In the end you should be able to list the best heavy putters for women

Putters are one of the very necessary club you will be needing, a putter is simply a club used to do a putt, which means hitting of the golf ball slowly and gradually so that it goes into the golf hole

If you are the one who prefer a heavy putter in comparison to the lighter counterpart then you are at the right place

Many golfer who have used the heavy putter club, said in a nut shell that they are far easy to slide through the grass where a lighter one might not be able

Heavy putters also do have higher MOI which makes them very forgiving pending on weight distribution and dispersion

In general heavy putters are best for slower greens whereas lighter putters are best for faster greens, so when choosing a putter it is best to put this factors into consideration

Golf putters can be either lightweight or heavy, when choosing a club you must well consider weight to determine which is best comfortable or does fit your playing style or conditions

While some putters are designed to be lightweight other are designed to be heavy weighed, one of the factors which might influence the mass of a club as earlier said is weight distribution and material used in construction

Here in this article we will be listing the best heavy golf putters for women which will help them better improve on their game, for men’s best heavy putters, please refer here: Best heavy putters for men

Without further aduo, we present to you the list

Best Heavy Putter Clubs For Women

Cleveland Golf 2019 Huntington Beach Soft Putter(Best For Forgiveness And Feel)

putter reviews, heavy putter, best heavy, women puttersHelp you sink more putt as a result of speed optimized face technology, you will get consistent ball speed and control using this very responsive club

Hit straighter and longer shots with the best of accuracy through the well built in alignment features hat will help correct your swing

It does come with a high MOI which are extremely responsive and easy to hit, the strategically distributed weight and balance is well positioned for the best of ball control and speed

You need this club for solid and comfortable feel as it does come with a well aligned soft grip hat gives you the best of comfort when on contact with ball

Ball roll of surface easily and smoothly this result to a straight consistency stroke with the best of accuracy even on a mishit


Deep groove for softer and comfortable feel

Well optimized CG location for the best of responsiveness and forgiveness

Easy to read and line up

Consistent putt and with great accuracy

Weight and balance re-distribution for better ball control and rolls


Maximum feedback through impact


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Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 V-Line Ladies(Best For Forgiveness And Ball Control)

weighty putters, best weight, golf putters, women's puttersBig improvement on your game as you use this quite heavy putter well designed for the woman golfer, they are durable due to construction from high end materials

The white hot face insert offers you the best of softer feel and smoother rolls, they are very easily aligned for the best of putting

This include a head cover which helps for club protection, you will hit straighter and more accurate putt and amazingly with great consistency

Get the best out of feel and distance using this every responsive and easy alignment golf putters, you will love them as it does offer the best of maximum feed back and feel

Durable and comes well equipped with a standard flexible and soft grip for the best of comfort when n contact with ball


Pleasant sound and feel due to white face hot insert

Easy to read and align for the best of putting with consistency

Better ball roll and control

Highly durable as they are made from high end materials

Ball rolls of club face smoothly and quick

Black finish for the best of attraction and beauty

Highly forgiving and responsive

Maximum feed back and feel on every single hit


Available to selected countries


Odyssey Stroke Lab Versa Putter(Best For Forgiveness And Feedback)

putter reviews, heavy weight, for women, best weightyWeighty golf putters available in both left and right hand orientation for a robust buying option, the innovative ideas does help promote better performance

This does come with a thicker and comfortable grip and you will improve your putting greatly with much more control on ball as well

You will be surprised by how good this feel and the quality it is made of, you will be able to consistently repeat a smoother and accurate ball roll because of the sole weight distributions

Drive consistent and accurate range shots with the best of optimization strategies for an exceptional putt

They are easy to line up due to well structured alignment aid which helps correct you even on a mishit, you will love them as it does come with a well balanced and soft grip


Easy alignment aid for easy line up for the best of putting

Swing corrector even on a mishit

Sole weight distribution for more consistency

Ball roll easily off club face and very responsive

Highly forgiving and responsive

Better ball distance and control


A little bit getting used to



Taylormade White Smoke MC-72 Putter(Best For Forgiveness And Feedback)

heavy putters, best women's women's puttersThis club do offers a true roll due to well optimized grove on face, you will love the appearance and weight of the putters as it is classic and attractive

Ball rolls off face nicely and spontaneously due to the suryln pure roll insert which offers un matched forgiveness and forward spin for smoother and straighter roll

They are easy align able brought about as a result of the three black alignment lines for the best of feel and feedback

Aiming becomes easier through the white crown colors which does help eliminate glare, you will hit quicker and more consistently as hey are effectively forgiving and offers you the best of control on a hit


High contrast which makes aiming easier

Reinforce easy alignment due to three clear black alignment features

Forward spin for a smoother and accurate roll

Comes with a head cover

Better ball rolls and control

Solid with proper weight distribution for the best of response and forgiveness

Made of quality and a well built grip which offers the best of comfort


Not available for left hand orientation


Cleveland Golf Women’s Huntington Beach Golf Putter(Best For Feedback And Ball Control)

heavy putters, best heavy, women's putterThe precise face milling offers softer feel with more consistent ball roll, this creates room for more forgiveness and feel on every single hit

The head weighing creates room for easy alignment and better feed back on hitting, hit longer, straighter and more efficient shots with the best of feed back

They are very responsive and highly efficient, with this putter club well designed for women you will see how easy it is to line up your ball for better accuracy

Your putt will surely improve with incredible accuracy, you will also experience better control on the ball and distance


Highly forgiving due to precise face milling

Better ball roll and consistency

Easy to hit yet very forgiving

Maximum feed back and feel due to properly weighed and balanced CG for top notch putting

Longer range shots and at great consistency

Highly responsive with better ball control

Made of quality with a comfortable and soft grip


Still waiting to see the cons



Today’s golfing offers the best on sale heavy putters for women, clubs can either be lightweight or heavy making a choice on your putter based on weight is solely determined by your playing style, preference and conditions

As we all know heavy putters is best on slower greens and lightweight putters is best for faster greens, they do also have high MOI which makes them very forgiving for better game improvement

We have listed the best weighty golf putter club for females with them you will notice a dramatical and quick improvement on your putting skills



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