In the end you should be able to list the best mallet golf putter for women

In this blog post today we are going to explore the best mallet putters on sale in the market today

Picking a putter club is very crucial for your game as they are one of the most important and frequently used clubs

Many people pay little to no attention on an attempt of making a selection on golf putter clubs

Today’s golfing offers the best on sale mallet putter club highly targeted at the woman golfer

Looking for the best mallet putters for females? We’ve got you covered but before giving the list it is worth noting that in the sport known as golfing

For men’s mallet putters, please refer to: Best mallet putters for men

There are two types of putter, and they are mallet or blade putters, mallet putters have wider head due to their more elaborate design

Mallet putter comes in various shapes and most of its weight is away from the club face

Unlike mallet putters, blade putters are more simplistic in design and its name,¬† ”blade putter” is gotten from it blade like structure, they usually have more narrow head when compared to mallet

Without keeping you waiting we present to you the updated list, our picks are based on intensive research, reviews and customer feedback all in an attempt to bring you the best

Best Mallet Golf Putters For Women

Odyssey Red Ball Putter(Best For Feel And Response)

mallet putter, best mallet, for women, best women's, women's puttersForces you to line up consistently due to red ball, you get very good feel hitting with this putter due to highly responsive face

Get better and more optimized control and distance over your shots, hit straighter and more precise target shots for the best of un-matched accuracy

The alignment aid is one of exception and this makes lining up very easy to read, this makes them ultimately forgiving and easy to use

Weight and balance is great due to perfect distribution on club face, get the best of feel as it does come with a very comfortable and soft grip for the best of feel

Your short game will be definitely improved and even on a mishit the red ball tries to make correction for a better putt


Well designed and clear alignment aid for quick and accurate line up

Better ball rolls and spin for un-matched putting accuracy

Easy to hit and very responsive

Highly forgiving due to versa alignment and high MOI

Better ball control and distance due low CG and white ho insert

Quality so are very durable


Someone complained of wrong length of club


Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 Putter(Best For Feedback And Ball Control)

putter club, best mallet, for women, best women, women's malletGreat golf putter which does come wit an oversized grip for the best of feel and comfort

For improves sound and feel it does come with a white hot insert this also helps for quick and easy alignment for the best of putting

They are highly forgiving and responsive on strike across surface due to hell/toe weighing

Get the best out of your distance and control and be a better putter with all confidence using this well aligned putter which will improve your putting skills in no distant time

Incredible accurate due to the contrasting alignment aid on the top of the club which also does helm for better stroke consistency and accuracy


Highly quality and efficient

Nice feel and awesomely comfortable de to well structured and soft grip

Highly forgiving and responsive brought about by heel/toe weight placement

Alignment aid for top accuracy and quick and accurate line up for the best of putting conditions

Improved sound and feel due to white hot insert

Better ball roll and control brought about by laser milling insert


Still waiting to see the cons


XXIO Women 11 Half Mallet Putter(Best For Forgiveness And Response)

most wanted, mallet putter, best, for women, best malletAwesomely aggressive putter club with the best of forgiveness and accuracy tendencies, they are undoubtedly the best due to ultimately and aggressively optimized face

For the best of experience and functionality and if you really like quality and efficiency then this is your club

They are easy to hit due to well placed optimized CG and high MOI for the best of response and feed back

Forged from soft 303 stainless steel which des features tungsten weight in toe and heel for the best of result on the green

hey are very stable through impact brought about by the tungsten weight on the heel, you will get better ball control and distance such that you have never seen, this is the best putter, period


Precision milled for the bets of shots on target

High MOI which makes them insanely forgiving

Proper weight to balance distribution for the best for forgiveness and feed back

Easy to hit due to well easy to read alignment lines for the best of putting accuracy

Premium feel and look

Better ball speed and distance control

Comfortable and soft grip for the best of feel


Be the first review


Bettinardi Golf 2018-2019 BBI Putter(Best For Forgiveness And Feel)

Milled 100% from a single block of soft carbon feel, the super flying milling face milling helps for more quick and consistent roll for the best of feel and responsiveness

They are well consistent and balanced brought about by heel/toe weight design

The black finish and classic looking stealth gives a more glare resistant appearance on the sun

Get the best feeling and forgiveness ever using this putters which are highly responsive and offers top notch feed back and ball control on hit

Ultra durable with the best of alignment technologies backs by long term guarantee

Your putting will improve but most importantly your putting confidence as they are great in correcting your mishit

Hit longer and straighter shots, line up easily with the best of feel with its comfortable and soft grip


Premium look and feel

100% milled from one block so they are very quality

Easy to hit and ultimately forgiving due to low CG and high MOI

Consistent and perfectly balanced due to heel/toe weight design

Maximum ball control plus feed back due to super fly face milling

Highly forgiving and responsive

Comfortable and soft grip for the best of feel and pleasant sound


Might take sometime getting used to


Taylormade White Smoke MC-72 Putter(Best For Forgiveness And Ball Control)

Great mallet putter utterly designed for the females, they are easy line u due to well structured and clearly placed alignment lines

With this putter  you will get an excellent feel as they are easy to aim and very responsive

Its responsiveness is brought about by the surlyn pure roll insert which helps promotes forward spin accurate spin and better ball roll

The groove on the face gives it a true roll and quick roll which creates room for better putting accuracy

Hit longer range shots with the best of ball control all made possible with this insanely forgiving club putters

You will love his putter as it will easily save you a stroke or two, they are solid and well balanced and weight for the best of feed back and feel

Looking for a quality club with a well designed grip that offers comfort and feel which is second to none, then this putter is for you


Exceptional feel and feedback

Better ball distance control due to well optimized CG

High MOI for better forgiveness and accuracy

Very comfortable and soft grip for the best of feel

Quality for long lasting durability

Maximum feed back and feel

Three clear black lines for easy, quick and accurate alignment


Someone complained of quality issues



Today’s golfing offers the best on sale mallet putter clubs for women as a golfer you will have to make a choice between a mallet or a blade putter club

It all boils down to feel and feed back, While some prefers a mallet style putter, other prefer blade style putter club

Mallet putters are quite different from blade putters due to more elaborate head design and shape and most of its weight is placed away from club face





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