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In the end you should be able to list the best lightweight putter club for women

As a golfer you can quite frankly agree that putter are one of the most important club you will be needing in a club set, this is because it is one of the most frequently used club

The club called Putter is used to do a putt, which simply means hitting the golf ball slowly so that it goes into the golf hole

Today’s golfing offers on sale many golf club putters, while some are lightweight other are quite heavy, making a choice on putters based on weight is definitely dependent on you and your playing style

Some prefer lighter putter other prefer quite heavy putter, it all depends on your swing force and the feel you get from using any of them

While some get the best of feedback, feel and forgiveness using a light putter others get the best of feedback, feel and forgiveness using a heavy putter, whatever feels comfortable for you, then go for

Here in this article we will be listing out the best lightweight golf putters for women to help them better improve on their game

Our picks are based on intensive research, reviews and customer feedback, we do not want to simply list lightweight golf putters rather we want o give you the best of them for women today

As said earlier which of them give you the best of feel, feedback and response, that you should go for whether lightweight or heavy

Looking for the best light putter for women? we’ve got you covered, this article is 100% geared toward helping you make the best of choice on the lightest putters to buy in the market today

Best Lightweight Golf Putters For Women

Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 Ladies Putter(Best For Forgiveness And Ball Control)

lightweight putter, best lightweight, women's putter, women's lightweight putters, weightless puttersGreat golf putter for that woman looking for the best of lightweight putter to help them improve on their game, with this putter you will drive more putter and with great consistency

They are easy to align and hit for the best of feedback and feel, it does have the perfect distribution between weight and balance to give you a more optimized ball spin and streamlined shots for a more classical rolls

They are highly forgiving and ultimately responsive, looking for a quality golf putter club, here is it as they are well designed for durability


Soft and comfortable gri0p for the best of feel

Very lightweight golf putter

Easy to hit and align for the best of putting

White hot insert for more consistent sound and feedback

Better ball control with maximum feedback

Quality for long lasting durability


Still waiting to see the cons


Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 V Line Ladies(Best For Forgiveness And Feedback)

lightweight putters, lightest putters, for women, best women, women's lighweight, golf puttersGreat and light golf putters for the ladies, this is a perfect blend of weight and balance for the best of feel and feedback, they are ultimately made for forgiveness and responsiveness yet very easy to hit

For more consistency on every single hit, there is the white face hot insert which is responsible for that, offers a softer feel and smoother roll toward the cup for a more classified and  accurate putting

Using this putter you will notice a dramatical and improved putting, they are very light thus offering you the best of feel and better ball control

It does come wit a head cover for club protection and of course they are made of quality for long lasting durability and efficiency, get thee most out of your swing all by using this exceptional putter


Better ball control and with consistency

Easy to hit yet ultimately forgiving

Well designed and solid grip for the best of comfort and feel

Highly responsive and with a pleasant sound

Come with a head cover for club protection


Not available in left hand orientation


Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 Putter(Best For Forgiveness And Response)

ligh puters, goolf putters, putter club, best women, women's best, best light, lightes puttersAvailable for both hand orientation, this is a standard and jumbo grip style putter well designed for ultimate forgiveness and feedback

For increased accuracy and stroke consistency it does come with a contrasting aid alignment right at the top, using his putter you will notice an improves sound and feel as you hit

Take your performance to the next level using this ultimately forgiving putter with the best of response and ball control on your hit

They are easy to align as well for the best of streamlined and accurate putt, they are well balanced and weight for a great putt consistency, the grip also are very comfortable and soft


Quality putter

Better game improvement

Easy to hit yet very responsive

Easy to0 line up for more solid and accurate contact

Well balanced and weight for the best of feedback and feel

Oversized and soft grip for the best of comfort this makes them also great for people with arthritis Dupitins

Comes with a head cover for club protection


Might take a little bit of time getting used to


Taylormade Ladies Kalea Putter(Best For Feedback And Feel)

lightweight putters, best putter, women's putter, lightest puttersLightweight club head generates more club head speed with exceptional control, it is a great and perfect putter to complete your set with

Your game will definitely and surely improve using this club putter as they are made for exceptional accuracy and well streamlined forgiveness for a better and more classical putting

Very good quality and game improver club well suited to bring the female golfer to fame and it does come with a head cover to help protect club from dent or debris

There is the present of a speed pocket which helps add more speed and spin to your hit so that it rolls consistently into the hole


Very comfortable and lightweight grip

Easy to hit and very responsive

Lightweight for the best of feel and feedback on hi

Speed pocket for added ball spin and speed

Quality club which does offers great and exceptional feel

Kick slim tech which helps for higher and more accurate ball launch


Someone complained of finish falling off


Standing Putters For Men Women(Best For Forgiveness And Feel)

This is a standard up golf putter for perfect alignment, they are easy to hit and very legal for tournament play

This putter is averagely weight for the best of feedback and performance for better game improvement, the only draw back about this putter is that it does rust when exposed for a long time to open air

Available for both hand orientation for a more robust choice option, surely with this putter you will sink more putt than you have ever done

This is a practical putter hat align itself for you thus giving you the opportunity for a more refined and classical putting

You will love the balance and look of the putter as they are well balanced for optimum responsiveness and feedback, you will be shocked at how it will correct you alignment and make you better at putting


Great for alignment

Easy to hit and very forgiving

Exceptionally feel and balance

One year manufacturers

Quality clubs for durability

Well balanced and weight for maximum response and feedback


Putter gets rust when exposed to air for very long




Today’s golfing offers the best lightweight golf putters for women, making a choice on golf putter is dependent on the feel and response you get

While some golf putters are quite heavy others are lightweight, for females in search of the lightest golf putters for super game improvement this is then best for you

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