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In the end you should be able to list the best golf range finder with slope reviews in 2020

Today’s golfing do have in great offer the best on sale golf range finder with slope, over the years, golf range finder have been very popular due to it advanced features that well favors golfing

Finding the best range finder for golfers with a slope will be very beneficial since golf game is all about distance and accuracy

In this blog post of today we are going to be listing the best range finder for golf 2020 with slope knowing full well that there are all to many brands out there in the market

And making the right choice seems to be daunting and almost impossible task, this is why we have chosen to give you the best on reviews so that you can makes a better pre-informed decision


Choosing The Best Golf Range Finder With Slope Technology

When trying to choose a golf ranger with slope here are some key considerations that must be put first into account so that you can make the best decision

Adaptive Slope

For more versatility to any play, a golf ranger finder great for slope must have an adaptive features as this helps for elevation distance compensation


A great range finder for golf should have high magnification, something from 6x and above as 5x seems to be an older version, this high magnification makes object and distanced more clearer and readable even when zoomed

Dual Display

With a dual display features present on your range finder it will help you to select the best presentation, with this dual display you will be able to compare which your prefer or can comprehend better

Jolt Pin Seeking Technology

This helps to tell you when you are locked into target, it simply does it by vibrating(pulse vibration) and you are all set as you are confident that you are locked in properly

Auto Acquisition Target

Easily and quickly scan with the highest accuracy the view field for complete identification of target all made possible through the (AAT)


The Need For A Golfer Range Finder With Slope

Slope technology isn’t competition legal so therefore not all laser range finders have slope technology, it is only allowed in training and practice

Golf range finder with slope is useful as it helps calculate and adjust angle compensation on flag stick to target and is one of the key advantage over a GPS

Thus eliminating the need to do the complex calculation in your head, a slope edition range finder gives you distance to the flag with degree of elevation to target

The change in elevation is what is referred to as slope and this helps for calculating the right club for the shot based on the yardage and slope

This post contains all that you will need to know about golfing range finder with slope

Our picks are based off intensive research, reviews and feedback all with an effort to bringing you the best to buy


Golfer Range Finders With Slope, Are They Competition Legal?

As earlier indicated, the big answer is no, they aren’t competition legal, this features such as Slope, wind speed and play like features have to be turned off for it to be competition legal

But for practice and training they are very well allowed, however if this features cannot be turned off, then you must get another as they aren’t allowed for tournament

For shaky hands golf range finder, please refer here: Best golf range finder for shaky hands 


Best Golf Range Finder With Slope

Precision Pro Golf, NX7 Pro Slope Golf Range(Best For Low Budget)

Slope features, golf range finder, best golf, with slopeIf you are in search of one of the very best golf ranger finder for practice and training , then you have the right one before you

This range finder does come with  technology known as slope technology so as to help you select the right club

Providing very accurate distance on both flat and sloped surfaces, this adaptive slope technology provides as ”play as” distance so that you can easily and quickly select the right golf clubs

The ”turn off” features makes them greatly admired as it does help you to turn off slope technology so that it becomes competition legal

With this range finder comes a 6X magnification for clearer crystal clear optic viewing

Amazingly, you ret just buying a golf range finder with slope technology, you are buying quality and efficiency

On target shoot, you get  short vibration and this makes them it a great choice even for the golfer whose got shaky hands

How about the two-year warranty on the product plus free lifetime battery replacement

NX7 Pro Rangefinder Video Review



Very quality and resistant to water

Easy switch off mode from slope features so that it becomes tournament legal

Life time battery replacement

6X magnification for crystal clear viewing even when zoomed in

Two years warranty on product


TecTecTec ULT-X Golf Range Finder

Range finder, golf range, best slopeHere comes one of the finest golf range finder, ”TecTecTec”, with advanced slope features

Even over 150 yard away, you will find locking into the flag easier than ever, using the TLT which in full means  Target Lock Technology

Get the most reliable plus very accurate measurement and with a 6X magnification you will be able to see distance clearly

You can also turn off the slope features thus making it tournament legal when ever need be, if you’ve got shaky hand also, this is a great option as it does vibrate shortly indicating target is locked into the flag(great advantage for unstable hand)

Boosting rare reviews this range finder is very quality and comes with updated features which will immensely help you become better at your games

Shockingly, you get a 24 month warranty on product and in case of any defect, (not caused by you) simply return and get it replaced immediately

They can measure distance of as far as 1000 yard with a clear crispy image brought about by high definition camera(6X)

You can also measure overlapping target brought about by yet amazing features known as the Pinsensor

TecTecTec ULT-X- Golf Rungefunder Video Review



Slope mode which does help you to take elevation features into account

Slope switch technology so that it becomes tournament legal if need be

Quality for durability sake

Advanced features which does include and not restricted to 6X magnification for clearer viewing

Comes as a complete package which include wrist wrap, pouch, micro fiber cleaning cloth and for easy set up a quick start guide

Very portable and comes with a water resistant body

Great for shaky hands due to vibration features when locked onto the flag


Someone complained of it not being an upgrade to VPRO


Callaway Tour S Laser Range Finder(Best For The Money)

Slope range finder, best 2020, on sale The Callaway is a well known and trusted brand manufacturers of anything golf, from clubs, to tees to bag to range finder

When it comes to value, the ”Callaway” is tagged one of the best, basking so many award to its name and the Callaway Tour S Laser Range Finder is no different

This Tour S is the most preferred in its series as they come with a full functional well advanced features which include not restricted to

The amazing 7X magnification, not 6X but ”7” which happens to be one of the most advanced of its kind, offering un-beatable and unrivaled clarity display

With the slope compensation you will be able to measure angle of decline or incline and slope adjusted distance

Never loose confidence again as range finder comes with a Pin Acquisition technology which allows for quick lock onto the flag for un-precedented accuracy

They are very comfortable on hands brought about by the sure grip ergonomic design handle

When it come to value, this is one of the best for the value golf range finder on sale today for the money

Easily acquire distance to multiple target brought about by the quick scan advanced features

They are also legal for tournament by switching or disabling the slope features using an external visible switch

Callaway Tour S Laser Rangefinder Video Review



Best valued

Made of quality material

7X magnification, one of the highest for un-matched crisp viewing

Pin Acquisition Technology for easy lock onto flag

Easy to use and lightweight

Prism mode and laser mode

Long lasting batter life

Advanced slope technology with switch button to make it tournament legal


Battery isn’t rechargeable


Bushnell Tour V4 Shift(Slope) Golf Laser Range Finder(Best Valued)

golfer range, rage finder, with slopeEveryone loves the Bushnell as they are a master piece when it comes to tactical and quality golf range finder

This is no different as they are the best for the value with amazing and mouth watering reviews

This is a great golf range finder with slope, amazingly, you get to make a choice between the bonus slope version and standard slope version

there is something so exotic about this range finder and that being it is mad from a high degree of quality material so that the fear for un-durability and low efficiency is eliminated

You will have no regret as they are easy to use brought about by fast focus system which allows for optic adjustment for clarity and more target accuracy

You get a short vibration when lock onto flag of which is made possible via the Pin Seeker and JOLT technological features

This is what the pros use, and you did be proud of using one of the highest standard range finder, aaah! what a feel of relief and a breath of fresh air

You can toggle easily out of slope function when ever and wherever you want it, so that it becomes tournament legal

Bushnell Tour x4 Laser Rangefinder Video Review



Best for the value with exceptional accuracy

Used by tour pros due to high degree of quality make for un-matched efficiency and productivity

Very easy to use and lightweight

JOLT technology to eliminate all doubt

Slope compensation and toggle to switch between mode for practice and tournament legalized

Great for steady hands long lasting battery life


Might not be the best for shaky hands


Nixon COOLSHOOT 20i GII Golf Laser Range Finder

Quality at it’s best is what the Nixon is known for, the Nixon depicts perfect blend for quality and efficiency with the Nixon COOLSHOOT 20i GII being one of the most preferred

It does come with a towel and micro fiber towel for cleaning  and (2) CR2 long lasting batteries

It becomes possible to choose the right golf clubs and ball trajectory due to its highly advanced ID technology which provides slope adjusted distance anytime of the day

The tack sharp focusing is one un-matched s it does have a 6X magnification for clearer  and high contrast viewing

What a great ids as this does have a stabilizing feature, this makes it very easy to lock in target and can be used if you’ve got shaky hands

Nikon Coolshot 20i Gii Golf Laser Slope Rangefinder Video Review

Great for the quality and excellent for low budget

Presence of stabilizing features so that they are great for golfers with shaky hands

Easy of use with high magnification (6X)for clearer view

Very easy to attach to it’s case and lightweight

Comes with (2) CR2 batteries which are long lasting and a micro fiber towel for cleaning and maintenance

Slope adjusting ID technology for up hill and down hill


Four different screen can be confusing especially for golfers who have never used  sloe on any range finder


Can You Use A Golf Range Finder With Slope In A Tournament?

There is a limited use of the range finder in the NCAA

As they are responsible for the regulation of college golf and follow the USGA rules, having embraced the cautious use of the range finder in its competition

This implies that college golfers wouldn’t have to pace of yardage from 150 yard makers but to determine wind direction, they still have to toss blade of grass

The only approval allowed is that which involves distance measurement any other additional features is deemed illegal


Golf Range Finder, What Is It Used For?

Over the recent years, range finder device have been in explosion due to advancement in technology and speaking of now it is rare to see a real golfer who does not have a range finder

Your range finder for golf as explained earlier is used to determine distance precision for target reach, this aid you to make the right selection on club

Think of a range finder as a tool which will help you know you know the distance between you and your target, they are designed to measure the distance of various object on track

Golf range finder technology uses the technology known as laser and global position system reading to pin-point a distance


Golf Range Finder With Slope On Reviews, How Does It Work?

Its main target is to for distance measurement from your stand position to a target in every accurate manner possible

You use a range finder by using one of your eyes and looking through the range finder just as you would with  stethoscope

Range finder does have in built magnifier so that from your stand point to distance you can zoom in and see distance no matter how far it is clearly


Does Apple Watch Have Golf GPS?

It all depends, Apple watch have golf GPS but not all, as there are specific watch designed for golf on purpose, one thing makes the apple watch stand out and that being it does have other features which the just ”golf watch” does not have


Can I Use Laser Range Finder For Golf?

This question seems to be frequent many atimes, Can I use Laser range finder for golf? the answer is a resounding yes, laser range finder can be used for golf

You can use it for competition play, device such as Golf GPS Watches, Golf GPS Device, Laser Range Finder and even Smart Phone App can be well utilized for golfing

But here is the big catch and you must pay close attention to this, not all features available in this aforementioned device are tournament legal

In this case most of this device have a ”turn off mode” with the turn off mode, this devices can become legal for tournament and after tournament you can switch on those features as you do not have restriction on the practice ground

As an instance laser range finder which does come with a slope gives you the option of enabling or disabling slope features

Range finder with slope becomes legal for tournament play when it has the slope feature disabled, If you want to use your range finder which does come with a slope feature all you do is simply disable the slope feature and they become legal for tournament


How To Choose A Golf Range Finder With (Slope)

Actually because of the all too many range finders in the market making a choice on one proves ever difficult than it use to

Not to worry, panic not, for we are going to be giving you a solution to the problem of finding the best range finder for your golf game

  • Maximum Distance

Before every reaching your buying decision on your range finder for golf, it is great to check for maximum distance as most available in the market today range from 1 – 1500 yardage

Like for instance the Bushnell Tour V3, this range finder cover distance of 1000 yardage to 900 meter

  • Pricing

When making a choice on your golf range finder, pricing is an important factor, while some can afford some kind of luxurious or what I call very expensive range finder other might not be able to due to pricing

However there are great golf range finder available in the market right now and at an affordable and modest pricing

  • Model And Branding

While there are many golf range finder in the market, they are available in different models, some models are more recent tan other and for this sake might offer more exciting features than long old models

However many range finder does fulfil the same purpose without much different in features except for upgrade, you can make a choice according to how it best suits you or what you hope to be achieving with it

There is  new model known as the hybrid range finder, this range finder does combine the laser technology and the GPS technology all into one for better and more precise accuracy

And for the aspect of branding, there are many brand makers of golf range finder, all you need do is to settle for a well known and trusted brand like the Bushnell or the Nikon or Callaway  and some more are great brand

Well recognized, trusted and known having been into the act for long so they know what it take to make a great  golf range finder that will serve you efficiently

  • Ease Of Usability

While there are so many available range finder on sale in the market today, some are much more easier to use than other

Look for one you are comfortable with and is ease to use, it has been said that the more efficient a range finder is the more easy it is to use

Amazing enough all the range finder on our list well pass this test,



Golf range finder is undoubtedly one of the greatest assets a golfer can have in his or her collection as it does help for slop

Not all golf range finder come with the slope features, while some range finder have slope technology, other do not

Range finder with slope isn’t competition legal but when it comes to practice and training they are very well allowed(legal)

Making the right choice on golfer range finder has prove to be a daunting task, and through this reviews, you have the very best before you

These are the best for golfer range finder with slope, they are great for practice and also tournament legal the slope feature can be toggled on and off

When off it becomes tournament legal, thus eliminating the need for getting another, still looking for the best range finder with slope for golf?

Look no further as you have a great list that will serve you well and make you better at your game , happy golfing






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