In the end, you should be able to list the best leather golf bag for 2023

Bags are an integral part of your game this is because your bag serves as a storehouse for your gears and other related accessories, apart from being a storehouse, your bags serve as a means of protection and oneness for all your belongings

In today’s blog post we will be listing the best leather golf bag for 2021, looking for a leather golf bag for 2021? We’ve got you covered

Golf bags are made from different materials, these materials include nylon, canvas, or leather with plastic or metal reinforcement and framing

Prior to this era, golf bags were made from different materials, thanks to advancement and technology

It so disheartening how much attention we pat when in a hunt for a new club but pay little attention to its protection

You have spent a whole lot obtaining those gears and accessories, isn’t it unwise when you care less about its protection? come to think about it

You need a proper golf bag and quality golf bag to keep those expensive equipment secured and intact

I just hope that after this article you would have a mid-shift on how you see your bags, your golf bags serves these three reasons

Number One:

It is a storehouse for your gears and accessories, we all agree that no other place can perfectly serve as a storehouse for your golfing belongings apart from its designated bags

Number Two

Your bag serves as a means of togetherness for all your gears and accessories, all your items are kept inside the bag, now imagine storing this equipment at a different separate location, this means you can easily get some of them misplaced, but as they are all kept in one place it ensures easy and quick sorting of all your belongings so that none are misplaced

Number Three

It serves as a means of protection, there is no other protection so sure as your bags, this club and accessories are kept inside your bags so that they are properly secured against the weather and dust

Having listed these three factors you can see how important your golf bag can be,

One of the very advantage golf bags made of leather material has over other material used in making your bag is that they are extremely durable and ultra lasting

The leather golf bag happens to be the best and most quality material used in making your bags, the leather golf bag is also known to be waterproof thus preventing water from getting into your bag

There are lots of companies in the manufacture of a leather golf bag and one such brand is Sun Mountain, Piel, Titiest, the list goes on

There are lots of leather golf bag made available in today’s market and so making a choice can be a daunting and challenging task, this is why we have on this blog post the best golf later bag for 2021 to simplify your buying decision as quick, spontaneous and accurate as possible

Best Leather Golf Bag In 2021

  • Piel Leather Deluxe 9inch Golf Bag( Most Spacious And Quality)

Best leather Cart golf bag in 2021

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The Piel Deluxe is one of the best golf bags out there when it comes to durability and efficiency, this bags offer everything you will be needing right from spacing to pocketing

This bag is not just durable but ultra-durable, this is why it does come with one of the rarest warranty duration, on purchase, you are given a whooping fives years guarantee on the product

This bag is also even more amazing as it gets better and stronger with time simply by absorbing the oil from your hands

How about the well crafted and quality zippered system which is also very easy to open or close up

This bag feature

  • 3 full-length dividers for organization of your belongings
  • two-way ball pocket
  • Full-length belly pocket with a small pocket on top
  • Umbrella slot which comes with a matching rain hood cover(Detachable)
  • 15 x 34 x 19 inch diameter
  • Six-way top divider

They are known to weigh 12 pounds which makes them best suited for the Cart and not for carrying

They are extremely durable as its material are made from cowhide, this also makes them fine and soft to touch

One of the most cherishable characteristics about this golf bag is it’s aesthetic and feel, it is available in a select few color giving you a robust option to choose from, and finally, this is a six-way top bag for the better and classical organization of all your gears and equipment

For a thorough review of the Piel Leather Deluxe Bag please refer here: Piel Leather golf bag review

Piel Leather Deluxe 9inch Golf Bag Video Reviews By Judity Goris


  • Extremely durable as they are made from cow-hide
  • Five years warranty
  • The material does offer fine texture and soft to touch
  • Enough spacing for all your belongings
  • Beautiful and attractive


  • Expensive

Sun Mountain Golf 2019 Leather Cart Bag( Most beautiful and Lightweight)

Best for 2021 leather golf bag

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The Sun Mountain Golf 2019, this bag does have one of the smoothest and attractive design, this bag is known to come with four length divide for all your belongings

With this bag comes an adjustable strap system so that it fits different golfer body sizing and shape

Easily get your gears and other items into the bag using its 9.0” top way diameter which is wide enough so that you can easily get your clubs in and out of the bag

There are four full-length dividers that come with this bag and this helps to prevent the club from entanglement

It does come with a lift built assist handle which is built into the top and bottom of the bag to help the bag easily and quickly out of the vehicle

They used wax canvas which is more durable and efficient than non-waxed canvas as it does develop a rich patina over time

And you do not have to worry about the rain as the bag does come with a rain cover just in case of s a sudden downpour

Sun Mountain Golf 2019 Leather Cart Bag Video Review By Dallas Golf Company


  • Highly durable and efficient as it is made from waxed canvas which develops a rich patina over time
  • Attractive and beautiful so that your friend or colleagues become bag envy
  • Comes with a matching headcover/rain hood in case of a sudden downpour
  • Very portable and easy to carry
  • Wel developed carry single strap system for easy and convenient carry into and out of the cart


  • Few pockets and dividers

Piel Leather Executive Golf Travel Bag(Most lightweight And Portable)

Best leather golf bag for 2021

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The Piel Leather Executive Golf Travel Bag as its name suggests is a bag which is designed for traveling, if you are a golfer looking for a very solid traveling bags which is made of cowhide leather material for long-lasting durability and efficiency then you should consider opting for this bag type

They are extremely portable and lightweight, weighing but 1 pound, I love them as it does come with a detachable strap style

The Piel Executive does have a top dimension of 5 x48 x 4.5inch, this is a mini range executive golf bag with single entry, with this bag comes a dual-zippered ball/accessory pocket with the inclusion of a detachable hood and strap

They are wide enough so that it fits 10 clubs which is usually great for a par 3, amazingly the leather bag material improves with age by oil absorption from your skin, this offers the bag a smooth and soft feel when touched


  • Very durable and efficient as it is made from leather material
  • Fits as many as 10 clubs perfectly
  • Very lightweight and portable so that they are easy and convenient to carry
  • Detachable hood and shoulder strap


  • Limited spacing as it is not able to carry all 14 clubs

XXIO 2020 Cart Bag(Most Spacious And Water Resistant)

Best leather cart golf bag 2021

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Are you a golfer and looking for one of the best bags for easy and quick conveying of your gears and other equipment to the course?

Well if you have a great love for Cart bags, then this is for you, the XXIO 2020 Cart Bag

They are lightweight and portable, weighing 3.8 kg, this bag is so sturdy and attractively designed so that it screams on you, ”Buy me” as it does have all pocket featured in front

You will be able to adjust your shoulder strap brought about by the adjustable shoulder strap so that it fits

The XXIO 2020 Cart Bag is made of synthetic leather and with a diameter of 9.5 inch for quick and easy access to equipment in and out of the bag

It does come with one of the best-developed strap systems for easy and convenient lifting in and out of the Cart

I like that they are very sturdy and comes with lots of spacing which ensures all your equipment can get inside the bag without leaving any behind

The XXIO is a cart bag that does come with a 4-way top for the organization of all your equipment

This bag features

  • 9.5 way top
  • Ultra-lightweight separator
  • Bottom grip
  • Weighs 6.4Lbs 

XXIO 2020 Cart Bag Video Review By Golf Gear


  • Very spacious and comes with a lot of pockets for storage
  • Well developed and solid zippered system which adds up to overall protection of the bag
  • Sturdy and well-balanced base for unmatched stability
  • Quality and well-developed top carry handle for easy and convenient lifting in and out of the cart
  • Synthetic leather so they are water-resistant
  • Comes with an ultralightweight separator


  • Be the first to review

Belding American Collection Vintage Golf Carry Bag

Best leather golf bag 2021

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The Belding American Collection Golf Carry bag is one that offers thorough durability and efficiency this is drawn from the fact that they are made from leather material which happens to be the toughest material for bag making

I love this bag as it stands out as one of the best for portability and mobility, they are great for that golfer looking for a bag that can easily be carried down the course instead of using a Cart bag

The Belding American Collection Vintage Carry Golf bag weighs but just 5.8 pounds, its pocket is made in harness leather and waxed canvas

You will be very well pleased with this bag as it does come with an adjustable shoulder strap

Everyone you play with will say, ”wow! what a neat bag as they are also very sturdy and well made

Bag features

  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • Leather strap divider
  • 5.8 pounds weighed

Belding American Collection Vintage Golf Carry Bag Video Review By Tourbon


  • Very portable and lightweight golf bag
  • Extremely durable as they are made from pure leather material
  • Well developed ykk zippers for added protection on your bag
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • Good for the price


  • Limited spacing as this is a carry bag

For a more thorough review on this bag please refer here American Vintage Leather Golf bag Review

Sun Mountain Golf Leather Stand Bag(Most Solid And Organized)

Leather golf bag best 2021

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The Sun Mountain men’s golf leather stand bag is one that is worth an investment if you are looking for one of the rarest golf bags which promises lots of storage spacing and pockets for all your equipment and belongings

If you are looking for a Stand leather golf bag, then this one is just great, this bag is just one of the exceptions as they are very well made and extremely sturdy as it offers a dual ultra-light high-tensile carbon-fiber inbuilt stand leg

With this bag comes 5 pockets and 4 dividers which gives you enough to take all you will be needing to play on the course

How about the front-facing pocket which is strategically built is that they are easy to sort and find

With this bag comes a lift assist handle which is built at the top and bottom of the bag so that they can be easily and quickly carried and with all conveniences

You also get a nylon rain hood when you opt for this golf bag, the five pockets which are known to come with this bag include

  • Deep velour-lined valuable pocket
  • Clothing pocket
  • Multiple accessory pockets

Bag Features

  • 5 pockets
  • 4 way top
  • 9-inch top diameter
  • Nylon rain hood

Sun Mountain Golf Leather Stand Bag Video Review By Sun Mountain Sport


  • Very durable as they are made from cowhides
  • Extremely beautiful and attractive
  • Well developed easy-pull up and down zippered system
  • Easily accessible front forward-facing pocket
  • Strategically placed carry strap system which can be adjusted


  • Quite expensive

Types Of Golf Bag

A lot of golfers especially newbies just make a choice on their bag without thorough research on the different type of bag and to the golfer to whom it is best suited

When making a choice on your golf bag you should be aware that there are different golf bags type category out there

The Best leather golf bag which we have listed spans from the Cart bag down to carry bags

There are 5 types of golf bag from where one can comfortably make a choice on which is best suited for you

These bag types are-Staff Bag, Cart Bag, Stand Bag, Carry Bag, and Travel Bag

  • Staff Bag

The Staff bag is also known as a tour bag, they are often referred to as the ”Ross Rois” of golf bag due to its luxurious nature

This bag holds the best for quality, spacing, and pocketing, little to no wonder that they are the ”go-go” choice for most tour pros

Staff bag is usually the heaviest, bulky as well and most expensive, this bag type isn’t meant to be carried on the shoulder as they are very heavy so they are great for anyone who got a caddy

They are also great for golfers who come accompanied, Staff bag includes pockets for your ball, tees, and others

For a complete list of the best Staff bag of 2021 please refer here Best Staff Bag

Cart Bag

The cart bag is simply designed to be carried in the cart, they are designed to be carried on the cart as they can be very heavy and bulky in the hand hence they are best suited to sit on the cart

After the Staff bag comes to the Cart bag in sizing, this bag does offer generous spacing and pocketing but noticeably smaller than that of the Staff bag

You can easily identify a Cart Golf Bag by its non-slip base or rubber which prevents it from slippage when on the cart and ion motion

Cart bag also known as trolley bags offer spacing for your tees, balls, apparel, and similar to the Staff bag

A typical Cart bag would weigh anything from 6 to 9 pounds and is great for golfers who have a great love for spacing and thorough organization of their gears and other golfing equipment

  • Stand Bag

Designed so that it comes with a stand, this inbuilt stand gives it all the support and balances it needs no matter the terrain

The Stand bag feels the gap between a Staff bag and Cart bag as they can be also very spacious and come with lots of pocket for all your belongings but at the same time they are portable and carry-friendly

The stand bag is great for that golfer who is looking for a perfect balance between weights and spacing

If you are a golfer who prefers walking down the course then the Staff bag can be a great option for you

A typical stand bag would weigh anywhere from 5 pounds to 7, this bag type is regarded as the most stable across all terrain due to its easily protractible or retractable legs

Making a choice on your stand bag gets daunting as the day goes by as there are lots of them in the market today, however here is my recommendation Best Stand Bag to buy right now 

  • Carry Bag

The Carry bag is designed to be carried, this is why it does have the best-developed carry strap system which is usually dual for easy comfort ility and weight distribution when carried on your shoulder

Carry bags are the most portable and extremely lightweight bag as they are designed to carry but your essentials even though there are exceptions that are able to carry up to 14 clubs

Carry Bags are great for that golfer who wants to rather focus on a particular aspect of their game rather than the whole

A perfect example of focusing on a particular aspect of your game one at a time is focusing on putting in this case you pick up your driver and maybe a few clubs

If you want to focus on hitting out of obstacles, all you do is pick up the necessary club that can help you achieve that instead of picking the whole clubs

For a robust list on your carry golf bag please refer here Best Carry Golf Bag On Sale 

  • Travel Bag

The travel bag is designed for traveling, this is what it is built for, they are built so that it ensures maximum safety on your club and equipment while on transit

Prior to this era, there were no travel bag and golfer had no option than to carry the available bags, these bags weren’t capable enough or designed to give maximum protection on your belongings

The travel bag is made distinct from other bag types as it does come with a hard outer casing and a very soft, foamy, and well-padded inn for maximum safety while you travel

This bag does also come with an inbuilt wheelbase which makes it easy and quick to maneuver especially around the airport

If you are traveling by air here is the golf bags we recommend for you Best Golf Travel Bag For Airlines

Things To Consider When Buying A (Leather) Golf Bag

A lot of golfers especially newbies get all caught up in the frenzy associated with getting a new golf bag and they forget the important factor which must be put into consideration in order to make the best choice anytime any day

When on a hunt for your leather golf bag, here are important factors that will help you make the most out of your decision

  • Zippered System

Even though leather golf bag generally have the most durable and solid zippered some, however, do not meet up to that criteria

This is why I am emphasizing your zippers, look for one which is very durable and solid, self healing zippers are one of the best options out there

Today’s golf bags offer different zipper styling including different material used for making the zip

There are generally two types of zipper system, they are metallic or plastic, while some prefer metallic zippers others might prefer plastic

  • Stitching

Yes Leather golf bag boost for the best stitched, yet you should check for lines, remember stitching is all about the structural soundness of your bag which is actually the bag itself

This is true as wrong or improper stitching would result in the bag getting spoilt and abandoned, always be on the lookout for bags that offers double stitching around the top cuff and bottom of the bag

The loop and lock stitching is what certain company use, as they are very efficient and effective

In loop and lock stitching, when one stitch comes apart, it will lock thus preventing the rest from popping out

  • Pocketing

In today’s golf bag, pocketing can not be overlooked because it is whether your equipment and accessories are stored

Consider a golf bag with a fewer pocket if you are more concerned about portability and ease, if on the other hand, you are looking for a bag which offers lots of spacing and pocketing then you should consider a bigger more bulky bag like the Staff, Cart or stand bag as the case may be

Pocket is also available in different versatility and design, giving you a robust option to choose from

  • Features

Golf bag comes with different features, this means a feature that is present in one bag may not be present in the other

You should have a head idea of al the features you will be needing in your bag, one of the easiest way to identify you bag type based on features is to take into consideration all that you will be needing inside your bag

As an example, if you find a towel useful, then you should consider a bag that comes with a ”quick clip” feature so that you can be able to Shane your towel after use

There are lots of features which are common with your bags and this include, rain hood c0over for rain, clip for your gloves, umbrella holder and so on

  • Divider

Golf bag is available with different divider, there are bags which offers lots of dividers and there are bags which offers but few dividers

If you are looking for a bag that offers thorough organization of your gears and equipment so that each does have its own slot so as to help prevent club crowding then the larger golf bag in this case the Staff Bag and Cart bag is the best option

On the other hand, smaller bags like the Carry bag and Stand bag offers a fewer number of dividers so they are best suited for golfers who prefer portability and ease in this case the Stand Bag and Carry bag are best suited


Todays golfing offers a vast number of the leather golf bag, one of the very benefit of a leather golf bag is the fact that they are the most durable and long-lasting bags

Most of the leather golf bag is made from cowhides and this makes them extremely durable and resistant to weather

Looking for the best leather golf bag for 2021? We’ve got you covered, the bag on our list is the best leather golf bag for the year 2021

These bags are extremely well built, attractive and solid so that you will not be needing any other bag for years

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