At the end of this article you should be able to identify the best of putter for those newbies into golfing and be able to memorize them one after the other

Many learners are confused when they try to make a selection of golf putter for their game, not to worry this article is awesomely geared toward helping that new or beginner golfer make the best selection of putter clubs so they can always do a great putt on the green any time any day

One of the most important golf club in a club set is that club called putter and without it there is no way you will be ”putting”, a putter is designed to putt, i.e, hit slowly the golf ball so that it goes safely into the golf hole

In golf sport, a Putter is a special club and is used to hit the ball few metres from the green into the hole, as earlier described, the word “Putter” conotates putting, that is a specially designed club for nothing other than driving golf ball inside the hole on the green

Note, Putters are not used on the first hit, they are usually used at the latter, when the ball is close enough to the hole, so they are usually the last club to hit the golf ball so that it goes into the hole on then green

This best putters for starters must have a large sweet-spot and a high moment of inertia(MOI) for more accurate and straighter putt alignment, this is one of the most important things to look out for(high MOI and larger sweet-spot)

By the end of the list those who are just getting started with golfing will have a clear and concise picture of the kind of putter club that they will be needing to play efficiently on course

with that being said we now list the best golf putters for starters

What are the best golf putters for beginners in 2020?

There is always a putter for every players capacity, just as there are putters highly designed to meet the Pro golfer own demand so is there for those novice or rookies who are just getting started with the game of golf

Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0(Best For Forgiveness And Response)

beginners putters, starter putters, novice puttersGreat starter putter, a highly specific putter from a specific brand for the golf beginner, they are available for both right and left hands, you will love it simplicity yet highly responsive

There is a perfect ratio of balance and feel and are easy to use, it is moderately weighed and with them your putt will increase dramatically, they are inexpensive and a good value for the money

Comes with high quality metal construction for durability, they are highly forgiving, this will be a great companion for that newbie out there looking to get started on the game of golf


Very sturdy and well balanced

Price friendly

Easy to use

Perfectly aligned and well forgiving

Quality, so you wouldn’t worry about durability


Someone complained that it has no alignment aid although still confessed enjoying the feel


Odyssey Hot Pro 2.0(Best For Feel And Forgiveness

amateurs, best putter, beginners, Two big thumb up for the Odyssey, this by far, hands down is one of the very best putter for amateur looking to improving on their putt condition, in short they are one of the best out there in the market, they are highly engineered for more consistency and feel and performance along the striking surface

This is a magic putter and you will be wowed! on how well they will incredibly improve you putt performance, you will make more putt than you have ever

The grip is also something you will love, it is well balanced and the face sits square for better and more precise alignment, this Odyssey is very solid

Depicts perfection, you will fall in love with its feel when it comes in contact with ball, it’s classical look, incredibly accuracy and ease of use


Very durable

Highly accurate and durable

Perfect alignment

Easy to use

Price friendly


Limited stock

Odyssey 2018 Black O-Work(Best For Feedback And Feel)

newbies, putter, club, amateurAll hail the Odyssey 2018 Black O-Work for its exceptional deliverance and accuracy, this putter is a prompt response club and are easy to hit with great and exceptional feel and feedback, they are great at rescuing the babe golfer

With the presence of the micro hinge face insert you are assured of unmatched roll, the presence of the versa alignment technology makes it easy for the new golf player to get aligned properly at setup

this is a well packaged putter and a perfect fit for the money and they are well balance and averagely weight


Very durable and balanced

Price friendly

Versa alignment technology for unmatched rolls

Exceptional feedback and feel

Well balanced easy to use


Quite expensive

Wilson Staff 8802 Milled Putter(Best For Response And Forgiveness)

Another well structured putter for beginners, this club depicts a perfect blend of feel and feedback, weight and balance, anyway thanks to its engineers for such production

Be rest assured, you will do more putts, perfect putt with exceptional rolls from day one of using this putter, looking at the double milled face you can tell that it offers the ultimate in precision

They are stylish, lightweight, durable and easy to use, what more can the junior ask for when the very best has been presented right in your very own eyes


Perfect blend of quality and style

Very forgiving

‘Easy to use

Exceptional feedback, feel and control

Stylish head cover


A little bit difficult to get used to

Pinemeadow Golf Regular Black Zinc Style Putter

Last but not the list, this Pinemeadow is a good for the price kind of putter, they are nicely weight and look sturdy and flexible so that the fresher can easily use them without much difficulty

Looking simple yet very responsive with an exceptional feel at address, they are nicely grip as well and be rest assured you will love, you can hardly go wrong with this set of putter as they great when it comes to perfect alignment

Experience anew feel of golfing and be the favourite on course, they are lightweight and quite solid and a great one for the price, thanks to its designers

Do more rolls experience greater and classical putt using this very forgiving and well responsive putter that will ensure you become a better and bigger golfer within the shortest time possible, they are easy to use, simple. durable and responsive such that you have ever seen


Good for the money

Easy to use

Better rolls and exceptional putts

Great alignment

Quick delivery


Nothing worthy of note



Here is the recap, Putter club is one of the most important club  you will be needing as a golfer, just as there are specific golf club for every playing level so are there specially designed putters highly geared to meet the demand of the freshman golfer, this putter will help them improve on their putting conditions

As a freshman or newbie or beginner or amateur or starter there are specially designed putter club for you to help meet the demand of your playing style on course, with this putter club that is best for beginners, every one of them will do classical rolls which would definitely lead to classical rolls in 2020








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