In the end you should be able to clearly and precisely differentiate between a mallet putter golf club and a blade putter golf club and then finally be able to list the top 10 best mallet putter golf club for men in the year 2020

The best Mallet putter golf club can immensely help in improving your game, make your misses roll true and even steady your stroke

Most wanted golf mallet putter club is the largest fully independent mallet putter test

For the sake of those who are well confused, saying what does a mallet putter mean? in this article we will describe it in full details before listing out the most wanted mallet club putter for men for the year 2020

What is a Putter? A putter in is simplest term is a specific club in a golf club set designed to do a putt

oh yea! I hear someone complaining again, what does a putt mean? Ok, quiet simple, a putt is referred to as the process of using a putter to push slowly the golf ball into the golf hole

Putter are usually the last set of club used in a round of golf, after using the driver which is used to hit long distance and the wedge to get pass obstacle and finally you are closer than ever to the golf hole

Right there the putter comes in play, the putter is made available to crown all your effort since it is the primary club used in hitting the golf ball into the golf hole after so many hurdles experienced in driving the golf ball close to the hole

Having giving a detailed explanation, there are two well known types of putter in the game of golf

This include Blade golf putter and the mallet golf putter, now am asking what’s the differences

The differences between the mallet putter club and that of the blade is not farfetched

Mallet Putter: The mallet putter is a kind of putter club known for it’s elaborate design and larger club head

Mallet golf putter have much larger club heads and come in various shape and design, looking at mallet putter you will discover that much of the weight is found in the club face

And due to it’s extended club heads, weight can be easily adjusted to help stabilize the putter during a stroke, Mallet putter also do have a larger sweet-spot 

Blade Putter : Just as the name implies, “blade” this golf putter head takes the design of a blade with a narrow body, it is usually a favourite among golf purist

Blade putter do have a more simplistic design and nature than a mallet golf club putter

They are usually one of the favourite weapon for PGA Tour Pros and comes in different variation, they are heavily toe weighed due to this factor it’s sweet spot is placed towards the heel 

Having being cured of the ignorant  of this subject matter we may now list the most wanted mallet golf putter for men in 2020

What are the best mallet putter golf club for men 0f 2020

The best mallet golf putter have been announced in the market for the year 2019, we give you the best suggestion of the most wanted mallet putter club because we want you to improve immensely on your golf sport game

Odyssey 2017 Men’s White Hot RX Putters(best valued)

The Odyssey Mes White Hot RX Putter will do you good, it feel is better, the Legendary white hot insert Technology and have been combined with a Dual layer injected molded insert that has a softer core so you get a putter that’s the ultimate in speed and feel

This great putter does come with a head cover to avoid your putter club getting dented

Give this Odyssey a try and you will be very impressed with the balance and feel it offer’s

The touch is quiet amazing and makes one of the hardest parts of the game a little more manageable

There is a perfect setup for your stroke simply select from the multiple grip option which is usually the standard rubber or super stroke grip

 The oval pattern urethane insert offers better roll a at great consistency, this putter offers un-matched feel and ball bounces of easily from club face

The alignment aid is extremely special, they provide a smoother, straighter stroke and in no doubt you would be happy on using them

Lightweight with un-matched feel

Built to last

Ball bounces of club face easily and quickly

Classic look with a stunning appearance

Comes with a head-cover to help protect club

Improved consistency and ball roll

Quick delivery and well packaged


Quite expensive 




Odyssey Callaway Golf 2018 White Hot Pro 2.0 Putter(best for the money)

Best golf mallet putter for men in 2019

The Odyssey Callaway Golf 2018 White Hot Pro 2.0 is a Men’s club built to last, it does come with a head cover to help protect your putter from scratch and dent

This is a great putter club for anyone with Dupitins conjecture due to is soft jumbo grip which is soft and comfortable and pleasant to the hand

They do come in the best length possible, ”not too long not too short” all these are geared towards giving you the best putter to suit your style

The amazing feeling and balance ensures that your swing are well optimized for a better and improved result as well

This putter is well designed with a high MOI for the best of forgiveness and accuracy on hit

Change your game become better at golfing, be known as the guy whom is an expert at putting and whose putting comes in a grand style


High MOI

Very forgiving

Extremely durable

Light and easy

Comes with a head cover


A little bit difficult to get used




Taylormade Golf Prior Generation(2017) Spider Putter(best responsive)

TaylorMade Golf Prior Generation (2017) Spider Putters

Loft 2.5 deg and 70 deg lie angle, it was designed to give golfers the ultimate in stability and forgiveness at impact

The perimeter weighting helps improve performance on mis-hits and for incredible feel and topspin it does have a TaylorMadeaTMs proprietary Pure Roll insert which combines 45-degree grooves and soft polymer

The spider tour platinum also feautres a long alignment line on the top of the putter to help people get the ball started on the correct line

The Taylormade Golf Prior Generation Spider Putter was built to last seeing how well of quality material wise used in it’s construction

This putter is face balanced, which is for people with a “straight back and through” putting stroke

It gives you a nice click of the head with an un-matched feel, this putter club is a great game improves


Durable and lightweight

Easy to see



High MOI

Extremely forgiving


Takes sometime getting used to




Odyssey Hot Pro 2.0 Putter(best for beginners)

Odyssey Hot Pro 2.0 Putter (White)
best mallet putter for men in 2019

The Odyssey Hot Pro 2.0 Putter is highly engineered for more consistency, better sound and feel and performance through impact, this was achieved after testing several tour best players in the world

It does come with a head cover to help prevent your club from getting dented or scratched

It does have a softer insert that will work best for you, with this club you can more firmly strike the ball at any given point in time

The tour  inspired Gun Metal PVD finish creates an industrial, non-glare look of which you will love

It is a stable putter at impact due to it’s large head and the longer shaft which allows for you to stand straight thus helping your back

Well balanced with a pleasant touch and very forgiving all geared to giving you the best of golf putting experience

Looking for a well durable and classical golf putter club with such captivating look and lightweight as well, then look no further, for such sought after golf club is right at your beckon

This putter club does it’s job by hitting a straight shot though you must not forget that the person putting makes a different 

The solid contact point is another characteristics that makes it extremely lovable and likable


Built to last

Well designed 

Quick delivery

Super comfortable and feels great

Head cover

Easy to use


Shipping restriction




Odyssey 2017 Red O- Works Putter(best solid)

best mallet golf putter for male golfers

The Odyssey 2017 Red O-Works Mallet Putter was designed to immensely improve your putt such that you have never seen

Experience an un-matched roll and unrivaled consistency with the new micro hinge face insert made readily available in the Odyssey Red O-Work

It does have a duo grip option for better playing experience, they are built to last from seeing the high quality material used in it’s production

One lovable characteristics of this mallet putter club is the fact that it is well balanced with the highest pedigree of moment of inertia(MOI) this ensures it is ultimately forgiving

Looking for an easy to use mallet putter for the best of classic roll, then look no further for this Odyssey mallet will well suit your golf playing style


Easy to use and durable

Stylish and classy

Improved putt and at great consistency

Duo grip option for the best of playing experience

Larger heads for optimum forgiveness

Comes with a head cover

Quick delivery 

Pleasant feel and ball comes off surface easily


Quite expensive




Taylormade Big Red OSCB Monte Carlo Putter(Best easy)

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Great and pleasant feel does the Taylormade Big Red OSCB Monte Carlo Mallet Putter offer to it’s users

This mallet putter is well balanced and well structured for optimum durability, It’s grip are soft and well pleasant to the hand

Improve your rolls and do more putt easily and convienently and in a grand style, yes! this putter serves it all

Though a little bit difficult to get used to but when used to it will answer you when every you use it to do a putt

It does have an oversized head for effortless alignment which ensure forgiveness to the extreme for an improved and consistent scores

  The heavy head and counterbalancing,will Helps smoothen your stroke, it is a 36 inche mallet putter ensuring you stand straight , it does come with a head cover for putter protection


Very durable

Stylish and classic design

Comfortable and soft grip feel

Very easy to use

Improved roll and consistency

Forgiving to the extreme


Quite expensive




Seemore FGP Mallet Putter

mens best mallet putter, best mallet putter, mallet clubs

The Seemore FGP Mallet Putter allows you to see more, with the Seemore FGP Mallet Putter your putting skills is bound for an outstanding improvement 

The FGP series golf mallet putter feature perfect face balancing at impact, where the tendency of the putter face at impact is to be perfectly square

It does have a completely unique design and functionality and are way well easy mallet putter club to use in comparison with many of it’s counter part 

However they aren’t popular like the well known brands, who cares about popularity anyway, all you should be focused on is the putter that will give you the best result

The mallet head has high MOI with the face balanced at impact and a line which helps to line up the putt and address the ball properly

The center shaft avoids the twisting of other putters and they are well weighted

You will be happy with this putter just at the very moment when you try it out on few putt


Very comfortable to use 

Easy and durable


Pleasant feel

Quick delivery


Very forgiving

Classic style and finish


Requires a shot leaning curve to adjust position of ball

Not as popular as the popular brands




Mint Taylormade Golf 2018 Spider Putters(best balanced)

best recommended mallet putter golf club for male golfers

The Taylormade Golf 2018 Spider Putter does have a small slant that happens to be a great fit for players who like to release the putter and have an arching putting stroke

And have an arching putting stroke with a duo bend hosel that is best suited for players who prefers a straight back-straight through stroke

The new Arc geometry uses a heavy 304 stainless steel ring paired with the lightweight aluminum body all with an effort to give you more forgiveness

The three alignment lines and Arch ring makes it easier to connect and begin your putts out the proper way

The soft surlyn Pure Roll starts the ball rolling forward and faster, this helps reduce skidding and improving distance control

Surely this putter was well built to last with a stylish design and classic look

How about it’s soft and pleasant feel which leaves you with an un-forgettable experience, well balanced  club that makes it very easy for ball to roll of the surface 


Easy to use with more distance control

Quick delivery

Comes with a head cover for club protection

High MOI for greater forgiveness

Great weight and balance


Quite expensive




Cleveland Golf Huntington Beach Golf Putter(best quality)

best mallet putter, putter club, men's best mallet putter, 2019 most preferred

The Cleveland Golf Huntington Beach Golf Putter does have a classic design which have been revered for generation with latest modern innovation that can help any golfer improve on their scoring

The precision milled face is geared towards a softer feel and more consistent ball roll and does come with a head cover to protect your club from scratches or dent

On order they arrive pretty soon and well packaged, this Cleveland mallet putter was made from the finest material for durability and a classic look

The deep milling creates a super soft feel and a good feedback as well, it does have a fantastic and well balanced weight which helps you to do more putting than ever

The alignment is great, when you make contact with the ball you feel the control and it’s forgiveness is one unmatched helping you to improve drastically on your putting result


Well balanced and nice weight

Very forgiving

Built to last

Quick delivery

Improved ball roll and consistency

Classic look and attractive

Ball comes off face easily


A little bit difficult to get used to




Taylormade Golf White Smoke Putter MC-72(best portable and simplistic)

men's mallet putter, best putter for men, putter club

The Taylormade Golf White Smoke Putter MC-72 is well a comfortable putter and is built to last

With this putter your days of a poor roll are over, white PureRoll Surlyn insert promotes forward spin for smooth, accurate roll and soft feel

 if you are just getting serious about golf and put with no/very slight arc then this mallet putter is all you need

The solid contact with the ball and how it makes the golf ball roll easily will make you love it

It does have a balanced weight balanced and high MOI for improved playability

This is a highly forgiving putter with a classic and stylish look, it odes produce a solid contact at ball with an improved roll and consistency

The Taylormade white smoke produces a pleasant feel on the hand and aren’t that expensive compared to it’s counterpart

Counterbalanced putting method is 50-60% more stable than a traditional putter based on MOI


Very forgiving

Easy to use



Improved and consistent roll

Classic and stylish

soft-yet-solid feel with a smooth


Someone complained of colour  mis-information





Todays golfing offers great and amazing mallet putter for the male golfers, as a golfer who loves the mallet putter, you will be needing the best of it, a putter is a club used to make relatively and low speed stroke

It is usually known as the last hitting club used to drive the ball into the hole, As a golfer you will be in need of a club that makes it possible to drive the ball into the hole, this is called, ”Putting”

There are 2 types of putters in golf, they are mallet putter and blade putter, all of them are used for the same purpose, just that some golfer prefer a mallet putter due to its varying  shaft attachment, bigger head sized and weight

Others prefer a blade putter due to its less weight, smaller head and simplistic style and design which makes it well portable than a mallet putter

Looking for the best mallet putter of 2020? look no further in this article we have been able to share knowledgeable information on the best mallet putter to help every male golfer improve dramatically on their game



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