In the end, you should be able to list the best indoor putting green so as to be able to determine which is best for you or not

The importance of ”putting” cannot be over undermined as we all know how this helps in lowering your scores

One of the very core aspects of golf is putting, in the end after hitting with your driver and out of the bunker with your wedges, at last, it all ends in a putt using your putter club

Working on your putt at home is what every golfer can do and if you want some confidence over those testy par putt on the course this is one of the practices that you can do

Note: Statistic has it, that the average golfer will take between 30 to 40 putts per round of golf 

If you are keen and serious about improving your putting skills and lowering your scores then a putting green or a putting mat is a great asset to invest in

With a putting green, you do not have to get to the range or golf course since you can do that from the comfort of your homes

Improving putting scores for many golfers seems to be a long-lived dream and with a putting mat achieving such a feat becomes easier than ever, thanks to technology and advancement

During the early days of golf, there was literally nothing of the sort called a portable putting green if you want to improve your scores you simply had no option than to move down the golf course or range

In this blog post, we are going to be listing the best indoor putting mat on sale for the year

Indoor golf during this Covid-19 pandemic seems to be the real deal as more and more golfers turn to home for practice, this is because the course was shut down to curtain the spread of the virus-Covid

While golf simulator helps you to improve to analyze your shot data and hit your iron and wood indoor, putting green on the other hand allows you to practice putting, after all, it is all about practice

For your golf simulator please refer here Best golf simulator to invest in

Just like the adage goes ”Practice makes perfect”, with the invention of indoor you have no excuse as a golfer for low performance as you can practice from the comfort of your homes

Not everyone can afford top of the line putting green however there are many affordable solutions in the market

Many things make up for a great putting green, these qualities include turf, wrinkle, resistance, size, and ability to play break among others

Each of the green we review in this article cut across a different range of budget and they are great for indoor golf which includes your homes, office, or wherever there is enough space for storage

In this post also take you through the guide on what consideration you should put in mind to help you make the best selection on your putting mat so as to avoid making the mistakes that first-time buyers make

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Best Indoor Putting Green For Indoor/Outdoor Golf 2021

  • BOBURN Golf Putting Green(Best On Review For Low Budget)

Best putting green on sale

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The BOBURN is a well known and trusted brand for its excellent and well quality and highly efficient golf putting mat

This mat on review is great for indoor and outdoor golf, experience the real feel of the course made possible through its true roll surface which simulates real green condition with a similar stamp reading about 10

This is a heavy-duty mat made of the highest quality material that you can find anywhere this makes them very durable and efficient for the best-golfing experience

The BOBURN Golf Putting green can adhere to any surface as it does have a soft high  elastic base

features three golf holes similar to the one at the course and how about the stainless steel flag post and the cup as well

Whether you want it indoor or outdoor, in your backyard or patio this mat is just right, I love them as they are wide enough to contain you and all your putt

Note: You can take up to 7ft maximum as the longest putt, you have the option to make a choice from different sizing


  • Dimension: 5 x 10ft
  • Flags: 3
  • Holes: 3
  • Cup: 1
  • Weight: 26.8 pounds

BOBURN Golf Putting Green Video Review By Pro Review TV



  • Very quality and efficient for a real golf experience
  • Very realistic feel as the course
  • The grass is in a solid rubber surface that is durable and really fun to play(Very thick base)
  • Great for indoor and outdoor use
  • Removable and replaceable flag
  • Can be installed permanently outside as they are very tough and great for all-weather


  • Heavy duty but highly foldable


  • FORB Professional Putting Mat(Best Valued)

Best putting green-Putting mat 2021

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The FORB professional putting mat is the best of its kind and just as its name suggests, it is one of the highest quality golf mats which are common among the pros, even at that, you do not have to be a pro to use it

This gives you the truest feel of the course and if you want to have the best, I mean the best experience out of your putting, do not hesitate as this is the perfect one

No putting mat comes near this on our list when it comes to quality, efficiency, and truly feel of the course

They are well suited for both indoor and outdoor, this professional mat can be rolled out just anywhere and is suited for any weather condition

Trust, you will never be short of putting practice,  you will be able to replicate real-life golf green with this high-end golf putting green

Mat features a 40mm and 12mm thick rough green created using artificial turf, this is awesome!!!

When it comes to sharpening your skills in little time, this is the perfect machine like no other

You get to choose from three sizing-Standard, XL, or XXL pro putting mat, the standard version is 12ft and features 2 holes whereas 13ft and 20ft options have each 4ft strategically placed hole for the best-golfing experience

They can be easily rolled up and stored as they are highly portable and extremely durable


  • 40mm & 12mm thick
  • 12ft mat: 2 holes
  • 13 & 20ft: 4 holes
  • Sizing : 3(Standard, XL, and XXL)

FORB Professional Putting Mat Video



  • Best valued and have a real feel as the course for the best of putting experience
  • Highly portable and easily rollable
  • Professional standard so you get the real feel of the course like no other
  • Highly rollable and portable
  • Great for indoor and outdoor
  • Works perfectly on the carpet and in any weather


  • Expensive


  • 6 Feet x 15 Feet professional Synthetic Turf Practice Putting Green

Best putting green 2021

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If you are looking for a quality easy way of putting green then the DIY is the place to go, DIY is a trusted and well popular brand when it comes to the manufacture and distribution of your putting green and you would never go wrong with this

This mat does have a dimension of 6Feet x 15Feet wide which gives you enough practice room, I love them as well as they are very quality and highly efficient

Just like the FORB, this is also a professional golf mat that mimics the real turf and gives you the best-golfing putting experience

This green lay flat without nail as a result of its heavy backing which is quite a weight than regular artificial turf and that is amazing

As said earlier the quality is great as stressed by a buyer, ”this exceed my expectation and if I had enough space I would order another” so said a one time buyer

”It’s hard to find large putting green without spending over $1000, putting green is awesome and I have purchased 3” so said another buyer

Water drain thru the mat well and perfectly


  • Dimension: 72 x 8 x 8 inches
  • Material: Fiber
  • Weight: 70 Pounds
  • Manufacturer: All Turf Mat
  • Flag: 2
  • Cup:2

Building A Backyard Putting Green Video Review By GolfTVMedia



  • Exceptional design
  • Very quality and highly efficient
  • Realistic turf like feel
  • Great for all golfers
  • Water drain through very easily


  • Edge curls


  • 77Tech Large Artificial Grass Golf Putting Green

Best indoor/outdoor putting green 2021

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This a professional golf mat that is designed for indoor and outdoor use and they are made of a waterproof base which makes them very efficient even in wet conditions as the waterproof base prevents water or moisture from getting into it

Because of this waterproof base, it can be placed directly on the surface of the mud, grassland, cement, and asphalt without the fear of its getting damaged

This mat is designed to stay smooth and if you are looking for one of the best easy to maintain and clean golf putting greens then you can barely go wrong with the 77tech

When it comes to durability if used carefully and maintained it can last you for as long as 5-8 years and this is great

This putting green does have a premium back which is able to eliminate folds and creases

How about the 10mm synthetic grass, 30mm two-tone grass, 10mm thickness rubber foam base for the best stability and high efficiency

Since they are designed for indoor and outdoor use too they can be used in the balcony, living room, office, garden, and many more and they are also very portable and easy to fold as well


  • Dimension: 4 X 10ft
  • Golf holes: 3 set
  • Cup: 3
  • Flag: 3
  • putting surface: 15 by 12 ft

  • 77Tech Large Artificial Grass Golf Putting Green Video Review By Leslie S. Russel



  • Very quality and solid
  • Cylindrical drainage rubber bottom for wet conditions
  • Great for indoor and outdoor
  • Stainless steel putting green hole for the sound of the real court playing and this brings joy
  • Fast shipping


  • Someone complained of it being small than imagined


  • Gratech Golf Putting Green

Best putting green for indoor and outdoor golfing

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The Gratech is a high-quality golf mat made for premium artificial grass turf for a real feel of the course

Similar to the putting mat on our lies the one is  a great option for indoor and outdoor, home and office use

They are easy to clean and practice on this makes them great for beginners and intermediate golfers

With good care and proper maintenance you can use it for up to 5 to 8 years, this is exceptional!!!

The golf putting material boost of

  • 10mm synthetic short grass
  • 35mm nylon+PP long grass
  • 10mm thick high elastic rubber foam base to prevent them from getting soaked by water or damp condition, this also makes them be great for the outdoor as well
  • Hole depth of about 20mm/0.8inch


  • Dimension: 5ft x 10
  • Golf hole cup: 3
  • Flag: 3

How To Build A Putting Green/ Mini-Golf Hole At Home Video Review By Fish Over Chicks Woodworking



  • Suitable for different difficulty of putting practice
  • Can last up to 5 to 8 years which means it is very quality and highly efficient
  • 3 stainless double-layer hole cup
  • Indoor and outdoor
  • Highly rollable for the best of portability
  • Long and short artificial grass
  • feels like the real course


  • Someone complained of disappointment as size is a little smaller than 5ft by 10


What Are The Factors I Should Consider When Choosing A Putting Green For Indoor/Outdoor Golf?

You do not just make a choice on your putting mat as there are some laid down rules which when properly and diligently followed would help you make the best of choice out of your putting mat

Lots of golfers especially novices when it comes to buying a putting green make a lot of mistakes as they do not put this factor into consideration

We do not want you to make such mistakes, for this reason, we bring to you the key factors which are to be considered when making  choices on your putting green in 2021

In golf, you know that the first swing is crucial but most golfers pay less attention to the final which is putt

Remember every round of golf begins with a driver hitting from the tee and ends with putting using the driver club called a putter

You might not know how to buy a putting mat, not to worry you are about to become an expert through this guide

After this putting at buying guide, you will see how easy and stress-free it takes to buy a putting mat or putting green

  • Skill Level

Your skill level determines which putting at is best suited for you as they’re very high-end quality putting mat and there are putting mat of less quality

Do you want a professional level putting green worth of the PGA champions? or do you want one for fun activity in your backyard as you would know recreational putting turf is very different from the material a scratch golfer will use

Note: Putting mat for professional is of the highest quality and highly efficient, this feels exceptionally like the real course and are highly durable as well but as you will expect they can be very expensive as they offer the best of putting experience

  • Maintenance

I bet you do not want to buy something that you cannot be able to maintain, each of this putter offers different maintenance ratio, while some require constant maintenance other might require less

If you do your putting just for fun you can expect that it requires less maintenance whereas the professional standard requires lots of maintenance and care

  • Stimp/Speed

Golf putting green offers different stimp/speed, the speed of your ball is highly dependent on the stimp reading of the turf

But as a general attestation recreational turf(Unprofessional) is slower than the professional turf

  • Price

After what has been said, it all boils down to how much you are willing to spend on your golf putting mat

There are affordable golf mats and expensive ones, your budget says a lot, if you have got low budget then it is most likely an unprofessional putting green as the professionals are pricey

  • Sizing

Your golf putting mat is available in different sizes(Width and breadth) while some are smaller others are larger

An example s when you take into consideration all the listed putting mats in this article you will find out that they aren’t of the same sizing


Does Indoor Putting Green Help?

The question which begs fr the answer if indoor putting green help is no question because they do help

One of the very ways to lower your scores and become better at putting is to practice indoors, with an indoor putting golf mat you do not need to visit the course all the time as you can practice improving your game from the comfort of your homes

With an indoor putting green, you have two options now- either go to the course or practice at home

One of the very benefits of an indoor putting mat is the fact that you do not have to visit the course all the time especially during late nights or early morning

So I ask the question, does indoor golf putting mat helps? The answer is a resounding yes and worth an investment

Is Indoor Putting Mat Worth It?

Whether it is an indoor putting mat or an outdoor putting mat, they are worth it as they give help to give better feedback on your putting stroke thus lowering your scores and improving your game

The weave and speed of home carpet putting green makes a better option for the improvement of putting fundamentals

Is Backyard Putting Green Worth It?

Whether you want to add some fun to your backyard or you are best at improving your game, a putting mat is great to help you achieve that

Golf Putting green which is made from artificial materials allows you to do both, with artificial golf putting mat you can transform your backyard into your own private putting green

What Is A Perfect For Backyard Putting Mat?

Firstly, it all depends on the space allocated in the backyard however as a standard rule the god size of a backyard putting golf mat should be around 500 square feet while that for a commercial project around 1500 square feet


How To Make A Putting Green With A Real Grass?

  • Making your putting green with real grass would involve taking the following steps
  • Make a choice on location
  • Get soil ready
  • Add drainage system
  • Make separate the green
  • Place the hole
  • Go ahead and do the planting of seed
  • Fertilize, water, mow, repeat
  • Lastly, do finishing touches


To Grow A Golf Putting Mat, How long Does It Take?

Just like with growing any other thing, growing a putting green would take some time as you do not expect it to happen overnight

If you have decided to grow a putting green instead of buying you should be aware of factors such as the species of turfgrass, date of planting, the weather condition, and the construction length affect the length it takes to grow a putting mat

However, with all things being equal, it takes between 60 to 120days to have the construction process complete for 18 golf putting green


Green mowing, How Often Is It Done?

How often the green is mowed would be dependent on the staff size and your budgeting, the more budgeting and staff the faster it would be and vice versa

Grass-type and weather also play an important role as well with all things being equal your golf mat/green should be mowed at least five times in a week and for the extreme, 6 to 7 days in a week


Why Do They Apply Sand To The Green?

Sands are applied to the green because it does help to cushion leaf tips and crowns and reduces the activities of algae

Sand also help for increased firmness and better resilience, there is a production of organic matter in the upper root zone that creates soft, spongy playing ground


What Type Of Grass Is A Putting Mat For Indoor/Outdoor Golf  Made From?

In the united states, there are about three most commonly managed turfgrasses on the golf putting green/mat

This turfgrass include Bermudagrass, creeping bentgrass, and Poa annua


What Is Putting Green Material?

Putting green is made from synthetic turf, one of the greatest benefits of synthetic turf is that it is maintenance-free as you do not have to worry about maintaining or growing the grass rather all you do is just enjoy the fun of playing golf


What Is The Importance Of Indoor Golf?

One of the very benefits of indoor golf is that it gives you an opportunity to practice in winter so as to improve on yourself and your game from the comfort of your homes, office, backyard, balcony, etc

With a complete indoor golf setup, you do not have to visit the course when it is not convenient

Complete indoor golf  game would include a



One of the most important aspects of your game is putting, this is because you are going to be doing it all the time

While the first hitting golf club for every round of golf is the driver whereas the last hitting club is the putter which is used to do a putt

After hitting off the tee and using the irons to hit out of every tough lie, at last, it all boils down to your putting skills

A putting green gives you the option to practice golf, precisely putting from the comfort of your home

With a putting mat, you will have the chance to improve on your game by lowering your scores, thank technology and innovation which has made it so easy and convenient to practice indoor golf from your homes, office, backyard, balcony, etc without the need to visit the course

And if you are serious about improving your putting skills then it is very paramount that you get a putting green as this gives you an opportunity to practice when it is best convenient for you even when the golf course is closed

In this blog post, we have listed the best golf putting green to help you become better at putting with this mat you would have yourself to than later


If you find this very helpful please do share!!! Have a nice day, Happy golfing





































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