In the end, you should be able to list the best lightweight putters

Making a choice on putters is dependent on the feel and feedback you get, while some may prefer quite a heavy-headed putter others prefer a lightweight putter club

If you are essentially looking for a golf putter which helps you to perform longer putts then the lightweight version is the way to go

The putter is an essential golf club you will be needing to do a putt, a putt simply means hitting the golf ball slowly with a club known as a putter so that the ball goes into the hole

This makes the selection of putter club a crucial aspect of golfing, as a matter of fact, most of your success or failures will depend on how good or bad you are at putting

Here in this article, we are going to be listing the best lightweight golf putters for men that will help them improve their game, for lightweight putters for women, please refer here: Best lightweight putters for women

One of the factors you will need to consider when making a choice on putter is weight, would you prefer a weightless or a weighted putter, would you prefer something heavy or something light

The choice of putter weight is highly dependent on what you want and your playing style, however, heavy putters are best on the slower green while lightweight putters are best for faster green

looking for the lightest golf putters for men? We’ve got you covered as this article is bent o giving you the true and updated list of this light putter for men in 2020

Through intensive research, customer feedback, and reviews we bring this weightless golf putter well designed for a super game improvement

Best Lightweight Golf Putters

Odyssey Hot Pro 2.0 Putter(Best For Forgiveness And Response)

putter clubs, best lightweight, for men, best men'sGreat golf putter for the golfer who are looking for ultimate forgiveness and responsiveness on their game, built with the best of alignment features and technology for easy golf ball alignment which leads to a more accurate and precise putting

Amazingly they are available for both hand orientation, armed with this club you will hit better, straighter shots and with consistency

Well referred to as the magic putter as it comes to your rescue when you list expect, it will correct your weak swing and make your putt more classical and improved

They are well balanced, and the feel you get from using this putter is unmatched because of the soft and flexible grip which offers you more comfort


  • Brand: Callaway
  • Weight: 0.03 Pounds
  • Dimension: 4 x 5 x 42 inches
  • Color Option:
  • Hand Orientation: 1(Right)

Odyssey Hot Pro 2.0 Putter Video Review By Odyssey Golf



  • Quality for the best durability
  • Easy to hit yet very responsive
  • Balanced and well weighed for the best of feedback and feel
  • Portable and sleek for more and better-optimized shots
  • Comes with a head cover for club protection


  • Quite expensive


  • Odyssey Red Ball Putter(Best For Response And Feel)

lightest putter, best men, best light, men's putterThe red ball creates room for easy and quick alignment, this is a classical putter you will be able to line up consistently with the ball using this well-defined putter

You will get better sound and feel off the face of his putter as they are well crafted for better and well-optimized ball spin

Improve your game using this and with the angle of shaft being comfortable you are assured of top-notch feedback and feel one every hit

They are very forgiving and easy to address, this is due to the improvement from versa, hit straighter and longer shots with well-optimized ball rolls

The feedback, response, and ball control from this mallet shape golf putter is one you wouldn’t be forgetting so soon as they will help reduce your stroke and increase your accuracy


Odyssey Red Ball Putter Video Review By


  • Brand: Callaway
  • Weight: 1 pound
  • Dimension: 48 x 6 x 6 inches 
  • Hand Orientation: 1(Left)
  • Red Ball
  • White-hot sound and feel



  • Easy alignment due to red ball
  • Pleasant sound and feel
  • Easy to hit yet very responsive
  • Well balanced and weight for improved feel and more optimized ball spin
  • Highly forgiving and better ball control


  • Someone complained of the putter being the wrong length


  • Taylormade Golf 2018 TP Collection(Best For Forgiveness And Feel)

men's putter, lightweight, lightest, best lightweight

If you are in search of a putter which gives you the feeling of a pro as you hit on the ground then the Taylormade TP Collection seems to be the real deal

Solid and well-built lightweight putter highly designed for any golfer,  they are available for both hand orientation and are very easy to align

Take your putting skills to the next level using this very well forgiving and responsive club putter, it does have a slope weight which is adjustable for optimal head weight

Note: Comes with a headcover 

looks great and feels great, someone described it as the best-weighed putter ever, they will improve your scores as you will drive better shots and at great consistency

The grip also does offers a comfortable feel due to its firmness and softness, it’s time to drive straighter and more precise shots with little effort


  • Brand: Taylormade
  • Weight: 0.61kg
  • Dimension: 48 x 6 x 6 inches
  • Color Option
  • Adjustable sole weight
  • Pure Role Insert


Taylormade Golf  TP Collection Video Review By Rick Shiels Golf



  • Easy to hit due to pure roll insert
  • Quality and forgiving
  • Exceptional feel and better ball control
  • Adjustable sole weight for more optimized ball spin and accurate putts
  • Highly responsive and does come with a head cover for club protection


  • Quite expensive


  • Odyssey 2017 O- Works Putters(Best For Feedback And Forgiveness)

Interesting technology on putter face known as new micro hinge insert which results in amazing top spin plus roll at impact

This is the best putter that has ever been used as said on May 31 2017 by a one-time buyer with the name Jessica Fuller

This is the best easy putter and is easy to line up for the best of straight putts, the good feeling you get is an exception

This is a game-changer putter as the ball comes off face clean, you will be getting the best of streamlined straight putts effortless using this well-designed and quality golf putter

You get an effortless speed and feel, you will love this putter as they are a true game-changer

This O-Works offers you the best of feel and feedback which you will love and most importantly it gives you all the confidence needed for a great  and classical true roll

Versa alignment technology does also help your eyes to see the linear design so that you can efficiently and properly highlight the face angle from address


  • Brand: Callaway 
  • Weight: 1.2 Pounds
  • Dimension: 48 x 5 x 5 inches
  • Color Option
  • Micro hinge insert technology


Odyssey 2017 O- Works Putters Video Review By TWG-The Golf Warehouse



  • Micro hinge insert technology for better spin and roll
  • Well-constructed alignment aid for the best alignment
  • Perfect weight and balance for more shot consistency and accuracy
  • Built for exceptional forgiveness and response
  • Easy to hit with maximum feedback and control


Not available for left-hand orientation


Cleveland Golf Frontline 4.0 Putter(Best For Forgiving And Control)

One of the well-known quality makers of golf putters is the Cleveland, no doubt this putter club makes this list, it is the right club for anyone looking for a lightweight and forgiving club

The speed face optimized technology helps normalizes ball speed across surface, this creates room for more consistency on well-optimized shots for a better putt

With this putter, you will aim better due to its well-structured and easy-to-read alignment for a better putt and exceptional feedback

Note: Comes with a 1-year warranty, this is amazing!!!

Get the most of your ball control using this balanced and well-weighed putter club, they are very easy to hit with an un-matched response

You will hit farther, straighter putt and at great consistency, the grip which is soft and flexible creates room for an exceptional and comfortable feel


  • Brand: Cleveland Golf 
  • Weight: 0.61kilogram
  • Dimension: 33 x 4 x 33 inches
  • Color Option
  • Speed-optimized face technology
  • Additional hosel configuration
  • Size Option: 3


Cleveland Golf Frontline 4.0 Putter Video Review By Kris McEwen



  • Straighter and more accurate putt due to tungsten forward weighing
  • Speed-optimized face technology for better-optimized ball spin and putts
  • Easy to read and perfect alignment on every putt
  • Highly forgiving and responsive due to perfect distribution of weight to balance


  • Be the first to review


 Lightweight Putter VS Heavy Putter

Whether you choose to use a lightweight putter or a heavy-weight putter you should expect that both do come with their merit and demerit

Depending on what you are planning to achieve a lightweight or heavy putter can be a two-edged sword

  • Lightweight Putter:

Lightweight Putter just as their name suggests are putter which is less heavy. a lighter putter is going to give you more feel and control over your swing, this makes them a great choice for a long putt

Key Takeaway: If you are looking to practice long putt, then a lightweight putter is all the way to go


  • Heavy Putter:

A heavy putter performs better on shorter putts due to its head stability, with a heavier putter you might have lesser control over your swing but the putter head will move easier and rotate less

Key Takeaway: If you want to improve on your short putt, then the heavier putter is all the way to go


Is A Lighter Putter Better On Fast Green?

On fast green? the answer is simply yes, however, a heavier putter is certainly the best when compared to the lighter version

A heavier putter is the best because you only need a short backstroke to get the ball moving


Does Putter Weight Matter?

According to research, the weight of your putter can have a direct impact on your game, whether it is a light or heavy putter there is always a consequence and reward to it

Let’s get this straight and simple a very heavy putter is better than a putter which is very lightweight

The putter weight head is what promotes the proper feel of the putter, this makes it a major determinant when it comes to distance control


How To Choose A Putter?

Choosing a putter that is right is as easy as grabbing a cake of ice, unfortunately, many people still find it a daunting task

At the end of this sub-heading, you will be very proud and confident to make the right choice for your putter club

  • Length
  • Weight
  • Swing Plane
  • Neck Design
  • Grip
  • Loft 
  • Head Style
  • Head Size


  • Putter Length

Choosing a putter length is basically down to preference, which seems comfortable for you?

A putter length that offers a healthy limit between bending and standing is ideal, you do not want a putter which is too short and makes you bend too much or too long that you stand too upright

Here is a good rule to go by, if you are 6Ft tall then 35 inches putter should be the right fit, and for people who are 5ft tall then a putter with 32 inches of length is a standard


  • Weight

When choosing a putter, weight is one crucial factor that must not be treated with laxity, heavy putter? or lightweight putter?

This is probably what you hope to be achieved with your putt, for instance, if you are concentrated on improving your long putt then the lightweight putter is what you should go for

On the other hand, if you are more interested in a shorter putt then a heavy putter is your best bet

Putter comes in a range of different weights with many having adjustability features for customization purposes


  • Swing Plane(Arc Or Pendulum?)

In putting there are one or two general strokes, we have the Pendulum which is often described as arced or (straight back and through)

On the other hand, if you putt more around the body leaving the target line before squaring up at contact then that is referred to as the arc stroke,

This video displays a clear and concise explanation of the types of stroke


A mallet putter is simply the best for you if you swing fairly back and straight through, this kind of putter is designed to have weight distributed evenly within the putter head, little to no wonder they are usually referred to as face-weighed putter

The toe-weighed bladed style putter is great for golfers who swing on an arch.

As its name suggests putter referred to as toe-weighed does have its weight in the toe of the club, this results in lesser resistance turning the club around the body


  • Neck Design

The putter neck design is further divided into 4 categories, each of these is designed to suit a specific audience by offering a unique feel, stroke, and condition

This neck design includes Double Bend Short Hosel, Plumber Neck & Center Shaft


  • Grip

Putter grips aren’t the same as people tend to have different hand shapes and sizes, the standard size grip can suit a regular to pencil style grip

And for people that prefer their thumb pointing along the shaft a pistol or flat overgrip is the real deal


  • Putter Loft

Most golfers especially leisure golfers know not much about loft, you shouldn’t be surprised if you got a dumb answer from them

Most putters are between 2 to 4-degree loft, this loft helps the ball to roll end to end, putter loft lifts the ball off the surface of the green and impacts a small amount of backspin rather than a backward spin

Note: If you have an extremely long putt then this is where putter loft becomes an issue for you, in this case, a lower lofted putter would help


  • Putter Head Style(Mallet or Blade?)

You can either get your putter head style in mallet or blade styling, for those who putt with an arch the blade-style putter is targeted at you

And the mallet-style putter is well optimized for the golfer who does have a straight back and through swing

For our mallet-style putter, this is what we recommend best mallet-style putter on sale right now



How Much Is A Good Golf Putter?

Putters, just like any other thing will vary by price, you will usually find a putter for the very low end at $25 to as much as $600

If you are just starting out you probably do not need to spend more than $200 for a putter especially if you cant afford it, then putters of less than $150 rage can be a great option

Note: You can always  get a better putter when the need arises 


Where Can I Buy A Putter?

There are lots of places where you can sort of putter club  which meets your criteria, for the most part, you can visit a nearby store around

You can also take the other route by visiting a golf store online, and make a choice, and having them delivered to you


What Is the Best Weight For A Putter?

The head weight putter is undoubtedly the most important, this is because it affects how a player square up the face at impact.

Note: Most putter has a standard of about 350grams



Today’s golfing offers on sale the best lightweight putters, whether you are a man or woman there is a specially designed putter club that will suit your playing style

Putter clubs have different weights, while some golfers would prefer a fairly heavy putter others prefer a lightweight putter

Whether lightweight or heavy putter club it is a matter of choice and preference, whichever feels comfortable with great feel and forgiveness that you should go for

However as said earlier heavy putters are well suited for faster greens while lightweight putters are well suited for slower greens





  1. My favorite putter of all time was marketed as “Silk Touch” putter and was available with either a blade or mallet head. The head was cut from DuPont Corian, the same materials many kitchen countertops are made of. The shaft was lightweight and the stock grip was foam rubber. It was mostly marketed in the Myrtle Beach area by a gentleman who had retired from DuPont. While I never had it weighed, I believe it was at most 2 ounces, at least my blade model was. Have you ever heard of the putters? And I question the weight of the Odyssey Hot Pro 2.0 which is listed as 0.03 lbs (about 1/2 oz.).


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