In the end, you should be able to list the best golf push cart with follow mode features on sale in the market today

Carts are part of your game especially if you want to enjoy the ease and comfortability which comes with the transportation of all your gear and equipment down to the course  

A heavy load on your shoulder can hurt your game, this can usually lead to unwanted fatigue in the back, shoulder, and arm, this is why you need a pushcart to help you do all the heavy lifting

With your Pushcart, you can simply place your bags which contains all your equipment and gear without the need to carry them on your shoulder

Pushcart especially one with the follow mode features are increasingly becoming popular as the day go by as this allows for greater ease and comfort

Looking for the best pushcart that follows you or which come with the ”follow mode” features, We have got your covered

Take a look at some of the best follow mode golf pushcart of 2020/2021, and you will come to agree that the game of golf is undoubtedly an interesting one

One of the very great utilities that you can add up to your accessories and golfing equipments is your cart

You need one especially if you are a golfer who is got the Staff bag or the cart bag, this bag type are very spacious and come with lots of pockets and as a result, they can be very heavy and bulky

Since this bag type are very heavy and bulky, thus they are designed to seat on the cart while you push with ease and comfort

There have been a revolutionization on your cart, firstly it was just a boring cart without features, like the Pull cart, and now thanks to advancement in technology and innovation and now there isn’t just vast availability on your golf cart rather this cart is available in different styling, designed and does come with varying features

One of the great and loveable features is the ”Follow mode features” which is available in some select cart

This machinery, of course, does help you to carry your gears and other items stress-free to the course, with the ”, follow mode features” you majestically walk down the course and watch your cart follow you

There are lots of pushcarts nowadays with the follow mode features, we bring to you the best list on sale for 2020/2021

Note, our picks are backed by intensive research, reviews, and feedback all with an effort to bringing you the best for 2020/2021

Tired of carrying a heavy golf bag on every occasion when you got to play golf? Why not give a golf push cart a chance

Golf Push Carts That Follows You, Who Are They Suited For?

A golf push cart helps to carry all you will be needing as you advance to the golf course, this can help your back greatly and reduce stress and strain, this in no doubt will help you concentrate on your game

If you are a golfer looking for no stress as pertaining carrying/transportation of all your gears then a Pushcart is great for you

Looking for the best golf push cart? We’ve got you covered, without further delay we bring to you the list

For remote control golf cart, please refer here: Best remote controlled golf cart for 2020

Push golf carts that do come with the ”follow mode features” can also be referred to as a motorized cart as they are able to move on their own when you apply the follow features

Best Motorized Golf Push Cart That Follow

FTR Caddytrek R2 Robotic Golf Cart Stars And Stripes

Best high end golf push cart with follow mode features

The FTR Caddytrek R2 Robotic Golf Cart is one of the most admired high-end golf carts as it comes with so many features which makes your game stressfree and exciting

One of its very truly admirable features is the follow mode features which enable the cart to follow you, all you simply do is activate these features and walk down the course with a relief that your cart follow you

Features a compact and lightweight aluminum frame for the best of portability and mobility

Amazingly, this cart does come with a powerful 250-watt dual motor, which is one of the highest for a pushcart, this powerful watt makes it go up without stress on any terrain

It does come with a sport-like wide-track drive wheel with a matching caster wheel. just as its name suggests, this is a highly programmable robotic caddy that carries your bag so you don’t have to

The Caddytek calculates the speed, angle, and distance of the player using its Ultrasound and RF signal technology

Simply walk with an assurance that the Caddytrek tracks your movement, this tracking mechanism is made possible through its dual tracking mode which is the Follow and matching tracking mode

You can easily switch the caddy into the remote mode if you want to climb the hills and speed at the same time

Caddy comes with a 39 weight pound, to save more weight you can remove the battery

You will be drawn to this golf cart due to its portability and easy to fold nature, It does come with a low maintenance airless tire and this helps to save you tons of money for tire maintenance

This cart stand out through its lightweight aluminum frame which makes them very durable and portable for easy and quick movement

You will be pleased with how easy, quick to maneuver, and control this cart is and the flawless follow mode features

They are known to come other exciting features/accessories which include a drink holder for your drinks, umbrella holder for your umbrella, GPS holder for your range finder, and scorecard holder

How about its belt clip that allows for a quick switch from the follow to the marching mode and vice versa

FTR Caddytrek R2 Robotic Golf Cart Video Review By MGLTV



  • Very quality so that they are long-lasting
  • Comes complete with a scorecard holder, storage compartment, drink holder, and umbrella holder
  • Comes with lots of exciting features and accessories like the follow mode features and the matching features
  • Very portable and easy to carry around golf cart brought about by the one-click easy fold up features
  • Works well with bags that have a kickstand


  • Expensive


Stewart Q Follow Trolley

Best remote control golf cart with follow mode features

The Stewart golf trolley will follow you down the course, this trolley boost of latest Bluetooth technology which facilitates the most responsive follow mode

This is a great golf cart that is highly foldable, this extremely foldable feature makes them fold so compactly so that they are one of the most portable and highly mobile golf carts on sale

and folds down to as much as 21” * 13” * 17” this makes them one of the most highly portable golf cart

To enable the follow mode features all you simply do is activate it on the remote and cart automatically follow you as you move and stops when you stop, this feature makes it feel like a caddy as you will not have to worry about anything

Secure your golf bag easily and wisely using its adjustable bag support which is well built and designed as the bag fits in so well and perfectly

It does come with a smart battery power app that is connected to the remote control

This cart is surely built to take the strain off you hereby ensuring you focus your energy on what is more important

With this trolley comes provision of space where you can store your ball, tees, score card, pencil, handest, etc

No matter your type of cart bag or tour bag, the Stewart is built to accomodate all of them

Stewart Q Follow Trolley Video Review By Dan Hendriksen Golf


  • Quality and highly responsive cart
  • Fits and Cart bag or tour bag
  • Easy to set up and disassemble as well
  • Extremely portable and mobile as it folds very compactly
  • Comes with an umbrella holder to protect gears and equipment’s against harsh and unfavorable conditions
  • Four-wheel chassis for outstanding balancing and stability


  • You cannot add a seat


MGI Zip X5 Electric Golf Caddy(Best On Reviews)

motorized cart, golf cart, best sale, golf caddyThis is a fantastic golf cart that was built with close attention to responsiveness and efficiency

This isn’t just the regular golf cat, this is quality and so that the fear of whether it will last long is eliminated

There is a rugged electronic pad break that is able to stop and hold in any terrain

You will be able to track walked distance and even the longest driver using the feature well known as resettable odometer which is very crucial for your game

There is something so exotic about this cart and that being the controlled distance function which helps you to enable the setting of the desired distance and it stops just at the exact spot

The battery life also is unmatched as it does last longer than your expectation

Good value for the money and I bet you can stop loving them, they are easy to set up and dissemble as well

MGI Zip X5 Electric Golf Caddy Video Review By Out Of Bound Golf



  • Great for the quality
  • Easy set up and disassemble
  • Resettable distance using the odometer and helps for distance tracking
  • Down speed control for safety precautions
  • Electronic brake hold cart steadily and firmly no matter how rough or smooth the terrain


  • Someone complained of front-wheel rearing up


New Kangaroo Z-Series Electric Golf Cart(Best For Quality And Efficiency)

Cart, best cart, golf cart, motorized cartThere is something about this so exotic, easy to use, highly portable and attractive, and most importantly of the highest pedigree of quality

You aren’t just buying quality, you are in buying the best of quality even though they are expensive

This is one of the very best for the value golf cart built with the most responsive technological features which ensures optimum response and ease on course

Comes with a well superior remote guidance system which is second to none and an automatic brake that gives you control against downhill speed

You get a one-year factory warranty on purchase, its time to enjoy one of the world finest remote guidance systems approved by the FCC

Features a swivel cup holder, stainless steel Score cardboard, bumper guard, remote transmitter clip, universal accessory bracket, and amount for an umbrella stand

If you have got the money, this should be a great choice, however, for those without to spend on this so exotic cart there are varying options that will suit your budget

New Kangaroo Z-Series Electric Golf Cart Video Reviews By Kangaroo Golf Motorcaddies



  • Best for quality and efficient
  • Highly responsive for easy Rolland a smooth ride
  • Comes with a whole lot of standard features which does include a remote transmitter clip, swivel cup holder, bumper guard, and many more
  • Automatic break for excess speed control
  • Extremely slope hill wheels which keep cart stable going up


  • Expensive


Cart-Trek Electric Golf Push Cart(Best Valued)

It is so amazing how the Cart-Trek has been one of the number one hubs for quality golf carts, they have been so deep into it that efficiency is the ultimate goal

This cart does boost of amazingly three-mode which does include remote, trolley and freewheel

They are so so easy to use and maintain, portable and lightweight as well so that you can easily move with it

When it comes to stability and balance this one is one un-matched brought about by the front wheel tires which is solidly built and strategically positioned

Easily program cart using its programmable settings which do allows for turning force, speed button, and quick tracking

The long-lasting powerful 24-volt lithium makes them exceptionally lovable as it does last for up to two rounds without needing to charge

For some golf carts they are difficult to set up, but with this such frustration is eased as you will easily and quickly set this up in no time

Comes with a standard remote control so that you can steer the cart using a push button

Cart-Trek Electric Golf Push Cart Video Review By MrShotGame Golf



  • Programmable remote control with wireless pairing
  • A turning force that is well adjustable
  • Fully adjustable handle to suit different height
  • 2-year warranty so they are durable and made of quality
  • Long-lasting battery life which lasts for up to two rounds
  • Cart folds up


  • Still waiting to see the cons


Things To Consider When Making A Choice On Push Cart Which Comes With Follow features

You do not just make a choice on your pushcart, making a choice on your pushcart involves many factors

These factors have to be thoroughly considered so as to make the best of choice, there are lots of golfers especially newbies who make silly mistakes on making a choice on their cart as a result of not knowing what factors must be considered to help you make a choice on which cart is best suited for you

Note: Do not be all caught up with the frenzy and excitement associated with getting a new cart that you forget the small but very significant step which ensures you make the best selection on your pushcart

  • Cart Type

One of the very first considerations when making a choice on your cart is that there are two different types of  pushcart

This cart includes 3 wheeled and 4-wheeled carts, the 2-wheeled cart is also another type of cart but in this case, it is a pull cart

3-Wheeled Cart

Just as its name suggests, a 3-wheeled cart is designed so that it comes with three wheels, this gives room for optimum balance and stability on your cart and they are easy to maneuver

3-Wheeled carts are very easy to maneuver as it does come with three-wheel, one at the rear and the other two at the back(lying side by side)

3-wheeled carts would often come with different features and utilities which includes a basket for balls and tees, hand brakes, slot for umbrella, follow mode features, etc

This features would vary from one cart to the other, there are 3-Wheeled cart which offers follow features and there are other who do not

4-Wheeled Push Cart

Just as its name suggests, the 4-Wheeled pushcart is designed so that it does come with 4-wheels

The 4-wheeled golf cart is one of the most recent golf push carts and also the most advanced as it does come with more features than the 3-Wheeled golf cart

One of the greatest advantages of the 4-wheeled golf cart is that it offers more stability and balance than any other pushcart, they also come with the most advanced features however they are as compactable and portable as the 3-Wheeled golf cart

Whether you make a choice on the 3-Wheeled cart or the 4-wheeled pushcart, each would come to with its own merit and demerit

Note: For portability and easy and quick maneuvering then consider the 3 Wheeled push cart

For Balancing, stability, and more features then consider the 4 wheeled golf push cart

  • Features

When making a choice on your cart, I hope that you are aware that different carts would come with different features, make a choice on which features suit you best

As an instance this blog post is all about the best pushcart which follows you, this means that you will be looking out for the cart which offers the follow remote control features

Some of the well common features among your golf carts are the adjustable handles, pack rack, seat, scorecard, beverages holder, etc

Some cart does come with then follow mode feature present in the remote and there are carts without the follow mode features

  • Pricing

Carts are available in different pricing and cost, this is due to materials, features, and design which it is made of

Look for a cart that matches your budget, thanks to innovation and technology as there are very affordable pushcarts now from where you can make a choice from especially if you have got a low budget

High tech and quality pushcarts are very expensive and cost more but as you will expect you get the best value for your money as these high tech pushcarts are very quality so that they are long-lasting and highly efficient, these carts also offer the best of features

  • Branding

The golf push cart is available in a different brand, while there are golf carts that are of a well known and trusted brand, there are also pushcarts from less famous brands

However for some, it’s all about branding, they prefer to stick to a particular brand and for others, they aren’t brand focused rather they are quality and efficiency-focused

Whichever the case may be, one thing is for sure, a good brand speaks for itself, there are lots of great golf cart brands out there which include the likes of then Caddytek, Sun Mountain, Clicgear, etc

  • Battery

Golf carts especially ones with the follow mode features will often come with a battery that powers it

Each of these carts dos come with different battery power, there are pushcarts which does come with stronger and long-lasting battery life than other

It is very advisable that as you seek out a golf push cart with follow features, you should as well consider battery life

The battery life of your remote push cart is one of the most considerable aspects as it does help to power your cart for movement



All thanks to technology and innovation, back in the early days, there were just manual pushcart, now pushcart has been so advanced that it does not just offer remote control features but follow mode features

A golf push cart especially one with follow mode features eliminates the stress and strain required to move your gear and other equipment’s from one place to the other around the course

You don’t have to get exhausted before your first round of golf due to the stress of moving your gear and equipment’s on your shoulder, such stress is being eliminated by the cart

One of the greatest advantages of a remote-controlled pushcart which offers the follow features is that you simply enable the follow features and then move while the cart follows you, you can also switch the cart to manual mode and then push


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