In the end, you should be able to list the best golf simulator projector screen so as to be able to determine which is right for you or not

A golf simulator/impact screen is one of the very important pieces of equipment that you will be needing to practice indoor golf, it allows for an immersive golfing experience

The screen is made of ballistic grade material design which is designed to absorb the impact of your golf ball that can handle drives from the heaviest hitters using the real golf ball without causing damage to the screen

You might think about the simulator system, the projector, but what about the screen? for your golf projector please refer here best golf projector to invest in 

For a great golf simulator experience, it turns out that quality screen is a crucial factor, this screen needs to contain ball safely, have a minimal bounce back, and be made from durable material for long-lasting efficiency

To realize the full potential of your golf simulator you need a good screen or enclosure and in this blog post we are going to be listing the best golf simulator screen across a range of different budget

In this article, we also provide buying guide on what it takes to make the right choice on your golf simulator screen

Making a choice on your impact screens can be a daunting and difficult task, especially for the inexperienced

This is due to the fact that there are all too many of them on sale in the market today, This screen varies from size to design to brand

Thanks to technology and innovation as you can now practice indoor golf right from the comfort of your home without having to visit the golf course

The need for indoor golf became more demanding during the Covid-19 pandemic as the courses were closed and golfers had no other way to practice than from the comfort of their homes

With the best simulator impact screen and the required equipment, you can comfortably improve on your game right from the comfort of your home

A complete indoor golf setup will include

  • Projector
  • Golf Simulator
  • Golf Mat-For your golf mat please refer here best golf mat on sale 
  • Hitting net
  • Launch monitor

Best Golf Simulator Projector Screen On Sale 2021/2022

  • Pro Series Indoor Golf Simulator Impact Screen(Best Valued)

Best golf simulator projector impact screen

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The Pro Series Indoor Golf Simulator Impact Screen is one of the best of its kind as it offers amazing quality with high efficiency for the best-golfing experience

This screen is greatly admired and loved due to its multi-functionality, this multi-functionality includes an impact screen, projector screen, and baffle net

They are also regarded as the best for the value as they are thick and tough as they are made of solid and quality materials which ensures long-lasting durability

No matter how forceful you hit, the screen is well reinforced and rugged enough to withstand your shots by absorbing its impact

You can use this Indoor golf simulator both indoors and outdoor as they are built for all-weather conditions

The screen offers images in HD format and they are very tight and smooth and the top screen is backed by a high-performance golf net which helps in providing extra durability


  • 1 x pro series golf simulator
  • Archery net
  • Projector impact screen

Pro Series Indoor Golf Simulator Impact Screen Video Review By Dean


  • Very quality and highly efficient so that they are very durable and present the best of experience
  • Made from thick and tough material
  • Great for indoor and outdoor practice
  • Absorb impact that comes in contact with the screen
  • Comes with bungees and Anchor clips


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  • Curved Self Standing Indoor/Outdoor  Golf Frame Corner And Impact Screen

Best projector impact screen 2021

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Just as its name implies, this is a curved projector screen and this gives it lots of advantages over a flat projection screen

One of the greatest benefits of a curved screen is that it helps offset pincushion distortion from a horizontal expansion lens, it also helps in wrapping the image around your periphery more than a flat-screen and this result in a greater engagement with your projected image

If you are looking for one of the most sturdy and balanced impact screens then you cannot go wrong with this one

On review I found out that the box frame is self-standing but can be fixed to the floor/rear wall if need be, you can do this by using the 1-inch diameter tube clamp

You can be able to extend the tube an inch or two out of the fitting to suit if you find out the box frame is slightly too small

Amazingly, this screen projector is said to work with all golf simulator-Skytrak, Optishot, Foresight


  • 12 x frame corner
  • 1 x golf screen 200 x 300 cm or 300 x 300

180% Curved Impact Screen Video Review By Laser Shot


  • Works with all golf simulator
  • Self-standing box frame for the best of stability and balancing
  • Wraps the image around your periphery for greater engagement with your projected image
  • Very quality and highly efficient
  • Curved image is subject to less ambient reflected light
  • Super HD picture quality impact screen


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Note: For curved screen, you can use the standard frame pipe fitting with ABS rods which are bendable

  • Golf Impact Screen Poly For Net Return Home Series 84 x 84(Best For Low Budget)

Best golf simulator projector screen

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Great impact screen as they are very quality and very solid to take real golf ball, if you are a beginner, then this impact screen is a great option for you

With this impact screen you get to practice in your backyard or basement, just as its name suggests, this net is designed to fit the Net Return Home Series

It is one of the affordable golf nets if you have got a low budget but still want a well of quality and highly efficient impact screen

There is a sleeve at the bottom and this gives room for an optional pole when needed, this is a well-reinforced impact screen as they are triple hammered with webbing

One of the most outstanding characteristics of this golf projector impact screen is that it does not use a grommet, this prevents it from tearing out or ripping off

You will be able to slide into sleeves using its patented sleeve system that allows for a Pvc pipe slide and this creates a nice smooth border around the screen thus taking tension of the material

Golf Impact Screen Poly For Net Return Home Series By Rain or Shine Golf


  • 5 sewn-in strap at the top
  • Tripple hammered with webbing


  • Grommets free
  • Better HD image
  • Very quality and efficient so that it can take a real golf ball
  • Patented sleeve system for a nice smooth border around the screen
  • 3/4 inch adjustable strap for easy losing and tightening
  • Best for low budget


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Cimarron Sport Impact/Projector Screen(Best On Review)

Best golf simulator projector impact screen

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When it comes to  projector screens the Cimarron is a well established and trusted brand, this impact screen is one exception as they are designed for a multi-functional purpose, they can be used as an impact screen, projection screen, and baffle net

They are very thick and tough which makes them very durable and long-lasting than a normal screen

I love this impact screen as it absorbs the impact of your ball as it comes in contact with the screen

Highly admired as it is best suited for any weather, this makes them well suited for both indoor and outdoor use

Amazingly, it is grommet free as it does have a reinforced edge for the best of stability and balancing

Cimarron Master Golf Net Video Review By HittingWorld.com


  • Great for golf simulator
  • Reinforced edge so that they are very stable and solid
  • Multi-function screen
  • Great at absorbing the impact of ball that comes in contact with the screen
  • Well suited for indoor and outdoor use


  • Does not come with velcro or sleeve
  • Khampa Golf Impact Screen

Best golf simulator impact screen 2021

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The Khampa impact screen is made of dense wrinkle-resistant woven mesh, they also produce low noise on impact

They are very durable as they are made from quality material, amazingly this screen can take hot shots from the strongest of golfers hitting 180+mph shots

They are designed for real golf balls, not practice balls, this makes them one of the top-rated impact screens among tour pros

Depending on your preference, it can be hung loose or tight and are made of a strong metal grommet in the corner and a reinforced black border for the best of stability and balancing


  • Takes a real golf ball
  • Can take hot shots of up to 180+mph
  • Low noise on impact
  • Very quality for the best of durability
  • Can be hung loose or tight
  • Portable and very convenient


  • Have grommet in the top and bottom corners

What Factors Should I Consider When Making A Choice On My Golf Simulator Projector Impact Screen?

You do not simply make a choice on your golf simulator projector screen just by looking at it and making a choice on which  looks more appealing to you, else you would end up making the wrong choice

There are certain criteria and things you would have to put into consideration that will help you make the best choice on your impact screen

Lots of golfers especially newbies make mistakes on their impact screen because they fail to take important factors into consideration

To make the right buying decision on your impact screen for golf here are factors that you should be considering

  • Spacing

No matter what you do you always consider spacing especially if you want to set up an indoor golf

Indoor golf would definitely require spacing and this makes it one of the most important factor

Imagine spending your hard-earned money obtaining all the requirements to set up a typical simulator that includes a simulator screen and in the end, you aren’t able to do any of this because there is no space, doesn’t that sound frustrating? oh yes it does

So you must consider the available spacing or the spacing you are willing to lease out to have your golf simulator fully set up in your home

You will need to work out how tall and wide your ideal impact screen would be, most golfers would like to feature as large an impact screen as their spacing would permit

  • Budget

There are lots of projector simulator screen out there, lot and lots of them, this impact screen varies from brand to quality to sizing to model, etc

This makes sense to say that they vary by price as well, your budget or how much you are willing to spend on your golf projector simulator screen would determine the quality and efficiency you get

I would advise you to spend a substantial amount of money on your impact golf screen instead of going for the too cheap ones as they are often of less quality

Look for golf impact screens which is very quality and sturdy, remember you are hitting hard with a golf bag so you need a screen that is able to withstand these shots without getting damaged

  • Aspect Ratio-(Total Area VS Viewable)

Having measured your room and taking into consideration how large a screen your space could accommodate you should also bear in mind that an impact screen can be thought of both as a whole item

With a viewable screen/grommet included, you should also consider just the aspect which is viewable

  • Projector Positioning

Projector and impact screen are closely linked and should be considered as a whole  rather than single

Which projector do you need and where are you going to mount it? a modern projector is able to project images in a variety of aspect ratios. This aspect ratio is either native or alternative

The perfect projector position is a balance of throw ratio, image width, shadow, throw distance, and aspect ratio

Your projector needs to be positioned at the right distance away from your screen so that it matches the size of your impact screen and the throw ratio of your projector

The projector central helps you to work out the perfect combination of this projector including the mounting distance

Your golf simulator space will determine the available position for your projector, look for a position that is not behind you, casting a shadow on the screen but is also out of the way of your swing as you do not want to destroy your hard-earned projector on your very full swing

When about making your shots there are different positions to choose from with each having its merit and demerit

This position includes above and centrally positioned projector, above and off-center position, floor mounted and side-mounted position location/position

For the most recommend golf projector of 2021 please refer here Best golf projector on sale 

  • Quality Of Impact Screen

We all know the efficacy of quality, everyone love quality as it determines how efficient and durable your golf impact screen is going to be

The more quality the impact screen the more lasting it is going to be, most golf impact screens are made from fiber or white polyester material which are interwoven so that it forms a mesh

An even more durable and highly efficient screen would go-ahead to use a multi-layer of mesh

Quality impact screen should reflect an image with high quality and it should also be able to absorb and contain high flying shots

Impact screen are made from different material, while some offer more quality other offers less, the better the quality the more efficient and durable your golf simulator projector screen would be

Impact screen made from archery baffle material is cheaper as they are resistant to golf ball strikes and features a poor quality image

Light bleed through the screen of golf simulator projector screen made from archery baffle

Screen with thick multi-layer with excellent reflectivity is the ideal even though they would certainly come at a price more expensive than the cheap ones, but it’s worth investing in such

As an example in this article, we have the best golf simulator projector screen and they are all great and quality so any of them would be good as they are specially handpicked, even the most affordable one offers quality and efficiency

While making a choice on your screen consider bounceback. the energy of the golf ball is supposed to be absorbed by the impact screen material

A screen that generally features an enhanced Bounce Backshock absorber is the most recommended

Bounce back shock absorber prevents the ball from bouncing with full force back to the golfer after hitting the screen

  • Spacing Behind Impact Screen

You do not want a violent type of bounce back, if the screen is hung too close to the wall then you stand the risk of allowing the golf ball to hit the wall behind

There should be spacing behind your impact screen, this is very important especially for a golfer who has got a golf simulator

The screen material would require room in which to deform when it comes in contact with your golf ball

Behind the impact screen, it is recommended to leave at least between 12 to 16 inches of spacing

  • Noise

Most golfers especially the ones new to indoor golf do not consider noise as a factor, however, if you have a neighbor with who you share property or neighbors you are leaving close to then you should consider noise as a factor

I bet you do not want to be a disturbance to the neighborhood when they are resting or having some time to relax

This is why you should choose a high cushioned projector screen, you should also hang your screen with slightly less tension

To hang your projector screen with slight tension then you need a bungee or grommet method, this method gives room for slight adjustment as you go

  • Choice Of Enclosure

The choice of enclosure you make would depend as there are three types of enclosure and the frame of your golf simulator

These three types of enclosure include

  • DIY golf enclosure which can be constructed from a length of EMT pipe which you can cut to size
  • Buy a predesigned golf enclosure frame that comes complete with frame, fixing, side panel, and an impact screen
  • Build a golf simulator enclosure with netting

There are lots of golf nets to choose from in today’s golf, however here is our recommendation best golf net to invest on 

What Size Screen Do I Need For My Golf Simulator?

For a golf simulator, the screen size would depend, but a 16 by 9 screen would do just good as it is one of the most recommend screen sizing for your golf simulator

The 16feet in length provides the ideal aspect ratio of 16:9 and gives enough provision of spacing to swing your club without the fear of hitting the wall

Can I Hit Golf Ball Into A Projector Screen?

If you have got a quality impact screen then you can hit a real golf ball into the projector screen without the fear of damage but if your impact screen is of less quality then a real golf ball might do more harm than good, this is why quality should be among the top priority when making a choice on your impact screen


A golf impact screen can be a great way to improve on your game by practicing indoor golf, with a golf simulator impact screen you can have a clear view and understanding of how far you can hit the golf ball

The golf simulator projector impact screen is designed to absorb the impact of a golf ball using a real golf ball without causing damage to the screen

One of the very prerequisites to setting up a golf simulator is an impact screen and today’s golfing offers the best on sale golf impact screen for a typical indoor golf setup

The impact screen shows a clear image of the simulated fairway while being durable enough to stand up to thousand of impacts over time

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