In the end you should be able to list the best lob wedge club for 2020

Looking for the best of lob golf wedge club of 2020, we have the current list Golfing today has been so revolutionized that it does have vast collection of amazing and forgiving lob wedge clubs for better game dispersion and improvement, in the sport well known as golf,

there are four types of wedge with each having its own specified function and best situation to be called upon, this four types of wedge includes

Pitching wedge, sand wedge, gap wedge also know as utility wedge and lob wedge, here in this article we are going to be focusing on the best lob wedges club that will ensure you become better at golfing, but before giving you the updated list of this best lob wedge club for 20202 it did be nice to give a brief and concise definition on what a lob wedge is

What is a lob wedge? A lob wedge is a short acronym for lofted wedge also known as L_wedge, this is a wedge that is one of the shortest club for hitting and provides more loft on a shot than any other club

With a lob wedge comes shots with a very high arc which helps to rescue ball easily from difficult terrains such as the bunker, tree or fairway.

Owning a lob wedge as part of your golf equipment is really important, without a lob wedge then getting the golf ball out of a difficult terrain will be way more difficult than it should be

A lob wedge helps in making this easier, quicker and more fun

Lob wedge is one of the newest added equipment to golf club and must own by every serious minded golfer who wants to remain relevant

The use of a lob wedge

A lob wedge is used in different shot occasion such as pitching

To pitch over an obstacle a lob wedge is used in some hazard situations like water hazard, bunker hazard or tree hazard

They are known as hazard because they can be an obstruction to your game through hindering your golf ball from a smooth play on the green

When these hazards is located on the line of the shot between the balls current location and target then a lob wedge is the quickest and easiest way to get out from such situation snd continue on your smooth ride golfing

What the lob wedge does is, since it is constructed to be the most lofted, as you hit with it in such difficult terrains it lifts the ball far up into the air and prevents the ball from too much rolls on the green thus the ball is escaped from obstacle

Lob wedge are part of the golf club iron family,

Lob wedge is also divided into two categories they are the regular and “X-wedges” also referred to as extreme lob wedge

The regular lob wedge comes with variety of loft, usually from 56 degrees to close 60 degrees

While those from 60 to 64 degree at most are referred to ultra lob wedge or “x-wedge” or extreme lob wedge and they are very rare

Another distinct difference between a lob wedge and other clubs in a golf set includes the ability of a lob wedge to slide easily with less degree of bounce, this degree bounce is usually between 0 and 10

In all said lob wedge serve the following purpose

Pitching over an obstacle, like shots requiring a very high arch or a large amount of back spin

Reduces bounce degree and allows ball to slide under more easily

Lob wedges club are among one of the important clubs that you will be needing to make you golf club set complete, to get out of difficult terrains even more easily than the average lob wedge club can do plus getting a strong and durable make of lob wedge you need to know the best golf wedge reviews so as to be able to make the right choice

Here Are The Top 7 Best Lob Wedge Golf Clubs Of 2020


  • Callaway Mack Daddy 3 Milled Grind(Best Forgiving And Responsive)

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With these lob wedge comes three unique grinds designed to suit your shot appetite

It doesnt matter the courses you play or your kind of swing this is just too a right lob wedge to ignore

The S_grind is the most versatile option for any kind of shots or swing conditions

Roger Cleveland the wedge/club expert designer knows all what it takes to preset to you the best of lob wedge you can think of

Because this wedge is among the best it is thus among the best 7 lob wedges reviews 2018 edition

3 grind and 3 grooves in this wedge gives you great versatility shot , swing and shot conditions

The flex of this wedge are the stock wedges flex shaft

The bounce on the 58 degree is 9 degree and its length equals 32.25 standard length

The shaft on the 52 degree is a flex shaft


Good backspin and bump and run shots

Delivery at prompt

Price friendly

Excellent at chipping


Takes a little time to get used to


  • Pineadow Pre Wedge Pack(Best For Feedback And Feel)

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When you take a look at it, the scores aren’t better than the greatest players of years gone by

Equipment technology has aided the less talented players and the reason why you will be needing the Pinemeadow pre wedge pack

Warm up for your next round like a pro as you include this wedge as part of your clubs

A great round always starts with the best of club any nothing more

Made of the highest pedigree of pinemeadow steel, these wedge is available in 52 degree, 56 degree and 60 degrees

Pinemeadow loft veriety, lob wedge lofts,

Pinemeadow are stainless steel, the 60 degree is great for hitting loft nice soft loft shot with the 56 degree being a perfect for those sand trap shots


Nice finish and feels great

Price friendly

The groove impact a great and exceptional spin


Do not come with headcover



  • Wilson Men’s Harmonized Black Chrome Golf Wedge(Best For Control And Feedback)

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With this lob wedge, you will not be needing another, a lob wedge

This wedge is building the golfers of our generation and if you really want to be one you shouldn’t miss out

Armed with this Wilson lob wedge your plays becomes a miracle because it just makes it so so easy to get out of the green and with great fun

Getting of the green becomes no big deal, it becomes fun and everyone loves fun

For optimum performing power, it is designed with a special sole grind with its finishing made of durable anti glare for long last life

Take your game to the whole next level with the high and accurate shots and favorable spin this wedge presents

The loft has a great degree which makes it well suited for the best wedge for overcoming obstacles and will help you stop on more greens that you have never before on other club

Great for uphill lies around the green


Good spin and great look

Easy to swing and a game changer



  • Taylor Men’s 2014 ATV TP Wedge(Best For Forgiveness And Control)

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ATV TP wedge has turned many amateurs to professionals, Its not about experience only but how well and deeply organized your wedge can be

Join the league of great golfers by owning the ATV TP while it last

With its highly optimized micro_texture your spin is guaranteed an increase plus great control ability

Highly cherished is this club by the USGA because of its maximum size groove and shape which boost your shot to the maximum

Imagine spending three good years with tour players all with the goal to dial in the best of shape and dimension needed to make this wedge one of the best in the planet

The ATV stands for All Terrain Versatility, meaning it will serve you anywhere, anytime and in any condition and this wedge has a loft of 58 deg


Quality top grip

Soft 304 stainless steel head for great forgiveness

Raw tour satin finish for durability and rust proof


Few reviews



  • Pinemeadow Golf Pinemeadow Lob Wedge(Best For Feedback And Easy)

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Inspite of your lack of professionalism as a golfer, your golfing status is hyped, that is exactly what this wedge does

This is not to mean that you shouldn’t be good as a golfer, it simply means being good at golfing coupled with this club at your beckon makes you the most admired and recommended golfer for and golfing execution

You become the golf eyed god and every one would want to consult you due to your golf moves

Get this club and you will thank me you did

Its large face area makes the toughest of lie seem like the perfect lies

It is available in 52, 56 60 and the rare 64 loft


Standard quality build

Great price and feel

Awesome wedge for bunker shots

Perfect for getting out of sand trap

It is the most recommended for slicing through grass

Generate a lot of backspin


Takes a little while to get used to

No heft



  • Titleist Vokey SM6 M Grind Wedge(Best For Response And Forgiveness)

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Made of steel and highly durable, this golf wedge is one like no other.

You can bet on it such that you have never seen or known

Designed by Bob Vokey and his group of expert team, its no surprise why this club remains one of the world most eyed when it comes to forgiveness and accuracy on hit

This lob defines the standard for wedge performance and improvement in three key areas_spin control, distance gapping and shot versatility

It does have an exceptional CG design for precise distance and accurate trajectory

With these wedge, every user is a winner and the most admired

SM6 has five different grind options with a face texture that delivers more spin than you can ever think


Shot versatility and spin

Exceptional feel and distance travel

Five different grind option

Standard grip and immeasurable beauty


No warranty policy


  • Cleveland RTX_3 CB Wedge(Best For Control And Feedback)

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Centre of gravity is closer to the impact zone thus making it great at forgiving

Its V_Sole is one of a kind, it adds consistency and control and this is so intense that it will blow your mind

To increase spin a new rotex face is made available and you will love it

Tbe RTX gets you closer to the hole than any wedge ever made by Cleveland

The three tour proven grinds keeps the club head through the turf at impact for crisper feel

This technology has created the tightest shot dispersion of any wedge ever


Clean look and classic shape

Perfect at getting the ball up into the air quickly and easily

Feel, performance and outstanding forgiveness

Quality material for durabillity

Rust proof

Price friendly

King at consistency and longer faster ball travel


Takes a little bit of time to understand

Take it or leave it this are in no doubt the best lob wedge any golfer seeking to improve his game and be known as a game changer should use in 2018


Getting out of obstacles is now easier than ever with this 7 best golf lob wedge club, there has been a drastic improvement on lob wedge golf clubs when compared to the previous years and this improved club is what have been listed,

Lob wedge club is one of the most important club you will be needing to make your set complete, With a lob wedge one will easily get out of obstacles such as the fairway, water and rough







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