In the end, you should be able to list the best indoor putting trainer so as to determine which is best for you

We know how frustrating and worrisome it is trying to improve on your putt but having no positive result, sucks and is very discouraging.

Note: Don’t worry we have a solution for you

As a matter of fact, one of the main skills golfers try to get better at is the ability to putt less and less on the course, this putting aids provides immediate feedback to help improve your aim and putting tempo

Today’s golfing does have in great offer lots of golf putting trainer mat as it does provide you with a great way to improve on your putt both on the putting green and also at home

They are designed to mimic a real golf hole, a putt that hit the edge of the parabolic ramp and falls off just like a ball will leap in real life. all thanks to technology and innovation

With this putting trainer aid, you can practice more so that you can be able to putt less on the golf course

One of the often underrated skills among golfers is putting, which involves hitting the golf ball slightly so that it gest inside the hole

Putting is a stroke you do with the golf club called putter, this stroke is usually the last hitting face in every round of golf

In this blog post, we are going to be listing the best indoor putting training aid on sale in today’s market and how to choose


What is a putting trainer? how to choose a putting trainer? where to buy a putting trainer? Do putting trainers work? Are putting mat worth it?

We have all these questions answered in this blog post



Best Putting Trainer On Sale

  • Adamo Life Putting Mat For Indoor(Best For The Value)

Best putting trainer 2022



The Adamo Life Putting Mat is one that gives you the fair advantage of putting it anytime anywhere.

They are so portable and feature 2 guided alignment training tracks, 2, 4, 6 & 8 feet distance to help improve your putt skills

Amazingly, It also comes with 2 golf ball holes with automatic return, this helps you immensely in practicing in the comfort of your home, office, or even the backyard

With this putting training aid, your score will definitely improve, it is a guarantee, that you will love the wood return and backstop, as they are excellently crafted

And when it comes to quality, this is quality, mimics the real golf course, and is very easy to assemble

Note: Comes with 3 Adamo golf balls as a bonus!!!

If you are looking for a putting trainer with an A+ review, one with an un-matched quality then you have got the Adamo Life

Note: It does come with a 30-day money-back guarantee, that’s crazy and recommendable!!!


  • Brand: Adamo Life
  • Weight: 4.24 kilogram
  • Dimension: 23.7 x 16 x 6.69 inches
  • Color Option: 1(Green)
  • Automatic Ball returner
  • Alignment training track: 2
  • Golf ball holes: 2



  • Very quality and compact for easy and portability
  • Great for both amateur and professional
  • Comes with 3 quality balls for free
  • Great for indoor and outdoor putting
  • Best on review


  • Still waiting to see the cons



  • Perfect Putting Mat Practice(Justin Dustin Approved)

Best training aid putting mat



This mat is of great quality as it is rumored to be the favorite of golf green of former World’s #1 PGA Tour Pro Dustin Justin

It doesn’t matter whether you want to use it at the home, in the office, balcony, one thing is for sure, this putting mat helps you to level up on your game

This putting trainer is really cool and even though the ball return is not perfect, they are however very good

We love and appreciate the fact that this product is well designed, well constructed, and does have a great feature

Note: Includes printed marking and lines for better and more precise aiming and alignment 

Its portability and easy setup is something that is very commendable and admirable, its name says it all, this is a perfect putting practice mat indeed

You get to choose from a robust styling, a whooping 6 option to be precise. and with the high-quality surface which is crafted with a unique crystal velvet material your golf ball will effortlessly roll off as if you were on the green

Note: They are great for all golfers, right hand or left hand, beginners or pros


  • Brand: Perfect Practice
  • Weight: 4.15 kilogram
  • Dimension: 23.25 x 16.5 x 6.8 inches
  • Color Option: 1(Green)
  • Style Options: 6
  • Ball Return
  • Hole Training: 2


Perfect Putting Mat Practice Video Review By Golf Ascending



  • A high-quality surface that allows the ball to roll effortlessly
  • Great for golfers of all experiences
  • Printed line and mark for better alignment
  • A strong and sturdy bottom that is slip-free so that it is usable on any surface
  • Portable and lightweight


  • The ball return is good but not perfect
  • Small-sized holes as complained by a one-time buyer who goes by the name JB on June 6, 2022



  • VANCL Golf Putting Mat

Best trainer putter 2022



No matter your golfing level, beginner, intermediate, or even pro, the Vancly putting mat is one designed for all

It can be used anywhere, from your home to the office to the balcony, because they are highly portable, easy to fold, and lightweight, mobility is no problem

Note: Comes with an auto ball return system which makes it return to the mat through the return track

Amazingly this product does come with 4 ball return track which makes ball return so so easy like never before

The base of this putter is made of solid well-designed wood for the best stability and balance as you enjoy your putting

Note: Comes with a two golf ball slot to put your ball, this prevents the ball from getting lost as a result of rolling around


  • Brand: VANCL
  • Weight: 4.51 Kilograms
  • Dimension: 22.8 x 16.5 x 6.5 inches
  • Automatic ball return system
  • Ball return track: 4
  • Golf club holder and golf ball slot


VANCL Golf Putting Mat Video Review By Rockdrick Views



  • Comes with a holder for your golf club and a slot for your golf ball
  • For increased stability and sturdiness it comes with a non-slip base
  • Unique and well-designed crystal velvet material which allows the golf ball to roll similar to the green
  • Attractive and classic
  • Easy folding and storage also great for golfers of all levels



  • Still waiting to see the cons



  • Icecoral Indoor Putting Green Mat

Best trainer putting aid



Comes with an automatic ball return so that you wouldn’t have to stress yourself with picking the ball every now and then

You are assured of not just a stable but realistic putting experience as a putting trainer does come with a nonslip design

The different putting size holes are designed to help improve your putting since it simulates the real golf course and with the lines, you can better align your ball for even more accuracy

Easy to roll up and amazingly it does come with a golf putter which is used in performing a putt

The Icecoral is highly recommendable due to its solid quality with a putting surface that really works great

Note: Mat does not wrinkle, which makes them unique and one of a kind!!!


  • Brand: Icecoral
  • Weight: 4.06 Kilogram
  • Dimension: 23 x 16 x 6.3 inches
  • Color Option
  • Automatic ball return system with Baffle plate
  • Foldable velvet carpet surface 


Icecoral Indoor Putting Green Mat Video Review By FirstLookUnboxing



  • Velvet surface carpet can be folded without wrinkle
  • Easy roll up and highly portable
  • True roll turf
  • Long lasting and highly efficient as they are made from quality
  • Great for indoor and outdoor putting experience


  • Might take some time to get used to



  • TrueBirdie XL Indoor Golf Putting Mat

Best trainer putting aid



This is a professional putting mat with a backstop, the TrueBirdie is perfectly designed to perfect speed and aim

This is a large-sized putter mat and this allows for easy setup and hitting from various angles and distances to various locations

And with the removable backstop behind the hole, all putts will remain on the putting green, this creates more convenience and higher efficiency

Note: With the backstop, you wouldn’t have to chase the ball when it is rolled off the green 

This mat is made unique as each of the holes features a real putting green flag and these flags are of great quality, sturdy, and can be detachable

The slope features on the other hand is a game-changer and all you need do is use the provided foam wedge to add slope to putting green

Note: Comes with a putting green flag!!!

For those in search of a solid replica of the real green, then you can barely go wrong with the TrueBirdie on review

  • Brand: TrueBirdie
  • Weight: 6.71 kilogram
  • Dimension: 36 x 9 x 9 inches
  • Color Option: 
  • Flag: 2
  • Removable adjustable slope
  •  Cup: 2


We sincerely apologize as we couldn’t find any video review for this product 



  • Custom-made and high-quality flag
  • Removable backstop behind holes so that putts are kept on putting green
  • Very quality and thick for durability sake
  • Comes with a cup and putting green flag for better aiming and precise alignment
  • Lare putting area aids you to hit from different angles and distances


  • Expensive



Do putting trainers Work?

If you really want to get better at putting, then practice, practice, practice, is the way forward, remember what you do every day becomes part of you

On the other hand, you don’t want to be restricted by the weather or any conditions which prevent you from being able to visit the course

A Trainer putter helps you practice right from the comfort of your home, office, balcony, or anywhere that is comfortable for you

Without a training aid like the putting trainer then it becomes very difficult to develop muscles memory for this type of stroke

The putting arch trainer is designed with the sole purpose of helping your putter club travel properly so that you are able to deliver a solid and accurate putt


Where Can I Buy A Putter Trainer?

A putter trainer can be obtained from a traditional golf store, one that is close to you, or through an online medium like the ones listed in this article

To buy a trainer putter simply visit a brick-and-mortar golf store around you, if you are confused, with the help of google map you will be able to locate one nearest to you

The other option as said is to use the online route, there are lots of online stores where you can get your Putting trainer and have it delivered to you within a short time frame

Some of these stores include Amazon, Alibaba, eBay, etc. there are lots and lots of stores out there to choose from

With Amazon is the most trusted and reliable due to its wide range/ variety of options to choose from




How Much Time Should I Spend In Putting?

As far as golfing is concerned, putting stands as one of the most important skills every golfer must get better at

It is so important just as goals are important to football, remember in the final round putting determines who wins the game

Having this in mind you should spend a considerable amount of time learning on improving your putting skills

Simple, putting is worth 40% of the time you are willing to devote to your golf practice,70% of your practice putting time should be devoted to increasing your 1 putt percentage in your short putt and extending your 50 percent make distance


How To Choose A Golf Green Putting Trainer

On a hunt for a golf green putting trainer? this might probably be your very first time or you might have bought a trainer putting aid before

When making a choice on your trainer for putting, there are some criteria that one must consider as this helps you to make the best choices avoiding mistake

There are many golf green trainers on sale in today’s market, which makes it quite difficult to figure out which is rightly suited for you

To avoid these mistakes, we are set to help you list out key considerations when choosing an indoor putting green

  • Size/Space
  • Budgeting
  • Quality
  • Features
  • Portability/Ease
  • Warranty
  • Maintenance


  • Size/Space

imagine having bought an indoor putter training aid and you find out it does not fit the available space, sound frustrating right? I bet it should be and you do not want that to happen

For this reason, as you go on a hunt for your putter its best to take into consideration the available space

You want a space that is able to allow you to practice your putting without any obstruction or distraction

Golf green putting trainer is available in varying sizes, while some are much bigger and more elaborate others are small


  • Budgeting

No matter the type or kind of putter green you choose it will always come with a price, these companies who produce this trainer aid spend money in its production circle and would definitely charge you on sale

There are different types of putter gree and available in varying price ranges, they cost from less than a $100 for the cheap ones to as much as $1000 for the really expensive ones, so whichever you choose is solely dependent on your budget or how much you are willing to spend


  • Quality

There is this adage that says, ”Nothing beats quality” and that’s for sure, great quality often means longer durability and higher efficiency

You do not simply want to get a training aid that last but a couple of months, you probably need something which is able to last you for years

Be wary of indoor putting green which cost less than $100 if you really want something that will last you long.

Take a peep at the full review of one of the most recommended putting mats Forb putting mat review


  • Features

And when it comes to putting golf trainers, just as the saying goes, ”Different strokes for different folks”. these trainers offer varying features to match a particular audience and their needs

Some of the features that are common with putting aid are

  • Automatic ball return which helps to roll the ball back to you,
  • Printed marks/alignment training track to help you, hun, your aim
  • Holes
  • Slip-free grip features which prevent your mat from sliding or moving as you perform a putt
  • Higher backstop, etc

While all these are common with putting aid, some tend to have the perfect combination. having all the essentials and even more to help you become better at your putt offering more convenience as well

For more professional mat on review check out the Borburn professional mat full review


  • Portability

If you enjoy taking your training mat everywhere you go then it is best you look for one which is lightweight and extremely portable

This product varies by size, design, and weight, for golfers who want theirs permanently mounted then you might not bother yourselves much about portability.

Note: Look for something that is easy to fold, if you hope to move around with this putter trainer


  • Warranty

One of the most exciting things for me when buying a product is when its manufacturers are able to stand by their product by offering a warranty policy

With a warranty policy, you are even more rest assured about the product, sad enough not all companies/brands adopt this strategy

Note: Not all companies offer warranty policies on putting aid for golf and that doesn’t mean product is bad

Rather warranty policies are like an extra signal about the authenticity and quality of a product

In most cases, warranty policies would last within 1 or 2 years and in rare cases, you get up to 3 years


  • Maintenance

After having your lovely putting aid for golf, do not be so quick to forget that you will have to have them cleaned and maintained from time to time

Having this in mind, its best to look for one which is very easy and convenient to maintain

Generally, you will want to make sure you clear the area of debris and that you are very cautious when shoveling show or stepping on the turf

The winter poses a significant danger to putting green, you should frequently rake up your putting green and treat it for weeds or other pests

Note: You cannot use your training trainer without a putter club, here is the best putter club for your trainer


Types Of Putting Green

There are 2 types of Putting Green, one is natural and the second is artificial, the natural green is what is known as Organic Green while the artificial is called Synthetic Green

  • Organic Green
  • Synthetic Green


  • Organic Green

Organic green just as its name suggests is live grass green, one which is grown naturally by planting into the surface of the soil, they are also referred to as ”Standard green”

They are also referred to as a sand-based putting green, this is the most common type of green before the introduction of the artificial ones

Organic green are the ones you will find on golf courses, they are static and cannot be moved from one place to another


  • Synthetic Green

Synthetic green are artificial grees, they are also referred to as indoor green since they can be moved from one place to another

There was a massive adoption of the indoor green/synthetic green during the Covid 19 pandemic as people were not allowed to play in the course

As an example, our blog post is all about Synthetic green, one that can be used at home without restrictions

With a synthetic green, you will not have to always visit the golf course in other to practice putting



To become highly efficient or to improve on your putt you will need a putting training aid, this training aid is designed to help you practice your putting skills without having to visit the course

Think about the limitation experienced with having to visit the golf course every now and then all with an effort to practice

You could get restricted by the weather, you could get restricted by the time, you could get restricted by a certain condition/circumstances such as the COVID 19 pandemic which prompted people to remain at home

There are lots of them in the market, however, we have given you the list of the best for 2022

Invest in any of this and take your putting skill to the next level


Thanks for engaging, if you find this piece helpful do endeavor to share, have a lovely and wonderful day from Team Golfers Costume!!!


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