In the end you should be able to list the best high MOI golf putters for men

The term MOI in golfing simply means moment of inertia, the higher the moment of inertia in a club the more resistant to twisting the club becomes

Every golf club has MOI, that is they do have some resistant to twisting, however they are some special clubs whose MOI is far greater and best when compared to others

In this article we are going to be listing the highest MOI golf putters best for men that will help them get the best of accurate putting even on a mishit

For best MOI female golf putters, please refer to: Best High MOI putters for women

Most golf putters if not all have a certain level of MOI, this does not suggest that they are the best, however there are specially designed golf putters

Which do possess the highest and best MOI, one of the benefit of High MOI clubs is that it narrows the dispersion of your putt

This then makes your misses end up closer to your sweet spot hit, with this you are guaranteed better accuracy on every single hit

Best High MOI Golf Putters For Men

Taylormade Golf Spider X(Best For Forgiveness And Response)

MOI putters, Best MOI, Golf putters, High MOIMade of professional quality for the purpose of durability and function, surely this will shorten your putting game

Well balanced and weighed for the best of responsiveness and feedback, offers you the best of feel and feedback

There is a system well known as new path alignment system which does help to improve your putting accuracy through visualizing the intended target

Highly stable due to head which is re-designed and does have a steel frame that is 30% heavier for twisting minimization


True path alignment for easy and accurate putt

Re-designed head with a 30% heavier steel frame to minimize twisting

Professional quality for exceptionally durability

Very well balanc3d and weighed for the best of response

Clear sight alignment for easy and quick putting

Better sound and feel due to pure roll insert

Available in both hand orientation


Quite expensive


Taylormade Truss Centre Shaft Putter(Best For Feedback And Ball Control)

golf putter, best MOI, high MOI, HIGHEST MOIWhen it comes o one of the best high MOI putters which are very resistant to twisting, then you can definitely count on the Taylormade Truss Centre Shaft Putter

It dies have a large and forgiving club face for better accurate putting and ball response

Get better and more precise control on your ball and distance using this very balanced and stable putter

Comes with an extreme quality grip which is very comfortable and feel great at hand

It will definitely help your shot game as it does offer better and quick ball roll off center shots and with ease

It does come with an adjustable weight on the head for better shots dispersion and rolls

They are highly responsive with the best of feel and feed back, also easy t line up due to its well built and simplistic alignment features

When you talk quality, this is a quality un-matched golfing club well streamlined of the best of putting and with amazing consistency


Grip are made of quality for better comfortability and nice feeling

Weighed properly for the best of response and feedback

Easy to hit due to well structured and built in alignment lines

Consistent ball rolls and better ball control brought about by the adjustable sole weight

Improved sound and feel due to truss hosel design

Highly forgiving with maximum feed back and feel due to high MOI

Made of quality so they are extremely durable


Still waiting to see the cons


Odyssey Stroke Lab Triple Track Putter(Best For Forgiveness Feel)

MOI putters, best MOI, golf putter, Highest MOI, MOI best putterWell known for is high moment of inertia which guarantees more forgiveness on course, hit longer, straighter and more precise shots for an un-matched accurate putt

They are easy to read and align due to a clearly structured alignment lines known as the triple track alignment for more accuracy on every single hit

The presence of an insert known as new face micro hinge star insert creates enhanced sound at impact and a firmer feel for the best of stability and weight balance

Comes with a nice grip which is soft and comfortable for the best of feel at contact

Highly forgiving and ball rolls off face easily, they are also very responsive with maximum feedback and feel

Get the most out of your speed with exceptionally ball control and at great consistency for better game improvement


Triple tack alignment for the easy and quick putting

Easy to read for the best of alignment

Very stable and provides a firmer feel for the best of ball dispersion and roll

Perfect weight distribution for a well streamlined accurate putting

Forgiving and responsive due to high MOI

Straighter and improved ball roll and control brought about by alignment technologies

Highly responsive at impact due to micro hinge star insert

Quality and durable


Someone complained of a sticky grip


Odyssey Exo Putter(Best For Forgiveness And Feedback)

putter club, best MOI, highest MOIThe EXO is known to deliver an incredible accuracy due to high MOI which does feature a lightweight 6061 milled aluminum steel head

Through the combination of the legendary white hot insert with a proven micro hinge technology you are guaranteed of immediate forward roll and better distance control and speed

Offers smoother and more accurate putt brought about through the new stroke lab shaft which saves weight

It does have a face balanced option which in the stroke help to reduce face rotation

Surely and with all confidence this will improve your putt in no distant time as you will have total control on ball and distance

You will be surprised on how ball easily and quickly roll of surface as a result of perfect weight to balance distribution

Easy to hit and highly responsive, it will be one of the best putter you have ever tried and you will be happy with it

The feed back and feel you get is second to none as they are built with the best of alignment technology for a straighter and smoother ball spin


Incredible high MOI design for un-matched roll and putting

White hot micro hinge insert for better ball putting accuracy and forgiveness

More accurate and consistent ball control

Easy to read and align for a well streamlined accurate ball spin and roll

Better ball control plus distance

Highly durable and quality

Exceptional feel and comfortability on club grip


Someone complained of grip dis-coloring


Odyssey Stroke Lab Versa Putter(Best For Forgiveness And Responsiveness)

There is a new incorporation of weight distribution for better dynamics of stroke, you will get better and more optimized feel for distance with amazing ball control

The insert which is updated for better ball response and ball control, extremely forgiving and you will get better streamlined putting and at great consistency

Eliminate stroke from your short game all by using this well balanced and weighed golf putter highly designed with the best of MOI for ultimate forgiveness even on a mishit

They are very easy to line up and read due to thick alignment lines on the head for better consistency and rolls

Right in the sole is an additional weight this helps golfers for a repeated smoother and more accurate strokes

Ball rolls off easily and they are very responsive with maximum feedback and feel at impact

Comes with a head cover for club protection and lightweight, even on a mishit is helps to correct your swing due to micro hinge on the face


Smoother and more accurate roll brought about by extra weight on the sole

More accurate distance and better ball control

Micro hinge embedded across club face for he best of responsiveness and feel

Better and well streamlined ball spin and rolls, it dos also come with a comfortable grip for un-matched roll


Micro hinge insert for top spin and smoother rolls

Easy to hit yet very forgiving brought abut high MOI

Straighter and accurate hit and at great consistency

Highly durable since made of quality




The acronym MOI in golfing means in full moment of inertia, while every club is aid to have some level of MOI

There are specially designed clubs who do possess the best high MOI, the higher the Moment Of Inertia of a club the more resistant it is to twisting

This resistant to twisting gives you more accurate ball roll and spin, high MOI helps greatly in correcting your swing even on a mishit

Looking for the best high MOI golf putters for men? herein in this article we have given you he updated list






















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