By the end of this article you should be able to list the best running shoe for Over-Pronators so as to determine which is rightly suited for you

Overpronation is when the arch of the foot role inward or downward when taking a walk, they are also often reffered to as flat feet, this puts an unecessary stress on your feet and ankles and can lead to pain and a more serious condition

Overpronators running shoes are designed to offer maximum support as this prevent an excessive inward rolling of the feet, all thanks to technology as this helps in minimizing discomft and probably the risk of getting injured

But with the use of a supportive features right inside your shoes you will have no problem wit over pronation again, in this blog post we are going to be listing the best on sale running shoe for people with overpronation

How To Choose A Stability Running Shoes For Overpronator?

  • Understand Pronation
  • Determine your gait
  • Determine your foot type
  • Sizing
  • Comfort
  • Understand Ponation

One of the very first step to making the right choice on your running shoes is to understand Pronation, with this understanding you can more accurately deterimne the right fit for you

As said earlier Pronation involves the rolling of the foot from heel to the toe through the foot strike,

For over pronation this involves rolling too much to the inside of your foot during foot strike cycle, over pronation usually happen when you have a low arch or flat foot

On the other hand

Under PPronation will involve your foot rolling too much on the outside and are common with people who have high arch, this type of pronation is also known as Supination

Foot Types

To determine your feet type you simply check your arch height by taking the wet test, the wet test involves making both feet wet then standing on a paper for lats say 10 seconds

Having stepped off take a quick observation on the print made by your feet in the bag.

You have got a Normal arch if:

When you notice a distinctive curve along the inside of your foot with a little haf less than your foot band connecting the heel and to area, it simply means you have got a Normal arch

You have got a Low arch If:

If there aren’t much curve in the inside of your foot as the imprint on the bag shows or reveals a large part of your foot then no doubt you have got a Low arch

You have got a High arch If:

If there is a very thin band which seems to connect you heel and toe and you obvserve a noticeably curve along the inside of your foot then no doubt you have got a high arch

choosing the best running shoe is crucial for every runner. the best of running shoe should be able to boost your speed without sacrificing things like your comfort and support.

It must possess the characteristics that grants it the power and agility to be termed fit for running.

Running shoe must possess this characteristics in order to fit in to be called one.

  • Determine You Gait

By determing your gait we mean having known the information as regards your kind of pronation, you can use the information to determine your gait

Note: Gait simply means the exact way your foot behaves when you are on motion

Gait is all about your pronation type, there are 3 types which include

  • Severe Overpronation: For severe pronation you will be needing a motion control shoe
  • Neutral Pronation: For neutral pronation your best best is a neutral cushioning shoe
  • Under Pronation: For Under Pronation a neutral cushioning shoe is your best bet as well

For more information on determing your gait, take a look at Types of pronation as a subheading which can be found towards the end of this article

  • Shoe shape/Cushioning

You have known your gait and your arch type, thats fantastic, its now time to determine the right shoe and this is where sizing comes into play

As you go in a hunt for your running shoes, there are two ways to determining your shoe type

  • Shape 
  • Cushioning
  • Shape

The shape of your shoe can be categorized under 3 types which include

  • Motion Control Shoes
  • Stability Shoes
  • Neutral Shoe
  • Motion Shoe

Motion shoes are built on a straight last, you can figure that out by turning the shoe over and taking a close look at the bottom

If you discover that it has a straight shape and it is wide then that is an indiaction it is definitely a Motion kind of shoe, this kind of shoe is best for people with flat feet and over pronate

They are designed to give your foot maximum support by preventing you from rolling it too far

  • Stability Shoe

Are designed to have a little bit of semi curved shape, this type of shoe is  agreat otpion for people with normal arch and pronate only slightly

Note: The stability shoe offers well balanced sushioining and support

  • Neutral Cushioning Shoe

Designed to have te most curved shape, they are a great option for people with a high arch and supinate, this kind of shoe absorbs the shock your foot isn’t able to absorb

  • Cushioning

Cushioning is all about comfort, in oter to gain stability, manufactuere were keen enough not just to add a wider last buy also offer a dual density foam for maximum comfort and feel while your run

Types Of Running Shoes Lacing System

  • Loop lacing

This allows for a snug fit that would prevent the feet from getting displaced from original position right inside the shoes.

  • Diagonal Lacing

Takes the lacing system of a diagonal movement. This is done when you simply lift the toe box then carefully following the natural motion of your foot.

  • Cross over lacing

Take note those with higher arch are the best suited for cross lacing. Just loose the lace midpoint to create room for the comfortability of your feet.

  • Skip lacing

For those whose middle foot is very high, so what do they do? They simply do a skipping.

In this case, you skip the loop where you need more space.

  • Speed Lacing

One of the most easy and common type of lacing system but why it is called speed the manufacturers can testify better.

  • Extra eyelet

The cloud helps you stay firm inside and is commonly referred to as the seat belt of the shoe. Recommended with great sinnerity to narrow and slim feet.

Best Stability Running Shoe For Overpronator (Updated)

  • ASICS GEL Venture 6(Best For Fit And Solid)

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The ASCII Gel Venture 6 is firstly very admirable they are availbe in lots and lots of colour option to choose from, this means there is just the right colour for you no matter you taste for colour

Note: They are available in a whooping 18 colour option to choose from, this is amazing!!!

The present of the Rearfoot GEL cushioning system helps to attentuate shock during impact phase, this allows for a smooth transition to midstance

Amazingly they are designed so that shock liner can be removed as this helps to accomodate a medical orthotic which becoames very helpfyul for people with foot problem

Quite and well constructed the ASCIS GEL-Venture 6 was made to be with various amazing and captivating colours

They are available in assorted colours and sizes from which you can comfortably make a choice for which best suits you, looking for a well solid and quality footwear for racing, then in n o doubt here is the best of them for 2020

No one nails it so hard like ASCIS GEL-Venture 6 when it comes to having a rugged sole to fast aid gripability couples with a rear foot Gel cushioning, manufactured by Onitsuka Co, Ltd. He choose the name ASICS in 1997 for his company.

Look no further if the best set of running shoe is what you seek for, experience a new dimension on your speed as this footwear  helps compliment your effort as you race on them

ASICS will definitely and surely give you all the romance and massage your foot deserve to stay calm.

ASICS GEL Venture 6 Video Review By #YourSixStudios


  • Medial posting and the hind foot stabilization
  • Fits foot perfectly
  • Great walking shoes
  • Rubberized sole
  • Synthetic mesh


  • Toe area complained too narrow
  • They rum small
  • Not helpful for plantar fasciitis.

  • ASICS GEL- Kayano 24(Best For Quality And Comfortable)

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”The ASCIS Gel Kayano fits well and is a blessing to my feet” so said a one time buyer by the name Kurt” on the 26 Dec 2018 and if you love quality and being classy this is ablsoulety the right option to start with

Note: You are not just buying a very comfortable shoe you are buying quality as well!!!

It has a great supportive overlays and a smart breathable mesh upper, it is richly known for it variety of colours, its sizes and cushioning are lightweight and balanced giving your foot great place of comfort.

These shoes are available in varying colour option to choose from, a great optinon for the big heavy guy as it enables you to stand and work all day

Note: Offers super fast delivery, thats quite commendable!!!

Its lacing system is one to be admired as well as they are well constructed and fits perfectly, they are also breathable and well padded as well to give you all you deserve to be your best on every single race

ASICS GEL- Kayano 24 Video Review By #Believe_in_the_Run 


  • Breathable fabrics
  • Fit for walking and the gym
  • Wet washing
  • Extremely breathable mesh
  • Well cushioned for the best of comfort
  • Runs true to size


  • Not waterproof
  • No guarantee.
  • Seem smaller than old version according to a buyer.

  • Brooks Ghost 12(Best Comfortable And Flexible)

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When it comes to maunfacturing standards, the Brook isnt a brand to overlook, having beeen in the game for long they have anmd know what it takes to make not just a comfortable running shoe but one which offers quality as well

Note: Shoe is comfortable with Bunion

The Brook Ghost 12 is one which is very sturdy and extremely comfortable offering its users great stability and traction while running

If you are looking for a great running shoe for supinators then we can bet that you can barely go wrong with this one as it offers massive cushioning for extra comfort and feel

Note: This shoe is great for people with wide foot and a high arch 

Its a guarantee you will be well pleased with its look and feel, we love this shoe as they seems to be versatile, whetehr you are using it as a running shoe or golfing with it they juts offer the right traction and balancing for an all round sports

Note: Does come with a removeable insole for customization, that is being classy!!!

How about it easy and well defined lacing system which is which is able to hold your foot firmly and yet easy and convienient to adjust especially between rounds

When it comes to cushioning , its cushioning is high energizing and its mesh upper very breathable, Brooks ghost has a light weight fabrics and it does have a removable insole, a unisex cushioning design and its lenghty divided crash pads fits any foot landing.

They are also lightweight and highly flexible and with its removeable insole and easy to clean material you will have no hassle with mainteinance

Brooks Ghost 9 Video Review By #TF_XC_Running_Shoe_Reviews


  • Very lightyweight and flexible
  • Easy mainteinace/cleaning
  • Well cushioned for unbeatable comfort
  • Features a breathable mesh to keep your feet cool and dry
  • Enough traction and stability that it is not juts a running shoe but one that is versatile and can be used for any kind of sport


  • One customer complained of sole wearing out to quick.

  • Nike revolution 3(Best For Fit And Quality)

For runner who wants a neutral running shoe for regular training, the Nike revolution 3 is undoubtedly a good fit. amazingly even non buyers are attracted and falling for it.

Nike revolution 3 has a mesh upper for optimal breathability and it mid-sole has a soft foam to keep your foot comfortable as you run.

With the rubber sole you can be rest assured of a durable traction and its molded pods offer multi surface traction, it has an underlay in the toe and vamp fit which offers structure and support

Note: This shoe can be a great option for people with kneel issues

One of the most flexible shoe for run is the Nike revolution 3, even for those with big foot this shoe is spacious enough to accommodate those wide footed feet of yours

It lacing system is so designed in a way that it allows easy on and off and you can simply and quickly adjust it to fit your feet, they bare also study and balanced and a great choice for people with plantar fasciitis

Note: Toungue has thin layer of padding

This shoes aren’t just comfy but they are trendy as well, how about its soft foam midsole which makes them extremely lightweight and flexible

Nike revolution 3 Video Review By #Riley_C


  • Flexible and offers great support
  • Its out-sole is superb
  • Nice light feel and are low cost
  • Very good with people with doggy feet.
  • Quality and highly comfy
  • Excelllent traction and breathability due to upper mesh


  • Not enough support for very high arched runner

  • Saucony Triumph ISO 2(Best For Quality And Comfortability)

The Saucony Triumph ISO is one that offers massive value as it hold for one of the best for quality with a well classified cushioning for premium comfort


It is the one of the most recommended choice for people with high arch foot type, Saucony Triumph ISO 2  is great for moderate weight with an awesome stabilizing material and a shock absorption features.

Note: This shoe is great option for people with neutral gait or if you supinate

Saucony Triumph helps prevent runners from developing pains and discomfort as they stay on track, there is the provision of a full length ever constructio for full length consistent lasting,

This shoe is available in different colours, shape and sized from where you can choose which best suits you, take your speed t the next level with this well cushioned midsole which does help to support your sprint

The foam fit performance contoured footebd reflective element is especially great for individuals who suffer from underpronation

Saucony Triumph ISO 2 Video Review By #Gearist


  • Provides lots of cushioning
  • Great flexible structure
  • It has a more moderate drop compared to other shoes
  • Super comfortable and feels great
  • Highly durable as they are made from quality material


  • A customer complained that it is way to small in the toe
  • A little expensive

Types Of Pronation

There are about three pronation types and the right shoe will help your natural runing movement , this pronation types include

  • Underpronation
  • Overpronation
  • Neutral Pronation
  • Underpronation

Underpronation also known as supination simply means the inability of your feet to roll inward as much as it shpuld wehn it hits the ground, this kind of pronation comes with common injuries like ankle strain, shin splints and plantar fasciitis 

One of the leading cause of stabbing pain in the bottom of your feet near the heel is Plantar fasciitis, suffering from plantar fasciitis? here is the shoe we recommend on sale 

Note: Feet types which suffer from this kind of pronation are ridged feets, high arches and flat feet

For your flat feet shoe please refer here Best on sale sport shoe for flat feet, this shoe is designed to offer great support for peple with flat arches

  • Overpronation

Overpronation is when your feet roll roll inwards excessively when it hits the ground, this puts pressure on the inner side of the feet, Overpronation is the direct opposite of underpronation.

Overpronation comes with common injuries like Heel spur, Bunion, Shin Splint and Flat feet

  • Neutral Pronation

Neutral Pronation is the healthy type of pronaton as it strikes a balamce between Over Pronation and Uner Probation, in Neutral pronation you have the ideal pronation for effective shock absorption, In Neutral Pronation when striking the ground your feet rolls about 15 degree inward

Note: Normal sized arches are the common type for Neutral Pronation

Neutral Pronation comes with basically no injuries due to effective shock absorption, however in some cases you might still suffer from minor running injuries

A lot of athelets out there do not know their pronation types, you are not alone, in other to identify your pronation types please refer here How to know your pronation type

Do OverPronators Need Stability Shoes?

Those who supinate or natural runners are usually comfortale in any kind of shoes but shoe with added stability does have an added benefits for overpronators

This is because stability running shoes does come with special features which stops the arc and ankle from rolling inward excessively and this helps to avoid pains and potential injury

Overpronator Can It Be Corrected?

Ovepronator can be corrected with the right shoes, insoles and orthotics

How Do You Fix Overpronator When Running?

When running overpronator can be fixed by simply wearing orthitic or changing footwears, A doctor is there to recommend many options for you to helpo relieve and prevent potential injury that may occur

Do Over pronation Cause Shin Splint?

Flattening of the arch which is known as overpronation can be traced to a common cause of shin splint, this is because of the stress they cause to the medial structure of the lower legs

Do I Overpronate Or under Pronate?

If you see a very narrow foot arch showing an overreliance on the outside of your foot as you walk or run then you simply under pronate

On the other hand

If you overpronate you will notice that your shoe wear on the outside heel and edge

Does Overpronation Cause Knee Pain?

Overpronation can cause kneel pain by causing strain in the knee joint, as the undue pressure on the kneel joint may cuase it to misalign, there are many people who have overpronate for years without any injury.

How Do I Stop Overpronation When Running?

Is Overpronation The Same As Flat Feet?

When the arch of the foot or ankle collapses inward or downward, this is simply overpronation, they are usally reffered to as flat feet by people and the way your feet strike the ground can have a significant effect on their body

Is Overpronation A Disability?

Over pronation on its own may not be likened to as a disability but let get it staright, this problem can on the long run lead to disability when not treated early

Can Overpronate Be Fixed With Surgery?

Yes Overpronation can be treated surgically however it is complex and would definitely take a lot of time for recovery, excessive pronation can be treated conservatively through the alignment of the foot with a rigid orthotic

This realign the subtalar joint and this helps to restore proper joint position and muscles pull

Overpronation can be treated, if you have got overpronation please refer here, how to treat overpronation 


Today’s sport shoes have been well categorized that there are specially designed shoes for racing or running, with this footwear runners can be more comfortable  and feel ease while running

Looking for the best men’s shoe for running in 2020? here in this article we have got you covered, the shoes on our list are the best updated list for men in 2022


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