golf shoe review, best of review, best reviewed shoe.
golf shoe reviews, best shoe review, shoe review, best reviewed shoe,
The best of golf shoe review at present

To review a product in a lay man’s term means going through a product to know the pros and cons and how one can improve on a product.

The purpose of a review is to give customers opportunity to rate and comment on a product that they have purchased right on the product page so other customers can be aware of efficiency of product before they make up their mind for a purchase.

The sole purpose of this article is to highlight the best of golf shoe reviews and how people reacted to them.

One of the tools to help spice up your golfing carrier is owning a nice and beautiful golf shoe so as to help improve on your games.

Golf shoes are dedicated for golf game own purpose though there are some golf shoes known as the spike- less golf shoes which are usually multipurpose use.

Simply put they can be worn for a picnic, vacation or for outing and not necessarily constrained to the golf course alone.

every manufacture shoe has its purpose for which it was manufactured so does golf shoes.

If a shoe is termed as a golf shoe and do not meet the challenges and difficulty experienced in a golf game then certainly not can it be termed as a golf shoe, it might be called golf imitation or some sort of name but certainly not a golf shoe.

Golf shoe are of different shapes, sizes and colors with slightly different characteristics, some being more stable than the other, some being more breathable than others, some being more soft and foamy than others, some having a higher sole for more spring-ability than others, some having more grip-ability than others.

But one thing for sure is they all have to possess this various characteristics.

Golf shoe also differ in price depending on its make and resistance capability to harsh and unfavourable conditions and generally its function and how it helps support you.

A standardized version of golf shoe should not be less than $100 and above anything lesser than this price is better termed as a substandard golf shoe.

as earlier said, every shoe has its own purpose for why it is made. Best of golf shoes must possess these characteristics for which i must now list.

Take note any golf shoe that is lacking in this characteristics and attribute is less of a standard.

Everyone loves standard and so do we believe in bringing you the best of standards any time any day.

According to golfing rules and challenges experienced on the golf course, best of golf shoes must possess these characteristics and attributes.


  • Light weight 

A typical good to go make of golf shoe must be light weight. Golf game requires pressure and force as you twist from one side of your body to the other.

It is no easy task I must note and such tasks do not deserve anything weighty because your body is already weight and is an enough challenge to face and so adding extra weight through the effect of a heavy and weight shoe would only means a bad and weak result.

You need something to complement your effort, you need a shoe that will complement you by being light in weight instead of a heavy shoe.

Any shoe with much weight cannot be termed as a golf shoe, in fact in general sports shoes are not suppose to be heavy, they ought to be light or very light to help you perform better with ease and comfort-ability.

With a light shoe a golfer can reach his optimum swing twist position coupled with an accurate positioning for the best of result.

Weighty shoe in golf game limits your ability for a great and powerful swing force which aids you to hit the ball farther and faster because you will be fighting now with two things-the mass of your body and the weight of shoe.


  • Breathability

Best of golf shoe has to be breathable seeing it involves great energy and power for a great forceful swing and one can easily sweat.

This sweat can occur on your legs or probably from your body then run down your legs.

Because of this it is advisable for a golf shoe to have enough pores or holes round its body to help take in air and make your foot cool and comfortable.

Sticky feet in shoes many atimes are as a result of no space for air.  The feet becomes too hot and uncomfortable and as a golfer this uncomfortability on your foot could reduce one’s ability to concentrate and when you do not pay full concentration its naturally to say your performance will come out low.


  • Stability

The best of golf shoes cannot do without stability no matter how much positive review its get.

golf games have a standard regulation, specification and recommendation.

The international golf federation (I.G.F) is a body governing the game of golf and has its set standard for shoes that must be classified as a standard golf shoe that must qualify as a golf shoe.

irrespective of the positive reviews a customer or people gives a golf shoe.

for a golf shoe this Yes a one time buyer of a certain golf shoe might give it a positive review but that doesn’t cancel or render the golf game shoe’s standard specification.

The standard golf shoe rules underlines stability as one key component of a great golf shoe.

Now look at the game of golf you can see how you swing from one side of your body to the other.

It’s really a great stress on shoe, so these shoes must be able to withstand all your twist and turning power force as you hit the ball.

If it is not stable how does this golf shoe with stand pressure?  And if a golf shoe cannot withstand pressure it simply means all or most of your hit will be inaccurate, no matter how a good guy you are in the green.


  • Waterproofing

Best of golf shoes must not be lacking in waterproof. It is extremely important and cannot be sidelined; golf game is an open door game not an indoor game.

And it is more logical to say in an open environment expect any kind of weather. You might be playing golf game and all of a sudden it begins to rain or you might experience humidity on the course.

A golf shoe made of waterproof will prevent moisture or water from getting into the golf shoe this would help increase the durability of the shoe.

Best of golf shoe must be able to handle harsh weather as regarding to temperature be it of a wet or dry nature.


  • Soft and foamy

Best of golf shoe must be soft and foamy. Remember human feet are soft and fragile and apart from that golf game is a kind of forceful  game that involved twisting a whole lot most especially the ankle and joint of the feet so it’s kind of easy to sustain an injury on ones foot if it is too hard and lacks foam.

The foam on the golf shoe helps to absorb strong and heavy slide and glide force that may cause ones feet to hit a rough and hard edge of shoe as you make that forceful twist.

there is always a frictional force and always between feet and shoe and to help reduce the risk to a sore foot one must guard his foot into a soft and foamy friendly golf shoes.


  • Rubberized Sole

No doubt exciting characteristic cannot be omitted and over emphasized in this list.

A rubberized sole is usually a sole made of rubbed material. It is so because water does not have any serious adverse effect on rubberized materials.

This rubberized sole prevents water from soaking the shoe from beneath and with this the shoe is completely comfortable in water.


  • Stylish and moderately tight

Best golf shoes in review are not usually too tight, the reason being your feet is constantly moving and so something too tight would be uncomfortable.

For a golf shoe to be reviewed among the best it should b moderately tight. Too much tightness may make blood flow on foot cease this makes the feet stiff and shocky and would pose as a great distraction and disturbance to ones feet.

Reviews are of two types. They are positive and negative reviews.

Negative review is simply termed as one’s own negative perception on an item or product or service.

When an item or product has more of a negative review than a positive one, it means such product has deficiency and needs to be worked upon to improve on its standard of delivery.

Positive review on the other hand is termed as ones positive perceptions as regard to a particular product or service.

When an item/product has more positive review than a negative it simply means the product or service is good to go and solves more problem than creating one. Reviews are of five star stages.

First, second, third, fourth and fifth star reviews. This means a product with five star reviews entails an excellent product that has helped solve the need of people and a one star review indicates a not too good product or a product still under construction.

When a product has a high positive reviews the fear of buying such product as regard to substandard is eliminated seeing how many people have said something nice and brilliant about the product.

So also when a product or service is reviewed negative people are scared from buying into such product as testimonies pertaining such product is not encouraging.

In life people love testimonies, positive testimonies helps increase the number of people who keys into a particular product or service. The highest rated star for online review of a product or service is a  review with a 5 star crown.

If a product is really good it will and definitely attains the five star crown. Customers wouldn’t lie to you if your product or service is good it is good.

Here are some of the best golf shoe with a 5 star review.


  • Skechers go Golf drive 2

Fabulously comfortable, great looking, and not expensive. What more could you want in a golf shoe(supportive with a good grip as well)

The technology behind Skechers go Golf drive 2 is really an excellent. this technology is called the Goimpulse sensory and Resalyte mid-sole.

Goimpulse out-sole sensory helps detect the pressure intensity placed when you take a step with this you are assured of adequate bounce back when it is needed and as for Resalyte it creates comfort-ability and stability to help you concentrate more on your swing.

Skechers are budget friendly which makes it an affordable golf shoe for every golfer. it has a well equipped lace up closure to make your foot tight and firm, a moisture wicking lining.

When it comes to breath-ability and comfort feel, Skechers is one like no other. this crown it as a king of shoes with great reviews.


  • very affordable lace up closure
  • Great breathability
  • Resalyte mid-sole
  • Shipped fast


  • Limited colour variety.

Below is a screen shot revealing how customers reacted to the shoe ‘Skechers go Golf drive 2’.

best shoe review, shoe screenshot review, golf shoe review.golf
best golf shoe review.


  • Ecco Biom Hybrid 2

Made of strong and durable leather material, its sole is made to for optimum compatibility of the foot.

it is available in various colours and sizes with stylish and great comforatability.

A Hydro max solution is built to wade of the challenge of moisture build up on shoes.

This shoe is extremely stable due to its moderately flat sole design to allow golfers experience an excellent ground feedback while golfing.


  • Available in many colours
  • Made of extremely strong Yak
  • Hydro max provides superb weather resistance
  • Its E-DTS hybrid technology provides over 800 traction angles


  • It is not too wide.
  • Shipping restrictions.
  • Plenty of room in the toe area.

Below is a screen shot revealing how customers reacted to the shoe, ‘Ecco Biom Hybrid 2.

best golf shoe, best shoe review, best reviewed shoe
best of golf shoe review.


  • Skechers Go Golf Elite 2

Aids you confidence through its TPU bottom plate. made of water proof and has great breathability to keep you foot dry and comfortable.

its waterproof features prevents it from being soaked in water or moisture and this immensely increases its durability.

The TPU plate gives you stability and firmness during a swing and is affordable.


Has a TPU bottom plate

  • It is highly breathable
  • It is waterproof
  • Low drop mid-sole for excellent ground feel


  • Quite heavy
  • It has a narrow toe area.
  • Shipping restriction

Below is a screen shot revealing how customers reacted to the shoe, ‘Skechers Go Golf Elite 2’.

Golf shoe, Go Golf Elite, great shoe review.
best golf shoe review.

  • Adidas Golf Tour360

 February 1, 2018, was the day it was first listed on Amazon. this shoe fit just fine with a two year waterproof guarantee not one which makes it a real deal and opportunity for beginners to own one.

The custom fit and BOA device is one like no other i have ever seen. Its BOA system allows for tightening and to secure the collar and sprint skin wrap area for unmeasured fit and for great stability.

with Adidas Golf Tour360 you have a rich look and comfort through it climaproof technology and premium micro fiber upper leather apart from that its Torson tunnel gives great flexibility and control between the forefoot and heel.


  • Takes seconds to readjust
  • Soft leather with great breathability
  • Two years guarantee on waterproof


  • Some buyers complained that it was way too big and wide for their foot
  • Shipping restriction

Below is a screen shot revealing how customers reacted to the shoe, ‘Adidas Golf Tour360’.

review of the decade, golf shoe review, golf reviewed shoe.
best reviewed golf shoes of the decade.


  • Puma PG Clyde

Its original intention by developers was to make it a basketball footwear, but for some reasons everything changed.

Puma PG Clyde is also named  after the famous Walt ”Clyde” Frazier. with its waterproof upper one can be assured of a dry and moisture free environment.

Another amazing fact about this shoe is it can be worn as a sneakers since you can hardly feel the spike through the sole of the shoe.

with this shoe weather condition is no restriction on your game as you can play whenever it pleases you due to the storm cell technology and the combination of its waterproof like nature making the sole durable at all times.


  • Comfortable and affordable
  • Waterproof
  • Presence of storm cell technology


  • Limited in stock
  • Shipping restrictions
  • Limited in colour variety

Below is a screen shot revealing how customers reacted to the shoe, ‘Puma PG Cylde’.

best shoe review, best five review,
Best 5 shoe review of the decade

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