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In this blog post of today we are going to be giving you the complete list of the best rated for quality and comfortability golf shoe for wide feet

Now our days shoe for golfing, delivers exceptional comfort, un-matched traction and many other features which does help to make golfing more fun and exciting

For this reason many golfer seek the best golf shoe on reviews, in this blog post of today we are going to be giving out the true and updated list of the best rated for comfortable and quality golf shoe for the wide footed

There are many and different types of golf shoes currently in the market for people with wide feet, this can cause a whole lot of confusion when trying to reach a buying decision

Our picks are based off intensive research, reviews and feedback all with an effort to bring you the best of this golfing shoes

For women’s golf shoes for wide feet, please refer here: Best for women golf shoes for wide feet

Before presenting the list to you, here are some of the features you are going to be looking out for in a golf shoe before placing your first order

According to golfing rules and challenges experienced on the golf course, best of golf shoes must possess these characteristics and attributes.

  • Light weight 

A great golf shoe must ought to be light weight. Golf game requires pressure and force as you twist from one side to the other.

You need something light for a greater and more accurate swing, else you might get distorted and this will usually have an adverse effect on your game


need something to complement your effort, you need a shoe that will complement you by being light in weight so that your shots are not being distorted

With a light shoe a golfer can reach his optimum swing twist position coupled with an accurate positioning for the best of result.

Weighty shoe in golf game limits your ability for a great and powerful swing force which aids you to hit the ball farther and faster because you will be fighting now with two things-the mass of your body and the weight of shoe.

  • Breathability

A breathable golf shoes gives you all the comfort and you will be needing to concentrate on your game

A  non breathable shoe can cause discomfort and even most importantly you might slide when trying to perform a swing, this surely will hurt your performance badly

Your shoes has to be breathable knowing fully well that this game involves great energy and power and this usually provoke sweating.

This sweat most a times occurs from the top all down to your foot and can make your shoes sticky which is very discomforting and un-pleasant It is of great advise and benefit, get a shoe with breathable pores or simply put a shoe which does allow for air passage to foot .

  • Stability And Traction

Swinging the golf ball requires great force and effort and this will have an overall performance on your game

Swing is all about movement, speed and direction and you cannot imagine what the slightest alteration on your swing would mean

Due to this reason, you will be needing a very stable golf shoe with the best of traction to perform optimally on course

The best rated golf shoes must offer stability and support and should be able to withstand tension and strain experienced when performing a swing

  • Waterproofing

Best of golf shoes must not be lacking in waterproof. It is extremely important and cannot be sidelined; golf game is an open door game not an indoor game.

And it is more logical to say in an open environment expect any kind of weather. You might be playing golf game and all of a sudden it begins to rain or you might experience humidity on the course.

A golf shoe made of waterproof will prevent moisture or water from getting into the golf shoe this would help increase the durability of the shoe.

Best of golf shoe must be able to handle harsh weather as regarding to temperature be it of a wet or dry nature.

  • Soft and foamy

Swinging involves great twist and turn, this result in gliding ad sliding of your toes against your shoes

You will be needing something very foamy in other to prevent not getting hurt as a result of toes scrubbing against the hard surface of shoe

The foam on the golf shoe helps to absorb strong and heavy slide and glide force that may cause ones feet to hit a rough and hard edge of shoe as you make that forceful twist.

There is always a frictional force and always between feet and shoe and to help reduce the risk to a sore foot one must guard his foot into a soft and foamy friendly golf shoes.

  • Rubberized Sole

No doubt exciting characteristic cannot be omitted and over emphasized in this list. A rubberized sole is usually a sole made of rubbed material.

It is so because water does not have any serious adverse effect on rubberized materials. This rubberized sole prevents water from soaking the shoe from beneath and with this the shoe is completely comfortable in water.

  • Stylish and moderately tight

Best golf shoes in review are not usually too tight, the reason being your feet is constantly moving and so something too tight would be uncomfortable.

For a golf shoe to be reviewed among the best it should be moderately tight. Too much tightness may make blood flow on foot cease this makes the feet stiff and shocky and would pose as a great distraction and disturbance to ones feet.

Best Rated Golf Shoes For Wide Feet Reviewed In 2020


  • Skechers go Golf drive 2(Best Breathable)

Golf shoe,best reviewed, best rated, for 2020

Fabulously comfortable, great looking, and not expensive. What more could you want in a golf shoe(supportive with a good grip as well)

The technology behind Skechers go Golf drive 2 is really an excellent. this technology is called the Goimpulse sensory and Resalyte mid-sole.

Goimpulse out-sole sensory helps detect the pressure intensity placed when you take a step with this you are assured of adequate bounce back when it is needed and as for Resalyte it creates comfort-ability and stability to help you concentrate more on your swing.

Skechers are budget friendly which makes it an affordable golf shoe for every golfer. it has a well equipped lace up closure to make your foot tight and firm, a moisture wicking lining.

When it comes to breath-ability and comfort feel, Skechers is one like no other. this crown it as a king of shoes with great reviews.


  • very affordable lace up closure
  • Great breathability
  • Resalyte mid-sole
  • Shipped fast


  • Limited colour variety.

  • Ecco Biom Hybrid 2(Best For Quality)

Golf shoes,best rated,

Made of strong and durable leather material, its sole is made to for optimum compatibility of the foot. it is available in various colours and sizes with stylish and great comforatability. A Hydro max solution is built to wade of the challenge of moisture build up on shoes.

This shoe is extremely stable due to its moderately flat sole design to allow golfers experience an excellent ground feedback while golfing.

They fit comfortably and are easy to walk in, no more sored on your feet due to soft leather and a reasonable amount of instep support You are not just buying a golf shoe you are buying quality from  a well trusted and reliable brand   Pros

  • Available in many colours
  • Made of extremely strong Yak
  • Hydro max provides superb weather resistance
  • Its E-DTS hybrid technology provides over 800 traction angles


  • It is not too wide.
  • Shipping restrictions.
  • Plenty of room in the toe area.


  • Skechers Go Golf Elite 2

Aids you confidence through its TPU bottom plate. made of water proof and has great breathability to keep you foot dry and comfortable. its waterproof features prevents it from being soaked in water or moisture and this immensely increases its durability.

The TPU plate gives you stability and firmness during a swing and is affordable.


Has a TPU bottom plate

It is highly breathable

  • It is waterproof
  • Low drop mid-sole for excellent ground feel


  • Quite heavy
  • It has a narrow toe area.
  • Shipping restriction


  • Adidas Golf Tour360(Best For Stability)

February 1, 2018, was the day it was first listed on Amazon. this shoe fit just fine with a two year waterproof guarantee not one which makes it a real deal and opportunity for beginners to own one.

The custom fit and BOA device is one like no other i have ever seen. Its BOA system allows for tightening and to secure the collar and sprint skin wrap area for unmeasured fit and for great stability. with Adidas Golf Tour360 you have a rich look and comfort through it climaproof technology and premium micro fiber upper leather apart from that its Torson tunnel gives great flexibility and control between the forefoot and heel.


  • Takes seconds to readjust
  • Soft leather with great breathability
  • Two years guarantee on waterproof


  • Some buyers complained that it was way too big and wide for their foot
  • Shipping restriction


  • Puma PG Clyde(Best Lightweight)

Its original intention by developers was to make it a basketball footwear, but for some reasons everything changed. Puma PG Clyde is also named  after the famous Walt ”Clyde” Frazier. with its waterproof upper one can be assured of a dry and moisture free environment.

Another amazing fact about this shoe is it can be worn as a sneakers since you can hardly feel the spike through the sole of the shoe. with this shoe weather condition is no restriction on your game as you can play whenever it pleases you due to the storm cell technology and the combination of its waterproof like nature making the sole durable at all times.


  • Comfortable and affordable
  • Waterproof
  • Presence of storm cell technology


    • Limited in stock
    • Shipping restrictions
    • Limited in colour variety

Are Spikeless Golf Shoe Good?

Yes! Spikeless golf shoe are really great if you are in scout of one of the very best golf shoes however there is still the option of the Spiked golf shoes which are also amazing

Are Spikeless Golf Shoe Good, the answer is in picking the one that is right, pick the right one and its all good, whether you are going to be choosing from spikeless or Spiked Golf shoes the answer is fully dependent on what choice is right or preferred by you

What Is Footjoy In Golf

FootJoy well known and abbreviated as FJ is a well known, trusted and reliable brad makers of golf shoes and other accessories

This is the best one of the best in its series, having dominated the golf sport market, it establishes itself as one of the most admired

Who Makes The Most Comfortable Golf Shoes?

Without being biased here, there are many golf brand which does offer the most comfortable shoe for golfing, and such is included and not restricted to Adidas, Footjoy, Callaway Away, Adidas, Ecco, New Balance and some more

Who makes the most comfortable golf shoe? the straight and forward answer is that they all do, the brand which you prefer am0ng these might then mean the most comfortable one of you

How Long Should Golf Shoe Last

How durable your golf shoe would last is highly dependent on how often you use them and how careful or carefree, this means if used roughly and regularly it gets worn out on time

On the other hand if worn on leisure hours and used carefully, it is going to last you longer time without being worn out However this is an average: As your shoes for golfing should last you for at least 3 to 5 years,

Spike Or Spikeless, Which Way To Go?

Being a golfer, you would have to make a choice on either spiked or spikeless shoes, spiked or spikeless, which way to go? I would say there is no where to go!!! it is all dependent on your preferences and may be reason behind picking any,

While some golfer prefer the Spikeless other well prefer the Spiked ”Spike-less” shoe simply means a shoe without spikes or cleats or teeth, Spiked simply means a shoe with spikes, cleat or teeth(name can be interchanged)

Whether spiked or spikeless, each does have its own weakness and strength

Spikes There is lateral stability, a bit than that of spikeless most essentially on courses that are hilly or wet conditions

Spikeless Can be used as a multi purpose duty shoe with better fitting and styling than Spiked golf shoe

I Do Not Have A Golf Shoe, What Do I Wear?

In the case that you do not have a golf shoe,  you do not need to be terrified after all it is necessary but aren’t an obligation to play golf except on few courses that requires you to be properly dressed

One of the alternate to golfing shoes is the running shoes or sneaker with good gripability and stability features you are good to go

Playing Golf Barefooted, Is It Legal?

There is no actual rule which says you must have a shoe before you golf so based on USGA and R&B, golfing barefooted is legal

Even though they are legal, it isn’t the best option, the reason being, if not for nothing your footwear adds to the overall grandeur of the beauty of the game

Despite it being legal, you will not be allowed to pay on major league or some special courses as they require your complete costume

Golf Shoes, What Material Is Best

There are usually two materials well known that is used for making golf shoes, the first being waterproof and the second leather material

Whether waterproof or leather material, they do have their merits and demerits, making a choice on any of this two material type is highly dependent on your preference and budgeting

This means while some golfer would prefer a waterproof material golf shoe other might prefer a leather material golfing shoe

Water Proof Golf Shoes VS Leather Golf Shoes, Which Is Best?

As said earlier, each whether waterproof or leather has their own merit and demerits

Waterproof golf shoe From its name, ”Water-proof”, offers water-proof like features which does prevent water from getting into shoe, this shoe are great for wet and cold condition

They are usually lightweight and easily maintained however they pill up too quick and exposing the inner skeleton of shoes

Leather golf shoe

Leather materials are gotten from animal skin, this makes them tougher and of more quality in comparison to waterproof

Leather material shoe are more durable and long lasting since they are made from skin, however they aren’t good I water as they shrink when wet and looks awkward when wet

Leather shoes are usually more expensive than a waterproof shoe due to the factor on durability and efficiency

Here is the conclusion: If you got enough budget and wants to spend your money on durability then the leather golfing shoe should be the best option

On the other hand, if you a looking for a more cheaper shoe for golfing and does not bet soaked in the rain, then the Waterproof golf shoe is best suitable

Are Leather Golf Shoe Still Fashionable

Leather is still in fashion and isn’t going any where soon, infact more classical design golf shoes are leather fashioned, its durability is one unmatched as leather are gotten from skin which are very tough

Leather golf shoes are highly breathable and great for harsh and unfavorable weather conditions

Wide Feet Golf Shoes, Who They Are Not For?

Golf shoes can either be wide footed or narrow footed, when making a choice on your shoes, you must consider if you have got a wide feet or narrow feet

If you’ve got a wide feet or broad feet, then the wide foot golf shoes is the greatest investment you can ever make, however for narrow feet you should buy a narrow feet shoe

If you are a golfer with narrow feet, a wide foot shoe is definitely the wrong fit as we can all agree that it is goanna be too big and wider than your feet and this means a bad investment

Wide feet Golf Shoes, Who Are They Designed For? They are simply designed for golfers whose got broad toe box or wide feet

Narrow Feet Golf Shoe, Who Are They Not For?

When buying your golf shoe, its very important to put the size of you leg into consideration, this is very important so that you do not buy a shoe that is too tight or open

Narrow feet golf shoes are best for golfers whose got narrow feet or are narrow footed, if you’ve got a narrow feet then wide footed shoe for golfing can be a bad fit as they are going to be too wide


Quality VS Comfortable Golf Shoes, Which One Is Better?

Quality and comfortability are just like twins, they compliment each other, if a product must pass the buying test, it must be quality and comfortable to use

Any product lacking in any of these features will suffer big, if a product is quality then it should be comfortable as well

Quality entails durability and longer life span, this means your shoe is going to last you for very long without the need to buying another

Comfortability on the other hand simply means how your feet feels right inside your shoes, do you like the feel or you don’t?

When you do it means your feet is comfortable and if not its right you get something else, one of the core characteristics to comfortability is cushioning

A well cushioned and soft shoes can give you maximum comfort plus a feel of excitement on feet, which one is better, there is a great debate among which one is more preferable

There is no one preferable, both are very crucial and important, there must be a healthy balance between quality and comfortability




Today’s golfing gives you the option to choose between a spiked or spikeless golf shoe, In this blog post we have given you the list of the best golf shoes on sale today

If you are looking for the best shoe for golfing you have the list and with this shoes you will no longer have to complain about using the wrong shoes

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