In the end you should be able to list the best left handed golf putters for men

If you are one of the millions of left handed putters out there you probably be asking the question what are the best left handed golf putters on sale today

Here in this blog post we are going to be listing the best left handed putters for men, today’s golfing offers the best left handed golf putters on sale today

As a golfer you are either right winged or a left winged golfer, it so unfortunate that there are more right handed golfers than left handed golfers

This is why you will see all too many golf putters for right hand orientation than that for lefties, most often left handed golfers think they are of disadvantage due to their playing position

This is why we have come up with the true list of the best putters recommended for the lefties, goodness, some of the best putters the world have ever known happens to be lefties

Such include Phil Mickeleson, Phil does have an aggressive putting style, most of the left handed putters are home brand rather than big names

The real problem for lefties is not quality but choice as lefties clubs are limited, with this reason we have carefully analyzed this putters and they are deemed best for the leftie men

Without further discussion , we now bring you the list

Best Men’s Left Handed Golf Putters

Taylormade Golf Prior Generation (2017) Spider Putter(Best For Responsiveness And Feedback)

leftie putters, left handed, best leftie, best men, men's puttersExcellent putters for leftie men, this putter will do you good as they are very forgiving and easy to hit, for better forward rolls across surface it does have a milled gun metal pure roll insert

This is a faced balanced putter and great for people with a straight back and through putting stroke, gives a nice feel and pleasant click off the head

It’s time to hit more center shots, they are well balanced and solid and you will love it as they are exceptionally responsive and offering first class feed back and feel

Lining up is now easier than ever for a more accurate putting, quality for long lasting durability and ball rolls off surface easily and quickly

The vibration and dampening PU foam which is embedded between body and frame does help for consistent sound and feel

Get better and more optimized ballĀ  spin and control over your ball and distance and be greatly admired on the green as this club will correct your swing even on a mishit


Best for lefties

Weight distribution helps to provide stability at impact

High MOI and low CG for the best of forgiveness and response

Easy to hit and very responsive brought about by perfect weight to balance distribution

Quality so that it last long and easy to line up as a result of long single lines

Best of feel and feed back

Consistent sound and feel due to vibration dampening PU foam


Take some tome getting used o


Taylormade Golf Spider X Putter(Best For Forgiveness And Responsiveness)

putter club, for men, left handed, best leftiesNo doubt the Taylormade are a great place to look up to when in search of he best golf putters for left handed men, the Taylormade Golf Spider X is no exception as they are well designed to suit the lefties

The way we achieve optimal stability and alignment have been utterly revolutionized through he process of re-engineering the mass properties of the head

For a true and accurate alignment it does come with a true path alignment system well built for quick, reliable and easy alignment for a better putting result

This putter does help minimize twisting brought about by the steel frame re-designed head which is 30% heavier

Get better responsiveness and ball control plus distance through 320g frame with extreme perimeter weighing, all this results in a massive putting accuracy

Excellent sight lines with solid balance and feel, go check the reviews and see for yourself, you cannot love this putter less as it does offer the best of ball control with straighter shots with consistency

Oh! how about quality , they are made of premium quality this makes them very reliable for durability and with a very comfortable and soft grip for the best of feel


Great feel and well balanced brought about by perfect weight distributions and balance

Straighter shots with better ball distance control with consistency

Excellent feel and response brought

Easy to hit due to alignment features for more accurate putting

Improved putting and better ball rolls off surface

High quality for long lasting durability and comes with a head cover for club protection

High MOI and low CG for massive forgiveness

Easy to line up as it does have a new true path alignment lines


Quite heavy



Odyssey Stroke Lab Triple Track Putter(Best For Forgiveness And Ball Control)

left handed, leftie putters, best left handed, best men, men's leftiesThe Odyssey Stroke Lab Triple Track Putter is no doubt to be messed with due to its track lines which helps improve accuracy on your putt

Further more the triple track uses vernier hyper acuity for better and more consistent alignment, The are easy to use with top notch forgiveness tendencies which will help you to sink more putt

They are extremely balanced with the best of weight which is properly and rightly distributed for quick and accurate ball rolls and control at the same time

Perfect grip size soft and comfortable and you will be happy with your purchase, very durable since made from high end materials

White hot micro hinge insert provides firmer feel and stability through impact for improve consistency and more accurate ball hit even on a mishit


Best for left hands

Highly responsive due to weight distribution

Firmer feel and stability at impact for a more consistent and improved ball roll and control

Soft and flexible grip for the best of feel and comfortability

Very forgiving a it does have a high MOI and low CG

Track lines for easy, quick and accurate ball setup

Quality and durable


Still waiting to see the cons



Odyssey Exo Putter(Best For Feedback And Forgiveness)

left handed, leftie orientation, left winged, best putters, for menThe Odyssey Exo represents three innovationĀ  from Odyssey all fitted into one, this new innovations are Exo construction, White hot micro hinge insert and stroke lab weighing for the best of user experience

The Exo is focused on delivering un-matched and forgiveness due to high MOI which is crafted from a premium multi-material construction

The legendary white hot insert which comes with a micro hinge technology on its own focuses on forward roll and spin with immediacy this creates more consistency and better control and distance

Last but not the least the third known as stroke lab weighing increase smoother, more accurate rolls with the best of responsiveness and fee back on every single hit


Increases roll and better ball spin off surface

Stroke lab weighing for more accurate ball putting

Un-matched forgiveness and response as a result of weight distribution and high MOI

Nice feel and sound

Better ball control and distance

Micro hinge technology for well optimized spin and ball roll

Comfortable and flexible grip for the best of feel at impact


Quite expensive




S7K Standing Putter-Stand Up Golf Putter For Perfect Alignment(Best For Alignment And Ball Control)

leftie putter, best on sale, men's lefties, left handedLovely putter with an exceptional balance and look, this putter will correct your alignment and you will be shocked about it someone commented

You will putt better as it does help with thorough alignment for the best of set up, the lightweight ness and sensitivity is one un-matched as ball rolls off face easily and nicely

They stand on their own amazingly even on slope, the presence of the impact dots does tells you where to focus on contact for a solid and consistent putting

It does come with a one year warranty as they are made from high end materials for long lasting durability, with this putter you will experience forgiveness and responsiveness like never before

As a matter of face you will notice a drastic and quick improvement on your putting accuracy, hit longer and straighter shots with un matched consistency

Better ball control plus maximum feed back , they are available n both right and left hand orientation for a more robust buying options and decisions


Putter stands up by itself even on a slope

Strike dot for easy, quick and accurate alignment

Highly forgiving due to MOI and low CG

Easy to hit yet ultimately responsive due to weight distribution on club head

One year manufacturers warranty on quality

Comfortable plus soft grip for the best of feel at impact

Better and streamlined ball control plus distance


Someone complained of rusting




Golf putter are either right handed or left handed, however there are far too many right handed golfers to lefties

This make the production of putters limited for the lefties, but as the numbers of left handed orientation golfers increased the need to look into the production of more and better putter club arose

And now there are great putter club highly designed to meet the need of leftie golfers today, our picks are based on customer feed back and reviews with this we have been able to list this best for left hand putter clubs for men


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