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The best most own putter for every senior.

The purpose of this article is to redress and address the best suited specification of putters club for seniors for this year 2020, not just the best but they are also light and easy to use

Having taken intensive analysis and made thorough intensive research we discovered than the best easy and light putter for seniors are quite different from that of the young. oh yes, they are.

Someone is asking what’s the reason behind that?

It is because this people, the seniors are not as young and vibrant as they used to be because of age.

It’s very natural to say when one becomes older, he or she becomes weaker.

The only time we grow with strength is perhaps from our child days to youthful days.

But ones we are no longer youth energy ad strength begins to dwindle, such a strong vibrant person becomes weak and feeble.

Its natural and no one can run away from it, I remembered me and my dad having a conversation one day and he told me of his days and how he was a good footballer with great speed such that none of his mates were a match for him, when he said these things I could barely believe him.

To me it looked as though he was kidding but i could see all the seriousness in his eyes and more over he is not a man that fancied lying.

You know there is something I discovered in myself and the young in general,

when older people talk, precisely those of our father’s or mother’s age they tend to believe this people do not know anything in the real world now.

So daddy told me those days he was a well respected star in the midst of his colleagues and he was greatly admired and respected.

The point I am trying to pinpoint in this story holds even true today, as we get older usually well after youthfulness, we tend to become weak in strength and energy.

And this weaknesses prompted this article.

thanks to the game of golf, oh sorry, thanks to the inventors of golf game.

lets be realistic at least for now and tell our selves this simple truth.

golf game is a big time age friendly game when compared to virtually every other sport one can mention in this age.

Football game i would say is a perfect description of a game i would say is as opposite as it can be with golf game when it comes to age wise playability.

You see each an every time in the game of football i see people retire at their 30’s if well striken by age football wise perhaps in their 40’s and everyone is already screaming ”you are too old, let the young ones play”.

imagine that, when in the game of golf at such age you are just starting out.

Dont get it twisted i am a great footballer lover but you know sometimes is just great comparing things from a particular stand point, now this comparison makes or helps you see thing clearly and more understandably from another angle which someone who doesn’t bother for a  compare will not see, sounds weird haaaa? back to focus.

Golf game can be a very excellent and brilliant choice you can take for a sport as you grow older as a matter of fact some play even at their 70’s and maybe 80’s.

Surprised? oh yea, even at 80+  people still play golf. now this older people you do not expect to old the same clubs with you, theirs has to be lighter, did i just say lighter, nope, it has to be much lighter with greater forgiving so as to help increase the level of accurate trajectory as they swing.

As we become grandparent after many year of hard work we dont want to simply just retire and close the door to fun and recreation, fun and recreation you can always get at an old age by having the best of putters for senior

Seniors should concentrate on head and shaft design when looking into buying the best of putter for their own specification.

A flexible shaft at hand with a good head will aid you a better swing accuracy. good heads usually have a marked sweet spots to help you better hit the ball into the hole.

Without the best of putter, golf game becomes an unexciting adventure to embark on.

You need the best of putter, light weight and easy to use to make great history in golfing.

2020 has highly favoured the advent of more sophisticated and better golf putter dedicated for seniors.

What Are The Best Golf Putter Reviews For Seniors In 2020?

  • Pinemeadow PGX(Best Lightweight And Easy)

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Greatly admired for its high forgiving spirit, this Putter saves the day and assures you of victory on course just with little effort and a deep hunger for victory on course. it is highly forgiving.

This putter have a consistence aim with great strokes which matches their aim, sometimes you aim left being the wrong direction but this putter would move itself right too some level just to help you correct your errors a little bit

With this Putter, every senior will experience a better and more aligned rolls which definitely will lead to a greater putt, they are easy to use and are extremely forgiving

They are inexpensive as other putter brand yet they are one of the best putter out there and if you are looking for to just starting off with a small budget, then the PGX is definitely for you


Very affordable

Easy to use and proper alignment

Well built and solid

Durable and attractive

Balanced and lightweight


Limited stock



  • Taylor made Spider Tour(Best Forgiving And Responsive)

Best putter recommendation, best senior puttet, 2018 best putter for seniors, all time best.

Wow! another great one there and highly admirable, Taylor is a brand well known for the production of nice and forgiving quality make of Putters. this putter is very durable so you wouldn’t always get yourself another because of its spoilt.

The ultimate of stability and forgiveness on impact, At the top of the putter is a long alignment line in order to facilitate an easy ball get started on the correct line.

This makes it among the best of the best putter for seniors in 2019, they are very comfortable and when it comes to ease, they are well easy to use yet without sacrificing feedback, feel and response, with this great and awesome putter club every senior is in for a great putt, the reviews says it all, it simply say’s they are great and you will be happy with this club

Anyway thanks to its engineers who through conscious effort has crafted this club to help the elder golfer become more confident on their putt any time anyday


Easy to use

Lightweight and comfortable


Highly responsive with maximum feedback and feel

Ultimately forgiving


A little bit difficult getting used to




  • Cleveland Hutington(Best For Feedback And Response)

Senior putter, best senior putter

Cleveland as it name reveals is really clever in helping you acquire maximum success with little effort, it is a faithful clubs and comes in right and left hand so you wouldn’t have to worry that it is biased at all. this putter read the green well which implies the ability to see the contour of the green.

It is definitely one of the best Putters for seniors in 2020 seeing how light and easy it can be for them when they swing. I admire Cleveland so much and probably would be one of the most favourite in my archive when I will be needing them

Another great feat for the senior, they are designed with utmost attention on the swing speed and strength of the seniors, even on a mishit they are termed as swing correctors

Armed with this club you will see how your putt turns out to be magical and exponential, grow your confidence with this very responsive putters and become the most admired on course, they are a little bit on the heavy side due to its thick head but ones mastered you will come to know that they are one of the most solid and responsive putter club you can ever own as a senior golfer in 2020


Built to last

Solid and easy

Highly responsive with top notch feedback on every hit

Price friendly

So comfortable

Available in left and right hand


Quite heavy


  • Two way Putter(Best Responsive And Feel)

Best senior putter, senior putter top picks

No big brother club you can own without the Two way putter, it is a club with great forgiving spirit and we help save you on the day you list expect. highly recommended for seniors because of its unique style of making the ball fly into the atmosphere, i would recommend this Putter for Seniors who want to stay relevant on course anytime anyday.

They have a good pre-shot routine and are great at controlling their putter face at impact and very importantly their eyes are behind the ball at address.

This makes it among the list of the best putters for seniors anytime, one of the most simplistic putter free from complication is the two way putter, they are sooooo, easy to use and even on a weak hit they are very responsive, have a look at the reviews and you sure will be convinced that this club is no different from what it is described to be


Easy to use

Well built and highly responsive


Exceptional feedback and feel

So comfortable and lightweight

Price friendly


Limited stock

Shipping restriction


  •  Odyssey Callaway Golf 2018 White hot pro 2.0(Best Forgiving And Responsive)

2018 putters, top putter, putter for seniors

The Odyssey Callaway Whit hot pro is another Putter that cannot be ignored for seniors, if ignored then this list is not as fair as it should be.

Odyssey Callaway is very, very light with a strong angle of accurate trajectory due to the way its head is configured, it is configured in a way to help seniors come out relevant and successful in their golf game

With this putter club which is perfectly aligned you putt becomes a slave to you, they are so accurate that even on a mishit it still does what it’s suppose to do

Experience exponential straight ball distance that goes straight into the hole without being distorted by obstacle even the wind, the Odyssey does what it is told to do

The low CG makes it great at response, feedback and feel, experience the new level of accuracy that is near perfection and more interestingly hit with more ease than ever, if you like fancy and classy then this is a club that you should miss out, they are lightweight thus offering the seniors to be more be proactively active and efficient on every hit


Best for the seniors

So easy to use

Accurate alignment for amazing forgiveness

Responsiveness and feedback with exceptional

Far from expensive so very affordable

Durable and attractive


Might be available only for right handed golfers



  • PineMeadow Women PGX(Best Forgiving And Easy)

Putter, senior putter, best putter, senior best putter, clubs

Excellent and true to its nature, it is both left and right with a light and flexible shaft to aid an accurate hit in the most relaxed manner and style possible.

this putter compliments your hit no matter how poor your swing is, you dont have to hit too hard, just a little pressure applied across as your hit the ball will send the ball far away beyond your wildest dream.

the most interesting thing in all this mentioned great Putters for seniors is they are both right handed and left handed.         


  • Flexible shaft to aid accuracy on hit,
  • Very forgiving with greater mercy
  • Price friendly
  • High loft to compliment your poor swing speed


    • Limited in stock
    • Shipping restriction
    • No warranty, but not to worry it is durable


  • Odessey Mens White Hot Rx V-line Putter(Best For Feedback And Control)

Best senior putters, senior putters, 2018 best putter,

This legendary white hot feel is on another level.

It has a two double layer injected molded insert which do possess a softer core for a better speed distance and feel.

This putter has a textured clear cote that helps get the ball on motion and faster and makes it among the favourite best of putter for senior in 2018.

It is really easy to set up due to its versa contrast alignment and for a more stable putting stroke with enhanced feel a 355 gram mallet shaped head with double ben hosel is provided.


  • Plenty of forgiveness
  • Available in RH and LH
  • Affordable
  • Good for SBST stroke


    • Unfavourable for golfers who is always close to the ball due to its length


The Need For A Golf Putter Club Specially Designed For The Seniors

A putter is a specially designed golf sport club used to do a ‘’putt’, a putt simply means hitting the golf ball slowly and accurately so that it gets straight inside the hole

It is usually the last hitting club used to hit the ball into the hole, Putters are an essential club that must be present in every golfers bag as without them there is no way you will be hitting the ball into the hole


Senior have weaker swing strength and force, this is characterized due to old age, this prompted or the design and manufacture of specially designed putter clubs to compliment this weaknesses by offering them the best of forgiveness and mercy even on a mishit

This putter is also designed to be highly responsive with maximum feedback and control so that in every possible swing taken be the senior it does yield result, This is the simple reason behind the design and manufacture o specially designed gol putter clu or the seniors




Today’s golfing offers amazing and great Putter club for the  seniors, prior this era there were little consideration for the seniors, Thanks to the golfing bodies and manufacturers who taught it great that the senior golfer have a putter club that is best targeted at them so that they can enjoy what they love doing

As a senior there are putters highly designed to meet your golfing needs so that you will not be using the putter for juniors or youth because they are not well suited for you due to factors such as weight and less responsiveness

Putter clubs is usually the last hitting club, they are designed to do putt, that is to hit the ball slowly and lightly so that it goes directly into the golf hole, the putter club on this list is undoubtedly the best putter club for the golfer seniors in 2020

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