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In the end you should be able to know the best left handed golf club complete set for male kid golfers of 2020


Today’s world of golf sport offers amazing and terrific golf club complete set for the left handed kids, there are a lot of great complete set of club for kids today and this has made it quite difficult to figure out what club set is best for left handed kids

Times without numbers it has been repeated, one of the most challenging and daunting task as a golfers is making the best selection of either right hand or left hand position club, in this case we would be discussing kiddies own best left handed golf clubs complete set of 2020

Many factor comes in play when in an attempt to select a club for your male kids such might include height, weight, forgiveness and lightness and many more

The club on the list are not just the best because of mouth say, it has been tested, retested and proven to be the best golf clubs complete set for male kids who play from left wing position,  such attributes of this masculine kiddies golf clubs include forgiveness, lightness, easibility and durability

This clubs will serve your boy kids or children and guarantee them a greater future in their golfing experience

What are the best male kids golf club complete set for left hand

Here is the broken down list of the best golf club for left handed kids in 2019 they are highly forgiving and easy to use and they are also light, your kids will love it and they will thank you for gifting it to them

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    • Precise XD-J Junior Complete Golf Club set

Lovely club and when I say lovely I mean lovely, this club is a top  notch when it comes to forgiveness and easy ability of use, they are so forgiving that they are regarded as a swing corrector, lightweight club head with extra loft, your kids will love them

    It does provides the perfect combination of performance and forgiveness for your kids which guarantees them more confidence and comfort ability in their game, One of the most fascinating thing about this club is its durability, they are highly durable and are weather resistant with a stunning color combination your child or children is certainly going to love
    Very forgiving
    Easy to use
    Lightweight an foamy
    Low CG placement for better shot dispersion
    Quite expensive


  • Callaway Boys XJ Hot Junior Kids Golf Club Set

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The Callaway Boys XJ Hot Junior Kids Golf Club Set was built with all perfection to suit your left handed kids, they will love it and thank you for getting them one

They are built to last with all carefulness and caution, its 360 cc lightweight driver features a large hitting area for exceptional and outstanding performance, armed with this club, your kids can easily get the ball into the air and with all ease

It does have a provision for a strong and spacious dual strap stand bag, featuring a five way top, zipped pocket and a place to hold your water, the 7 Iron, 9 Iron and sand wedge offers the best of forgiveness and stability

With this club you be sure dealing with a club that is built to last, the putter on its own is such an amazing one for great and precise accuracy on the green

This golf club is designed to produce everything a junior golfers needs to succeed, this is the club known to generate instant result to help build confidence for the junior player


Very forgiving and easy to use

Built to last

Spacious dual strap bag to contain your golfing accessories

Low CG clubs for better and more accurate shot precision



Quite expensive

Paragon Red Kids

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Great starter set of club for your kids who someday aspires to play like a professional, you will be pleased to discover how sturdy and well built they are and are made of titanium stainless steel for optimum durability

They are of high quality and are very reasonable prized , the putter and 7 iron are very easy to use and lightweight, the low CG placement makes it a great one fir instantaneous forgiveness

Your kids will thank you for this as this club has a loveable and glittering colour that every kids wouldn’t forget so soon


Very forgiving

Built to last

Exceptional glittering

Lightweight and easy to use


Nice and spacious bag


Bag may not have a stand leg

Intech Lancer Junior Golf Set


Great club and a perfect one for starter kids, it is the ideal starter set for every aspiring to be great golfer, this club contains the latest technology in golf to better aid the kid golfer do exceptionally on course

The putter contains a milled polymer insert for a more comfortable and greater feel, in all the wood and iron there is a graphite shaft and also a steel shaft in the putter

This set is great quality, very durable and easy to use, with this cub your kids will play golf with ease, more fun and with better accuracy, the putter and driver are top notch as they seen as they help support your swing , another wonderful thing about this set is its long lasting capabilities and attractive color that every children loves, its bag is very spacious and sturdy with a well organized pocket for different kits


Very forgiving

Easy to use

Highly affordable

Great driver and putter

Awesomely beautiful and attractive

Built to last

Easy to use


A little long

Someone complained of annoying adjustment on strap

Red Colour Premium Jr

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Look no further if what you seek is a quality club set to get you kid boy started in the game of golf, this are with all assurance one of the best deals you can make out there for your kid

This club offers your child more advantage and better fun with golfing since they are easy to use and are very durable, your kids will thank and compliment you if you get the such set

They are very sturdy with extreme forgiveness for better and more accurate plays, comes with 15 degree driver, 22 degree hybrid, 6/7 combo iron, face balanced putter, a stand bag with dual strap shoulder and many more

One loveable aspect about this bag is that it is well spacious with organized pocket to fit all your golfing accessories, they are well affordable and are would be a smart choice for parents looking for the best experience for their children in their golf game


Very forgiving

Sturdy and well balanced


Easy to use

Appealing colour for children

Dual shoulder strap bag with enough pocket


Moderately pricey


Today’s golfing offers great and amazing complete golf club set for male kids, prior to this era kid golfers were less considered when it comes to production of clubs and now thing are different now as there are many complete club set for both the left and right handed kid golfers

This many available club set has also brought in a problem and that being the ability to choose which complete set is great for kids, here in the article we have lifted the burden off your shoulders by giving you the list of this best complete club set for the left winged kid golfer of 2020 for better game efficiency and result






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