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In the end, you should be able to list the best golf wedges Clubs -men’s golf wedge

Golf wedge is probably one of the most important tools in a golfers bag, to make the best selection of wedge is overwhelming and its prices and the different type of wedge in the market is another problem you will encounter

Having the right wedge is crucial for different types of shots and so having the right kind of wedge will make a difference on your game, so you must be careful as you make a choice

Here in this article we will be of assistant to you in getting the right kind of wedge that will help you improve on your game

In accordance to recent Golf Data-tech survey on the attitude of golfers it is shown that wedges have overtaken drivers on a single demand these shows how important and vital Wedges are becoming nowadays and will become in years to come, this makes it even difficult to make the best of selection of golf wedge for your game

Wedges are really an important club you must own in your set, if you do not have one then it simply means you are missing out one one of the most vital club as a golfer, this post will serve as a guide for every male golfer who seek for the best golf wedges for the year almost ended

Just as there are high and low quality everywhere, so do golf wedge, there are high quality golf wedge and low quality golf wedge in the market as well

The best wedges are usually made of high quality and are very responsive, golf wedges are one of the subset of iron used for softer and shorter shots

Wedges in general have the highest loft, shortest shaft and the heaviest clubs head of iron, to get this straight golf wedges are of different kind each having its own function

Furthermore, wedge can be categorized, they are in this category- Pitching Wedge, Gap Wedge, Sand Wedge and Lob Wedge.

Types Of  Golf Wedge Club


Pitching Wedge

If you strike a golf ball properely using a pitching wedge it goes straight into the air and travel long distance about 110 yard to 140 yard.

Pitching wedge is used more by golf players who is trying to hit the green

Pitching wedge have loft of between 44 and 50 degree, when you hit with the pitching wedge it should not roll far from the green

Gap Wedge

Gap wedge are used for hitting shots too short for the pitching wedge

Gap wedge is used by most golfers to hit between yard 90 and 110

Take note, as a general gap wedge do not come with a standard set of golf club

Its loft degree is usually lower than the pitching it is usually between 46 and 54 degrees

Since a gap wedge is on the usual not included in a standard golf set It is then important that you check your pitching wedge loft and sand wedge loft before selecting a gap wedge so as to prevent getting to buy the wrong match

Sand Wedge

The name depict on the highest pedegree what it stands for.

A gap wedge is a specially designed club used by golfers to hit the ball out of sand traps

The loft of a typical golf club sand wedge is between 54 and 58 degree

Many a golfer on a regular swing hit sand wedges around 90 yard and be aware, sand wedge club are shorter than other golf clubs

Lob Wedge

In simili to the gap and sand Wedge, Lob Wedge not included in most standard golf club set except in some very rare case

They have more loft than any other golf club wedge, it is between 60 and 65 degrees and is used for situation involving a precise shot

Lob wedges is usually hit 70 yard by golfers, it is used to make the ball ascend into the atmosphere very quickly.

The 10 best golf wedges picks are based on how well they perform and help support golfers in doing the most out of their swing

Here are the 2019 Picks of the 10 best men’s Golf Wedges

What are the 10 Best Golf Wedges for men?

  • Callaway Mack Daddy 3 Chrome S_Grind  Wedge(Best Responsive And Forgiving)

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Great wedge for men, this Pitching Golf club_Wedge milled line known as MD3 which does have a progressive groove optimization.

This wedges have a 3 groove package milled into its face for spin optimization and as you top up your loft it gets a smoother spin transition from iron to wedge

the exceptional pretty new face is made of soft 1025c steel which helps to deliver satisfying response and feel on every single shot

the CG positioning provides golfers with additional control, for this to happen the CG slowly ascends as the loft of each wedge toples

From the new Mark Daddy 16_groove configuration comes a maximum spin which incorporates at the bottom and added groove close to the leading edge for added stopping power boost

the MD3 milled wedges holds the record for the complete wedge line ever created by Callaway


  • Great look at excellent spin
  • Easy to hit and soft
  • Easy to adjust for distance
  • Excellent for short chips and sand shots
  • Quick delivery on request
  • Good for the price
  • Very reliable
  • Large club face for better forgiveness
  • Made of high quality materials with a stunning appearance


  • A little bit difficulty getting used to
  • Cleveland Golf 2018 Men’s CBX Wedge(Best For Control And Feedback)

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Designed for the cavity back player, a category 80 percent golfers fall under, this single feature makes it no doubt among the top best golf club wedge picks for 2018

Cleveland created this cavity back iron with the purpose of meeting the need of the masses. 70 gram of weight to the perimeter of the club heads was re-positioned by Engineers with the intent of creating forgiveness to the maximum and for versatility purposes

you would never regret when you get this wedge for yourself, its a guarantee. the grind for this 60 degree is 10 with a standard bounce angle for each loft

this wedge hold a five star for feel, looks and consistency, it does have a consistence distance even on off hit this makes it one of the most sought after wedge and thus makes the list of the 2018 best wedge you can very own

the grooves in this wedge is pretty amazing, easy to control and light weight, what more do you seek from a wedge with all this great feautres

Barely have anyone used this club and complained its lovable by over 95 percent of user, if they love it then am pretty sure you will love it too


  • Provides more ball bounce
  • Increased distance and nice spin
  • Get the ball up quickly and easily
  • Consistency and great distance control
  • Very good for bunker shots
  • Handles the rough very well
  • Improves chipping greatly


  • Heavy bottomed
  • Quite Pricey but delivers more
  • Cleveland Golf Men’s RTX _3 VMG Wedge(Best For Feedback And Feel)

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Cleveland VMG has a feature known as the new Rotex face for more speed increase, Cleveland RTX does have a V sole grind which helps increase shot consistency and better control

Cleveland has been branded for the production of great and extremely amazing wedges for both beginners and professionals

this wedge has a mantra of getting golfers closer to the hole as soon as possible whether on full shorts or short game

Cleveland has a three design element to possibly help them achieve this coupled with giving players more control with consistency

for improved feel and enhanced stability on your shots the Centre of Gravity in RTX- 3 has been moved to the centre of the club face

RTX-3 Wedges has three exceptional feautres that makes it stand out, these feautres include Black satin, Tour satin and Tour raw.

the bounce on the left handed 50 and 58 implies 50 deg is 10 deg, 58 V-MG(mid range) has 9 deg, it can also be found in V-LG(low grind) with 6 deg and V-FG (full) with 12 deg


  • Great feel and balance
  • Face has dual angles for different bounce
  • Very accurate on impact
  • Unique grooves
  • Consistent spin and solid contact
  • Works perfectly well in bunker
  • Quick delivery on order
  • Good for the pricing and perfect for a birthday gift for a real golfer


  • Finish gets mark for hitting other clubs in the bag
  • Cleveland Golf 588 RTX 2.0 RTG Wedge(Best For Forgiveness And Easy)

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The technology backing 588 takes spin control to a new whole level, it does have a deeper groves of about 8 percent

Its 60 degree wide sole provides out-standing and exceptional performance in every shot. the 60 degree wide sole creates n atmosphere for exceptional performance on the green at every shot

The technology in in the Rotex face has dramatically changed the face of spin in the last year, the new micro milled Rotex face have a sharper grooves which gives this wedges the need surface roughness needed by the USGA

the wid bounce is really lovable and is the reason many pro golfers buy it, this excellent wedge provides soft landings coupled with great control and speed

the ball grips very perfect on the face, this is the exactly club you are looking for


  • Wedge has 8 degree of bounce
  • Weight of club head feel perfect
  • Great spin and touch
  • Great Forgiving tendency


  • Club rust
  • Lazarus Premium Forged Golf Wedge(Best For Feedback And Control)

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Lazarus forged golf wedge was created for everyday golfers like you, if you dont love them, you can always return them and get your money back

in the industry of clubs, this wedge rules, it is the best golf wedge in the market and you cannot beat it, it is sold at a very affordable price as far as the best is concerned

full set of 3 golf wedges of loft 52, 56 and 60. for more speed and control as you hit, it has a micro milled face with the highest quality forged head

though not as famous as other golf club but it is certainly among the best golf wedge for the year 2018, it shouldn’t be all about being famous, what you should be concerned about is how well it delivers, and i will still beat my hand on the chest and say it is among the best wedges any golfer can own

Lazarus disrupted the golf club industry by offering the best of clubs and at an affordable price far below the same quality of other great club

to be earnest Lazarus clubs is cheap, especially this one, any other quality club as this is usually twice the selling price this club is being offered to you

give Lazarus a try and you will be happy and excited you did, another fascinating thing about this club is that it has a great bounce angle like no other

when you purchase this club as a testing curiosity you will discover it has a well constructed head and amazing feel

for less than $200 you get the three forged wedges this is the best deal anywhere, where else can you find milled wedges for this price? I say no other.


  • Great balance and grip
  • Very Quick delivery
  • More ball control and comfy
  • Stable yards, back spin and good angles
  • Easy to use
  • Nice swing and ball react great
  • Highly Affordable


  • It is heavier
  • Chew on ball
  • Texan Classic Gun Metal Wedge (set of 3)(Best For control And Lightweight)

2018 hottest wedge, 2018 wedge picks, top rated wedge, golfers best wedge                                                                                                                    These club wedge are available in set of three_52, 56 and 60 degrees. well known as the right club for every serious minded golfer.

it does have an 8 degree bounce and Texas is a beauty because it comes with a one year warranty on a purchase, if you haven’t used Texan Classic wedge then i humbly say you have not know a wedge

with this club you become the most eyed and admired on every golf pitch, this is a set of 3 wedges and no driver included

if you need versatility then this in no doubt is the best recommended club you can ever own


  • Increased back spin
  • Price friendly
  • Forgiving
  • Made of great quality material
  • It does have a sharp groove


  • Similar bounce angle on three clubs
  • Chew of soft balls easily
  • Pinemeadow Wedge(Best For Control And Feedback)

Best golf wedges, 2018 best wedge, Best wedge picks, top rated wedge

Who doesn’t no Pinemeadow, a standard Wedge with a high quality build, great golfers never ignore Pinemeadow due to it unmatched forgiving tendency and great ball spin when it comes in contact with a ball

Pinemeadow is available in 52, 56, 60 and 64 and the rare 68 wedge

Pinemeadow wedge is here to tak you to a new whole level in your golfing game

For beginners you need the 60 degree wedge including a 56 deg that is solid also

The excitement ans satisfaction this club will bring to you will make you compelled to write a positive review about it

This is an awesome wedge that works really well for close bunker shots


  • Great wedge for the money
  • Gets the ball into the air easily
  • Good for the price
  • Perfect lob shot on every swing
  • So easy to hit on sand and on green


  • Club Face may wear fast
  • Takes some time to get used to
  • Bomb Tech Golf Premium Golf Wedge Set(Best For Feedback And Control)

2018 golf wedges, top wedge picks, best rated wedge, top reviewed wedge

This is the ideal golf club for every aspiring to grow golfer

It is easy to hit due to its large club face, its performance and outlook is matchless and undescribable

Made of high quality stainless steel, one thing to be admired about this club is the fact that it is easy to swing along with the standard grade polish and paint fill that improves it durability

This 3 different golf wedge of different loft_52, 56 and 60 makes hitting from sand trap, tall grass, bumps and run, shortgrass and tight lies a whole lot easier

These club hold the record of over 150,000 sold and you can see why it is among the top rated and most trusted golf wedge even beyond 2018

This is a wedge that is highly playable and versatile with a quality golf grip

The 60 degree is the best club for short distance chipping and high loft

For anyone looking for the best of wedge and at an extremely affordable price this is the best wedge deal you can own


  • Standard flex steel shaft
  • Great quality make plus fast delivery
  • Price are affordable
  • Multiple choice loft
  • Easibility in short taking


  • Heavy head
  • Hits low flying shots
  • Cleveland Golf 588 Tour Action Wedge(Best For Forgiveness And Feedback)

Best rated wedge, top wedge picks, best 2018 picks, most rated wedge

This wedge is an icon in the world of wedges and the most successful one at that

No need for argument, show me a great golfer and you will see this amazing club in this bag

Firstly let it be stated clearly, anything cleveland as pertaining clubs are always known for the best, they never settle for less

With Cleveland your moral and confidence as you step out to play golf is hyped to the full

They are available in degree loft of 52, 54, 56 all through to 60

Right hand players use 50 to 58 only degree model

Cleveland does have a sole design of versatility to give players multipe choice play and shots around green

The left handed 56degree loft wedge has 14 deg of bounce and the degree on bounce of the 60 degree wedge is 8 degree

The head of this club is of 4-31 stainless steel


  • Game changer
  • Very nice and good feel
  • Increase ball distance travel and speed
  • Maximum spin delivery
  • Multiple loft availability
  • USGA conforming grooves
  • Improves your short game


  • A little difficult to master
  • Callaway Mack Daddy PM Chrome Wedge(Best Responsive And Easy)

Most valuable club, Golf wedge best, top rated wedge, golfers top wedge

Its callaway so you dont need to bother, they have proven themselves as the big brother of well made clubs

Mack Daddy PM golf wedge is a trusted friend when you think of one of the very best of friendly wedge club to increase your forgiveness and create more spin along the way

Thanks to its makers, designed by Phil Mickelson

This wedge is forged of 1025c steel, the CG positioning do have a added control to make golfing more fun and intresting

This is the most complete golf wedge ever made by callaway, a great wedge that generates a lot of spin, accuracy and fast ball speed on a contact with ball

With this wedge you will excel in heavy rough and sand

A game changer a distance improver, an error corrector, with this club you are all good.


  • Nice loft and excellent back spin
  • Fast shipping
  • Forgiving and easy to use
  • Great balance and feel


  • A little bit difficult to handle shorter chips


The Need For A Golf Club Wedge

Golf club wedge are very important instrument that you will be needing in your set, as it is designed to hit out of tough lies and obstacles, according to how golf sport was designed, tough lies and obstacle are part of the game and you will be needing a wedge to be able to hit easily and quickly out of this obstacles, armed with the right wedge you will experience quicker and easier relief as you find your self hitting from any tough lies


Wedges Are They Good For Iron?

View your wedges as an Iron extension, there is no club which does guarantee a precise tailoring like the case of wedge


Are Wilson Wedge Good For Seniors?

When it comes to wedge production and manufacture, the Wilson have made a remarkable and un-forgettable experience in today’s market

The Wilson offers vast range of golf wedges targeted at a particular customer, there are Wilson club wedge which for seniors





Golfing of today offers the best of golf wedge clubs which enables the golfer become better at escape from obstacles, whether it is the bunker, sand, fairway or any other obstacles

As a golfing male there are vast and assorted club wedge from where you can choose from, though making the best choice on golf wedge club can be a bit daunting due to the rise on production of golf club wedge

This is why we have carefully and through intensive research and thorough analysis bring to you the best and updated list of the best golf club sedge for 2020, that will make getting out of any tough lies much easier and quick

Golf wedge is an important club you must own, a whole lot of male golfers gets confused in an attempt to make the best selection of golf wedge, not to worry the list have been fully and thoroughly covered and with this wedge for men you will be better off in your golf game


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