In the end you should be able to list the best milled putters for women

Golf putters are either milled or insert, milled golf putters are manufactured by a complex milling process using a computerized milling machine

There are many milled putters in the market today from where you can comfortably make a choice from

But before giving you the list it is best to have a brief and quick discussion on what the term milling as pertaining putters depicts

Milling as it pertains to putter simply involve duo processes, firstly the process of creation of putter head all from a single block of metal which are more often than not steel

After then putter head is completely separated from the excess metal using a milling computerized machine until all that is left is the head of putter

The second focuses on putter face, in this case milling is done on putters face, this face milling makes the putter produce a very flat perfect surface

This flat surface produces various edged pattern which produces softer feel and muted sound

However milled putter are much more expensive when compared to insert putters since they are usually made from one material and because of this they will usually perform better that one made from different materials, in this case insert putters

In insert putters there is an in lay which is placed on the face and this is usually made from different materials

There are many companies well into the manufacture and sale of insert putters and one of such best recommended is the Odyssey brand

We cannot deny the fact that milled putter is better in function than insert due to the fact that they offers the best of softness and feel and most importantly they roll faster and immediately when struck this prevents them from skidding off target as compared to insert

In this article we are going to be listing the best milled golf putters designed to meet the need of the female golfer

For men’s milled golf putters, please refer here : Best milled golf putters for men

Looking for the best valued milled putter utterly designed to meet the demand of the female golfers, we’ve go you covered here is the list

Best Milled golf Putters-Best For Women

Happy Putter Tour Pointed Mallet(Best For Forgiveness And Response)

milled putters, best men, best milledPutting becomes very simple and fun using the happy Putter Tour Pointed Mallet due to the three alignment guides which makes seeing very easy

Knowing fully well that alignment is one of the biggest challenge for golfers, this putter is here to solve such difficulty

One of the very loveable thing about this putter is that it is adjustable for the best of shots, responsiveness and forgiveness

This putter does guide you through what setting will be best for your stroke and playing style

They are also easy to hit due to alignment features, you will hit straighter and more accurate shots with consistency

Better ball control and distance due to shaft positioning and loft, which is low, standard and high)


Easy to hit this is due to adjustment in loft positioning

Very quality and comes with a head cover for club protection

Highly forgiving and responsive

Better feed back and feel

Putter app which serve as a guide to what setting is best for you

Better ball control plus distance

Standard pistol grip which is soft for the best of feel and comfortability




Seemore FGP Mallet Putter(Best For Forgiveness And Feedback)

milled putters, for women, best milled, womens milled, putter clubThe Seemore mallet putter do help you to see more as they are perfectly aligned for the best of putting

This milled putter will do you good and you will love it as they are well designed for accuracy even on a mishit

It does have a precision faces and patented Riflescope top notch targeting, The RST is built for perfect and quick alignment

Well made and properly designed and they are great at avoiding twisting due to center shaft

The presence of a high MOI mallet head does helps to create maximum forgiveness and responsiveness for an unmatched putting and roll

You will be very well pleased as they are solid and very stable at impact, if you are looking to get better ball control on your ball and speed then it’s best you turn to his quality and well efficient club putter


Head precision milled face for quick and true roll

RST technology for perfect and quick alignment

Face balance at impact for better ball control

Easy to hit and very forgiving

Highly quality for durability and efficiency

Comfortable and soft grip for the best of feel and comfort

Low CG and high MOI for straighter and consistent shots which lead to well streamlined and précised putt


Might take some time getting used to


Cleveland Golf 11170382 Huntington Beach 1 Grip Golf Putters(Best For Feedback And Feel)

milled club, putter club, best milled, most valuedGreat and classic milled putter with a precised milled face of the best of forgiveness and responsive, ball comes off face easily and roll quickly to avoid skidding off due to external forces

Your putting is bound to improve and very fast as it des have a perfect weight to balance distribution for the best of response and forgiveness even on a mishit

Comes with a head cover for club protection and the presence of over sized grip makes them very comfortable with a nice feeling when in contact with ball

Take control over your ball from this moment through the classic design and sight lines with modern innovation which will definitely and quickly improve your scoring

You will drives straighter and more consistent shots as it come with the best of forgiveness tendencies such as high MOI and low CG placement


Easy to hit and very forgiving

Oversized and soft grip for the best of feel and comfort on contact

Precision milled face for accurate target even on a mishit

Comes with a head cover for club protection

Modern innovation for improved rolls and spin

Highly forgiving and ball rolls off face easily and quickly

Ultimately responsive and made of quality which ensures durability


Still waiting to see the cons


Taylormade Golf 2017 Tour Preferred Collection Soto Putter(Best For Feedback And Ball Control)

milled putters, for women, best milled, 2020 bestOffers the best classic look and feel as they are very portable and well streamlined for an unmatched roll

It does have an adjustable sole weight which helps for playability swing weight and response

If you have problem with alignment this will be a great choice as it does come with a clear alignment lines to help you quickly and easily line up

Hit straighter and more accurate shots using this well designed and ultimately responsive putter club which offers he best of rolls off it face

They are highly responsive and forgiving due to a well designed and structured low CG and high MOI for an un-matched putting

The feed back and feel is second to none and it does offer exceptional ball control and distance on hit


High MOI for the best of response and feel

Easy to hit yet very responsive

Longer and straighter range shots with consistency

Comfortable and soft grip for the best of feel at impact

Highly forgiving with better ball control due to low CG placement

Made of quality for long lasing purpose and functionality


Might take sometime getting used to



Taylormade Golf 2017 Tour Preferred Collection Ardmore Putter(Best For Forgiveness And Ball Control)

Good value for the money and awesome quality for the price, they are very attractive and durable as it is made from milled steel 303 stainless head and tour satin finish

It does have an adjustable weight to fit your playing conditions and style, the strategically positioned sight line helps aid alignment for a quick and more accurate putting

Hit straighter and longer shots with the best of target and precisions, get better ball control and distance on all hit

Your putting will improve greatly and quickly such that you will be surprised, it does also come with two stock grip for the best of comfortability and options

Pure roll milled insert helps generate better ball roll and with exceptional feel that is very friendly and loveable


Very responsive and ball rolls off face quickly and easily

Easy to line up and hit due to well strategically and clearly placed alignment lines

Straighter true rolls with consistency

Highly forgiving and responsive due to proper weight to balance distribution

Maximum feed back and feel brought about by milled face

Made of premium quality


Limited stock



Today’s golfing offers the best on sale milled putters for women, milled putters are better than any other putter type due to feel and most importantly more complex shape can be created

Milled putter are created from a single block of metal using a computerized milling machine

They are cut and shaved using this computerized machine, this machine is used to remove the excess metal until what is left is only the carved putter head











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