In the end you should be able to list the best running shoes for women in 2020 and comfortably tell the need of a running sport shoes to the runner

Today’s Sporting shoes have great variety and collection of running shoes for the female folks, prior to this era there were little to no vast collection of amazing running shoes for women and now the melody sounds quite different now as there are assorted collections of racing shoes from which the woman can choose from

Looking for the best running sport shoe for 2020?Here in this article we will be focusing on the best of them all for 2020, it doesn’t matter whether you seek for the most solids, quality, stable or spacious, this list will surely meet your expectation and exceed them

The Need Of A Running Shoe

The benefit of running as a sport cannot be over emphasized, Running is seen as an exercise, it does have a great positive impact on your health, Running improves aerobic fitness, it does improve your Cardiovascular health, when you run calories are burned and strength is produced

Believe it or not running can help increase better function of the lungs, running can also boost your immune system, there are a whole lot of psychological benefit associated with running

Today’s Footwear market offer great and amazing shoes for racing, prior to this era there were little to no provision of running footwear’s for the ladies, now the melody is different as there are more and more running footwear for the ladies

On the other hand this has thus made reaching the final buying decision on this running shoe quite daunting and confusing task of which we have come to address

Running shoe is a light weight shoes designed for use by runners, Running shoe needs cushioning in forefoot and heel for high comfortability and balance

One of the most important thing you must consider before every buying a running shoe is comfortability, comfortability is a great consideration when looking for the best running shoes on sale for women in 2018, Running shoes must have great cushioning, the reason being this shoe are meant for running therefore any un-comfortability means distortion

Running shoes do have more support and cushioning than any other shoe and apart from that it must be extremely light, a heavy shoe cannot be termed as a running shoe due to the fact that race requires speed and anything heavy on you would definitely compromise your speed level

What to Consider before ever buying a running shoe?

A whole lot of people are confused when it comes to making the right decision of the best running shoes in the market and in this article we will show you the characteristics that you must watch out for before ever making a decision on buying the best of shoe for running and not just that but list the top picks of the best running shoe for women in 2018

From analysis back and fort and in accordance with the body governing Gymanistics we have found out that this 4 attributes or characteristics or qualities were common among the best running shoe on sale for women in 2018

  • Extremely Light weight

We all familiar with the well known statement, heavy load on you makes you sluggish and slow, yes it does, when you are too weighty one thing we cannot deny is the fact that you will become slow no matter how hard you try to become faster

It is so because heavy thing have negative impact on you movement progression, As someone considering the best of shoe for running in 2018, one thing you must not forget is ” Extreme Light weight” if a shoe isn’t light weight then it cannot be termed as the best shoe for running, yes it might be used for running but never can it be termed as the best for ”running”

So bear this first rule in mind, the best running shoe for women in 2018 must be extreme light weight, take a  close observation on the key point here, it must be ”extreme” lightweight and not just ”lightweight”

  • Comfortability

Actually every shoe whether running, walking, or dancing shoe should be comfortable, comfortability cuts across stability, breathability and cushioning

A running shoe should have great cushioning, cushioning is no more than foamy, this shoe have to be foamy so as to absorb every shock and tensile stress one’s foot might encounter due to the upward and downward movement experienced by foot during running

This foam in the shoes (cushioning) acts like a shock absorber to the foot, it absorbs the force exerted on one’s leg to the ground

This absorption prevents the leg from having injury due to forceful contact between foot and the hard ground

So any shoe without enough foam such that your leg is able to bounce just as similar to what the bed does when you jump on it is not worthy to be called a running shoe not to talk more, the “best”

they are highly breathable to ensure your feet stays cool and dry on them while running, so comfortability

  • Flexibility

Think of Flexibility as being not too hard, off course any shoe too hard on our feet knowing too well that the feet is soft might mean injury

Running shoes ought to be way well flexible and this is the reason

Running involves a great deal of expansion and contraction of both the feet and shoe and if the feet is trying to contract on a very stiff shoe it gets injured due to the forceful glide of the foot on a hard stiff material

Flexibility makes it possible for shoe to adjust in accordance to leg current positioning and terrain topography

  • Grip-ability

It makes no sense referring to a shoe with no gripability system as a running shoe

The best shoe for running must have maximum grip so as to keep you from slipping(fall)

It sole does have to be rough to a reasonable degree, too much of a smooth sole can mean accident when you come in contact with liquid split on the ground or probably smooth surface as well

There should be some sort of grip balancing technology on the sole of this shoe and the contact face(the ground)

Else prepare to fall all the time as you run

  • Durability

No matter how well we sideline the aspect of durability yet it still present’s itself to us on an everyday bases, everyone wants a shoe that will last them and if it isn’t then it’s not good enough and cannot be termed as one of the best

A great golf shoe must be highly durable and what makes a shoe highly durable is simply because it is made from very quality material, in other word great shoes are made from quality materials so they are built to withstand toughness

Every running shoe that is worthy to be on the top list of the best shoe for running must be durable and all the shoes we will recommend to you do possess all this characteristics

in conclusion the best shoe for running women should be durable, lightweight, flexible, comfortable and grip-able if it does possess all this qualities then it can be termed as the best choice

What Are The Best Women’s Running Shoes In 2020?

If you are looking to have a fit and stay healthy and agile running can always be one of the best thing to do and a proper and successful race starts with shoes on foot

This shoe are ultra durable(extremely durable) so it all encompasses all you have ever wanted in a shoe meant for race

  • Women’s Gel Kayano 23 Running Shoe(Best Solid And Comfortable)

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The Kayano is a classic reputable shoe for women looking for the best running shoe on sale for 2018, everyone who has ever used this shoe knows about the great cushioning and comfortability that it offers

It has all the listed feautres that a running shoe must possess, more also the “big kill” is it’s ultra durable nature, the Kayano is one of the best running shoe built exclusively to last

the impact guidance system (IGS) of the  Women’s Gel Kayano 23 Running shoe help in the improvement of the foot natural gait from heel strikes to toe off

the support system known as the dynamic duomax is placed strategically at an angle for better foot engagement and gripability

the technology well known as the convergence gel and flytefoam the Gel Kayano ultra light for better and improved running adaptation


Great stability

Moderately cushioned

Light and flexible

Durable, so built to last

Great shoe for running

Price friendly


A little bit narrow on the toe area for people with too wide feet

  • Nike’s Women Flex Contact Running Shoe(Best Flexible And Solid)

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Who doesn’t know ”Nike” when it comes to quality and standard make of shoes? Probably those who know little to nothing about best of shoes

The Nike’s Women Flex is a great shoe for any woman looking for great cushioning(comfortability) and durability while running and off course everyone woman would love this trait

this shoe was built with an enhanced flexibility which ensures  a better and improved smooth movement as you run and you will love it

there is a strategically place rubber by engineers in a  high wear zone for added traction and durability to the core, this are absolutely Nike shoe, highly breathable and the traction are top notch

it does have a removable insole which makes it possible for an easy and better clean when dirty, how about the great lacing system technology that accompanies this shoe? they are top notch and ensures your feet are properly locked up in shoes


Great lacing system which ensures proper feet lock on shoe

Comfortable and light weight

Highly breathable and built to last

Price friendly


highly recommended running shoes for women


Shoe might be a little tight for too wide feet

  • Brooks Women Ghost 11 Running Shoe(Best Spacious And  Quality)

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The Brooks women ghost 11 is a must own by every female seeking the best shoe for running, this shoe is the #1 for durability in comparison with any other in this list

looking for the #1 durable for 2018? then you must picks this shoe, the engineered mesh upper provides improved breathability and stretch needed

the segmented crash pad which serves as an integrated shock absorber will cushion your feet at the maximum for smooth heel to toe transition

they are so light and comfortable and with it running will seem a whole lot easier, these shoes are fantastically comfortable, supportive with great traction and breathability


Durable and light

Comfortable and highly breathable

Great lacing system

great cushioning

best recommended for female who wants to run with it


might run small for too wide feet and too big for too small feet

  • Adidas Women’s Ultraboost W Running Shoe(Best Fitting And Balanced)

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If you are in search of a highly comfortable running shoe, this is it, feels great on foot with comfort to the extreme, finish is top notch and they are way light for better running experience

this shoe is balanced and have moderate breathable to ensure your feet remain dry and cool, it cushioning is very good and affordable, you will love it

this is a shoe that stands out, you will get outstanding value for your money with the excellent boost midsole you are assured of a running experience that will be long to forget

built with high flexible mechanism to ensure better running experience as you move up and down, all thanks to it’s engineers for they worked tirelessly studying the mechanism to incorporate that best suits a woman feet

no matter the terrain the Adidas Women’s Ultra Boost will serve you and you will come back wouldn’t hesitate to come back for another in a heart beat


Great cushioning for maximum comfort

Made of quality therefore highly durable

Great lacing system which ensures space for air flow to leg

Flexible and quality sole for improved speed adaptation

Removable insole

Best running shoe for female


Limited stock

Quite expensive

  • Salomon Women’s XR Mission Running Shoe(Best Solid And Comfortable)

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Run through to size so the general fear of ”will it fit me perfectly”? is eradicated, it does have a removable insole which makes it possible for changes when ever you want

this is a great shoe for both long and short distance, they are light and extremely comfortable due to the present of enough padded cushioning, you will love it

though the lacing system is a little tricky but they are in no doubt really a great one because they ensure your feet are properly and conveniently locked in shoe with space to allow for air flow to your leg area

great shoe for people who have Plantar fasciitis, the Salomon Women’s XR ensures such people are able to work without pain as best possibly can

looking at the colour and design, it’s damn love-able and attractive or how about the arch support which ensures your legs are well positioned for the optimum speed and foot energy


  • Great lacing system
  • Highly comfortable
  • Very durable
  • Great shoe for people with Plantar Fasciitis
  • Best shoe for female runners
  • Classic Grip-ability to prevent you from sleeping in a too smooth or wet area
  • Price friendly


  • The lacing system is some what tricky



Today’s Sport shoes have been so revolutionized that there are different category of sporting shoes for different purpose, in this article we are focusing on the best running shoes for women in 2020, there are specially designed shoes for running , this shoe aids faster and more comfortable running experience

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