In the end you should be able to list the best hybrid golf travel bag on sale in the market

As a golfer, owning a golf bag should be treated with much importance as you do for clubs as this is the house where your expensive gear and equipment’s is stored

A good golf bag gives your gears the opportunity to stay a more longer and durable life as it does serves a protection

Today’s golfing offer the best hybrid golf bag for travelling, a travelling golf bag is a golf bag designed for travelling

It is made in a way that it becomes very easy to travel with it, if you are a golfer who loves travelling and voyage

A hybrid golf travel bag is great bag to start with as it does have a shell top for your club protection

Hybrid bags are made from the combination of usually two distinctive characteristics, the first being a carry bag and the second being  a cart bag

A carry or stand golf bags are designed to be carried on shoulder whereas a cart bag is designed to be carried on a cart

Hybrid golf travel bag, is thus referred to as a travel bag which does bridge the gap between a carry golf bag and a cart bag

This bag has characteristics of both world, ”Carry and Cart bag”, this simply means you’ve got both a carry and a cart bag” all in one

The advantage of a hybrid bag is that you do not need a second bag, as this bag fits in for both carry and cart

for hybrid golf bags please refer here: Best hybrid golf bags on sale today

The Need For A Golf Travel Bag

One of the core importance of a travel golf bag is that it is designed for travelling, if you are a frequent traveler who likes to golf, then a travel golf bag is great for you

You might decide to play your game at any destination so to easily and safely transport your expensive gears and golfing equipment’s without damage or harm, you need a travel golf bag

You need a travel bag, a travel golf bag is quite different from a golf bag in the sense that it does have contain a well secured casement which is well padded and foamy to withstand any shock or sliding of your equipment’s inside the travel bag


Golf Travel Bag VS Golf Bag, What’s The Difference?

Taking into consideration a travel golf bag and a golf bag, there seems to be a whole lot of difference

One of such big difference is that a ”travel” golf bag as it name implies is best designed for travelling whereas a golf bag is only used to carry your gears and equipment’s within short range distance

A golf travel bag also does have a very well padded inn and well structured and tough casement, which of course helps in the protection of your costly equipment’s when compared to a golf bag which have lesser foamy or padded inn and no hard casement

Last but not the least, travel golf bag does usually come with a wheel or tires for easily rolling whereas a golf bag do not come with wheels or tires

Having seen the difference between a ”Travel golf bag” and a ”Golf bag”, our picks are based off intensive research, reviews and feedback all with an effort to bring you the best on sale Travel golf bag


Best Hybrid Golf Travel Bag Reviewed In 2020

Bag Boy T-2000 Travel Cover

Travel bag, hybrid bag, best hybridThe Bag Boy T-2000 is  a great travel cover deigned with ultimate precision to quality and efficiency so that they re long lasting and very efficient

This bag features an ergonomic handle patented pivot-Grip handle twist to the bag position which reduces arms wrist strain in transit

It e with n oversize shoe accessory pocket so that you can store al that you will be needing to travel with

You will be able to secure your item to the maximum as bag does come with a lockable full wrap around main zipper

If you are looking for one of the very best easy roll golf travel bag then this one is great for you as bag do have an easy to roll deluxe in line skate wheels which provide smooth action

The bag is very comfortable to carry as it does come with a durable padded carry strap which is very foamy and soft


Bag Boy T-2000 Travel Cover Video Review By Dynamic Brands


  • Very durable as they are very quality
  • Two oversized garment pocket  so that you can be able to store more equipment’s
  • Deluxe inline skate wheels for easy rolling
  • Ultra-thick wrap-around padded top for added durability
  • Well built and very stable
  • Padded strap which is durable and easy to use


  • Someone complained of bag ripping



Deluxe Golf Travel Mate Carry On Rolling Wheel Golf Cart Bag Case With TSA Lock(Best For Low Budget)

travel bag, best hybrid, hybrid bagVery easy to use and handle during playing, this bag is spacious enough that it accommodates all that you will be needing to play on course

The sturdy natures and well-protected cover makes the bag stand out among so many out there today, and due to its high quality make for un-unmatched durability, they are the best on review

The TSA lock system with 3 Velcro adds to the overall protection of your gears, this bag is very easy to roll brought about by using easy to use user-friendly wheels

The overall quality and design of this Travel bag will make your colleagues become bag envy, how about the perfect combination and mixture of color for un-precedent attraction

If you are in search for a great golf bag for airline check then this option can be the smartest investment you can ever make

Golf bag is very lightweight so that they are highly portable and mobile for easy carry


  • TSA lock system and 3 Velcro for protection
  • Quality and highly efficient for the best of longevity
  • Lightweight for un-matched portability
  • Best on reviews
  • Comes with lots of pockets to accommodate all your gears and equipment’s
  • Comes with a foamy and soft pull handle for un-matched comfortability
  • Easy to roll wheel and great for airline


  • Still waiting to see the cons


Porterline Golf Travel Cover, Hybrid Golf Bags With Wheels(Best Valued)

travel bag, golf bag, best hybrid, hybrid bagsThe Porter line may not be  a popular golf travel hybrid bag but surely it does boost as one of the very best for the quality golf bag

A great choice option for many professional golfers due to efficiency, durability, and quality

You are not just in for a bag rather you are in for a real choice of quality and classy, this bag is very spacious so that all your needs can be made readily available

For easy carrying, it does have an ergo design handle, your hears re well secured in this bag as it does come with a hardtop for travel

One amazing feature which is well characterized by this bags is that it does have a well-padded inn which adds to improved protection on your equipment’s

There is a 3 small pocket where you can store your mobile phones and accessories as well, to protect the jacket from dirt there is a fitted jacket covering

Porterline Golf Travel Cover, Hybrid Golf Bags Video Review By Jason Bright


  • Zippered heavy-duty for safety and protection on your gears
  • Pockets for mobile phones and other accessories
  • Very durable with maximum efficiency
  • Well padded, soft, and foamy inn
  • Lightweight so that they are very portable
  • Used by pros due to high taste of quality and efficiency
  • Very easy to roll as wheels are made of ball bearing skate
  • Lot of pockets which does include 6 large pockets for your clothing, accessories, and shoes
  • Fitted jacket to prevent the bag from getting dirty


  • Be the first to review



Ogio 2018 Mutant Travel Cover

Bag travel, travel hybrid, golf bag, travel bagsThe Ogio is a  well known recognizable and trusted brand worldwide when it comes to the production and manufacture of anything golf

And the Ogio 2018 Mutant Travel is no different from, the mutant comes with it comes tore compartment for more storage opportunities

This is a well-built bag with the best maneuvering features of which allows for quick, easy, and fun riding

Boost as one of the rarest to have a very secured  inn brought about thoroughly padding and foaming

This golf travel bag is also one of the lightest and portable golf travel bag, there is an internal cinch down strap which does help to secure the bag for easy entry

How about the roller coaster wheels which is very friendly and easy to push and maneuver, this is a very nice bag with high quality


Ogio 2018 Mutant Travel Cover Video Review By Golf Shake


  • Highly durable due to quality
  • Oversized easy wheel roller-coaster tires for quick maneuvering
  • Comfortable gel-like grip for the best of feeling
  • Extra storage room for your items
  • Well built and sturdy for un-matched stability
  • Fully padded top compartment which is oversized
  • Great for stand bag and tour bags


  • To protect the tip of your stick you need an umbrella rod


Sun Mountain 2018 ClubGlider Tour Series Golf Travel Cover Bag(Best On Review)

golfing hybrid, travelling bag, golf travelling, bag travelEveryone loves the Sun mountain due to un-matched efficiency, and this is no different, this travel bag can hold a single cart or stand bag similar to the Meridian

The quality of this travel bag beats your imagination and very rugged, when on the extra set of wheels it does glide easily for easy and quick maneuvering

How about the TSA lock which makes up for added protection and easy loading and unloading,

Amazingly thus travel bag does weigh less than your imagination as they are very ultra-lightweight, weighing only about 5 pounds, this qualify bag for the fly free program

Amazing customer service also makes this one s great choice to buy, this bag you will wheel around very effortlessly and stressfree

Go check the reviews, and thank your self later, as this bag does boost as one of the best for the quality and reviewed golf travel bag, offering you lots of space and pockets for your items

They are so so easy to move around or maneuver and this is brought about by the pivoting caster wheels

It does also come with solid and heavy dual zippered pockets running the bag full length so that you can easily load and offload your gears and valuables


Sun Mountain 2018 ClubGlider Tour Series Golf Travel Cover Bag Video Review By Travelling Golfer


  • Dual solid and heavy-duty zippers for easy on and offloading of your valuables
  • One of the best for quality and reviews
  • Well known and trusted brand makers
  • TSA lock system for added protection and ease
  • Superior maneuvering brought about by pivot caster wheels
  • One easy motion extend and retract leg mechanism
  • Very Lightweight
  • Lots of pocket and space for more items secure


  • Still waiting to see the cons


What Is A Golf Hybrid Bag?

Hybrid golf bag is the collection of both worlds, this bag type bridges the gap between traditional Stand bag and Cart bag

If you are a golfer who like to both walk and ride, this bag is a great option for you

The hybrid golf bag is slightly larger than a typical golf stand bag, this bag redesigned so that it offers additional storage and top cuff dividers

This bag type does include a double strap and stand system for easy carrying, hybrid golf bag also comes with some features which are Cart friendly, its some sort of a mix between features of a Stand bag and a Cart bag


The Idea Of A Hybrid Golf Bag, How It Came To Be?

Most of the larger stand bag which does come with a considerable number of divider, 5 and above divider to be precise were being put on the Cart when the golfer was heading to the tee

Observing these players, though they used their Cart to transport their bags yet they still preferred a stand bag and that was when the idea of a Hybrid bag was born

This is why a hybrid golf bag bridges the gap between a Traditional bag and a Cart bag, if you are a golfer who uses the Cart bag nut prefers the Stand Bag then in no doubt opt for the hybrid golf bag for it is right for you


Types Of Golf Bag?

When making a choice on bag you will be met with several options, this often sparks confusion especially for beginners, with this reason we are going to be giving a thorough explanation on the different type of bags for golf so that you can be able to have a better pre-informed decision and confidence as you make a choice on your bag next time

Your bag for golf-Staff Bag, Cart Bag, Stand Bag, Carry Bag, and Sunday Golf Bag

  • Staff Bag

The Staff Bag is the largest and biggest type of golf bag, this bag also know as tour bag is often seen among professional, Staff bag is made of the highest pedigree of quality this makes them very expensive

This bag type is often very weighty, weighing as much as 12 pounds, Staff bag are seen as an advertisement golf bag used to create awareness about a particular golf brand

In most cases anywhere you see a Staff bag negotiation or deal is involved, Staff bag does have a large space on the outside where brand is boldly displayed

There are many Staff Bag and one I will highly recommend is the Mavrik Golf Staff bag as this is a great and extremely quality golf

  • Cart Bag

Just as its name suggests, the Cart bag is designed for the Cart, this bag isn’t meant to be carried on shoulder as they are often very heavy and might cause fatigue

The Cart bag does come with a non-slip base which ensures that your bag is prevented from sliding off the Cart while on transit

Though Cart bag is heavy yet they are lighter and smaller when compared to the size of a Staff bag, Cart bags weighs about 6 to 7 pounds

The Cart bag also do have lots of pockets and spacious enough, though not as spacious or many as the Staff bag

  • Stand Bag

The stand bag just as its name applies is designed to stand, this bag type does come with dual retractable legs which can be retracted or protruded when needed

This bag type is the most balanced across all terrain due to its leg which gives it wide base support, Stand bag is also spacious and does come with enough pockets but not as much as the Staff or Cart bag

If you are a golfer who prefers walking down the course or going with the Cart, then the Stand bag is a great option for you

Stand bag weighs about 5 pounds, making them much lighter than those aforementioned above, Stand bag does come with a dual shoulder strap so that you can carry them comfortably on the shoulder

  • Carry Bag

The Carry bag just as its name depicts is a bag designed to be carried, the Carry bag does come with a dual strap so that they are easily carried and very comfortable

Manufacturers placed serious emphasis and attention on the strap of a Carry bag as it is meant to be carried, the Carry bag is made with dual strap carry so that there is a proper weight distributions across the bag so that your shoulder is comfortable and you have a great feel

  • Sunday Golf Bag

Sunday golf bag is also known as pencil golf bag as they are designed to be pencil-like, these bags are often slim and straight

The Sunday golf bag is designed to carry few clubs even though there are exceptions to that as some Sunday golf bag is able to carry as much as 14 clubs

If you are a golfer who chooses to focus on a particular aspect of your game, maybe driving the range or doing a putt, or hitting out of tough lies then the Sunday golf bag can be a great option for you

This bag type is usually the lightest and smallest type of golf bag, it does have a limited amount of storage which are often small, the Sunday Golf Bag weighs as low as 2 pounds

It only allows you to carry vital or essential clubs and not the complete set, they are very easy and the most convenient to carry

  • Hybrid Golf Bag

Hybrid golf bag are quite recent in the golf market space and are often made for travel, that is they are usually golf travel bags

An example of a hybrid golf bag is the five different travel gold bag reviewed in this article



Golf bag is a great essential to every golfer as it does serve as a protection to your expensive gears

As serious as golfer put into consideration their club, so should they for bags, your golf bag serves as a home for your items so therefore must be chosen wisely and correctly

As a golfer who loves to travel, you will be needing a golf travel bag as it does help in protecting your expensive gears and other related items

Today’s golfing do have in great offer the best on sale golf travel hybrid bag on the market

Hybrid golf gravel bag have been lately on high demand as it offers the best of both worlds, it does offer a golf bag with shell top to help protect your items with an easy to carry soft bag

It can be very overwhelming in an attempt to make a decision on which golf hybrid travel bag to buy, this is why we have given you the true and up to date list of the best travel bag on reviews for this year

Looking for the best golf bag for traveling? We’ve got you covered, you have the list before you and any of this will do must good, whether you’ve got a low budget or have enough to spend on exceptionally quality and efficient travel bag, you have the best-reviewed before you



















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