback, and reviews, based on a budget any of this will do you good, happy golfing











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