10 Best Golf Sand Wedge Reviews For Women-2020(Insanely forgiving and Durable)


In the end you will be able to tell the importance of a golf sand wedge and then be able to list the 10 best Sand Wedge for Women in 2020

Looking for the best sand wedge for Women in 2020? do you want golfing to be more fun? want to kill every fear for the sand? Yes, it all starts with the best of sand wedge

In this article we present to you the top rated golf sand wedge for women in 2019 so get ready and prepared for your fear of the sand trap you will soon bid bye-bye

Getting out the greenside bunker ain’t easy, as a matter of fact it is like a nightmare to most golfers and so we want you to look through these best sand wedge review so to find the one that will help you

In Golf Sport a sand wedge also known as a sand iron is a type of golf club which is specially designed to help the golf ball get out of the sand bunker

The typical golf sand wedge is 56 deg but what defines a sand wedge is not the degree of loft rather the bounce, there are a whole lot of sand wedge out there but right here we are all geared towards presenting the best because we care about how well you are able to enjoy your game

What is the best golf sand wedge reviews for women in 2020?

Here is the updated list of the best golf sand wedge for women

Wilson Women’s Harmonized Golf Wedge

Wilson Women's Harmonized Golf Wedge

Fear the bunker no more, escape with ease from tough lies and enjoy your game to the fullest, this is what the Wilson Women’s Harmonized Golf Wedge presents, they are undoubtedly one of the best sand wedge out there for female golfers

This 60 degree lob wedge was designed specifically for women, the true temper iron is geared for high performance and reliability

How about the Sole grind which allows players to open the club face further to hit higher shots with more accuracy, therefore improving performance

This club is great for getting the ball up and high, even as a new golfer with this club you will be able to hit accurately with this club

You will love this club for it’s weight and balance as they all team up to give you the best of experience


Superb grip

Price friendly

Insanely forgiving and durable

Easy to use

Specially designed for women

Exceptional feel and control


None worthy of note

Tour Edge Golf- Ladies 1 Out Plus Wedge 

Tour Edge Golf- Ladies 1Out Plus Wedge Graphite

Fear the sand trap no more,focus on your game and careless for obstacle, the Tour Edge Golf Ladies 1 Out is geared towards helping you achieve that

This Golf Wedge have a heavy head coupled with a counter balance grip to make greenside chip shots and bunker very easy

To lift the ball easily out of the sand, the sole glides through the sand and boom! the ball is out, no matter how hard you have struggled getting out of the sand, your struggles ends here(with this club)

You will enjoy using this club, it works, excellently well, even the price is one unmatched, did i forget to mention durability? bless you high! this club are made from high ens material so they are very durable and not difficult to master


Counter-balanced grip for improved stability

It does have a wide sole for easier sand shots

Well durable and easy to master

Quick delivery


Excellent for short shot onto the green


Nothing worthy of note

Cleveland Women’s Golf 588 RTX Cavity Golf Wedge

Cleveland Women's Golf 588 RTX Cavity Back Wedge

The 16% additional large groove of this sand wedge was developed closely with tour players, these additional groove are more precise and help maximize spin especially out of the rough

They now have a more durable laser milling advanced surface roughness which is well optimized for friction at impact

This advanced laser milling technology helps generate more and better spin on chip shots from any lie, the rotex pattern is another feautres you cannot do without talking about

This Rotex pattern Directionally milled face pattern helps impact maximally on open face wedge shots, this Cleveland is quite durable as well and the design of the club face puts a good spin on the ball



Great for short game

Good spin

Insanely forgiving

Durable and easy to use

Exceptionally responsive


Quite expensive

Cleveland Golf Women’s Smart Sole 3.0 Wedge

Cleveland Golf Women's Smart Sole 3.0 Wedge, Right Hand

All hail the Cleveland Golf Women’s Smart Sole 3.0  they are built with standard and quality, this club features a three tiered sole technology, this refined sole allows for more turf interaction

The result of moving the CG close to the center of the club face results in improved feel and a more tight shots dispersion, they are built to last since they are made from one of he highest pedigree of material

The club specification have been properly optimized for the best chipping mechanics, this club will improve your short game right away and you will love the feel

You will never go wrong with this purchase, fear the bunker no more, improve on your shot game, play like a pro and enjoy golfing like never before all this is made possible using this women’s sand wedge

Getting out of the sand will become easier than ever since this sand wedge is built in a way that it helps chip your ball high into the atmosphere



Well balanced and sturdy

Improves on your shot game

Features a three tiered sole technology

Easy to use

Very forgiving


Pinemeadow pre Wedge

Pinemeadow Pre Wedge (Right-Handed, Steel, Ladies, 56-Degrees)

The Pinemeadow Pre Wedge is solely designed to meet the female golfers own need when she get’s stuck on the sand, it feautres a wide sole at the head and narrows down to the toe to provide a more forgiving hitting face

The sleek styling makes it attractive and eye catchy, this is a durable sand wedge as well easy to use, The U-Groove Technology makes it extremely easy to hit out of any tough lie

It’s wide sole ensures that all your shots are accurate, they are light, easy to use with a soft and comfortable grip


Extremely comfy

Solely designed for women

Wider sole for more forgiveness

Attractive and eye catchy

U-Groove technology

Light and easy to use

Very durable


Shipping restriction

Pinemeadow Golf PGX Wedge

Pinemeadow Golf PGX Wedge

The Pinemeadow Midsize Wedge Sole helps provide accurate play from any lie, this wedge have a wide sole design for more forgiveness on hitting surface

They are great for getting out of the sand, if you are looking for a good wedge the Pinemeadow Golf PGX Wedge is one of the best out there

This wedge pops up the ball from the sand instead of hitting it too far, what more do you want from a golf sand wedge which offers all this rich incentives?

They have a good feel and great weighing, you can never go wrong with the Pinemeadow, they are easy to use with a very comfortable grip to suit your playing style


Great feel and weighing

Easy to use

Midsize weight sole which provides accurate play from every lie

Very forgiving

Features U-Groove technology which makes it very easy to pop ball out of the sand



Limited stock

Might take some time getting used to

Cleveland Golf Women’s RTX – 3 Cavity Back Wedge


sand wedge, best wedge, women's wedge, 2020 wedgeThe Cleveland Golf Men’s Smart Sole 3 is a great wedge for female golfers who wants to play easily from any tough lie, never mind the inscription ”Men’s” it is actually a Unisex club and is a great choice for both gender

However it is a little bit on the heavy, however female golfers who want’s to feel the taste of one of the most forgiving and easy to use sand wedge that will help eradicate all fear of sand trap then you can never go wrong with this club

Simplify your short game and lower your scores with the wider sole and Feel Balancing Technology made available with this sand wedge

The well optimized loft gives you the ideal loft to hit out of bunker and sand trap with no stress, the three-tiered sole has three distinct activation pads for better turf interaction and increased playability from all lies around the green


Very durable

Three tiered for better turf interaction

Well optimized loft to hit out of tough lies

Easy to use with an exceptional feel


Reasonable price


Takes a little bit time getting used to

Tour Series Edition Sand Wedge


sand wedge, best reviewed, women's sand wedge, 2020 sand wedgeGive it up for the Tour Series Edition Sand Wedge, they are one of the most preferred wedge to get out of sand trap

Know to be a Unisex club, this means it can be used by male or female golfers, you will shave strokes off your score and seriously improve on your short game on the very first time you use it

There will be a remarkable and never easy to forget recovery shots from every where around the green and most especially on sands

Get this awesome wedge and thank yourself you did, one remarkable characteristics of this club is it’s easibility of use and quick mastery

60 days money back guarantee on this wedge, isn’t that awesome and loveable, this means during the 60 days duration period if it doesn’t suit you, it can be returned

Well made, even when used for flop shots you will be impressed on how well it suits you, they help to launch the ball up high into the air thus making you get out of trouble especially the one associated with the sand trap


Very comfortable grip

Great feel and easy to use

60 days money back guarantee

Very forgiving

Durable and lightweight

Quick delivery and well packaged


Someone said it was perfect for flop shots but complained of struggling with it from the sand

Ray  Cook Golf -Shot Savier Wedge

Ray Cook Golf- Shot Saver Alien Wedge

The Shot Savier is one of the most revolutionary wedge of the present age, the have a unique and exceptional head shape style which makes playing out of tough lies easier and quicker than ever

The sweet-spot and the over-sized duo piece construction helps create a high moment of inertia(MOI) which is resistant to twisting thus creating a more accurate and precise shot

The Ray Cook Savier have a wide and large sole for an increased bounce angle for an easy and more fun shot out of the sand anytime anyday

And as for solid feel and accuracy it does offer the best using the firm flex plus light steel shaft, you will love them because of it’s insanely forgiving and rescue nature

It will solve your chipping problem



Well built and feels great

Excellent in the rough

High MOI

Exceptionally forgiving

Durable and easy

Balanced face and weight



Takes some time getting used to

Cleveland Golf 2018 Ladies CBX Wedge

Cleveland Golf 2018 Ladie's CBX Wedge

The Cleveland Ladies CBX Wedge un-precented spin and unmatched control around the green for consistent feel all through your set, this a more advanced and forgiving wedge version for female golfers who play cavity back iron

This Cleveland offers tour level spin and control while blending seamlessly with your cavity back iron, the CBX is known to use duo different V shape for more forgiveness maximization and versatility maintenance

The front to back V like shape enables you to cut without stress through the turf without reduction of speed, how about the heel toe V Shape which gives you a open face for versatility while still providing exceptional help in the sand

Get more forgiveness and distance with a cavity back wedge, the feel balancing technology creates more consistency, armed with this wedge you will get out of the sand with no problem or difficulty

Built to last and quite easy to use, the high MOI makes it resistance to twisting thus offering you more opportunity for a more positive result on your game


High MOI

Remarkable spin and control around the green

Extremely forgiving

Better and improved distance control

Built to last

Heel toe V-shaped

Micro Milling for tour level spin


Few reviews

Limited edition



Todays golfing world offers great, amazing and vast collections of sand wedge for the female golfer, prior to this era there were little to no sand wedge for women and now things are different as there are many great sand wedge for women today

A sand wedges just as the name implies makes it well easier and quicker to get the ball out of the sand, a sand wedge is designed to hit the ball out of obstacle(sand)

Looking for the best sand wedges on reviews for women today, we have the updated list of the best on reviews in 2020, armed with this wedges the sand has no hold on you any longer










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