In the end, you should be able to list the best on sale ladies waterproof golf bags

The need for a golf bag cannot be overemphasized as it is a dwelling place for your gears and golfing accessories

It is not an option but an obligation that you get your own golf bag since it is the medium whereby your clubs are transported down to the course

However, there are different materials used In the production of bags for golfing

Golf bag can be made generally from two materials, namely waterproof and non-waterproof materials

While the first being ”Waterproof”, prevents water from penetrating through, the latter does not prevent water from penetration

Let the rain or wet conditions have no hold on you rather let this fear disappear and be nothing to worry about any longer

Today’s golfing offers the best waterproof golf bags for ladies, you will be needing waterproof golf bags so that you can be able to play against the weather

This golf bag made of waterproof does not just provide a convenient pocket but rather it will give your gears a more prolonged life

You have come to the right place if you are short of knowledge on how to make the right selections on waterproof golf bags

In today’s blog post we are going to be listing the best waterproof golf bags for women

For women’s golf bag(Waterproof and non water proof) please refer here: Best golf bags for women

Our picks are backed by intensive research, reviews, and feedback all with an effort to bringing you the best on sale waterproof golf bags for ladies

These waterproof golf bags are not necessarily for men but for women, this does not mean that they aren’t great for men, it simply means they are well suited for women and not for men

Looking for the best on sale waterproof golf bag best suited for the females? We’ve got you covered


The Need For A Waterproof Golf Bag For Women

Imagine playing under the rain and your golf bag getting soaked, the waterproof golf bag is here to address such challenge by expelling water from entering into your bags

The need for a golf bag made of waterproof arose from man’s need to play under the rain without bags getting soaked

This bag ensures you play under wet conditions without the fear of your bags getting soaked

With this bag, you are at peace as it repels the rain which stops it from getting into your bags and affecting your gears and other related items


Are Waterproof Golf Bags For Women Worth It?

Waterproof golf bags are really worth it, even though it will cost you more, getting a waterproof golf bag will be usually more expensive than a non-waterproof

This is brought about by its long-lasting, quality, and durable nature for the best efficiency

And most especially it can be used in wet conditions without the bag getting wet  as it made of materials that repel water so that your gears and other items remain safe and un-wet

With this bag, you can comfortably play in the rain even on a sudden downpour without the fear of getting drenched wet

If you live in a rainy area or where there is usually thunderstorm a waterproof golf bag is great and a smart choice to invest in

A waterproof golf bag does the job by keeping everything dry, right from your clubs to other materials inside your bag

Without further delay, here is the long-awaited list of the best on sale for today


Best Water-proof Golf Sports Bags Reviewed For Women

Category Forte/ Torrent 14 Hybrid Waterproof Golf Bag

Waterproof bag,golf bag, for women, women's bag, women's waterproofCategory Forte makes one of the finest and guaranteed golf bags, these bags are built for maximum durability and are water repellant to the core

To ensure waterproofing bag is made using 420 denier nylon with thermoplastic coating both all exterior and interior surfaces

There is only one simple thing to do when this bag is immersed in water and that being, pick up a ”rag” and just wipe

The material used in the coating of the bag is ultraviolet resistant, materials are also resistant to heat and cold

There are quite a great number of outstanding features which does make the bag a classic and that include and is not restricted to

8 wide pocket design, with an inclusion of a large side apparel pocket, mid-sized pocket(2), Premium deep valuable lined pockets, cellphone and glasses separator, and many more

This is a stand bag with lots of zippered pockets so that bags are equipment are kept secured and kept in place


  • Very quality with strong waterproofing
  • This bag does come with a stand
  • Lots of pockets for more storage
  • Well designed, solid with lots of zippered pockets for better protection on clubs and gears
  • Removable quick shoulder strap
  • Incredible cooler pockets


  • Still waiting to see the cons


Golf Stand Bag Organizer Nylon Waterproof

Waterproof bag, waterproof golf,bag waterproofDesigned with lots of practical storage and great for wet conditions, with this nylon waterproof golf bag, you will have no worries about wet conditions again

This is a stand bag with all the space and utilities you will ever need, they are lightweight, weighing about 2.36kg so that they are easy and quick to carry

Made of thick and foamy shoulder strap so that they are very comfortable and friendly to carry on

It does come with a whopping 14 split access area at the top so that your gears and other related items are well organized and kept in a tidy manner for easier sorting’s and referencing

If you seek highly spacious golf bags, well solid and balanced, then this might just be a great option for you

Amazingly with these bags comes storage space for things down to your towel, umbrella, clothes, and many more

Comes with a cool looking and a gorgeous zippered pocket in front and this adds up to the overall look of the bag


Golf Stand Bag Video Review By Golfer Authority


  • Lots of storage spaces for your items
  • Solid and well-balanced stand
  • Great and quality material waterproof bag which keeps your mind at peace even when on rain as you rest assured that bag will never get wet
  • Lightweight and very portable
  • Highly organized with lots of dividers to help keep gears and other items safe and easy to sort
  • Lots of zippered pocket for gears protection
  • Soft and foamy thick shoulder strap for unmatched comfortability and feel
  • Very colorful and attractive brought about by perfect color combination and blending


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Men’s And Women Standing Golf Club Bags

Resistant water, water resistant, waterproof bag, best waterproofIf you are in search of one of the most affordable yet extremely quality golf bag made of waterproof, then this is a great pick

This Waterproof golf bag is Unisex, that is, whether you are a man or woman, it is just great,

One thing that makes these bags stand out and that is highly portable in nature, yet without sacrificing functionality and space

They are so so easy to carry and well portable, they are wear-resistant and durable brought about by quality microfiber leather used in its exquisite workmanship

With this bag comes a good partition design which dos help for proper club and equipment segmentation

There is a stable high hardness rubber base and this does help to provide a stable and well-balanced foundation for your bag

If you are a traveler and want to go with your golf bag, this one is great as it does not eat up much space as compared to a whole lot out there


  • Very quality and well-structured bag
  • Highly organized and easy to carry
  • Lightweight with exceptional portability
  • Lots of pockets to pick up more items
  • Detachable shoulder strap for customization preferences
  • Easy to use and maintain


  • Not really as wide as other golf bags


PearGolf Liberty Stand bag

Great golf bag for your cart, this bag is a perfect blend of utility and styling and great for golfers who love being classy

This is a well-organized golf bag brought about by its 14 full-length dividers for proper arrangement and categorizing

You will love this bag as it does come with a waterproof zipper, top rain cover, surprisingly with full-length dividers for club separation

The front pocket being gorgeous and wide adds to the overall beauty and attraction of the bag

The cross strap is so very comfortable as they are made of soft and foamy material for unmatched feel and relief

You aren’t just buying a waterproof golf bag, you are buying quality and efficiency, as this bag is made from high-quality waterproof nylon protecting from the wet

For secure standing even on inconvenient terrain, it does have a well structured big stand


  • Breathable mesh fabrics which do prevent perspiration when carried
  • Big and solid stand for balance and stability on uneven terrain
  • Flexible and ergonomic carry strap for un-matched convenient
  • 14 full-length dividers for maximum club packaging and arrangement
  • Very lightweight so that they are very portable and easy to move around
  • Extremely durable zippered pockets for maximum protection


  • Still waiting to see the cons


Taylormade Deluxe Waterproof Cart Golf Bag

water resistant, resistant water, golf bagLet the rain or wet condition have no hold on you, made possible through not just this quality but extremely spacious golf bag from brand Taylormade

If you are looking for one of the best for value golf bags from one of the greatest and well known established brand then the Taylormade is such a great brand

With this bag comes a 15 way top with 3 full-length dividers for un-matched and classical organization of your golfing gears and other related equipment’s

It does come integrated with a putter well pocket which is very large so that your putter is well balanced and fitted

Bags are able to stay firmly on the cart due to the key lock base, if you are looking for a very lightweight ad well solid, and balanced golf bags on sale today then this is  a great choice

Go check the reviews and see for yourself, it does come with a large zipper for proper protection of your gears and equipment’s


Taylormade Deluxe Waterproof Cart Golf Bag Video Review By Ting & Tang Tv


  • Very quality for exceptional durability
  • Solid and very well balanced so that bags are able to stand on their own
  • Very large pocket so that you will be able to carry extra equipment’s
  • Perfect blend and combination of colors for un-matched attraction and exceptional beauty
  • Large putter well pocket so that putter seats well and is properly protected and covered


  • Someone complained of an umbrella getting on the way of trolley
  • Someone complained of relatively small zippers


Things To Consider When Choosing A Waterproof Golf Bag

  • Weight

When making a choice on your golf bag you should consider weight as golf bags come in different weight, the more pocket and more spacing a bag offers the more weighty it becomes

Golf bags are either lightweight or heavy, bag types like the Staff Bag and the Cart Bag are often the heaviest bags

This makes them great for the Trolley or caddy and arent meant to be carried on the shoulder as they are very heavy and uneasy

  • Dividers 

example of golf bag divider

How Golf Bag divider looks like

Golf bags are available with different divider, some offer few dividers while other offer lots of dividers

This is the rule, the more number of dividers your ag have the better organized and easy to sort your gear and equipment will turn out to be however they will be usually heavier

Golf bag with few length dividers are usually lighter and more portable than one which offers lots of dividers

These dividers in your bag can either be full length or half-length, whether full or half both helps to organize your gears and equipment to prevent club crowding

The full-length divider does have the divider run full length from top to bottom, this is the most preferred type of divider due to its thorough organization of your items

The half-length divider runs halfway and still does organize your equipment to prevent crowding or entanglement

If you take into consideration the list of the best waterproof golf bag for women you sure agree with me that each of these listed bags does have its own unique number of divider for better organization of your golfing tools

  • Pricing

Your bag for golf are available at different pricing, the better the quality the more expensive it will be

When making a choice on your golf bag you should be looking for one which gives you maximum value for the price but it must be well noted that you should consider quality with this be ready to spend a little bit more to get the best

There are cheaper golf bags out there but these bags might not guarantee long-lasting durability this is why you should be looking for one which offers the best of quality though it cost you a little bit more

  • Bag Type

One of the very crucial thing that must be put into consideration as you go on a hunt for your new golf bag is the bag type

There are a whole lot of golfer who sees it no need in familiarizing themselves with the different aspect of golf bag

This can lead to making the wrong choice on your golf bag, having said this, your bag for golf are well categorized into 5 and these are

Staff Bag, Cart Bag, Stand Bag, Carry Bag, and Travel Bag

If you are a golfer who is in love with your space and lots of pockets then the Staff bag is for you or you have a caddie or plan to own one then the Staff Bag is for you but bear in mind that this bag type is very luxurious so they are expensive

You can also opt for the Cart bag if you’ve got a cart and in love with your space and lots of pockets but the Cart bag is noticeably smaller than the Staff Bag

For the golfer who enjoys walking down the course then the Stand bag or Carry bag will mean a great option as they are designed to carry and does come with a well-developed carry strap system for weight balancing across the shoulder

If you are a golfer who loves traveling a lot and want to still enjoy your game at your destination then the travel golf bag would mean a great option to help you achieve that

  • Features and pocket

example of golf bag features

Golf Bag feature example

While there are lots of bag on sale for the golfer, each of this bag offers unique features which makes them quite distinct from each other

Some of these features include and is not restricted to water bottle holder, holder for an umbrella, Separate putter well, pockets for your valuables, rain gear, golf ball pocket, cooler pocket, and many more

You should know or make peace with which features best resonates with you and which you are best comfortable with

Some bags offer lots of pockets while some offer few pockets, more pocket means more storage option and less pocket means less storage option

But as you will expect the more pocket the bag does have the more weight the bag would be and vice versa


Type Of Golf Bag

As said earlier lots of people make mistake when in a hunt for a new bag for their clubs, this mistake is more often than not as a result of not knowing the different type of golf bag and the situation to which it is best suited

Your bag for golf are Staff Bag, Cart Bag, Stand Bag, Carry Bag, and Travel Bag

  • Staff Bag

The Staff Bag is also well known as Tour bag, this is why you will always see them among Tour Pros 

Staff Bag are the most elaborate, wide, and biggest golf bag as it comes with lots of pocket and storage spacing for your equipment

Staff bag does come with a prominent logo at the side showcasing a particular brand for awareness sake

This bag type are usually very heavy and the most luxurious as they are made from the highest pedigree of quality this makes them very expensive, heavy, and bulky

Consider getting a Cart bag if you own a caddie or plan on owning one, you should expect a typical Staff Bag to weigh about 10 pounds and above

There are many Staff Bag on sale today and this is the one we recommend Best Staff Bag To Buy

  • Cart Bag

Cart bag simply put are designed for the cart, as the name suggests, if you’ve got a cart or plan on honing one then the Cart bag would be the right bag choice for you

Just like the Staff bag but on a noticeable smaller scale, the Cart bag does offer lots of storage spaces and pocket for your equipment/gear

This gives you lots of storage options, the Cart bag are quite distinct from any bag type as it does come with a non-slip base or rubber which prevent them from slipping ver when the cart is in motion

They are also well-referred to as trolley bag, as you would expect Cart bag are also very heavy and bulky making them a bad choice for the golfer who prefers carrying than pushing or pulling

A whole lot of Cart bag has flooded the market thus making the search of your cart bag quite difficult than it should be here is the cart bag we recommend Best Cart bag on sale


  • Stand Bag

The Stand Bag is designed for the Stand, they are quite distinct from other bag types due to t its well developed dual stand system which is easily retractable

Stand Bag feels in the gap between the Staff Bag and the Cart bag, Stand bag also offers a lot of spacing and pocket for your gears and accessories but on a smaller scale than the Staff or Cart

The Stand bag is the most balanced type of golf bag as they are well sturdy across all terrain due to its dual stand system

They are great for the golfer who likes to walk down the course as they are lightweight and does come with a carry strap for proper weight balancing as you place the bag across the shoulder

If you are confused and looking for which stand bag you should buy please do check out our recommendation Best Stand Bag 

  • Carry Bag

The Carry bag is designed absolutely to be carried as they are the most portable and lightweight golf bag

Carry golf bag falls under the family Sunday Golf bag, this bag tye does come with the most developed and foamy carry strap system for proper weight distribution and balancing across the shoulder for the best of comfort and ease

You should expect a Typical carry bag to weigh about 2 pounds or less, this bag type is designed for especially golfer who wants to focus on a particular aspect of their game, maybe driving the range, hitting out of the bunker or performing  putt

They aren’t designed for all your equipment rather your essentials even though there are some exceptions which are able to carry 14 clubs

This bag type is great especially for beginners as they aren’t familiar with the whole set of golf club and will not be needing them all now they are also great for seniors as they are extremely lightweight


  • Travel Golf Bag

Its name tells you what it stands for, the Travel Golf Bag is designed for the traveling golfer, this bag is designed so that it does have a hard outer casing or shell for maximum protection of your gears and either equipment from damage or dent and the inn being well-padded, soft and foamy for even more protection on your belongings

The Travel golf bag can be well identified by its well structured and built rollable wheels for easy maneuvering and movement on transit, they are great for the golfer who travels a lot but still want to play golf

For the best choice on your gravel bag, please check here Best travel golf bag 

What Type Of Golf Bag Do You Need Video review by GPPGolf




Owning a golf bag as female golfer should be a serious priority as you do for clubs, when trying to make a choice on golf on a golf bag, you will have to make a choice on which bags type suits you well

As there are bags made of waterproof or simply known as water-resistant golf bag and there are golf bags which are non-waterproof also known as non-water resistant golf bag

There is much reason why female  golfers should prefer water-resistant bags to non-water resistant and one of such is durability and most importantly, these bags are able to resist water

With a water-resistant golf bag, you can play in the rain and be fully assured that your bag containing your equipment is kept safe as it will never get soaked in the rain

The water-resistant golf bag is now the norm this day as they get more and more popular, more golfers than ever have turned to bags made of waterproof

If you live in a region with frequent rain or wet conditions, a water-resistant golf bag would be one of the smartest investment you can ever make

Having said this, you have a handy list of the best water-resistant bags for golf on sale today

You can go through the options and make a choice which best suits you and let the rain or wet condition have nothing to hold you back any longer







































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