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In the end you should be able to identify the best golf footwear shoes for men in 2020

Since footwear is an important aspect of the game called golf, Today’s golfing offers the best of golf sport shoes for the male folks of 2020

In the early days of golfing there were little to no great variety on men’s golf shoe, now golf is now ever better than before as it offers on sale the best and classic men’s footwear shoes

Looking for the best shoe for golfing men in 2020, we have you covered as this article is 100% geared towards giving you the true and up to date list of this men’s footwear golf shoes

Before listing out this amazing male footwear here is an important information we think you are suppose to know

Golfing shoes are an important aspect of your game, as a golfer you will be needing the best of shoe to aid your playability on course because a bad golf shoes can immensely contribute to a bad swing thus leading to a bad golfing experience

Choosing a new set of golf shoes as a man can be very frustrating, this is due to the number of countless golf shoes to pick from, there are many men’s golf shoes in the market today and you will need to play smart with sufficient knowledge to be able to make the best selections

We are here to determine which shoes are the best golf shoes for men, golfers have different taste, while some men needs a highly cushioned shoe with great stability some are looking for maximum feel and flexibility

But in general, one of the greatest priority that must be considered when selecting a golf sport shoe for men is quality, durability, stability and comfortability, A shoe is hardly described among the best if it does not carry more than one of this characteristics mentioned above


a man, Before making a buying decision on golf shoes, you must well consider these qualities and factors mentioned above, as they are known as a standard guide to making the best selections of shoes

With the best golf shoes on feet, you will be able to play better and be more efficient in your game, a good golf shoe on feet will help support your swing

Everyone one wants the best, no one wants to simply settle for less. There are a whole lot of golf shoes out there in the market with varsity of shapes, qualities, sizes and prices, but choosing from the best on sale is always the desire of everyone and sometimes proves to be a daunting task.

From our findings through intensive research and analysis we bring to you this best golf shoes for men. Ones fully enlightened with this you will be able to make the best selection of golf shoe for men

Key Consider Before Ever Buy A Golf (Footwear)Shoe?

There are a whole lot of factors one must put into consideration before ever reaching a final decision of buying a shoe for golfing, here are the most important factors that must be considered

  • comfortability and Lightness

Comfortability is a paramount before you ever reach the final buying decision of a golf shoe, golf involves lot of energy on exert, especially on a long swing, since it involves a whole lot of energy, it does mean that a weighty or uncomfortable shoe will hold you back from doing a great/accurate swing

To reach the farthest distance on a swing, you need to feel light and comfortable, comfortablity and lightness means all your swing energy will be impacted directly on your club and such force on the club means more impact on ball

One of the characteristics of a comfortable golf shoe is the slight elevation at heel area, ask golfers they will tell you they are much more relaxed and comfortable on shoes who have some degree of elevation at heel area,

  • Durability

Oh yes! Durability, no one will be happy when they spend their money on inferior product, everyone loves superiority, all golf shoes do not possess the same strength capacity, some were built stronger that the other, you must know this, if your golf shoes ain’t lasting you are probably not buying the best

Some of the determiner of a durable golf shoe is the material which is used in building it, the sole texture as we all know thicker soles always last longer than flat weak soles

  • Breathability

A whole lot of energy is exerted while playing golf, this energy burns fat in the body and in this process heat is produced

When you put on a shoe with little or no ventilation, your legs get hurt and wet

Great ventilation on your shoes while golfing is a great way to staying fit and smart while on course and if you shoe lacks enough breathable then you are sure not putting on the right shoe

  • Firm and sturdy

As you play golf your shoe glides and slide forcefully against the course, this is where sturdity and firmness comes in play, due to this forceful movement that one sometimes do not have control over you need a firm and well balanced shoe or else you might fall many times as you try to perform a swing

This shoe must have grip that is well able to hold the ground to avoid you slide un-necessarily and wrongfully as you perform your swing,the best golf shoe must be quite sturdy and firm

What Are The Best Men’s Shoe For Golfing In 2020


  • Skechers Performance Men’s GO Golf Drive 2 Golf Shoe(Best Comfortable And Quality)

Mens golf shoe, best golf shoe, shoe for men

Excellent golf shoes that cannot be outsmarted when it comes to the best for the male golfers shoe for narrow feet

Skecher performance men’s go golf drive 2 golf is one of the most comfortable athletic shoes you can ever own, it has great gripability and its spikes are very durable because of its hardness.

A testimony from an old man pertaining this shoe was that he said it is the most comfortable shoe he has ever owned, It is light in weight with a bunch of pointed nubs that provides excellent traction.

You can use skechers performance on wet days because of its great resistance to water. Its arch support and heel cushioning is but a classic and the best kind for arthritic kneels or hips.

Skechers no doubt have been rated among the most comfortable golf shoes, do not hesitate to buy.


  • Perfect for people with wide and narrow feet
  • Fast delivery
  • Wider box area for greater comfort
  • Free return
  • They run true size


  • Sole is a little bit difficult to clean
  • The triangular identification in the middle gets caked way too fast with dirt’s that does not come out easily
  • It does make squeak


  • Callaway Men’s Balboa TRX Golf Shoe(Best Comfortable And Lightweight)

Best golf shoe, mens best golf shoe, shoes for men

Great men’s shoe for durability and comfort, it does have a water proof spiked golf shoe with durable rubber sole, with Callaway men’s Balboa you get called away into a fantastic, fit, comfortable and light weight shoe.

It is a great recommendation to becoming part of your golfing attire, go try other makers, styles and material and you will see that callaway is a darling.

It very comfortable and stylish shoe and present you all the great value you truly deserve, it doesnt end there it also have gfirm grip and a tempting shape.


  • Very firm front area
  • They are tad snug
  • Fits greatly
  • Excellent gripability


  • Weak faux leather
  • Not the best for some wide feet
  • Run too small
  • Few arch support
  • Quick delivery


  • Nike Golf lunar command(Best Quality And Fit)

Golf shoe 2018, best golf shoe for men, shoes for men, golf shoes

Nike golf lunar command is a commend shoe which provides light weight and cushooning and a  locked down fit for greatly enchanced ground feel on a variety of surfaces.

It feautres a technical TPU mid foot shank making it highly recommendable to any golfer wanting the best golf shoes on sale.


  • Replaceable factory insoles
  • Comfortable and waterproof
  • Get cleaned up easily


  • Run a little small
  • A bit wide tap cap


  • Adidas Men’s Tour 360 Boost 2.0 Golf shoe(Best Quality And Solid)

Golf shoes for men, best golf shoes, shoes for men, men shoes

Great golf shoe for that male golfer looking for the most stable and cushioned shoe, It does have a full length midsole for unmatched cushioning and energy without bound.

This shoe has a great support, grip and water proof are all excellent with great style, If you love style the Adidas Men’s tour 360 boost 2.0 golf shoe is no option for you, it becomes a compulsory.

It is a lovely and romantic golf shoe with stability and great comfort for the male golfer, with this club you will be able to have greater comfortability and impact on every swing


  • Excellent style and fit
  • King in stability
  • Great traction for gripability


  • Too tight in the area below the laces
  • Moderately expensive


  • Ecco Men’s Biom Hybrid 2 Hydromax Golf Shoe(Best Quality And Solid)

Best golf shoe, golf shoe mens best golf shoe, 2018 best golf shoe

Ecco is known for its standard shoe and uses the e- d- t- s hybrid technology to provide good traction points and exceptional grip.

This shoe is built to last for a very long time and with it you wouldnt be disappointed.

When you have Ecco everyone one becomes envious of you because you’ve got a classical shoe for your use.

Ecco golf shoes are always a multi-purpose kind of shoe and rated as one of the best spikeless golf shoes.

It is a highly stable and great looking shoe. Best suited for play on a well groomed golf course, I love it and i bet you too will love it.

It does have an anatomical last shape for better ideal level of support


  • Feet stay solid in shoe while swinging
  • Extremely comfortable and fits greatly
  • Great grip
  • Best for people with Plantar fasciitis
  • Classical look


  • It is expensive
  • Shipping restriction


  • PPuma Men’s Ignite Pwrsport Golf Shoe(Best Comfortable And Lightweight)

Golf shoe, mens golf shoe, best golf shoe

Puma has been dominating the golf world lately and are a perfect trifecta of style.

They are light, flexible and soft. It stretching top makes it a best choice that can be worn everyday.

Purchase this shoe and you will be happy and thank your hearth you did, I love it, you will love it.


  • Extra ordinary comfort
  • Very stylish
  • Waterproof
  • Great grip and is a nice fit for a walk
  • Stable and light weight


  • Longer in the toe region
  • One time buyer complained of it being too tight on top
  • Too much room space


  • Nike Men’s Explorer 2 Golf Shoe(Best Fit And Quality)

Mens golf shoe, shoe for men, 2018 men shoes

A very good looking shoe which offers the light weight comfort of phylon cushioning and an added stability of a strategically debossed upper.

These shoe makes you big on comfort, if you have a wide feet, worry no further for this shoe will suit your wide feet.

This shoe is in no doubt true to size with great quality, it has a durable out-sole which feautres an aggressive integrated traction system for solid gripability with a water repellent upper to keep dry.

Nike men’s explorer 2 golf shoe is made of leather and synthetic material


  • Great fit and comfortable
  • they are comfy
  • Recommended for wide feet golfers
  • Good looking and durable
  • Quick delivery


  • Very hard to feet on
  • It squeaks
  • Too narrow at toe area
  • Run a little small
  • Fits perfectly


  • Adidas Golf men’s Adipower S Boost 3 Golf Shoe(Best Comfortable And Lightweight)

Best golf shoe, shoes for men, golf shoes, shoes

This shoe are what you will expect from Adidas, it is as comfortable as any working shoe that exist unlike some other golf shoes that may give its owner terrible blisters.

This is a shoe highly recommended for an average golfer. love this shoe because of its comfortability, light weight and wider toe area. they are really nice and very easy to clean when dirty.

Adidas golf men’s Adi power S boost 3 golf shoe fits well on any attire no matter how awkward it might be. when it comes to gripabaility it is a god and a one on the go. with this golf shoe you need no fear for a slip. I love it, you will love it.


  • Very comfortable and stylish
  • Quick delivery
  • Great for wide feet
  • Fits and feels good on feet
  • Stable and light weight
  • Good support
  • Excellent lateral support


  • Ease to crack upper
  • Poor breathability
  • A bit too strong at first wear
  • Heel slip


  • Men’s NBG 2004 Golf Shoe(Best Solid And Comfortable)

Golf shoe, mens golf shoe, best golf shoe, best shoe for golfers

It has an A+++ in the world of best golf shoes for sale.

These shoe fit exactly the same as their running/walking counterparts and wow perfectly does it fits for flat, heavy and wide feet. Isnt it awesome? That a single golf shoe do possess all this great characteristics? It is awesome and you havent seen anything yet.

Being water proof, it is easy to clean, it has an adjustable lacing system that facilitate shoe adjustment to suit feet.

This shoe is good looking, flexible, supportive and it spikes have great grip with exxellent stability.

Amazingly  Men’s NGB 2004 comes with a two year waterproof warranty and a viable liner coupled with an incredible traction in dry or wet conditions.


  • Perfect fit for wide footed individuals
  • Extreme comfort
  • Waterproof
  • Great support for flat foot
  • Exceptional traction
  • Water resistance


  • Rounded back top
  • Run too small
  • Some buyers complained of it being too narrow
  • Feet becomes heat and sweaty due to poor breathability.


  • Puma Men’s Grip Sport Golf Shoe(Best Balanced And Lightweight)

Golf shoe list, best list of mens golf shoes, best shoe

Love these functional yet stylish golf shoes being one of the best in the market.

These shoes are awesome for a sunny spring/summer round.

May buyers have been complimented after their purchase. This is a great shoe for summer season considering the viability of the upper mesh.

Puma is real awesome, comfortable, breatheable, lightweight, with great traction.

Its so cushy, comfortable and very stylish which make it highly recommended for golfers and an awesome light weight shoes which fits fantastic one ones foot.


  • Super comfy
  • Excellent grip
  • Light weight with ease to put on
  • Extremely comfortable


  • Bottom solid is too hard
  • Not waterproof
  • A little narrow in the toe box.




The Need Of A Golf Shoe Exclusively For The Men

As portrayed earlier, shoes are part of the decorum of then game, as a golfer you will be needing a footwear(shoe) before ever being allowed to play on any course

Naturally men are more stronger and agile than women, in golfing so do their swing and shot, this means they will be needing a stronger and more solid shoe with better shock absorber that can withstand tensile and strain this thus resulted in a better, comfortable and long lasting footwear’s like their female counterpart


What Are The Best Golf Shoe For Elite Golfers?

There are actually no true golf shoe for elite as there are many well known, trusted and excellent brand out there, as an elite golfer all you do you do is choose what’s best for you, choose your brand

Most of the well known brands of golf shoe are Ecco, Sketchers, Footjoy, Adidas, Nike, ASCII and some more


Must Golf Shoes Be Waterproof?

There is actually no rule that states that you must have a waterproof golf shoe before you can play golf, however waterproof shoe are great for wet conditions

And if you live in an environment where there is constant rain fall or snow then its best you have a waterproof golf shoe as it does prevent water from penetration your shoe however waterproof shoes seems to pill off after sometime and exposing the thread used in weaving shoes


Spiked And Spikeless Golf Shoe, Which Should You Buy?

It’s all on choice as both provides the needed traction and gripability needed, some prefer Spiked golf shoe over spikeless, other prefer Spikeless over Spiked

However Spikeless golf shoe does have an edge over Spiked when it comes to multi-purpose use, and is generally the most comfortable

Most Spikeless shoes can be used in and off the course, however it is not always the case with a Spiked golf shoe

Spiked golf shoe on the other hand in wet condition provides more traction and grip in wet condition and this is as as result of the visible cleats or teeth present beneath sole of shoe

You can see, each does have its own strength and weaknesses, so whether Spiked or Spikeless you are sure to meet with some weakness and strength

In this case all you do is carefully choose you weakness and strength


How Long Do Golf Shoe Last?

Actually to this answer, there is no fixation to this, its all dependent on how often you use or handle it, if used roughly and always, it ends up with a shorter life span

However when used carefully and occasionally, it will last longer, however another thing you must consider is quality, as a quality golf shoe tend to last longer than one with poor quality

With this reason, it is always advisable to get a golf shoe with great quality so that it does not get worn out on time and you will have no reason to buy a new one except only for choice


Are Golf Shoe Necessary?

It isn’t a mandatory to own a golf shoe before you can play golf however you will not be allowed to play in some exclusive course

One of the closest alternative to a golf shoe can be the trainers or sneakers, but they do not offer the traction and gripability needed since they aren’t designed for golfing

As a mater of fact one of the key features that determines a good for golf shoes is gripability which sneaker and trainers does not offer



If you ever want to make the best decision ever when selecting the best of men’s golf shoes, you must consider comfortability, durability, lightness, Breathability, this are the sole consideration you must consider

Now am asking what more can you as a great golfer ask for in the world of golf shoe that has not been presented to you with all rapped details?

If you know the one you did love, go for it and you will thank your hearth you did. Check out 8 Best golf shoes for wide feet 2018

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