In the end, you should be able to list the best ladies’ golf driver for beginners so as to determine which one is best suited for you

Are you a woman who is just getting started with golfing and looking for a golf driver best suited for you?

We’ve got your back, today’s golfing offers the best on sale golf drivers for the beginner or newbie and it doesn’t matter whether you are a man are a woman there is just the right driver for you

However, in this blog post, we are going to be listing out the best on sale drivers for female newbies

For golf drivers for men beginners, please refer here: Best golf driver for men beginners

Before listing out this best for women beginner golf driver, we must understand the concept driver and what it means in golfing terms

What Is A Golf Driver

As a beginner you probably are not familiar with the club called driver, A Driver is one of the most important clubs you will be needing in your club set

It is usually the first hitting club in a round of golf, as the name portrays, ”Driver,” It is used to hit long-range shots, as a matter of fact, it is the club used for hitting the longest range distance so that the ball gets closer to the hole

Since it is the first hitting club in every round of golf it is very important to make a careful selection that will help to spice up your game

Making the right choice on golf driver is a daunting task, especially for beginners

Our top picks are based on intensive research, reviews, and feedback all with an effort to bring you the best on sale for newbie females today

How To Choose A Golf Driver For Ladies

Golf drivers have changed in comparison to that used a decade ago, this present golf driver offers new and better technological features to better enhance your game

With this, the current driver is bigger, easier, and lighter to hit and swing also, when making a choice on your driver club

There are 7 major aspects that you should consider Skill Level, Size and Shape , Color, Loft, Shaft Flexibility, Adjustability

Things to consider when selecting a golf driver for the beginner or amateur are as follows

  • Skill Level

Avid or serious golfers may find the need for a driver upgrade as their swing progresses or as they get better at their game

It is advisable that you look for a driver which fits your swing or one that helps you get the most out of your swing no matter your skill level

If you are confused about which driver is best suited for your swing then a knowledgeable golf instructor or a pro shop attendance can help you analyze your swing and make the best suggestions for you

There are other ways to help determine which club is best suited for you like experimenting with various clubs until your find the one that is perfect for you

Note: A club designed to address your swing would definitely improve or have a positive impact on your game and that is what you should be looking at


  • Size & Shape Of Head

The size of your head driver would have a great impact on your game as they are very forgiving

According to the USGA, the highest size you driver’s head can be is 460cc, there are many advantage to selecting a big-headed driver and one of such

Means you will have greater impact on your swing and more longer range shot distance driver and speed

Head shape is also a crucial consideration, and there are four different head shapes for drivers this shapes are square, spare, round and extended

The round-headed driver is a great choice for beginners since they are not bulky in comparison to square-faced


Picking the proper length is also an important factor when trying to make the best selection on golf driver for beginners

The loft determines the angle of the club face thus has great impact on your distance and direction

One of the rules of loft selection says, the higher your swing speed the lower your loft and the lower the swing speed the higher the loft of the driver you will be needing

Having said this the case always prove that beginners do have slower swing speed


A flexible shaft is the best for beginners since it compliment for slower swing speed, with a flexible shaft you will achieve longer ball distance travel and speed

This shaft should be lightweight as well so that you can get better feel and ball control on your hits

As a beginner using a heavy shafted club would result in more mishit and less accuracy so it’s best to get clubs with lighter shaft

You should also put into consideration your height, the length of your shaft will also greatly impact on your game

Making a choice on length of shaft will depend on your height, if you are short then a shaft with short length is best suited and if you are tall you need a shaft that is lengthy

How To Avoid Making The Wrong Selection On Shaft As A Beginner

You can do this by measuring your arm length as some tall golfers do have short arms and others might have long arms

The standard shaft length is around 45 inches however you can find a length of shaft of 48 inches

For the tall golfers with tall arms, you can use any of this shaft length since your arm being tall and hanging from a long position will complement any shaft length

However short golfers or tall golfers with short arms are more restricted to shorter shaft length as that will fit them best

Having said this you do not really need to bother really much about all the jargon that has been said as we have carefully and thoroughly crafted the most recommended driver for you

Best For Women Beginners Golf Driver Reviewed

  • Cobra Golf F9 Women’s Speedback Driver

Beginner women, best driver, for beginnersThe Cobra Golf 2019 F9 Women’s Speedback Driver boost as one of the very easy to hit golf drivers for women, designed for ultimate forgiveness and one of its kind

It is the fastest and longest cobra driver, it does come with a speed back aero design speed technology this helps for higher ball trajectory and ball launch

Achieve optimum distance with better ball precision all made possible through this insanely forgiving and responsive golf club

Add distance to your driver brought about by the dual role technology this is done by minimizing the gear effect that negatively impacts launch and spin

If you are looking for a good quality golf driver without breaking the bank then this is a great choice for you


  • Brand: Cobra
  • Weight: 1 Pound 
  • Dimension: 7 x 5 x 48 inches
  • Color Option: 1( Black/Rose Gold)
  • Speed back technology
  • Speed back aero design 
  • Low CG Speed Back Weighing
  • Dual Roll Technology 


Cobra Golf F9 Women’s Speedback Driver Video Review By Golf Monthly


  • Very forgiving and exceptionally responsive brought about by proper weight balancing and weighing
  • Easy to hit with maximum feedback and feel
  • Very flexible for the best distance and control
  • Speed back aero design for higher ball launch and accurate trajectory


  • Not for left hand


  • Taylormade Women’s RBZ Driver

Characterized by its incredible performance through tour-proven technology

Taylormade works tirelessly to bring you top-notch golfing technology for an enhanced and improved golf game

The adjustable features make them quite loveable  as you can fine-tune your shots and performance such that will improve your game

Note: It does come with a headcover 

Hit straighter and longer shots and most importantly with consistency, its proper weight balancing makes them very responsive and does offer the best feeling

Ball rolls off the face easily and quickly, when it comes to quality this is a good quality golf driver which ensures longevity on use

You will love them for their unique weight as they are lightweight with the best feel and ball control on every single hit

We love the fact that this driver does come with an adjustable loft whicb makes it possible to have the club customized to your own specification


  • Brand: Taylormade
  • Weight: 
  • Dimension: 
  • Color Option
  • Legendary speed pocket
  • Adjustable loft 






  • Legendary speed pocket for high launch and low spin
  • Large titanium head driver with adjustable loft for a more streamlined shots and ball control
  • Highly forgiving and easy to hit
  • Flexible and comfortable grip for the best feel and ball speed
  • Made of quality and club comes with a headcover



Not for left hand


Taylormade M4 Draw Type Driver

Get your mishit straightened more than your expectation with the Taylormade M4 Draw Type Driver

This club will help greatly with your slice, this driver features a two new innovation which does create insane forgiveness and extreme distance on every single hit

There is a technology which is incorporated on this driver known as twist face technology which helps for side spin reduction by loft alteration in areas of common mishit

They are very flexible brought about by the hammer slot in the sole of which does helps to create a large sweetspot for the best of forgiveness and feedback on hit

You will feel very comfortable using this driver as it offers the best of distance and ball speed and control for game improvement

When it comes to quality you can’t beat them as you get what you pay for, its time to take your gam to the next level and grow confidence along the line


Hammer head slot which is reinforced for a more lighter and flexible face

Flexible center slot for increased ball speed on weak shots

New face curvature for straighter shots and reduced spin

Adjustable loft

More ball distance and speed

Made of quality so that they are very durable


Might take some time getting used to




Taylormade 2018 Women’s Kalea Ultralite Driver

golf drivers, club driver, best women, women beginnersThe Taylormade 208 Women’s Kalea Ultralite Driver is engineered for more speed and distance, if you’ve got low swing speed and looking for a very comfortable club driver with one of the best control feature’s then this club is for you

This driver does boost of an ultra lite speed pocket technology and this helps increase ball speed and spin

This club is very lightweight as someone described it as light as feather, this lightweight nature makes them very easy to control with maximum feedback and speed

With this driver club you will easily and quickly get the ball into the air an most importantly with accurate trajectory


Low deep center of gravity to easily get the ball into the air

Ultralite speed pocket technology for more ball speed and control

Easy to hit and well optimized for higher ball launch and trajectory

Good quality driver

Comes with a headcover for club protection


Someone complained of paint chipping off



Callaway Golf 2019 Epic Flash Driver

golf beginner, women beginner, golf driver, bestThe Callaway Golf 2019 Epic Flash Driver is one unmatched on rivaled, when it comes to quality tis is one of the best

For golfers who have enough cash to spend on clubs and care about quality and classy then this is your choice

There is a new technology employed by this driver called flash face which helps you get more ball speed and control

This driver boost of an adjustable perimeter weighing for better ball flight and trajectory target

They are easy to swing and very lightweight this create more response and feedback on every hi

Club fits everyone game brought about by the adjustable hosel, this epic driver which does come with an advanced head shape have an high MOI which will give you exceptionally forgiveness even on a mishit


The present of a flat face helps increase ball speed and distance

Jail break technology for faster ball speed  and control

Comfortable and flexible grip for the best of feel and feedback

Adjustable perimeter weighing for more optimized ball flight trajectory


Someone complained of no head cover



Golf driver is one of the most important club you will be needing in your golf set as it is used to hit the longest range distance shots

It is used to hit off the tee, this makes it the first hitting club in any round of golf

A lot of confusion comes to the mind of the beginner golfer who is scouting for the best suited driver

This is why we have chosen to give you the true and up to date list of this best on sale golf driver for women who is just getting started with golfing















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