By the end of this article you should be able to know the best women’s golf wedges for 2019, A golf wedge is one of the most important golf club in a set, Wedges are an integral part of any short game

A Wedge is used to make shot distance shots, there are different wedges in the market of which you can choose from but making the best selection of wedge would ensure better short shots dispersion

There are different species of golf wedge, such includes the sand wedge, pitching wedge, lob wedge and gap wedge

As the name implies, the sand wedge is a wedge used to hit out of the sand, they are designed with high loft angle so it becomes easy to pick the ball out of the sand

How about the pitching wedge, the pitching wedge is one of the most versatile club in your golf bag, it can be used to hit high or low shots when you want the ball to go into the green

The lob wedge is a wedge, known as a lofted wedge or L-Wedge provides one of the most loft on a club and is one of the most shortest hitting club, used mainly for shots over hazard

Gap wedge, from the name gap, it is used to feel the empty position between a pitching wedge and a sand wedge, they are use to hit a shot with higher and shorter trajectory than a pitching wedge and lower and longer trajectory than a sand wedge, at least you do understand where its name originates from

With all this being said, A whole lot of females golfers do not know the best golf wedge that is suited for them, this article seeks to expose such best golf wedge that will better enable them do more classic

As a female golfer you will be needing the best of wedges if you ever want to easily strike out of obstacle, bunkers, fairway or tough lies on the green, this wedges ensures you a win win over every obstacles you may encounter while golfing

Before purchasing a golf wedge its best to consult a club fitter so they can give you the best wedge type all pendent on the style of your chip and pitch shots

What are the best and easy golf wedges for Women in 2020?

Tour Edge Golf -Ladies 10 Out Plus Wedge Graphite

ladies, golf wedges, best, review, 2019 reviewsThe Tour Edge Golf Ladies 10 Out Plus Wedge has proven to be one of the most outstanding  golf wedge well built to meet the female golfer own demand

For those who have struggled getting out of the sand, you will really enjoy using this club as getting out of the sand becomes easier than ever, this wedge ensures getting the ball into the air quickly

For an improved stability and wrist position, there is this technology known as counter balance grip technology for a better and accurate shots, Made of shaft material for lightweightness, this club is a 56 degree loft that for easier sand launch


Very durable

Easy to use

Extremely forgiving

Counter balance technology for a better accurate shots

A little bit difficult getting used to but ones used to works like magic

Cleveland Golf Women RTX-3 Cavity Back Wedge, Tour Satin(Best for responsiveness)

The Cleveland Golf Women’s RTX-3 wedge is another great golf wedge bound to increase your scoring¬† and make a great difference on your game, if you are having issues with your shot game, ten in no doubt as a women, here is your golf wedge

The length and size is just the perfect for you, and they are great around the green due to its perfect weight distribution, getting out of the sand is now easier than ever, for shots consistency and control there is a V-sole grind technology available for that


Very forgiving

Highly durable so last long

Easy to use

New Rotex face increases spin

Price friendly


Limited stock

Wilson Harmonized Golf Wedge

wegde, golf wedge, best, womens wedge, easy wedge, wedge club, 2019 bestGreat buy for any one for the money, with nice weight and balance, with this Harmonized Wilson Golf Wedge ever woman is bound to see a tremendous improvement on their game

You will love it as hitting out of obstacles becomes much easier than ever, for anyone having problem chipping 60 yards and having the ball stop without rolling from the green then this club is the answer

The special grind sole makes it possible to play higher shots with exceptional accuracy, they are very durable and much easier to maintain, this blade like shaped wedge which has a modified bounce angle is made for dead stop spin and versatility from the sand


Very forgiving

Special sole grind for higher more accurate shots

Modified bounce angle for dead stop spin and versatility

Good for the money

Easy chip shots off obstacles


Does have a narrow grip

Cleveland golf Women’s CBX 2 Wedge

Made of graphite and available in various deg, with the presence of an enhanced feel balancing technology for better feel on impact, the presence of a three sole grind helps to deliver more versatility for easy shot execution on the green

Get spin and amazing ball control using this top rated golf wedge for ladies which offers you unmatched forgiveness due to its hollow cavity design, they are well durable and easy to use


Available in various degree loft

Hallow cavity design for more forgiveness


Three sole grind for more versatility

Durable and easy to use


Limited stock

Pinemeadow Golf PGX Wedge(Best women’s wedge for the money)

If you are looking for the best simple yet classic golf wedge for women, then here is your picks, highly built with the woman specification in mind, they are available in both right and left hand with various deg alternatives

This wedge is a great wedge for popping up the ball from and are great from getting out for the sand, it offers good feel and great weighing and is the best wedge for those female golfers looking for a very pricey yet responsive wedge to help them improve on their game

There is a wide sole in the bottom of the club head of  this amazing wedge for a more forgiving and hitting surface and better ball popping into the air from obstacles


Very forgiving

Available in multiple loft

Easy to use

Best for the money

Quality, so built to last

Great weighing and balance


Requires some practice

Limited in stock

Why you need a golf Wedges

A golf wedge is a kind of club designed to hit shorter distances, they are great for getting out of the hazard and obstacle, armed with the best of wedge all obstacles becomes a steeping stone and fun when you hit, with a great golf wedge obstacles becomes at your finger tips and they will be no match for you


Here is a quick recap, Golf wedges are used to hit shorter distance, they are an important club you will be needing in your game as you cannot do without hitting shot distance and out of obstacles

A whole lot of golfers find it difficult to be able to make the best selection of golf wedges for female and we have chosen to make that easy by listing out that top rated female wedge for better and proper game improvement, with this top rated wedge, getting out of obstacles is now easier than ever

















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