In the end you should be able to list the best High MOI Putters for women

Today’s golfing offers insanely MOI Putters for better game improvement, with so many model and option to consider making a choice on golf putter can prove to b a daunting task and indeed it is

Our picks are based on intensive research, reviews and feedback from customers, all in an effort to give you the true and updated list of the most preferred MOI golf putters for females

Looking for the best putter with top MOI? we’ve got you covered, before giving you the list we will briefly explain the term MOI

What is MOI in golfing? This simply mean moment of inertia, it is a true fact that the higher the MOI the more resistant the putter is to twisting

Generally mallet putters do have higher MOI when compared to blade putters

High MOI Putters are usually large this is brought about by having to move the weight away from the center of gravity

High MOI putters because they are resistant to twisting this causes the ball to loose less distance on off center hit

Without further aduo, this article is highly geared toward listing the best high MOI putters for females that will help them improve on their putting

Best High MOI Putters For Women

Taylormade Golf Spider Tour Red(Best Forgiveness And Responsiveness)

putter club, highest MOI, best MOIOne of the best for MOI Putter club is then Taylormade Golf Spider Tour Red, they are well forgiving as its MOI makes it resistant to twisting

This means if you frequently miss the center of the putter face it helps makes your misses end up to your sweet spot hit

This in turn means more forgiveness and accuracy even on mishit, this putter is face balanced, it does give a nice click and feel on the head

Hit straighter, faster shots with better ball rolls and control, they are well balanced and solid for the best of responsiveness

Does come with a comfortable and soft grip for the best of feel, the maximum feed back you get from using this putter club is one unmatched as your putting will improve greatly


Well balanced and weighed for more accurate shot and with consistency

Easy to hit and very forgiving

High MOI which makes them resistant to twisting for then best of putting even on a mishit

Made of quality

Easy and quick line up  and better ball control

Highly responsive with maximum feed back and feel


Someone complained of then grip being too thin


Odyssey Exo Putter(Best For Forgiveness And Ball Control)

high MOI, putter club, best putter, best MOIGet total control on your ball and distance with the Odyssey Exo, you will be amazed on how ball rolls off surface

They are well balanced and weighed and you will love them as this allows for  straighter and more classical putting

After some practice you will see how it will improve your game, it does deliver an incredible MOI for better forward rolls and spin

The present of the micro hinge insert does help create forward spin and rolls for more consistent accuracy and exceptional ball distance control

Hit straighter and shots with then best of feed back and feel, they are easy to line up  and hit due to well structured alignment for better, quick and accurate aiming


Micro hinge insert for smoother and forward spin and rolls

Incredible high MOI for the best of forgiveness and feed back

Well structured and designed alignment features for the best of quick, accurate and easy alignment

Maximum feed back and feel brought about by the white hot insert

Easy to hit and well forgiving

Highly responsive with great feel

Made of quality


Someone complained of a little discoloring


Odyssey Stroke Lab Triple Track Putter(Best For Feedback And Response)

putters with best moi for femalesImpressive technology on club for exceptional alignment for the best of putting accuracy and with un-matched consistency

It does have a three triple track lines and this is designed to help increase your putting skills and accuracy

Putter feel good coming off face and they are very responsive for the best of feed back and feel

It is time to take your putting to the next level using this easy and quick to align putter club for he best of unmatched rolls and better ball distance control

It does come with a comfortable grip for the best of feel on impact and you will love them as they are very easy to hit

Perfectly weighed and well balanced which makes them responsive and awesome at target even on a mishit


Easy alignment for the best of putting and consistency

Great weight and balanced for better response and feel

Highly forging brought about by High MOI

Comfortable and soft grip for the best of feel

Straighter shots with consistency

Better ball rolls and distance



Still waiting to see the cons


Odyssey 2018 Black O-Work  Putter(Best For Feedback And Forgiveness)

High MOI, putters clubs, best MOI, Highest MOINew micro hinge insert which offers you un-matched roll for a great accurate and more consistent putting

They are toe heavy and lightweight for the best of response and feel on shot dispersion

You can adjust this putter for a better customized playing option, hit longer shots, drive faster ball speed and control

Tired of not having control on your ball and speed? here is your putters as they are designed to help you immensely control your ball and speed

You will love this putter for its easy and well portable nature, micro face hinge insert offer un-matched rolls

You will be able to sink more putter, it does have a simple black line which makes it very easy to line up

Excellent grip which offers exceptional comfortability and feel due to the Winn AVS grip

Well balanced and weight for the best of forgiveness and feed back and shot dispersion


Great balance and feel

Very easy to read and line up due to simple black line

Winn AVS grip for the best of comfortability and feel

Easy to hit yet very forgiving brought about by high MOI

Perfect weight and balance distribution for the best of feed back and ball control

Made of quality

Portable and lightweight


Someone complained of grip being too thin


Odyssey Stroke Lab Triple Track Putter(Best For Forgiveness And Response)

putters, best MOI, high MOI, Female puttersPutter have a great weight and balance for the best of response and feedback, you will be happy as it does offer he best of feel due to well standardized and structured size grip for the best of comfort and feel

Comes with a nice grip of which you will definitely recommend, hit straighter and more optimized shots with accurate precision

If you are having a rough day putting or you want to consistently improve on your putting skills than this is for you

The forgiveness brought about be the micro face hinge insert is one un-matched and second to none

Get better control and feel off your shots and with the present of lines you will be able to do a quick and accurate line up for the best of putting

Redistributed to the head shape is an innovative multi material shaft which does save 40 grams of weight for improved consistency and tempo on stroke

Highly forgiving and exceptionally durable with a comfortable grip for the best of comfort

Ball also does roll off surface easily and quickly for better ball spin and roll, increases accuracy even on a mishit


Exceptional alignment for the best of accurate putting

Easy to hit and very forgiving

White micro face hinge insert for consistent ball roll off surface

Highly forgiving due to high MOI

Well balanced and weight for the best of response and feed back on every single hit

Highly forgiving and responsive

Durable with soft and flexible grip for the best of comfort and feel


Still waiting for the cons


High MOI putters are great because they are usually resistant to twisting, this helps to increase ball spin and roll for better accuracy even on a mishit

The term MOI simply stands for Moment Of Inertia, which is very important in the production of golf clubs

While every putter does have MOI, some have the highest MOI, which makes them more resistant to twisting this helps for better ball roll and spin for an improved putting condition
















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