In the end you should be able to list the best left handed golf putters for females

Most of the left handed golf putter seem to be home brand when you do a web search for a left handed putter clubs

Thus buying or selling a leftie golf putter is a little bit difficult when it does not fit you, it is a true and settled fact that there are more right handed golfers than left handed ones

With this reason manufacturers tended to focus on the manufacture of right handed putters and other clubs in general that for lefties

Do not panic, there is no disadvantage in being a golfer with left hand orientation as today’s golfing offers in massive and great collection golf putters best for left hand

And now as the number of lefties increased it became more obvious than ever that manufacturers produced more and better golf putters highly geared to meeting the ever growing needs of female golfers who are left handed

In this blog post we will be focusing on the best leftie putters for women that will help them sink more putt and with ease than ever before

For men’s left handed golf putters please refer here: Best left handed golf putter for men

Without further aduo, here is the list

Best Putters For Left Handed Ladies

S7k Standing Putter For Women-Stan Up Golf Putter(Best For Feed back And Response)

putter clubs, left handed, best leftie, for women, ladies leftie, leftie clubs, best left handedGreat club well fabricated for the females for perfect alignment which leads to an excellent putting accuracy, with this club you can easily spot mis-alignment this will help you properly position for a better precise target

Amazingly this putters does stand on its own even on a slope when compared to other regular putter which struggles to stand alone on uneven lies

Its easy to check, set, stroke and you will see how quick you will begin to sink more classical putt, ball rolls off face easily and quickly due to high responsiveness as a result of properly structured weight distribution

The feel and feed back you get using this high MOI and beautifully crafted low CG placement makes them exceptionally forgiving with better ball control plus ball distance travel

Backed by one year warranty against defect as thy are made of quality for better efficiency and long lasting durability


High quality standard backed by one year guarantee

Easy to hit due to well structured alignment aid which is very easy to line up

Highly forgiving as a result of well structured and designed high MOI plus responsiveness

Maximum feed back and feel brought about by the well dispersed weight to balance

Accurate ball roll off surface on contact

Comfortable grip for the best of feel

Better ball control and straighter shots with consistency


Someone complained of rust


Odyssey Red Ball Putter(Best For Responsiveness And Feedback)

left hand, best left handed, women putter, golf putter, leftie putters, best leftiesGreat and easy golf putters with a red ball for easy, quick and accurate alignment for a better putting accuracy, hit like a pro, straighter and more consistently all by using this

Comes with a matching head cover for club protection against dent or debris, thus red ball is so awesome as it forces you to line up which is an important key to getting an excellent and classic putt

The face of the putter is something that you will love as well as it transmit good feel and sound which does help for better ball and distance control

Surely and with all confidence your putting will improve and most importantly you will gain more confidence on your putting skills

More forgiveness and responsiveness with maximum feedback  best of feed back is what this club is well known for  and with the comfortable standard rubberized grip you will get the best of feel


Longer straighter shots with consistency

Comes with a head cover for club protection

Highly quality for the best of durability

Easy to hit due to well perfected alignment aids for the best of line up

Better ball distance and control brought about by perfect weight distribution

Great feedback and response as ball rolls off face easily and quickly

Smoother accurate roll and spin for a well targeted and streamlined putting accuracy

Great feel and comfort brought about by lightweight and soft rubberized grip


Not a self standing putter

Someone complained of wrong length


Odyssey Hot Pro 2.0 Putter(Best For Forgiveness And Ball Control)

female putters, best lefties, leftie best, on sale, best on saleThe Odyssey are well known for the production of massive and efficient golf putters, with this club you will drive linger, straighter and more accurate shots and most especially with consistency

This one having a softer insert will works best for you, striking the ball firmly is now easier than ever using this putter club

The shaft are long enough to prevent you from bending  when you want to do a putt, they are also very comfortable and soft for the best of feel

Improve your putting skills with this dramatic and easy too hit club, they are a great value for the money as it is made from the highest pedigree of quality this ensures long lasting durability

Easy to line up for a quicker, easier and accurate putting, get he best of control on your ball and distance all made possible with this well forgiving and exceptionally responsive putter club

Comes with a head cover for club protection, maximum feed back is great and you will be able to do more classical roll and spin for top notch accuracy even on a mishit


Very quality so hat they are long lasting

Softer insert offers the best of feel and comfortability

Easy to hit and ultimately forgiving brought about by perfect weight to balance distribution

Longer and straighter shots with more consistency

Better ball distance and control

Maximum feed back and forgiveness due to high MOI and Low CG




Taylormade Golf Prior Generation (2017) Spider Putter(Best For Forgiveness And Response)

women's putter, best left hand, best lefties Well balanced and highly solid golf putters designed for both the males and females, with this putter club you will hit better and straighter sots and with consistency

It will greatly help your score, they are also soft when striking the ball this makes them easy and with he best if feel on every single hit

If you have low confidence striking the ball, this putter will help increase your confidence as they are very forgiving even on a mishit

For you who putting have always been a struggle you will do more classical and excellent putting as ball rolls off face easily, quickly with very well streamlined spin

Very stable through impact with very high MOI as weight is well positioned in the extreme, If you seek better ball control and distance and a quality club then this is a very good choice of club


Better rolls and spin across face due to milled gun metal pure insert roll

For consistent sound and feel it does have an embedded dampening PU foam

Consistent and quick alignment brought about by long single sight line

High MOI and weight positioned at the extreme for improve stability and feed back

Best for left hand with more streamlined ball control

Very quality for the best of long lasting durability

Very responsive due to proper weight and balanced distribution

Highly forgiving with maximum feed back and feel


Someone complained that it took a little time to adjust



Odyssey 2018 Black And Chrome O-Works(Best For Forgiveness And Feel)

golf putters, left handed, leftie females, women leftiesAvailable in left and right hand orientation, they are very solid and made of quality meaning they are very durable

The new micro hinge face insert does offer un-matched roll which ensures better ball roll and spin off surface, the presence of the perimeter weighing helps off center shots keep their strikes

Armed with this club you are in for a better an more accurate putt as even on a mishit you get corrected, they are easy since hey are very easy to align

It does come with a head cover for additional protection, this one is worth a look if you seek for a highly comfortable and forgiving putter that does offer the best of feel and feed back

Be in charge of your ball control and distance like never before using this amazingly responsive and exceptionally forgiving club putter

The high MOI and well crafted and optimized low CG offer forts class forgiveness and accuracy such that you have never seen

Its time to take your put to the net level and build better and solid confidence while in an attempt to making a putt on course


Very easy to hit due o easy alignment for better putting accuracy

Straighter and more optimized shots for the best of accuracy even on a mishit

High MOI and low CG for the best of forgiveness and feed back

Well distributed weight to balance for the best of responsiveness

Made of quality so that they are long lasting

Micro face hinge insert for un matched roll and ball spin

Better ball control and speed on every single hit


Someone complained of the absence of three alignment dot lines



Today golfing offers the best of putters for the left handed, Prior to this era there were little to no consideration for the female lefties and now the story sound different now as there are more left handed putters for the female lefties than ever

Looking for a left handed female golf putters best for 2020, we have got you covered in this article we have listed the putters for leftie females for better and quick game improvement








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