In the end you should be able to list the best lightweight golf bags under 8 pounds on reviews

Today’s golfing offers the best on sale golf bag lightweight on sale today, it is no longer news that there are more and more golfers walking the course this days

This makes having a lightweight golf bag a must have equipment as its demand is ever on an increase, we have compiled a list for you which will guide you on the best choice of lightweight golf bag on sale that will ease your movement down the course

This bags features very well comfortable shoulder and large enough storage space where all your equipment’s and utilities can be kept secured or stored yet they weight under 8 pounds

All the bags that makes our list are under 8 pounds, and are great for the year 2020

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The Need For A Lightweight Golf Bag In 2020

The need for a lightweight golf bag all began when golfer were in search of a less heavier or weighty golf bags, seeing they needed something very lightweight and much easy to carry on shoulder

Quite a considerable number of golfer have bags which are heavy and uneasy to carry on the shoulder especially golfers who do not have Carts

This bag on the long run bring stress and fatigue even before the game get started and of cause as you would expect this lead to under performance on course since strength has been exhausted on carrying of bag

Thus a lightweight golf bag was born, if you are a golfer who loves walking down the course then a lightweight golf bag is a smart choice to invest on

As this will help you enjoy the true pleasure of walking, Having said this, when choosing a lightweight golf bag, here are things to look out for

What To Look Out For When Choosing A Lightweight Golf Bag

Making the wrong choice on your golfing bag can be very detrimental to your game, this is why you will be needing a golf bag which does meet this criteria


Imagine carrying a heavy golf bag 18 holes, that smells frustration and fatigue, right? and of course that is what you are going to get

As a golfer a heavy bag when put on shoulder drains all your strength and energy needed to be extremely productive on course

You should go for a lightweight golf bag so that movement and portability becomes one un-matched, this means you are going to conserve energy to pay your round

A golf bag which weight less or below 8 Pounds is a perfect choice as they aren’t that daunting on your shoulder, this will help you preserve energy which will be used on the green


Great golf bag, whether carry or cart bag should have enough pocket which does allow for maximum storage of your gears and other equipment’s

This bag should be able to pick every essentials including extra space for other item you might be needing later on, you do not have to worry the bag on our list have been carefully chosen to meet your needs as they aren’t just lightweight but contain enough storage for your gears and other related items

Club Divider

Club divider are  created to help organize your gears and in a perfectly orderly and neat manner so that they prevent entanglement

A golf bag which is lightweight must have enough dividers to ensure your items including gears are properly organized and easy to sort

The bags we are listing out for you have enough club divider that you will be needing to keep all of your belongings neatly and strategically organized for easy and quick sorting


Despite quality as characteristics coming at the bottom of the list, they cannot be underestimated, this should be the most sought after features

As quality depicts durability, high efficiency and un-matched functionality when called upon, this golf bags which weighs less than 8 pounds are very quality so that you will not be needing to buy another


Lightweight Golf Bag VS Heavy Golf Bag Which One Is Better

While we cannot deny the fact that while golf bags are lightweight some are heavy,  ”Lightweight” golf bags is usually more portable and mobile than a heavy golf bag

This means a lightweight bag can be easily and comfortably moved from one place to another when carried on shoulder

Lightweight golf bag are perfect for walker not riders, this bags aren’t Cart bags or Staff bags, they are simply under the category of Carry bag and Stand bag

Having said this, Heavy golf bag are also very good and great as it does offer more storage compartment and dividers for classified arrangement of your equipment’s for easy sorting and to prevent entanglement which might or can lead to scratch or dent of your gears

Heavier bag are usually sturdy as well and this type of bag can fall under the bag category ”Staff bag or Cart bag”, if you are a golfer who prefer using the cart then the heavier bags should be a great option

With the heavier bag type you will have a more organized golf bag with lots of storage options


Best Lightweight Golf Bag Under 8 Pounds On Sale

Mizuno Golf 2021 BR-D4 Stand Bag

Lightweight, very lightweight, golf bags, best lightweightThe Mizuno Golf 2021 BR-D4 Stand Bag is probably one of the very lightweight golf stand bag in the market

This bag boost of amazing quality so that they are very durable and built for optimum durability

With this bag you wouldn’t have  problem walking does the course again as bag is ultra lightweight for easy mobility and portability

Bag does come with a 6 way top cuff for un-matched and classical organization of your equipment’s to prevent entanglement and promote easy sorting

If you are looking for a very stable and well balanced golf bag then this is great as bag does come with a high grade aluminum stand

Keep your drink cool all the day long as this bag does come with an insulated drink pouch

For easy embroidery bag does come with front ball pocket zip, bag is very spacious making it possible to pick up more items that you might be needing

How about the soft and foamy shoulder strap for un-matched comfortability and feel as you carry


Mizuno Golf 2021 BR-D4 Stand Bag Video Review By Golf Gear


  • Very quality and durable
  • Soft and foamy shoulder strap for the best of comfort
  • Stable and sturdy bag so that they are well balanced across all terrain
  • Insulated drink pouch to keep your drinks cool all-day
  • Lots of pockets so that you can pack up all you will be needing including extra
  • Lots of zippered pocket for protection of your gears and equipment’s



  • Shouting color so gets easily stained

Callaway Golf 2020 Hyperlite Zero Lightweight Stand Bag(Best Valued)

The Callaway 2020 Hyperlite Zero Lightweight golf stand bag is really light indeed if you are looking for the best valued lightweight golf bag on sale

Then this would be one of the smartest choices you can ever make, go check the reviews and be convinced

This is a 4-way top full-length divider golf stand bag spacious enough to accommodate all that you will be needing on course

As for quality, you cannot beat it, as this bag is made of high-end material so that it is very durable and long-lasting

It does come with a cloth-lined pocket at the side of the bag and that makes them very loveable and very attractive

Callaway Golf 2020 Hyperlite Zero Lightweight Stand Bag Video Review By Perfect Product


  • Ultra-Lightweight for real portability and mobility
  • Very quality for unmatched efficiency and durability
  • Lots of pockets
  • Sturdy and well balanced across all terrain
  • Best valued and one of the most trusted and well-known brand
  • Updated self-balancing strap system



  • Legs cannot be removed


Cobra 2020 Ultra Light Stand Bag(Best On Review)

Lightweight bag, golf bag, best lightweightThe Cobra firstly is a well known and trusted brand, they have been into the manufacture and production of golfing bags so they are known what’s best

This bag is amazingly so lightweight this has gained them the confidence as being one of the very best lightweight bag on reviews

This bag features a 5 easy top with full-length dividers so that your gears are well organized and easy to sort when needed

This amazing golf bag does features a lot of pockets including an oversized pocket with key clip, Fleece-lined valuables, pocket, insulated beverages pocket which do fits large bottle

The shoulder strap which does come with this bag is very comfortable and foamy so that you get the best of feel as you use them

If you are in search of a highly breathable golf bag with the best of breathable features this one is great

Cobra 2020 Ultra Light Stand Bag Video Review By Below Par


  • Lots of pockets of which one is customizable
  • Insulated beverages pocket with fleece-lined pocket
  • Very lightweight and easy to carry
  • For ultimate breathability and comfort, it does have a cool flow hip pad
  • Highly quality for the best of efficiency and durability
  • Bag does come with an umbrella holder and rain cover for protection against wet conditions


  • Someone complained of bags not opening properly


Izzo Golf Lite Stand Golf Bag(Best For Low Budget)

Lightest bag, golf bag, best lightThe Izzo golf lite stand golf bag is one of the best for low budget golf bag built with ultimate precision and quality as they are long-lasting and very portable

You are not just buying a golf lite weight bag, you are in for a real deal of quality and classy

This bag is so gorgeously built and very solid and balanced brought about by the sturdy stand and across all terrain

This bag does offer a lot of zippered pockets from side to front so that you will have enough storage space and easy and quick access to the bag when needed

With this bag does come a 6 club divider so that your gears and items are properly and duly organized, this also prevents clubs from entanglement so that your equipment are kept more safe and secure

Amazingly the dual strap which this bag does come with is adjustable and easy to comfortable to the extreme so that you feel nice all day


Izzo Golf Lite Stand Golf Bag Video Review By Review Tube99


  • Very durable
  • Features an accessory loop which is nice for your towels or club brush
  • Made of heavy-duty nylon so that bag is long-lasting and durable
  • Magnetic ball pocket which is easy to open or close
  • Colorful and very attractive
  • Smart grip technology so that you can easily and quickly get your bags in and out of the cart
  • Soft and foamy strap system so that it is fun carrying
  • Water-resistant pockets so that your gears are well secured



  • Someone complained of dividers not connecting on side



Callaway Golf Capital Stand Bag

Features a 5 way top with two full-length dividers for classical organizing of your equipment’s and placing them at the spot which they are supposed to be

With this bag does come 5 strategically placed pocket spacious enough for the accommodation of every single item you will be in need of including extra items

They are very lightweight for easy transportation and movement, the dual strap does help in offering you more balance comfort when carried

You will cherish this bag as loads of compliment awaits you, for those looking for a compact lightweight this is one of the most preferred you can find in the market


Callaway Golf Capital Stand Bag Video Review By Out OF Bounds Golf


  • Highly durable as they are made from high-end materials
  • Automatic stand system for added stability and balancing
  • Many pockets of which include a velour lined pocket
  • Comfortable shoulder strap
  • Quality and good for the money


  • Quite bulky


Types Of Golf Bag

Bags are an essential commodity this is because it is the storehouse for your expensive item and equipment’s, having spent so heavily on your gears and other items it makes no sense that you randomly choose your bag

You should be very well cautious and apply wisdom as you go through the journey of selecting your golf bag, a whole lot of golfer especially beginners are often confused when in the buying phase

For this reason, we think this article will be of great value to you as one of the very first steps of getting the right bag is to know the different types of bag and who they are best suited for

Your bag for golf are well categorized into five classes-Staff Bag, Cart Bag, Stand Bag, Carry Bag, and Pencil Bag

  • Staff Bag

The Staff Bag is the biggest, spacious, and most heavy golf bag type out there, Staff bags are often seen and used among professionals, they are usually the most quality as well with this reason they are more expensive than other bag types

The Staff Bag is great for the golfer who comes accompanied, Staff bag gives you the opportunity to carry everything you will be needing and a temptation to carry even more due to large space and plenty number of dividers

Staff bags are some sort of advertisement bag as it comes with a large logo on it, they are often used to create brand awareness and in most cases where ever a Staff bag is found negotiation is involved

Here is the list of Staf bag that is great and we recommend: Best Staff Bag On Sale today


  • Cart Bag

Cart bags just as its name exposes it to you, they are designed to seat on the Cart, the Cart bag are also very large and heavy, containing a lot of pocket and dividers for classical organization of your gears and other equipment’s so that you will be able to sort them out easily and quickly

Despite that they aren’t as spacious or wide as the Staff bag, the Staff bag comes second in terms of sizing and space after the Staff bag

Cart bags are known to come with a strap system in the form of lock features which does allow them to be tied to the Cart to prevent slippage when on transit

Whenever you see a golf bag with a non-slip base then you have probably seen a cart bag

Cart bags can balance on the ground but they do not have fold-out legs to keep them steady, if you are a golfer who loves moving down the course with a Cart then you should probably get a Cart bag not a stand bag, or carry bag

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  • Stand Bag

Just as its name suggests, this bag is designed with a dual stand which can be protracted or retracted, whenever you see a golf bag with built-in stand you have in no doubt seen a Golf Stand Bag

This bag is also spacious and come with lots of pockets but not as many or wide as the Cart bag or the Staff Bag, Stand bag are great for the golfer who prefers walking down the course as it does come with a double carry handle so that you can easily slip them onto your shoulder

Stand bag is one of the most stable golf bags due to their dual stand legs which makes them well balanced and sturdy across any terrain

There are a whole lot of Golf Stand Brand and one of the best I will highly recommend is the ”Callaway” Check out below some of the best Callaway Stand Bag Reviews and other great Stand Bag worth investing on

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  • Carry Bag

The Carry golf bag Just as its name suggests is a bag designed to be carried on the shoulder, this is why manufacturers and producers pay close attention to its carry strap which is always dual for proper and even weight distribution

Golf Carry bag comes with a well comfortable and developed Carry strap as they are meant to be carried, carry bag are also spacious and with lots of pockets so that you do not leave any of your essential golf gears and equipment behind

Even at that, there aren’t as big or spacious as the aforementioned bag type, Carry bag are great for the golfer who prefers walking

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  • Sunday/Pencil Golf Bag

The Pencil golf bag is the smallest and lightest golf bag type as they are designed for very few clubs even though there are some exceptions that can carry up to 14 clubs

Pencil golf bag also known as Sunday golf bag is great for golfers looking to focus on a particular aspect of their game, as an example, if you want to focus on a particular aspect of your game for instance driving the range or doing a Putt or maybe hitting out of the bunker

All you need do is pick the various club that will help you achieve any of this task and leave the rest, Sunday golf bag is also great for senior who wants to still participate in golfing since they are very lightweight and easy to carry

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Are Ultra Light Golf Bag Good For You

Golf bags which are ultra-light are very comfortable and easy to carry as they are not heavy when carried, Ultra-lightweight golf bag serves s the beacon for golf walking nag which are lightweight

Carrying through a very lightweight bag would not just free you of stress but provide you with a better golfing experience needed to perform better in your game


What Is A Good Light Bag?

A good light bag can be anything under 6 pounds even at that golf bags which fall under 8 pounds are still regarded as lightweight golf bag

One of the very advantages of opting in for a golf bag which does fall under 8 pounds is that they are usually considerably spacious with more pockets than bags under but 5 Pounds

In this blog post, we’ve got both bags under 5 pounds and bags under 8 pounds, whichever suits your preference is just great as they are all regarded as a lightweight golf bag



Golf bags are available in different weighing, while some bags are very weighty other are lightweight, this bag is great for golfers who prefers walking than using a Cart

Good news! Today’s golf bag do have in great offer the best on sale lightweight golf bag which does make it highly portable and mobile to carry around the course in 2020

These bags are great for golfers who loves walking to the course, as they are less heavy and very portable

With this bag, you are going to experience a new dimension of stress-free life as they are one of the lightest on sale today

While there are many golf bags that are lightweight in the market, these bags on our list boost as the most preferred choice among golfers as they weigh below 8 pounds

With this bag, you will find walking down the course easier and stress-free than ever























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