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By the end of this article you should be able to tell the best running sport shoes for men beginners or starters of 2020

Today’s sporting shoes offers on sale one of the best running shoes for the men newbies, sporting footwear’s have been so revolutionized that there are shoes designed ultimately for the runner sport man of 2020

Looking for the best of this shoe that is long lasting, ultimately comfortable and will support your sprint or race? here, this article is focused on listing out the best of this footwear’s for running

One of the outstanding characteristics of this sport running shoe is its extreme lightweight ness and massive cushioning for the premium of comfort

Take note of this, shoes ultimately designed for sports related to sprinting and race must be very very lightweight, well padded and cushioned and true to size to avoid being too tight or too loose

We have carefully and diligently took our analysis from this top performing shoes/footwear’s for running combined with aggregate reviews and rating from customers who happened to have used this racing shoe

Unlike other sport shoes, a running shoe is designed ultimately for racing purpose, this shoe are designed in such a way that they are aerodynamic and will help aid your speed

Choosing a running shoe has not been this easier than before, when it took a whole lots of effort, research and strength to figure out great shoe designed for run because they were just a handful of them available then

With the footwear on our list you will have a better running and improved experience as you take on you next round of racing, they are sure to compliment you and make your racing easier than you have ever thought


Running Shoes For Men(Features/Characteristics)


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characteristics of a shoe fit for running.

The best running shoes for beginners must solve the problem for which it was made just like the military boot solve the problem of having ones foot get broken all the time due to a harsh and difficult assignment or task.

The best running shoe for beginners as the name explains should be a very good running shoe, the reason for which it was made.

choosing the best running shoe is crucial for every runner. the best of running shoe should be able to boost your speed without sacrificing things like your comfort and support.

It must possess the characteristics that grants it the power and agility to be termed fit for running.

Running shoe must possess this characteristics in order to fit in to be called one.


  • Gripability

Since it is termed a running shoe, it has to have a technology that favours gripability.

This is a strong feature that must be taken note of in your quest to search for the best running shoe.

Imagine a shoe termed as the best running shoe yet it doesnt have a customized traction for gripabaility.

It means someone would always have to fall since the sole is slippery.

Gripability should be considered one of the greatest feautres when it comes to considering the best of running shoes this is so said because a shoe which does not have strong affinity to the ground becomes in no way suitable for running.


  • Synthetic leather/mesh combination

Best of running shoe or simply put any shoe qualified to be classified as a running shoe must have a synthetic leather and mesh combination which provides durability and comfortability.

Synthetic leather are very durable  and is often used in the fashion and upholstery industries for the production of a wide variety of items like luggage, wallets, jacket, car interior, electronic cases and sofas.

The leather material helps prevent the shoe from harsh weather conditions.

And as for mesh its benefits on shoes it enarmous.

A mesh provides all the comfort and protection the leg need while you run, its semi rigid outsole provides medial and lateral stability, ideal for those who just had sugery, due to its cushioning nature.

Really a mesh help to create all the comfort you need as you run.


  • Variable Lacing system

Lacing system is simply the way the lace are customized to fit in for ropes.

There are several formation of lacibg system available for different kind of shoes. Each of this lacing system is of great importance to thw functionality of the shoes.

Some shoes do not even have lacing system at all.

A running shoes must have a kind of lacing system that supports gripability and firmness on ones foot.

Lacing system helps customize feet in different ways and for different purposes and the lacing system you choose in dependent on your kind of foot shape.

Every pair of running shoes comes with a technical performance lace with the option to tie to your own gratification.

There are 6 lacing system for running shoes.

  • Loop lacing

This allows for a snug fit that would prevent the feet from getting displaced from original position right inside the shoes.

  • Diagonal Lacing

Takes the lacing system of a diagonal movement. This is done when you simply lift the toe box then carefully following the natural motion of your foot.

  • Cross over lacing

Take note those with higher arch are the best suited for cross lacing. Just loose the lace midpoint to create room for the comfortability of your feet.

  • Skip lacing

For those whose middle foot is very high, so what do they do? They simply do a skipping.

In this case, you skip the loop where you need more space.

  • Speed Lacing

One of the most easy and common type of lacing system but why it is called speed the manufacturers can testify better.

  • Extra eyelet

The cloud helps you stay firm inside and is commonly referred to as the seat belt of the shoe. Recommended with great sinnerity to narrow and slim feet.


  • Removable insoles

Long ago manufacturers of shoes produced shoes without insole.

The removable insole helps for cleaning and replacement. Many times after wear, the insole becomes dirty, sticky and smelling and at this point it becomes a lot easier to remove and wash without the shoe coming in direct contact with water.

Many people suffer from plantar fasciitis and similar condition to the extent that they may not be able to walk fine.


  • Midsole for maximum cushioning

The midsole provides it with cushioning to the maximum coupled with durability and shock absorption tendency.

The midsole is simply the part located inbetween the sole and the top.

If you search for running shoes and this qualities are out of reach please flee for it is no shoe fit for running.

Best Running Shoe For The Beginner Man Of 2020-Not For Women


  • ASICS GEL Venture 6(Best For Fit And Solid)

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Quite and well constructed the ASCIS GEL-Venture 6 was made to be with various amazing and captivating colours

They are available in assorted colours and sizes from which you can comfortably make a choice for which best suits you, looking for a well solid and quality footwear for racing, then in n o doubt here is the best of them for 2020

No one nails it so hard like ASCIS GEL-Venture 6 when it comes to having a rugged sole to fast aid gripability couples with a rear foot Gel cushioning, manufactured by Onitsuka Co, Ltd. He choose the name ASICS in 1997 for his company.

Look no further if the best set of running shoe is what you seek for, experience a new dimension on your speed as this footwear  helps compliment your effort as you race on them

ASICS will definitely and surely give you all the romance and massage your foot deserve to stay calm.


  • Medial posting and the hind foot stabilization
  • Fits foot perfectly
  • Great walking shoes
  • Rubberized sole
  • Synthetic mesh


  • Toe area complained too narrow
  • They rum small

No removable insert

  • Not helpful for plantar fasciitis.


  • ASICS GEL- Kayano 24(Best For Quality And Comfortable)

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It has a great supportive overlays and a smart breathable mesh upper, it is richly known for it variety of colours, its sizes and cushioning are lightweight and balanced giving your foot great place of comfort.

The fluid fit upper take advantage of seamless stretch mesh reinforcement for increase in forefoot support and still getting acquainted to the food natural motion to create a custom sock like fit

Available in multi choice colour and sizes from which you can choose from, one loveable characteristic about this shoe is that they fit perfectly and are very comfortable due to the extra cushioning

Its lacing system is one to be admired as well as they are well constructed and fits perfectly, they are also breathable and well padded as well to give you all you deserve to be your best on every single race


  • Breathable fabrics
  • Fit for walking and the gym
  • Wet washing
  • Extremely breathable mesh
  • Well cushioned for the best of comfort
  • Runs true to size


  • Not waterproof
  • No guarantee.
  • Seem smaller than old version according to a buyer.


  • Brooks Ghost 9(Best Comfortable And Flexible)

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Coated with many colours and as bright as Joseph’s coat, Ghost 8 was succeeded by Ghost 9, a more recent version and has a supportive type neutral to under pronation.

When it comes to cushioning , its cushioning is high energizing and its mesh upper very breathable, Brooks ghost has a light weight fabrics and it does have a removable insole, a unisex cushioning design and its lenghty divided crash pads fits any foot landing.

It has amazing grip and light cushioning which is supported by soft blown rubber forefoot material, One of the outstanding features of this shoe is its sturdy and solid nature, it does have one of the best arch support for optimum comfortability

It does also have a well designed and built in breathable mesh thus allowing airy passage in and out of footwear to keep your feet cool and dry all the time


  • Removable sockliner
  • Good for supinator
  • Wears evenly
  • Cushioned neutral
  • Have one of the best arch support.


  • More of cushioning features than stability
  • One customer complained of sole wearing out to quick.


  • Nike revolution 3(Best For Fit And Quality)

For runner who wants a neutral running shoe for regular training, the Nike revolution 3 is undoubtedly a good fit. amazingly even non buyers are attracted and falling for it.

Nike revolution 3 has a mesh upper for optimal breathability and it mid-sole has a soft foam to keep your foot comfortable as you run.

with the rubber sole you can be rest assured of a durable traction and its molded pods offer multi surface traction, it has an underlay in the toe and vamp fit which offers structure and support

One of the most flexible shoe for run is the Nike revolution 3, even for those with big foot this shoe is spacious enough to accommodate those wide footed feet of yours

It lacing system is so designed in a way that it allows easy on and off and you can simply and quickly adjust it to fit your feet, they bare also study and balanced and a great choice for people with plantar fasciitis


  • It is flexible
  • Great support
  • Its out-sole is superb
  • Nice light feel and are low cost
  • Very good with people with doggy feet.


  • Not enough support for very high arched runner
  • Insole is in removable
  • Not a highly cushioned shoe


  • Saucony Triumph ISO 2(Best For Quality And Comfortability)

This is the only brand that and shoe type that keeps your feet happy and excited. It is the best shoe for people with high arch foot type, Saucony Triumph ISO 2  is great for moderate weight with an awesome stabilizing material and a shock absorption features.

Saucony Triumph helps prevent runners from developing pains and discomfort as they stay on track, for full length consistent lasting, there is the provision of a full length ever construction

This shoe is available in different colours, shape and sized from where you can choose which best suits you, take your speed t the next level with this well cushioned midsole which does help to support your sprint


  • Provides lots of cushioning
  • Great flexible structure
  • It has a more moderate drop compared to other shoes
  • Super comfortable and feels great
  • Highly durable


  • A customer complained that it is way to small in the toe
  • Has a weak support for a long walk
  • A little expensive
  • The top feel flimsy

The Need For A Shoe Designed For Racing

The need for a shoe specially and specifically designed for racing or running all started when most runners felt unsatisfied by the random sport shoes, this unsatisfaction was due to the regular sport shoe being too heavy, bulky or uncomfortable for running, then this prompted for the design of a specially designed shoe for running in 2020

This shoes are well characterized by its lightweight nature, fit, comfortability and aerodynamic streamlined design to aid better speed and easy movement


Today’s sport shoes have been well categorized that there are specially designed shoes for racing or running, with this footwear runners can be more comfortable  and feel ease while running

Looking for the best men’s shoe for running in 2020? here in this article we have got you covered, the shoes on our list are the best updated list for men in 2020


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