In the end, you should be able to list the best lightweight golf driver for men on sale today

One of the most important clubs in your set is a Putter, When it comes to the most frequently used clubs Putter and Driver takes the lead

This is why it is very important that you carefully make a choice on your putter, do not get caught up with the excitement and frenzy of getting a Putter that you forget some of the criteria need to make the best selection on your putter clubs

In today’s blog post we have the list of the best lightweight golf putter on sale for the year 2021

Today’s golfing do have in great offer the best for lightweight golf driver utterly designed for men

If you are a man and looking for the best lightweight driver that will help you improve on your game, you are at the right place

There are so many benefits to using a lightweight driver club, so many of them, some of this benefit well include

What Are The Benefit Of Using A Lightweight Golf Driver?

  • Speed And Distance

One of the very benefits of hitting with a lightweight driver is that you will get maximum clubhead and speed since the force exerted on the swing is not being shared between your strength and the weight of the driver

With a lightweight golf driver, you are not just assured of speed and longer driver but you will also get maximum control on your ball

  • Feel

In golfing feel is important, a lightweight driver will offer you a comfortable feel and feedback as you hit

  • Response

A lightweight club driver offer the best response on every hit, this driver aren’t heavy so when struck with the ball goes as expected

In the game of golf, response is very important as this will help you ball move to the exact direction where it is struck without being easily obstructed by an internal or external force

One of the very essentials that must be noted in this article is the fact that this club isn’t just the best lightweight they are also insanely forgiving with the best of responsiveness and feedback which will surely have a great positive impact on your game

Why Use A Lightweight Driver

There are so many reasons why a golfer will prefer to use a lightweight driver so of those reasons are the ones listed above

One of the very common factors that prompt a golfer to scout for the lightest drivers is because they are a slow swinger and want maximum speed, distance, and response on their game

Senior golfer is more concerned with the feature ”lightweight” when trying to make a selection on clubs

The reason being senior are more often than not slow swingers and looking for a driver which will complement their effort by giving them more distance and speed

However, this does not make the lightweight club a restriction to the older or senior golfer as younger golfer may prefer to use a lightweight driver

Without further delay we bring to you the list, our picks are based on intensive research, reviews, and feedback all with an effort to bringing you the best on sale for men today

Best Lightweight Golf Club Driver For Men

Taylormade M2 Golf M2(Best For Feel And Feedback)

golf driver, best lightweight, for men, men's driverNo doubt the Taylormade has been a well established and known brand when it comes to the production and manufacture of driver club

When it comes to a great lightweight club that will give you more speed and distance, the Taylormade M2 is a great choice to pick from

It does have an all-new construction material that saves weight and reposition CG low and back

They are highly forgiving with insane response and feedback brought about by Geocoustic technology

Through the deep more active pocket you will get more distance and speed on your ball and most importantly with unmatched control

You will hit straighter and longer, club is also very quality this ensures durability and efficiency

Taylormade M2 Golf Driver Video Review By Rick Shiels Golf



  • Geocosutic technology for more forgiveness and response
  • Lightweight and easy to swing brought about by all-new material construction which saves weight
  • Deep more active speed pocket for more speed and ball distance travel
  • Lightweight with the best of feedback and feel
  • Soft and comfortable grip
  • Quality so that they are long-lasting and efficient
  • Large-headed driver with sweet-spot for unmatched forgiveness


  • Still waiting to see the cons


Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Max Driver(Best For Forgiveness And Response)

men's driver, golf driver, best lightweightWith the Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Driver, you aren’t just buying one of the best lightweight drivers, you are buying quality

Though quite expensive, but if you’ve got a great taste for quality and efficiency then this driver will suit you, they are built to last very long as they are made from premium material’s

Features a jailbreaking technology that helps to give you more distance and speed no matter how slow your swing can be

There is the presence of a new face architecture which is 6grams lighter than traditional titanium this helps in boosting clubhead speed

You will easily fine-tune shots and spin through the interchangeable weight, this interchangeable weight offers un-matched forgiveness and response

Made of premium lightweight material which makes it very easy to generate power and stability

They are very lightweight that it was described as light as a feather by a one time buyer, this club does what it was meant to and you will get great value for your money

Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Max Video Driver Review By We Play Golf



  • Ultra-lightweight for the best response and feedback
  • Very quality so that they are very efficient and long-lasting
  • Exceptionally forgiving and with the best of control brought about by proper weight position and large sweet-spot
  • Longer and straighter shots most importantly with consistency
  • Low sin and high MOI for quick and easily fine-tune trajectory


  • Quite expensive


Taylormade Golf M5 Driver(Best For Forgiveness And Ball Control)

driver club, best lightweight, men's driverOne of the amazing characteristics of this golf driver is it’s adjustment features which dos help you to fine-tune shots and trajectory

With the speed injected technology you will be able to have maximum ball speed and distance

How about the twist face features which does help to reduce ball spin and optimized rolls for more accuracy on course

Here is it, they are very lightweight and responsive and you will hit straighter and better as even on a mishit you get corrected

They are insanely forgiving and well balanced for high impact on your game, they are great for quality so that the fear of non-durability is eliminated

This driver does come with a headcover which helps protect the club from harsh weather condition, similar to the Callaway Mavrik, they are easy to hit

There is an inverse T-Track which includes two 10g moveable weight  which is optimized for increased high MOI

Taylormade Golf M5 Driver Video Review By Rick Shiels Golf



  • Quality so that they are very durable
  • Adjustable weight to help fine-tune shots and spin
  • Highly forgiving with exceptional responsiveness brought about by twist face with speed injected
  • Speed injected technology for unmatched speed and distance
  • Very lightweight and easy to hit
  • Straighter drivers and shots brought about proper weight alignment


  • Might take some time to get used to


Cobra Golf Men’s 2019 F-Max Superlite Offset Driver(Best For Feel And Forgiveness)

lightest driver, golf club, driver club, for men, best men, men's lightweight6 gram lighter clubhead, 7 gram lighter grip, and 5 gram lighter shaft, all this contribution makes the Cobra Golf Men’s F-Max a super lite weight club driver

Boost of a forged E9technology which is engineered to create more ball speed and distance across a larger area of the face

Get higher ball launch, straighter ball flight, and trajectory through its back heel/heel weighing for better game performance and improvement

If you’ve got a low budget and looking for a moderate for the quality club driver, then this is a great place to start with

They are exceptionally responsive offering the best of forgiveness and feedback through its large sweet-spot and low CG

Cobra Golf Men’s 2019 F-Max Superlite Offset Driver Video Review By Your Product Link



  • Good quality
  • so that they are long-lasting
  • Best for low budget
  • Forged E9 technology for more distance and speed
  • Better ball control and feel due to proper weight balancing
  • Straighter shots and higher launching as a result of back/heel weighing
  • Great for seniors


  • Good but the best of quality


Cleveland Golf Launcher Turbo Driver(Best Forgiving And Responsive)

golf driver, best lightweight, best men, for menThe external and internal weight reduction makes the Cleveland Golf Launcher Turbo stand out as this gives them the perfect weight that makes swinging more easier with accuracy

It does have increased ball speed and distance brought about by the  new turbo cup charged face

You will get the best of ball distance sped and straighter shots due to proper weight balancing and alignment

Increased MOI and low CG for the best of forgiveness and feedback on every single hit

When it comes to quality, this is great for the money quality club driver which offers the best of efficiency

You will love this club due to its overall look and design, the presence of the counterbalance design for additional mass on the head for increased MOI

Cleveland Golf Launcher Turbo Driver Video Review By TGW



  • Quality club driver with great efficiency
  • Higher ball launch and more forgiveness brought about by weight distribution but internally and externally
  • Turbocharged cup face for better speed and distance
  • Easy to hit with exceptional forgiveness brought about by high MOI and low CG


  • The grip is a little bit thin


Who Are Lightweight Golf Driver Designed For?

Lightweight Driver is designed for anyone whose got a slow swing speed, with a lightweight driver you will be able to get the most out of your swing, this ensures better distance and accuracy on every single hit

Lightweight Driver is especially beneficial to older/senior golfer as they have often the weakest swing speed and would be needing a Driver that can guarantee them all the speed needed to compete on course

Consider opting for a lightweight driver f you have a swing speed that is below 90Mph


What Should I Consider When Buying A Lightweight Driver?

Firstly it must be well stated and clearly that a lightweight driver is best suited for golfers whose got slow or weak swing speed, golfers who hit below 90Mph are categorized under slow swing speed hitters so they would better function using a lightweight driver as this helps them to get the maximum speed, distance, and accuracy on every single shot

Before making a choice on your driver club or any other club, there are certain factors and consideration that one must take into consideration to enable you to make the best out of your choice

In today’s golf equipment, market, there are more drivers out there that you can pick, this often becomes a daunting and confusing task especially for beginners

Do not be caught up with the frenzy and excitement of getting a new driver that you forget these factors as they ensure you make the best buying decision any time of the day

Here is the factor that one must consider when making a choice on your Driver, one of the very first key consideration when buying a drive is your

  • Level Skills

Lightweight golf driver best for men

Golf Driver just like every other club should be picked based on your level skills as a newbie or beginner Driver Club would be very different from a Pro Driver

One of the very difference between a this two is that Golf Driver for beginner offers far more forgiveness and feel while that for Pro offer less forgiveness

So your skill level will determine whether you will be needing an extremely forgiving golf driver or not

It is best to find a Driver that works well with your swing speed and to help make some correction, a.k.a ”Forgiveness on your hit

This is why you have to analyze your playing strength by visiting a golf pro shop where you can get tested so as to determine which combination is best for you

You can also do this by renting so many clubs one at a time and taking a test on each to find which best resonates with you

  • Head Sizing

It is a rule, the bigger the head the more forgiving your club can be, the largest accepted driver head size in golf is 460cc, this is the maximum accepted by the USGA with the smaller ones being 440cc or 420cc

Note: Beginners are best suited for a club that offers far more forgiveness and response than for Pros

The 460CC which is the largest is designed in such a way that the weight is designed so that it falls into the lower back portion of the club head

This will help increase momentum and help launch the ball into the air effortlessly and more accurately

Larger heads are the most forgiving, this is made possible due to the large sweet spot. Larger head equals larger sweet spot, larger sweet spot equals more forgiveness, more forgiveness equals better accuracy

  • Shape Of Head

There are two types of head common with your Driver club, this includes square club head and round club head

Each of this head would respond differently, check for which one resonates with you, for beginners you will often use a round club driver since they are less likely to get caught in the ground before impact

The better speed you have the farther distance you will be able to hit, and according to expect it is said that you should have one and a half times your swing speed as that is usually considered as your ideal ball speed

With the increase in around club head, there has been a decrease in square club head as  the square club offers poor quality aesthetic designed and as it does make at impact a dull sound

One of the greatest advantages which the square face does have over the round head face is that they tend to have larger clubfaces

  • Head Color

Lightweight golf driver best for men

While the color of the clubhead might not really help in your game, some consider it seriously, this is seen more as a personal preference factor than a general factor

Nevertheless, black or dark wood is the traditional color of a driver club head, even though now manufacturers now build clubs with varying color especially one which ave far more contrast than the green

For some people, they would prefer a high contrasts color as this helps them see better while others might not really put coloring into serious consideration

Whichever colour you think you can view and hit better is up to you and like I said earlier more of personal preferences

  • Loft

The subject of loft is well dependent on the clubface angle on the vertical axis, when the club is perpendicular to the ground this indicates a zero loft

When playing your driver the higher the loft the farther and easier the ball is launched into the atmosphere and vice-versal

Driver does have a loft range which falls between 8 to 12 degree

  • Shaft Flexibility

There are about 5 different flexibility for your shaft, this shaft option and their symbol will include the Stiff(S) Extra Stiff(XX), Flexible(F), Ladies(L), and Regular(R)

With the Extra Stiff(XX) being the most difficult to hit. then comes Stiff(S), Regular(R) being neutral and the Flexible(F) being flexible and most flexible being the Ladies(L)

As a beginner or slower swinger the Regular(R) and Flexible(F) is a great option and for women who are even weakest swing, the Ladies(L) Flex

Tour pros use the Stiff(S) OR Extra Stiff(XX), however, if you are a beginner and one who does have a great swing speed you can use the Stiff(S)

The average swing speed for amateurs or beginners would fall under the 90Mph and for the PGA Tour average 113Mph

  • Adjustability

Golf Driver has been so revolutionized that there are various features that do come with a Driver, one of the very interesting features is the Adjustable features

The Adjustable features though may not be available for every dGolf driver but however there has been an increase and an urge for the manufacture and production of Driver clubs that offers these amazing features

Prior to this ear, there was nothing of this sort as there were but few Drivers with a limited choice option, thanks to technology and innovation

Whether you would prefer a Driver which offers Adjustable features or not would be up to you and what you hope to be achieved with them

However, Drivers which offers adjustable features would be more expensive than one which does not offer such amazing features

The reason for this is Driver which offers adjustable features that can be adjusted to fit your playing skills as you become better at golf, with this you might not need to get another club very soon


Is A Lighter Golf Driver Better?

The Question of a lighter Golf Driver is better is highly dependent on your playing skills it level, for Pros, they rather stick to a Driver which is quite heavy as you get the best of feel at impact

However, a Lighter club via a lighter clubhead, shaft, grip, or combination is much easier and quicker to swing faster


Can A Golf Driver Be Too Light?

A ”Lightweight” Driver might seem to be the best deal for beginners, however when it has become ”too light”, it can become a disadvantage

A clubhead that is too light would often result in a poor swing mechanic such as a reduced acceleration(deceleration) in a downswing sequencing issues and swing oath which hit the golf ball with a glancing blow

And according to ”Golf Digest”, a lighter driver shaft would hardly give you the fastest swing, only but 12 percent of golfers would do their faster swing with the lightest Driver

One of the best ways to hit the farthest is to get your body weight into your swing instead of focusing on the lightest Golf Driver with the promise of it giving you longer swing speed for more distance


What Is The Best Driver For A Slow Swing Speed?

If you are a golfer whose got a swing strength of 75 to 90, you are generally considered as a slow swing and this simply means you have got a slow swing speed

For this type of golfers, you will be needing a lightweight driver, as lightweight Driver well favour golfers whose got a slow swing speed

A lightweight Driver gives you faster swing speed and this in return will have an overall impact on your ball distance travel



There are many benefits of using a less weighty driver, as have been mentioned above, while some golfers might prefer a heavy driver some others a lightweight driver

Even though they are many lightweight drivers available in the market today, there are lightweight driver utterly designed for men

Today’s golfing have in great offer the best for lightweight golf driver for men, looking for a lightweight driver which will help you improve on your game

We have given you the complete and up to date list, with this driver, you will achieve a better result on the green as they aren’t just lightweight but offer the best of forgiveness and feedback on your entire game








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