Today’s golfing offers the best on sale push golf cart for men, prior to this era, there was not much golf cart for men as it is today

In this blog post of today, we are going to be considering the best for men’s push golf cart

For push golf carts for women, please refer here: Best for women push golf cart in 2020

Before giving you the list, its best we explain the term Push Golf Cart

Pushcart is part of the decorum of the sport known as golf, especially if you are a golfer who owns a cart bag or staff bag

What Is A Push Golf Cart And It Uses

Have you ever carried your golf cart on your shoulders, you surely agree with me that it hurts, after a very long time you feel the aches and fatigue and you get exhausted before the game

The term Push golf cart is simply a cart that is used to convey your gears and related equipment to the course without having to carry them on your shoulder or hand which can cause fatigue and tiredness

As a golfer it doesn’t matter if you are a man or woman, there is just the best golf cart that suits your needs and budget

Based on our extensive research, these are our top pick best golf push cart on sale in the market

Which Is Better For Men, Push Or Pull Golf Cart?

Firstly, it all depends o your preference and what you will be achieved with any of them

But when it comes to functionality and ease, the golf push cart is preferable as it is seen as an upgraded version of the Golf pull cart

A golf push cart is a three-wheeled vehicle and recently they have been a massive production of a four-wheeled golf cart, this results in more stability and ease when you push them around

Pushcart does also come with amazing and mouth-watering technology which does help to make your golfing life easier and more fun

In comparison, a pull cart involves more energy and control as they are two-wheeled, in simple terms it is much easier to push than to pull

One thing that makes the pushcart disadvantaged and that being it is usually more expensive when compared to a pull cart

Having said this, you have the answer as to which is better, Push Cart VS Pull Cart

Are Golf Push Cart Worth It

Firstly that will totally depend on individuals own perceptive, the question should be are you comfortable carrying your gears on your shoulder or would you prefer a cart to help you do the heavy lifting

Are golf push cart worth it, from a general perceptive it is worth it, imagine having an object responsible for lifting those heavy and weight clubs and equipment’s while you walk alongside

This will help you save energy and better concentrate on your game instead of getting fatigued or tired which will eventually affect your game

Owning a Golf Cart is not a rule in golf, as a matter of fact, you will not be required to present your cart before you can play unlike clubs but even at that it’s worth every penny

How Much Does A Golf Push Cart For Men Cost

Prices of golf carts vary depending on quality and efficiency, a good golf cart costs between $300 and above, take note ”a good golf cart” because there a whole lot of shabby golf carts out there today

So anything from the price range of $300 and above is great, however, if you are looking for the best of the best you will be willing to spend over $1000 plus

Without further delay, here is the list of the best on sale golf push carts for men

Best For Men Push Golf Cart-2020/2021

Bat-Caddy X3 Electric Push Cart(Best For Low Budget)

golf cart,push cart, for men,best mensThe Bat-Caddy pushcart is a well known and trusted brand due to how efficient and highly they perform

This is an upgraded version of the X Series, amazingly, this is not just a push golf cart but an electric one at that

They are propelled via a steel gearbox so that they do not lose traction and control uphill nor does it spin the front wheel while lifting or turning

This boost is one of the best highly innovative manually controlled golf push carts on sale today

Its uniqueness is well characterized by its adjustable bag strap which makes it possible to carry any bag no matter the size

Come with a lot o with a lot of features and technology which makes them world-class quality, this makes them very responsive and well durable

You will also be amazed that this can also be pushed without a battery, they are super lightweight and highly fordable for portability unmatched

Bat-Caddy X3 Electric Push Cart Video Reviews By Star 5 Reviews



  • One year warranty against any defect
  • Good for the money
  • Comes with a lot of accessories which does include a seat, scorecard holder, cup holder, and umbrella holder
  • Well structured rheostat dial to help control the speed
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Extremely portable as they are easy to fold and unfold
  • Good quality


  • Does not come with break features


Cart-Tek Electric(Best On Review)

Men's cart, push cart, golf cartNo one does it better than the Cart-Tek, with its three remote modes it is a three cart in one for the ultimate value

Features unmatched programmable setting which does include a tuning force, speed, and tracking, this means you will be able to fine-tune your preferences

This is not just a pushcart, it is an electric push golf cart with remote control features which does help to make your movement and your cart by your side more engaging

An ECU housing makes it possible to use a cart in wet conditions and this means the weather is no barrier

You will be able to carry any bag due to the adjustable hand that this cart comes with, it does have a rare unique warranty of two years against any defect, this means you are not just buying a cart you are buying quality

Cart-Tek Electric Video Review By MrShortGame Golf



  • Improved ergonomic handle for more comfortability and feel
  • Made of high quality that you are guaranteed a two-year warranty
  • Very rollable and easy to maneuver
  • Comes with a remote control
  • Waterproof ECU housing so that it can be used in wet condition
  • Lightweight with long-lasting battery life


  • Expensive even though you get exactly what you pay for


Motorcaddy Cube 3 Wheel Golf Push Cart(Best Portable)

men's cart, golf cart, push cart, best menThe Motor caddy is very popular when it comes to the manufacture of golf push carts, little to no wonder they are one of the most trusted

With the Motorcaddy Cube 3-Wheel comes with simple to use only two-step folds which makes them very portable and mobile

They can fold to an incredible size of 21 * 13* 17, it does also come with adjustable bag support to help secure your bag

This Trolley is so easy to push with a friction-free oversized wheel this makes the cart very easy and quick to roll

If you also love the finest of an ergonomic handle that offers comfort and a great feel this is one to choose

It does also come with an umbrella holder so that no condition limits you from taking a walk to the course

Motorcaddy Cube 3 Wheel Golf Push Cart Video Review By Zerk Jibe



  • Highly and neatly rollable so that they are ultra-portable
  • High quality so they are built to last
  • Easy to assemble and dissemble
  • Lightweight with an ergonomic handle for more comfort and easy maneuvering


  • It is a pushcart not motorized




Big Max Blade IP Golf Push Cart

Best golf push cart for men

The Big Max Blade IP is incredibly easy to fold through its design mechanism with an amazing 5 years warranty against any defect

You will be able to get a smoother easy push brought about by the straight axle

This cart comes full of features that makes walking to the course amazing

The wheels are solidly built in such a way that cart is very balanced and stable and can hold on to any terrain

You can also adjust the handle of the cart so that it suits your own preference, they are highly lightweight and very easy to collapse

Big Max Blade IP Golf Push Cart Video Review By The Dads thegolfingdads



  • Lightweight and easy to collapse
  • Well balanced and stable across all terrains
  • 5 full year warranty against any defect
  • Good for the money
  • Easy to assemble and operate
  • Long year warranty, 5 good years


  • Two-foot break but no hand break


Sun Mountain 2020 RC1 Remote Lithium Golf Push Cart(Best for the value)

male cart, best cart, push cartYou are not just buying a Golf Cart, you are undoubtedly buying the best of quality

It is the famously known Sun mountain, there is something about this so exotic and that being they are incredibly reliable and highly efficient

If you are seeking the best value golf cart, then this Sun Mountain might just be the right choice for you

And also boost as one of the best for quality and latest technological features

You can operate this cart in manual or remote mode and with its solidly built-in umbrella cover you can walk under any weather condition

And with a web strap and cam and lever bag is securely and safely tired to cart

Exceptionally stable and well balanced brought about by four-wheel no matter the terrain

Sun Mountain 2020 RC1 Remote Lithium Golf Push Cart Video Review By Sun Mountian Sport



  • Best valued
  • Four-wheeled so they are the most stable and balanced
  • Can be operated in manual or remote mode
  • Very easy and portable as they are highly collapsible
  • Adjustable umbrella holder so that it can be used in any weather condition
  • The batter has a long-lasting life span


  • Expensive


Is Golf Push Cart Worth It?

The question which begs for the answer whether a golf push cart is worth it is relative, one of the very first reasons why you should own a golf cart is if you are a golfer who owns a Golf cart Bag or Staff bag

The staff bag and Cart bag are very heavy and bulky as they come with lots of pocketing and spacing this makes them best suited for the cart

When on a Cart you simply drive or push as the case may be which is way easier than carrying those heavy bags

Golf push cart is definitely worth it even though they can be quiet expensive


Can You Use A Push Cart On A Golf Course?

Yes, of course, Pushcart is designed to be used on the course, many golf courses still allow you to utilize a golf course

You should look for a pushcart that is versatile and reliable as this guarantees durability and efficiency


Things To Consider As A Man When Making A Choice On Your Push Golf Cart

When making a choice on your pushcart, you will have to consider lots of factors so as to be able to make the best of selection

Lots of golfers make a choice on their cart without taking proper consideration into account, this, in the end, most often than not result in making the wrong choice

These factors are both general and specific, but we will cover everything you need to know that will ensure you make the right choice on your cart

  • Number Of Wheels

Pushcart is either three-wheeled or four-wheeled, you will have to make a choice on which best suits you

As you will expect both then 3-wheeled and 4-wheeled golf push cart does have their advantage and disadvantage

3 Wheeled Cart offers better maneuvering whereas the 4-Wheeled cart folds more compactly and neatly

  • Storage

When it comes to a storage system, it varies from one cart to the other, while there are pushcarts which offer robust storage system, there are other which offer moderate to little spacing

Before you make a choice on your cart, what equipment/utilities you would want to be on your cart

The choice of cart you make should be able to carry all your essential piece of equipment and if it doesn’t then it is not right for you

Let’s are frank, the amount of spacing in a pushcart hardly equates to your gears, this is why you should consider the option of an expanded storage

It is advisable to look for a high-end cart that offers lots of storage spaces and features for all your belongings as the cheaper basic model hardly offers additional spacing

As an instance let’s say you are fond of snacks and likes to bring lots of them to the course then you should consider opting for push carts which offer net for storage

It even more desirable when you opt for a cart which does come with a lockable and waterproof compartment

However, al that has been said, you should be cautious on the weight/ load you give to your push cart as too much would definitely cause overload which would lead to instablilty

  • Portability/Collapsibility

You do not have t struggle to close and open your puch cart at will, with this reason its best to look for one which offers the best of collapsible features

Chose the one which is easy to fold and unfold without stress, this ensures also an increase in portability and ease for transportation

Remember, no one wants a bulky and too a heavy cart, rather we prefer one which is very easy to carry

You should look for carts that offer one or two-step fold mechanism as this offers the best of portability and collapsibility

Most of the high-end cart offers the best of portability using a one-step or two-step fold mechanism and just with a click of a button you pushcart is ready to go

  • Break

This one cannot be ignored or over-emphasized. l0ok for a cart that offers a quality and highly efficient brake system

Thanks to advancements in technology and innovation, carts are now built with an inbuilt brake system

With the ”foot brake” being the most popular then follows then hand brake system, the push/pull is is the common method used to lock the hand brake system

Making the right choice on push cart which offers the best of break system would mean you searching for a well reputable and trusted company

Note: Always park your cart on flat surfaces as much as possible except for a no option case, as unnecessary engaging your breaks can lead to a shorter life span on your cart

  • User Comfort And handle

Pushing your cart up and downhill is stressful enough and I bet you do not want to add to this stress

Everyone wants comfort, as a matter of fact, one of the top criteria one considers in buying anything, either a pushcart or any other thing is comfort

Look for one which offers you maximum comfort and does have a well-defined handle, remember you will be operating your cart using its handle, Carts which offers an ergonomic handle is high recommended

Consider cart which does offer flexible handles instead of fixed,  handles with height adjustable features is a great option

  • Stability

While there are lots of carts, each offers a different stability ratio, it is challeng8ng enough pushing your cart in an uneven/undemanding terrain is problem enough so why add to this problem

Note: Carts which offers 3-wheeled or 4-wheeled is the best for stability and balance, 2 wheeled cart does not offer much on stability and balancing

The 3-wheeled and 4-wheeled push cart offers a wider base and stability due to proper weight distribution as a result of added number of wheels

A stable golf cart would prevent you in the long run from tipping over which might lead to damage to your equipment

  • Durability

Durability just like comfort is everything, no one wants an inferior cart, every golfer wants to invest in a pushcart that offers quality and efficiency even though this will usually come at an expense

Though quality golf cart is expensive I can assure you that it is worth it, as an example, the best push golf cart for men in 2020, which this blog post is all about is a quality and highly efficient golf cart

Durability ensures that your cart is able to withstand the pressure of the condition in different courses, whether it be flat, hilly, or sand courses

  • Additional Features

As expected and always, the different cart would come wit different features, there are carts which offers lots of features so also are their carts which offers but few features

Some of the features that are well conversant with pushcarts are net for storage, height-adjustable handle, ball holder, cup holder, etc

Though this might be of personal preference you should consider what accessories/equipment you will be needing on your cart as this would help you make the best choice on features


3-Wheeled Push Golf Cart VS 4-Wheel Push Golf Cart, What The Difference?

Thanks to technology and innovation, back in the days there were not vast options or selections on your cart

But today, you have a robust option to choose from 2-Wheeled Cart, 3-wheeled Cart, and 4-wheeled Cart

The 2-wheeled cart is been the oldest type of cart as it offers but two-wheel, one of the very disadvantages of the two-wheel cart is that it is often pulled instead of pushed and we can quite agree that pulling is way difficult than pulling

For your 2 wheel golf push cart please refer here best 2-wheeled golf push cart on sale right now

Aside from that the 2-wheeled cart offers less stability and balancing than the 3-wheeled and 4-wheeled cart

In today’s golf, the 3-Wheeled and 4-wheel cart is the real deal as they are not just easier but offers more stability as well than a 2-Wheeled push cart

Having said that and back to the question, 3-wheeled VS 4-Wheeled cart which is a better option

Whether you choose the 3-wheeled or the 4-wheeled pushcart each come with its own merit and demerits

There are lots of 4-wheeled golf push carts and making a choice is quite a daunting and difficult task especially for beginners, however here is what I recommend Best 4 wheel golf push cart 




Golf sport offers amazingly great golf push cart which will help ease the stress of the male’s golfer having to carry his gear on shoulder

Golf cart knows no gender, however, there are some great golf push cart that is best suited for the men in 2020

In this post we have given you the true and up to date list from where you can make a choice for which suits your budget and needs


Thanks for reading, if you find this piece helpful, please endeavor to share, Cheers!!!




















































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