In the end, you should be able to know the best golf shoes for flat feet or flat-footed golfers in 2022

Today’s golfing footwear’s have been so robust that it offers the best of flat-footed golf shoes for both the males and females, long before now it was not so, looking for the best flat footed golf shoes? whether you are a male or female we’ve got you covered

When selecting a golf shoe you must put into consideration your type of feet, are you flat footed or not? this should be part of what you will be considering knowing fully well that there are golf shoe for flat feet and there are also golf shoes for people with thick feet

As a flat footed golfer, you will be needing a flat footed golf shoe, you will be needing the best of golf shoes for flat feet, many golfer get this all mixed up,

They do not really take into consideration their feet type before ever making a buying decision on footwear, due to this reason enough, they make common mistake of buying golf footwear that is not targeted at them

And they come again with ohh! my flat feet does not suit this golf shoes, because of this cumbersome challenge of flat footed golfers not being able to make the best selection of golf footwear that best suits their footwear, this article was written

We are going to be lifting this challenge off your shoulders by giving you the most recommended golf shoes for golfers with flat legs or flat legged golfers

Golf shoes are of different makes, shapes and sizes, these shoes or footwear’s are designed to suit a specific kind of foot, note, not every foot,

Have you ever wondered why a shoe size of 32 or 45 or 27 and so on was designed or why medium arch or low arch footwear was made? They were all manufactured to suit the respective foot either low arched or medium arched foot individuals

Same thing with shapes, sizes and colours. Some shape, sizes and colour is suitable for one person and un-suitable for the other, When it comes to colour and shape we can determine the type we want by free intuition but how about size? Sizes we cannot determine, our legs determine what size is best suited for us.

We consider size, shape and colour, without taking into consideration the kind of best suited golf shoes for our feet,

This is one of the reasons the edges of our shoes become uneven after some-time of use, one side higher or lower than the other, one side hollow than the other, this un-evenness is due to the fact that such shoes are not the right specification for our feet.

With this being said before you buy a golf shoe one thing that you must consider is knowing your feet type.

You don’t simply buy a golf shoe as most people do out of blindness and probably ignorance, take a good look at your foot type so you don’t have regrets

Any footwear manufactured has a specific kind of people for which it was made for. So don’t just buy shoes, check out for your own kind of foot type so as to help you get the best of shoes that would last and be comfortable for you.

Yes, someone is forced to ask, how do I identify my foot type? It’s very easy, in fact very, very easy. Just as there are many ways to die in the west, so are they many ways to help one identify the perfect shoe type for his feet.

This is a subject matter many know naught, only do they know of poor factors such as Size, shape and colours when they want to purchase a golf shoe without considering foot type

A golf shoe simply your size, color and shape is a poor factor to measure what kind of shoe is best suited for you, you must take into deep consideration the kind of foot you have

With an open mind do I speak, perish that though for it is of a false nature as a matter of fact one should first consider foot type factor.

Every other factor should come after it because no matter how fanciful, beautiful and healthy looking a shoe is at the outside if the feet do not feel good on the inside then it but scrap and good for the bin.

If you do not mind please take a peep into the best golf shoe for walking the course in 2022

How To Know Your Feet Type Before Ever Buying A Footwear

These steps are called a simple wet test, with the simple wet test every golfer would know the best golf shoe for his or her feet type, A simple wet test can help reveal to you the kind of feet you do possess then with that information you can determine the shoe that is purely compatible with your feet.

  • Pour a thin layer of water into a shallow flat
  • Wet the sole of your feet
  • Step into a shopping bag or probably a blank piece of paper
  • Stand on that leg until your foot shape is imprinted on it
  • Step off and look at it

Like I said earlier, the wet test is one of the several ways to identifying ones foot type.

I see many people taking the test now because they have now been enlightened and now their ignorance on this matter ends, well it is a good one.

There are three known foot type

  • Normal medium Arch

If your arch region is half filled in, then by all means do you know you are of the normal medium arch feet. This is the common type of feet and co-notates the present of an arch that helps support your body mass pronates normally under load. The term pronation can be used interchangeably with “rolling in”.

Some rolling in ones foot act like a shock absorber and is great. Most runner with this foot type fits into just about any shoe type.

  • Flat (low) Arch

Likely with this kind, your foot collapses inward when you run since the arch of your foot print is filled in. This acts as a shock absorber, but the excess rolling of your foot may be of stress to your kneel and feet which increases the risk of getting injured.

People with this shoe type are recommended with great stability features such as inner wedges to cover and support the arch side, dual density midsoles with wider more substantial midsoles.

  • High Arch

When there is little to no connection along the outside edge of your foot print, only your heel and the ball of your foot then you definitely a high arch kind of foot type.

High arch foot type does not absorb much shock and your foot may not roll in much when you run.

The best kind of shoe for this kind of feet type is a cushioned type almost free from arch support or any stability features.

Best Golf Shoes For flat Feet(Male And Females)

  • Nike Golf Men’s Lunar Control 2 Golf Shoe(Best For Quality And Comfortable)

flat feet, golf shoes, golf, best shoeThis innovative shoe helps create a smoother transition from back swing to impact.

Designed by Nike at least its name has that clearly revealed. This synthetic and leather golf shoe is the perfect one for a flat feet.

It does have a firm and strong nubbies right in the sole with this it has great traction without tearing the golf course.

To cater for all all the support it does have a hard rubber collar that your ankle desperately needs thus the lunar hill cushioning serves as a great shock absorber.

Nike Golf Men’s Lunar Control 2 Golf Shoe Video Review By The Golf Warehouse 


  • It has a lunar hill cushioning
  • Hard rubber collar for your ankle
  • Firm and strong nubbies right in the sole


    • Shipping restrictions
    • Currently unavailable

  • Puma Men’s Amp Cell Fusion SL Golfsmith Exclusive(Best Fit And Comfortable)

The value is great for the shoe due to what you get back in return and its vibrant colour puts some personality into your attire. get a pair and you will like them.

It does have a classical style and an exponential beauty, a kind of shoe that has not been heard off due to its highly breathable and flexible leather and synthetic construction.

For extra padding for heel of the foot the Ever foam cushioning was made. This golf shoe has a flex grooves for great stability and excellent traction and the heel-to-toe transition is made easier because of the grove as it acts as a shock absorber.

it has a 14 replaceable S2 squill for maximum grip and a storm cell design for for highly functional, durable material with a year guarantee of waterproof.

Puma Men’s Cell Fusion Golf Shoe Review By Shop Zappos


  • Supportive yet flexible arch
  • Cushion at the heel for a comfortable fit
  • Lace closure for a snug fit


    • Usually tight in the toe up front
    • Size runs small

  • Adidas Women’s Adi-pure Sport Golf Shoe(Best Lightweight And Flexible)

flat feet, womens shoe, golf shoesNice looking shoe with great price, it is known for its great and stylish look on course and no one can doubt its immeasurable light weight synthetic material.

It has great breathability features with amazing stability and control coupled with a gel cushioning which makes your feet relaxed and stress free all the day long since it act as a shock absorber.

Adidas Women’s Adipure Golf Shoe Review By Golf Guy Reviews


  • Great arch support
  • Ease to wearing
  • Runs true to size
  • Compress moulded


    • Cost of replacing the spike is likely to out way the cost of the shoe
    • run large

  • Ecco Women’s Cool 2.0 Goretex Texile Fashion(Best Solid And Quality)

ecco, shoes, golf shoe, flat, feet, shoesThis is a golf shoe that has different logo laces and perforations. When you talk quality as regard to golf shoes you are not definitely far away from mentioning Biom golf shoes.

Its traction, waterproof sole, support and hard rubber is one like no other. Everyone knows Biom quality that it is from quality leather and this explains how greatly durable and comfortable this shoe can be. With Biom you wouldn’t get a bother with pain or discomfort at anytime.

Ecco Women’s Cool 2.0 Goretex Golf Shoe Video Review By Kate Shop


  • It has 18 holes
  • Free from sweat and aching
  • Nice shape and comfort for toe box


    • They run small
    • Tad on the narrow side and so if you have got a big foot than it simply will not work

  • Callaway footwear Women’s Solaire(Best Quality And Lightweight)

women, callaway, golf shoe, flat feetIt is a legend to be reckoned with in the world of golf shoes, constructed to give your feet maximum comfort and support.

it has great traction due to its rubberized sole, callaway footwear women’s Solaire  is light weight. its breathable mesh are there to keep your foot from getting wet. it also have a lining for arch support that you will be needing.

these shoes have been tested and reviewed many times and not just an assumption.


  • These shoes is lightweight
  • Excellent for good weather
  • Their mesh construction makes it ideal for  a summer


    • A bit narrow

Footjoy Dryjoys Tour Cleated Golf Shoe(Best Fit And Comfortable)

footjoy shoes, flat feet, golf shoesFootjoy Dryjoys tour cleated golf shoe? Hmm, if you don’t have this as a golfer, you ain’t started. this dead gorgeous and hard breathable shoe is one to be reckoned with. its superiority is not to be messed with and its famousity cannot be overstressed.

Proven to be one great shoe truly designed for flat feet with a ground-breaking outsole for great gripability feautres.

A shoe on whose hand holds perfection and subtility. with it mesh upper, your lat feet is rest assured of comfortability to the full. though expensive it insole is made in the pattern to suit and keep your foot in a perfect condition and style.

Footjoy Dryjoys Tour Cleated Golf Shoe Video Review By The Golf Fashion Guy


  • Highly breathable
  • sturdy with great grip
  • Flexible
  • Best suited for flat feet individuals


    • Shipping restriction
    • Expensive

  • Ecco Men’s Biom Hybrid Hydro Max Golf Shoe(Best Solid And Sturdy)

I absolutely love these shoes made of leather and synthetic material, it is a sporty lightweight hybrid golf shoe with high performance and snug fit.

This golf shoe is the most befitting you can ever own and the best for wide or flat feet with great gripability. they are water replant and their design and quality are superb. Ecco is very light, and soft and was built for great comfortability.

Ecco Men’s Biom Hybrid Hydro Max Golf Shoe Video Review


  • It is expensive
  • Very comfortable
  • Superb and quality design
  • Light and soft


    • Not too wide

  • Men’s Adipure Golf Shoe(Best Spacious And Comfortable)

Men’s adipure golf shoes are very comfortable and are a good specification for those with flat feet. yes, they are also comfy for people with wide feet as well but i think its even the best for people with flat feet.

The Adipure are the best so far and are very great because they hold up in soggy conditions. they are comfortable as slippers while still providing great support right in the course.

This shoe is made from very high-quality soft leather with a cushioned insole. its stunning appearance is one like no other and with it, you become the favorite player on course

Men’s Adipure Golf Shoe Video Review By 


  • Great design and great quality
  • Soft leather with comfortability


  • It so some how narrow
  • A bit snug at first use
  • Completely waterproof
  • Its 18 holes gives it the access to hold up well

These shoes are all very good and are designed with the motive of creating comfortability and good golfing experience for those with flat feet.

gone are the days when this thing were not put into consideration, the game of golf is immerging on a day to day bases and is known to be one of the worlds fast-growing game and so there the need to create room were every one fits in is really important.

So whether you have the flat Arch, normal medium arch or high arch, whatever you foot type there is always a specification to meet your demand and suit your need. its just a matter of knowing your foot type and the shoe that may fit you best then taking that bold step and getting out there to make a purchase

  • Ecco Women’s Cage Pro Gortex-Tex Golf Shoe(Best Quality And Solid)

This super lightweight golf shoe for the woman is built to last, it is a great she for that woman looking for the best of flat footed golf shoe for women

To keep you feet dry and cool there are is the presence of Gortex-layer, while the anatomical design of shoes incorporates soft curves that follows the natural contour of your feet

Ecco does it best and everyone knows it, this shoes have the best looks and fit, they are attractive as well, they are highly comfortable and exceptionally graspable

Shaft measures approximately low top from arch for the best of stability and balance, they are also easy to maintain due to its well structured removable insole and well structured lacing system for better fit


  • Removable insole for easy mainteinance
  • Made of quality for optimum durability
  • Well structured aligned lacing system for the best of fit and feel
  • Pivot point for a strong foundation from the background
  • Lightweight and Solid
  • Breathable mesh which allow in and out flow of air from shoes


  • Not flexible

The Need For A Flat Feet Golf Shoes

There are three known types of feet, these include, the normal medium arch, the flat low arch and the high arch, each of this foot type have the shoe type for which it is best suited

The need for a flat footed golf shoe arose when golfers who are flat footed were in need of a footwear that will suit their flat shaped foot, this prompted the design of specially designed golfing shoe for these golfers

The problem with flat footed golfers wearing a high or medium arch shoe resulted in oversize, heavy and uncomfortable shoes, which are too bogus and difficult to move around with, this prompted a specially designed shoe for golfing well targeted at the flat footed individuals

Golf Shoes For Flat Feet, How To Choose?

Flat foot also known as Pes Planus can be described as a foot deformity which does result in an arch which is flattened, this is why flat feet can also be referred to as fallen arch

It is believed that an estimated 20 to 30 percent of the population are affected by this foot disorder, flat feet disorder is not usually painful for many people

Even though some of the time there could be mild discomfort and slight pain especially during s long activity engagement

To alleviate this pain, using the right instrument is well needed and helpful

Actually choosing the best golf shoe for flat feet can be daunting and difficult brought about by too many brands out there

There are some actual tips that can help you find the right golf shoes if you are flat footed, theses tips follows

  • Look For Shoes With Support :

Since this foot deformity is brought about a fallen arch, you should ensure you get a shoe with enough arch support or if you’ve got a shoe without arch support simply go for arch reinforcement

Its best to test these shoe when you go to buy so that you can pick the one that is very comfortable for you

  • Buy Orthopedic Shoes:

If you’ve got a flat foot or fallen arch than an orthopedic shoe can be a great choice, however they seem to be quiet stiffer and might be un-comfortable for some golfer, this shoes have a high heel counter and steel shanks

There are also well known companies which does offer orthopedic shoes with amazing and unique features such features include and not restricted to built in insole

  • Stability Running Shoe:

This shoe can also mean a great option this is as a result of ankle turn which people with flat feet often do in the process or walking

At this a lot of strain is exerted on the kneel, ankles and feet thus increasing the risk of injuries, amazingly in todays market there are lots of running shoe with great stability control

How Can Flat Foot Be Treated?

If you have got a flat feet, good news as flat feet can be treated, although treatment is based on the causative, while majority are born with this foot disorder some develop it as they grow due to one challenge or the other

Here are few ways that can help correct this disorder

  • Compression with Ice:

Simply apply and press so that swelling or inflammation reduces

  • Rest:

Too much stress on foot can aggravate this problem so find time to rest and relax legs

  • Exercise:

We can see how often the doctor recommends exercise as it does help to heal the body of different pain or disease, so you must create time for exercise as this can help alleviate this foot disorder

Should Flat Feet, Wear Arch Support?

As a general assertion, if you have got flat feet it is recommended you wear arch support shoes, however, this is more for the golfer who experiences pain

If flat feet are causing you pain then it is highly recommended to use arch support

Can Arch Support Harm Your Flat Feet?

On rare occasions does arch support harm your feet, however, it is possible and in this case, to use higher arch support you need to have higher arch feet

What Can A Podiatric Do For Flat Feet?

You will need to talk to a Podiatric doctor if you have got pains that cause you discomfort as they are a specialist in that field

Be truthful, tell them exactly every detail of how you feel, this will help them determine which treatment method  is best effective and suited

What Kind Of Shoe Do You Wear With Flat Feet?

People with flat feet usually wear or go for ‘W’ size which means wide or extra wide size shoe, this kind of shoe with ‘W’ provides the support required for your arch and also maximum stability

And again your ideal shoe for flat feet should firmly cup the heel and offer sturdy arch support in accordance to Bruce Pinker, D.P.M


Today’s golfing world offers the best golf shoes for the flat-footed, whether you are a male or female, Flat-footed golf shoes are designed for golfers with flat feet, as a golfer whose feet is a flat type you will be needing the best golf shoe for flat feet

The golf shoe is designed and highly targeted at a particular foot type this is the reason you must be able to know your feet type so you would know what golf footwear to look out for

There are three types of foot, they are normal (medium) arch, flat (low)arch and high arch each of these foot types has the shoe targeted at them

In this article we have out listed the best golf shoe for flat-low arch foot type, they are highly comfortable, stable and durable, give them a try and you will see how best they fit on foot and you did thank yourself that you made the right choice

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