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  • To educate you on the best of golf shoes well suited for wide footed golfers
  • To let you know that every golf shoes has a particular set of individual for which it is targeted for.

Golf is commonly referred as the game for made men. but it will be more fair enough if it is referred to the game for everyone, golf is an extremely marvelous and fun to be kind of sport most especially when the right shoe is within your reach.

There are different types of golf shoes, some are for wide footed golfers others are for the narrow footed, however, every golfer must look for a golf shoe that is best

It is simple, a narrow footed golfer should look for a narrow footed golf shoes and a wide footed golfers should consider wearing a wide footed golf shoes

Shoes are really a key factor when considering to play golf game and so said in order for wide feet golfers to perform to the optimum in playing golf they must get a wide feet golf shoe, being the right foot for them.

you must get the right foot wear that will help compliment your effort so that you can play more efficiently and make you stand high above competitors

Many golfers make the wrong choice when they go out there to purchase a golf shoe they do so because they do not really know their own feet specification.

During our intensive research both in the laboratory and on course we have carefully crafted the list of the best of wide feet golf shoe for wide feet golfers and found out it is well suited for them.

it has been tested and tried by over a hundred wide feet golfers so we dont just come out to the world and declare list, we do our own listing based on analysis and various testing techniques.

Most golf shoe reviews, at least many I have seen and probably you too, have one common problem, the problem of getting the right golf shoes for wide feet.

Thousand’s of reviews we encounter on an everyday bases shoes un-satisfaction in the hearts of many customers because they were unable to get the right shoe for their feet.

This is a common problem found in many e-commerce sites like Amazon, Walmart, eBay or probably Jumia where this shoes are sold and the urge to eliminate this burden is our top priority, we will not rest until this problem is curtailed to the barest minimum.

All day long you here repeated complains of ” its too narrow and my legs dont fit in or its too thin and they run small”.

These problems are traced to the fact that most of this individuals have not seen resource to educate them on the kind of shoe specification to best suite their wide feet.  there are actually shoe just designed for people like you with wide feet and be rest assured as we update you of the list.

we believe in bringing you the best of information as regarding to golf shoes for wide feet.

Here are the list of the top 10 golf shoes that are wide feet friendly.

What Are The Best Golf Shoe For The Wide Footed In 2020?Men & Women


Wide Footed Men


  • Adidas 2016 Adicross V light weight sport water resistance spikeless men golf shoe(Best Lightweight And Solid)

golf shoe, wide footed, wide feet, wide feet shoes,

Wow the name says it all, Adidas 2016 Adicross V light is a great one to be reckoned with. it does have all the space your feet needs in order to stay relaxed and comfortable and if I love it be rest assured you will love it too.

This shoe has all the feautres you will ever need such as wide fit, durability, pure-motion out-sole and is light weight, cloud foam liner for great comfort coupled with great cushioning.

For enhanced flexibility with its waterproof nature you would not be afraid of a fog anytime any-day.

what freaks me about this shoe is its enough room for wide feet accommodation and is likely to win an award by the tail end of this year as the most accommodating golf shoe for wide feet.


  • Good for the price
  • Light weight cushioning
  • Enhanced flexibility and gripability
  • And most importantly it is wide feet friendly


  • Shipping restrictions
  • Limited


  • New balance Men’s NBG518 golf shoe(Best Quality And Comfortable)

golfing shoe, golf footwears, best, flat footed, flat feet

This shoe is light weight, it is rather a comfortable shoe for wide feet due to its roomy nature to accommodate wide feet. worry no further as to feet whether you have a squared toed foot or a wide foot and high instep this shoe will take care of that .

the 518 men’s golf shoe have golf specific technologies designed to enhance traction and stability, They are very breathable and easy to maintain

When it comes to stability and balance you can well count on the NGB518 and its lacing system is classically made this made them very easy and quick to adjust to give you all the relaxed feeling your feet deserves


  • Real spacious and comfortable for wide feet
  • enhance traction and stability
  • They fit great and feel like sneakers
  • Great breathability
  • Affordable


  • It doesn’t have a running sole
  • Cleat less



  • Adidas Men’s Pure TRX Golf Shoe(Best Solid And Comfortable)

Adidas men’ s pure TRX has a low profile stealth cleat configuration made of synthetic material and of a rubberized sole which prevents water from getting into the shoes from beneath. it has a micro leather upper with climaproof for great durability and protection.

The  Adidas Men’s Pure TRX golf hoe are made of 100% leather so they are very durable and built to last with maximum durability, This golf shoe is specially designed for the golfer with extra wide feet

One outstanding characteristics of this golf shoe is that they are extra cushioned for the best of comfortability and ease, they are very airy and spacious, the lacing system is also great and greatly designed


  • Two years waterproof durability guarantee
  • Ultra cushioning and great comfort
  • long lasting abrasion resistance and traction
  •  Room enough for wide feet


  • Shipping restrictions
  • Laces are small



  • TRUE link Golf- elements hybrid stone(Best Comfortable And Fit)

Element is such a great shoe at least the weather can bodily attest to that. it has a breathable and constructed with waterproof on a double layered upper.

Never let the weather deter you from playing your game, fully designed to fit perfectly in any weather.

Element is a perfect fit for wide feet people due to the presence of it wide toe box propelling your feet and giving it all the agility it needs to stay happy and cool.

This shoe has made a reputation unmatched  in the community of shoes, imagine a shoe with 90 day quality guarantee and even more surprisingly to years water proof guarantee.

Isn’t it what buying? if you seek for a good lasting, durable, light weight and flexible shoes then its all presented before your very own eyes.


  • 360 waterproof and highly breathable
  • Versatile grip sole
  • Comfort technology
  • wide toe box making it a great fit for wide feets


  • Shipping restriction
  • Limited



  • Foot Joy Men’s Contour Series Golf Shoe Wide(Best Quality And Fit)

wide feet, wide footed, golf shoe, golf footwear, best wide feet

Hey look above and see the foot joy men’s contour its name has told you it is a perfect match for wide feet,  A perfect fit and when you walk it feels like you walk on air, it is one of the best shoe you can ever own, yes, am not mizing word, it is the most beautiful shoe you can ever own.

Made of full grain leather, this shoe features an amazing long lasting synthetic sole, if i love it, i bet you will love it too, go grab yours now and you will thank me you did

They are highly cushioned and very comfortable , one outstanding features about this shoe is that  they are extremely lightweight and highly breathable for the best of comfort


  • Very comfortable with great grip on course
  • A heaven for wide feet
  • Waterproof and provides good support
  • Great cleat distribution
  • Removable spikes


  • Spikes sole are poorly designed
  • The removable spikes leave marks on green



  • Ecco Men’s Cool 18 Gore-Tex Golf Shoe(Best Solid And Quality)

This are the best fitting shoe ever found, yes it is expensive but its price lives up to his standard, it has a satisfying appearance and durability and are a great fit for wide feet and those who love classy.

Ecco was designed and constructed  to provide luxurious comfort. it provides more than 800 traction angles for for excellent grip in all playing condition.


  • Very good product plus fast shipping
  • Removable insole
  • Great gripability and stability through its slim lock



  • Cleats keep falling out
  • They slip so except worn with socks
  • Expensive



  • Wide Footed Women

  • Women’s Empower BOA Close Out Golf Shoes(Best Quality And Comfortable)

Fit beautifully and are a perfect fit for those with wide feet, Made specifically to satisfy a woman owns demand. This shoe is light weight and has great breathable vent, such that’s never been.

When it comes to durability, no one knocks it hard like women’s empowerment BOA,This golf shoe is a lot of inspiration for female golfers who seek for foot wear that will help them perform and most especially accommodate wide feet.

With this shoe every female golfer or aspirant is empowered, on top of all this it tickles my fancy that with this shoe you have an assurance of two years, not one on waterproof durability warranty. It empower outsole pods ensure a slip free round.

What more can a female golfer ask for? That question You will answer.  I love it and i bet you will too.


  • Light weight synthetic mesh upper
  • Two years warranty on leather durability
  • Pods ensure a slip free round
  • Rubberized sole
  • Max grip outsole for dead gorgeous stability
  • Sturdy and cute


  • Slightly narrow heel
  • Lacing system do not work well with a high instep
  • Limited colour


  • Skechers Women’s Drive 4 Spikeless Waterproof Golf Shoe(Best Comfortable And Balanced)

The Skechers Women’s Drive 4 Spikeless utilize a selection of removable soft spike cleats. Very water proof and highly affordable, Wide ?oh yes very wide and a good fit for golfers seeking shoes with wide feet area

The removable insole makes them well easy to clean and maintain, it is a lightweight shoe with the best of highly designed and well structured lacing system for the best of style, comfortability and fit

For those who loves being classy and exceptional fit, it is no doubt this is your footwear, they are highly waterproof and well cushioned for the best of comfortability and durability


  • Very comfortable
  • Waterproof and sturdy
  • Highly affordable
  • Quick delivery
  • Made of quality so highly durable


  • Easily develop split


Adidas Women Climacool Cage Golf Shoes(Best Lightweight And Comfortable)

Offers one of the best comfortable look with a clear crystal classical design to meet your criteria, built in a way for easy in and off, they are well ventilated to help keep your feet cool and dry and at all times

The well cushioned cloud foam midsole creates room for a well cushioned shoe with the best of comfort while for enhanced grip and traction is made possible through the pure motion outsole

This shoe classical lace design system make it easy to wear and remove, they are very sturdy and well balanced for the best of comfort and ease


Very well cushioned for the best of comfort

Made of quality for the best of durability

Removable insole for easy cleaning and maintenance

Good for the money

Very Lightweight

Solid and great easy on and off lacing system


Takes a little time before for delivery

The Need For A Golf Sport Shoe For Wide Feet

Today’s golfing offers the best of shoes and footwear’s for the golfer, prior to this era there were little to no golf shoe utterly targeted at the flat footed

There are 3 different types of feet types, each of this foot type have a particular shoe well targeted at them,

Flat footed golf shoe were thus designed to meet the ever growing needs of the golfer who is flat footed, with this flat footed golf shoe, the golfer with flat feet can comfortably and efficiently play golf


What Brand Makes The Best Golf Shoes For Wide Feet?

If you have got a wide feet, you don’t have to worry as there are many well trusted brand from where you can get the best of golf shoe

This brand makes the best for the quality and comfortable golfing shoes for both men and women, they have long been into the industry and surely knows what’s best for you

If you are in search if the best golf shoes for wide feet, there are many brands out there and such brand well include, Adidas, Puma, Sketchers, Footjoy, Ecco and the likes


How To Search For The Best Golf Shoes For Wide Feet

Actually it is complicated when you are randomly searching for the best golf shoe, its best to settle for one brand or two

Here is what you should do: Start by selecting the best 3 brand of your choice then check for which seems more comfortable by you, having found the ones that is best suitable for you, go ahead and purchase it

It is quiet worthy of note that women with wide feet should search for their shoe in the men’s collection or section, you should look for styles that works well for feet width that are wide

Which does include toes box that are round or rounded toe box and heel that are lower as they do not push your feet too far forward


Why Do I Have Wide Feet

The sole cause of a wide feet can be well trusted to birth, most people are simply born with that, here is an important fact, people with flat feet are very prone to developing wide feet

This is brought about by age, as you grow older there is a loosen of the ligament  and tendon on your body  with this your feet grows longer and bigger


Are Puma Golf Shoes Narrow

Firstly, we will have to see what the term narrow means, narrow shoes are shoes which aren’t wide, these shoes are great for golfers with slim feet or narrow feet

If you are considering one of the best golf shoes for the narrow footed, then brand Puma is a great place to search for that, it doesn’t just stop at that as there are many great and well trusted brands which are well into the production and manufacture of shoe for golfing best for narrow feet


Adidas And Nike Which Is Wider?

First and foremost this two brands make great amazing golf shoe for both men and women, they make just about the best golf shoes available in the market today

Both makes wide golf shoe nevertheless Adidas runs bigger than Nike with a margin of up to 5 millimeters, you can see the difference even more clearly with half sizes

A woman on Nike translates from 6.5 to 9.12 inches and for adidas 9.2 inches and looking closely at this disparity you quiet agree that this is a fairly big gap


Should Golf Shoes Be Tight Or Loose

There must be a proper balance between being tight and loose, you shoes should tight but not too tight else it creates discomfort , however most golf shoes will stretch and loose overtime

They ought to be tight as this helps you feet to remain firm and stable on them as you walk, even at this your shoes ought to be lightweight so that you can easily walk on them



What Shoe Brand Runs Wide?

Actually there are no direct answer to this s there are lots of shoe brands which runs wide, it all depends on choice, if you’ve got a big feet, simply select from top brands that you love and you are good

Some of the top golf brand shoes which runs wider are but not restricted to New Balance, Nike, Sketcherrs, ASICS and few more all makes shoes well tailored at the golfer who is wide footed


How To Stretch Your Shoes For Wide Feet

Even though you shoes aren’t that wide and you are thinking of how you van stretch it up, there are some tips which can be of great help to stretching that golf shoes so that they become wide

However this does not work for all shoes as material varies, nevertheless it will work for many out there especially rubberized golf shoes

Wear Them Regularly

Always wear them regularly, as it is true that shoes which are worn on a regular basis get wider or expands faster than that which is worn ones in a while

Thick Socks And Blow Drier

Put on a pair of socks then fasten comfortably your shoes, for 20 to 3seconds apply a hair dryer as this helps to tighten area, use medium heat and let the blow dryer be in motion to prevent excessive dry out


Use Potato

Mould a potatoes so that it takes the shape of your toe box then using a towel so that potatoes becomes dry and this point, insert inside of the toe area of your shoe


Look For A Specialist In Shoe Repair

You can get stretching service from most professional shoe repairers , this professional uses their tools and machineries and in some sort of way and techniques alter width of  your shoes with a meager amount which is far less than getting another set of shoes

Having said this, it is quiet worry of note to say, that it doesn’t work for every shoe out there, if you have tried this process and yet your shoe isn’t as wide enough for your feet you can simply go buy a new one


How Much Room Should You Have In Your Golf Shoes?

This should be on of the very important factor you should be considering when tying to buy a shoe, as a too loose or too tight shoe can means a bad fit for you

Your shoes are suppose to be snug enough as this helps prevent movement as you do your swing, at the same measure, if they are too tight it prevents you from wiggling your toes, there must be a proper and healthy balancing between tight and loose

How much room should your shoe have, there is actually no direct answer to that, it should have enough room so that you feel comfortable and able to swing freely


Do Nike Golf Shoe Runs Big

Nike golf shoes are unique in some sort of way from other brand and that being they often tan not runs true to size even at that it dos varies depending on which choice you make

Their shoes fit true to size and are extremely comfortable


How To measure the width of your feet

Measuring the width of your feet is so simple than you have imagined, in the simplest manner you can measure your feet using  a soft tape measure or string

Having gotten this, measure in millimeter(mm) the circumference around your feet whe




Golf shoe can either be wide footed or narrow footed, a wide footed golf shoe or footwear is made for golfers with wide feet, on the other hand a narrow footed golf shoe is made for golfers who have narrow foot

In this article we have listed the best golf shoe for golfers who are wide footed, this shoe is all geared toward meeting the needs of those golfers who have wide feet

Looking for the best wide footed golfing shoe of 2020, we have given you the list above from where you can comfortable choose for which best suits you






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