In the end, you should tell what a sand wedge means, what a bunker means according to golf, and be able to identify the 8 Best Sand Wedges for Bunkers in 2020/2021


What is a Sand Wedge?

Sand wedge also referred to as sand iron s a type of cub(Opened Face) primarily designed for easibility of getting(escape) out of the bunker

What is a Bunker? simply put a bunker is a hazard(obstacle) in the golf course that is a depression or hole on the ground, natural or man-made, the bunker is either filled with sand or generally any other obstacle all in an effort to get you trapped


It is usually disheartening many a time when you get into the bunker or fairway and it becomes difficult to get out, today’s golfing offers vast and amazing wedge for bunker and fairway, looking for the best wedges for the bunker and fairway in 2020/2021? we have you covered, this golf wedges are the best and are great for getting out of the bunker and fairway in 2020/2021

Golf club manufacturer’s finally figured out the best club(sand wedge) to get out of the bunker(obstacle) as easy as possible thus eliminating the dreaded name “Bunker”

A whole lot of golfers on hearing the name “Bunker” or “fairway” frizzle out, with the top picked sand wedge for bunker and fairway obstacles such anxiety are eliminated

In the modern-day, there are specific clubs designed solely to help you get out of the bunker as fast as possible even with much fun

These clubs are what we will discuss in this article

Good news golfers for there is a formula that will help you make the best selection of sand wedge (club) for bunkers and fairway

If you have a problem hitting out of the bunker/fairway, this selected best club for bunker escape will bid all your worries and anxiety bye-bye

Hitting out of the bunker or the fairway was once a general challenge for many golfers be it pro, average, and a beginner

All thanks to this club designers for designing a wedge exclusively for the sand(bunker) and green

Sand wedge club is a must-have by all serious golfer because you never can tell when and where your ball might get trapped

If it gets trapped on the sand, in order to easily get out, you do not just need a sand wedge, you need the best of it to easily and quickly get out of the sand/bunker

Manufacturers are constantly and tirelessly seeking better ways to improve on the efficacy of golf wedges on bunkers

For your best sand wedge for complete game improvement, please refer here Best Sand Golf Wedge For Improvement

What Are The Best Sand Wedge For Bunker And Fairway Of 2020/2021?

A question that has been a great burden to a whole lot of golfers

As earlier said there is a big difference between a sand wedge for bunker/fairway and the best sand wedge for bunker/fairway,

someone might ask, what’s the difference? simple, the difference is the “Best” sound simple right?

we are focusing on the context which enlightens you on the best sand wedge for bunker/fairway

What Are The Best Sand Wedges For Bunkers And Fairway Of 2020/2021?

Let this be stated, on a generalized note. the best sand wedge for bunker/ fairway should have a 56 or 58-degree loft and a thick wide sole with a minimum 10-degree bounce

After much research and analysis, it was observed that thick sole with high bounce are key factors when you consider making the best selection of sand wedge for obstacles escape(bunker)

Here are the top pick best sand wedge which will easily help you hit out of the bunker

  • Cleveland Smart Sole 3 Wedge S(Best Forgiving And Responsive)

Sand wedge for bunker, 2018 top picks on sand wedge, best sand wedge reviews for bunker


With this sand wedge, you are assured of easibility in getting out of the bunker to the green

Its higher loft angle and thick wide sole makes it a whole lot easier to hit out from the bunker to the green

Using this wedge on a bunker the high loft propels the ball straight into the air as the bounce angle digs deeply into the soil/sand to facilitate better ball flight on hit

The smart sole sand wedge makes the worrisome bunker fun no matter how bad or good your swing is and irrespective of sand

Whether wet sand, fluffy sand, or dry sand the ball is sure to get out with little effort

And the beauty of it is that you can do all with a square face, without the need to open it up

There is this young man whom his friend bought the Cleveland Smart Sole 3 Wedge S at first he was reluctant in using this wedge

One day he got stuck in a bunker and decided to use this wedge and to his greatest surprise, he got too quickly out of the bunker and with an amazing near-zero stress level

Since after then, he made this wedge his favorite like no other

Cleveland Smart Sole 3 Wedge S Video Review By Dean Macko Golf



  • Little or no stress gets you out of the bunker
  • Playable on most lies
  • Three-tiered soles for improved turf interaction
  • Can be used in full swing
  • Optimized sole for easibilty in hitting bunker
  • Wider sole plus feel balancing technology
  • Very easy to hit


  • Shipping restriction
  • Heavy

  • Callaway Sure Out Wedge 58 Degree Wedge(Best For responsiveness And Feedback)

Sand wedge, bunker, best sand wedge for bunker, top review on best bunker sand wedge, top rated sand wedge

The Callaway SureOut 58 degree with no iota of doubt makes the list of the top-rated sand wedge for bunker

Take a close look at the secret behind the production of one of the best sand wedge and you will discover a unique feautres_a thick sole well designed and a groove over the whole clubface to help you overcome difficulty on tough lies

“Sure Out” as the name depicts surely bring your ball from bunker to safe green all you simply do is hit with a face square

You can’t beat it for the sure out is true to its name, ask golfers who it has saved a couple of times and they will always say it is the most mind-blowing savior out of any tough lies

It will beat your expectation and leave your mouth agape, tested and proven it has a solid contact for distance control and with consistency

How about its high spin for easibility in stopping shots or lightweight and graphite option for responsive and feel

You will love it, its no assumption but a fact, this is a highly recommended tool to any golfer bag

Callaway Sure Out Wedge 58 Degree Wedge Video Review By Golf+



  • Can be used for short pitch and chip shots especially from rough
  • Solid contact for consistent distance and control
  • Best for bunkers with fluffy soft sand and wet sand
  • Extremely forgiving on bunker shots


  • Quick delivery
  • Someone complained of the club being too bulky

  • Tour Edge 1Out Plus(Best For Feedback And Response)

Bunker best wedge, wedge for bunker in 2018, sand wedge, top rated wedges for bunkers, sand wedge top reviews for bunker

Well known as the best sand wedge for all bunkers, for easy launch, hill sole puts maximum weight below the ball

This wedge is a 56-degree wedge with a bounce degree of 11 and you will love it

Armed with this wedge, bunkers have no hold on you rather the always dreaded bunker becomes fun

It does have a large sole and bulky which slaps the sand hard and up to the top it bounces to propel the ball to the green

You will love it and wouldn’t hesitate to get another in a heartbeat

Tour Edge has been known for its stroke saving club, it has a counterbalance grip that improves stability and wrist positioning at impact for a more accurate and precise shot

Looking at its head design, it features a super-wide sole for an easier sand shot, such that has never been

This club ensures little to no mis-hit when used, commit to your shot and you will have no worries about where it is going

This wedge is also a great club for short game improvement and why not let me give you an idea_ buy this club as a gift for someone than sit back and watch them remain forever grateful to you

Tour Edge 1Out Plus Video Review By Jeep Wham



  • Extra control of your pitch shot
  • Easy to use with a pleasant feel
  • Heavy head for balance and more accurate shot
  • Less expensive than any other club of similar make
  • Extremely forgiving


  • Heavy

A purchaser complained of it being too long

  • Ray Cook Short Saver Alien(Best Lightweight And Easy)

Wedge for bunker, sand wedge top rated, best sand wedge, top review sand wedge, wedge top reviews for bunker

Offers a unique and revolutionary shaped wedge such that’s worth all attention

And for ease in the creating of high MOI, it has an oversized 2 piece construction with an extra-large sweet-spot for better forgiveness

With this club you will come alive, if you are tired of leaving balls in the bunker then in no hesitation, pick the Ray Cook Short Saver Alien for with it you will kiss all your difficulty in getting out of the bunker “bye-bye”

You will love it, looking at the sole area it is a bit thick and heavy for the provision of ample weight and force so you can in all ease get the club through the sand

Ray Cook Short Saver Alien Golf Club Video Review By DJ Shakes



  • Fast shipping
  • Extremely cheap
  • High quality and very durable
  • Bunker buster
  • Very easy to hit
  • Insanely forgiving
  • Very good for beginners/high handicappers
  • High MOI


  • Heavy
  • Takes quite some time to get used to
  • Not USGA 2010 complaint

  • Cleveland Golf 2018 Men’s CBX Wedge(Best For Feedback And Response)

Bunker, wedge for bunker, best wedge for bunker, most cherished wedge, best wedge for bunker

Cleveland Golf 2018 Men’s CBX Wedge is the most versatile club in the market with a loft angle of 46, 48, 50, 52, 54, 56, 58 and 60

How to succeed at bunker shot? This is the best sand wedge, “CBX” is all good

A cavity back is still rare in today’s club and this wedge has it, the cavity back leads to better accuracy with and at great consistency

Best designed for players who want all the maximum forgiveness they can get

It has a finish that is made of chrome and a grip that sometimes comes in steel or graphite

Cleveland decided to create one of the best clubs for the bunker to help meet the need of the masses,

It comes with a grind, with this wedge you are assured of a better and straighter shot with a pleasant feel as well

Lots of spins accompany this club, nice balance with great forgiveness in off-center shots

Cleveland Golf 2018 Men’s CBX Wedge Video Review By Silas Lam



  • Lightweight and lots of spin
  • Made of quality and durable material
  • Improved accuracy with great bounce
  • Very forgiving
  • Soft feel and great distance control
  • Quick delivery


  • Heavy bottomed

  • Callaway Mack Daddy 3 S Grind(Best For Response And Easy)

Sand wedge, best wedge for bunker, top rated bunker wedge


It does have a bounce of 10 degrees, Mack daddy 3 S Grind is a great club if you are in search of a perfectly balanced wedge

It is a well-suited wedge for mid to low handicappers, it does have the versatility of loft

This loft angle include 50, 52, 56, 58, and 60 and its shaft material is made of steel

This wedge is more versatile than ever and many pros use it, this wedge is with all vigor recommended for you if you want to be known as the fastest to get out of obstacles

You will love it and will never hesitate to recommend it to others after a use

Mack daddy has 3 grinds for every shot, every condition, and every swing

This versatile grind was designed to suit your shots, the courses you play, and your swing

How about the progressive groove optimization in the face of this wedge which helps to optimize spin as you go up in the loft

How about the advanced shaping and design made perfect by the legendary wedge designer Roger Cleveland

Buy this wedge and you did be happy and forever thankful to yourself and this post

Cleveland Men’s Golf Sole 2.0 Wedge S Video Review By Jazz Mozo


  • Versatile grind and groove for better playability
  • Most complete wedge ever created by the “Callaway
  • Great feel and very workable in any lie
  • Easy to use
  • Ultra-durable and very responsive
  • Price friendly
  • Exceptional response, feedback, and feel


  • Limited stock

  • Callaway Golf 2018 Men’s Matte Black Mack Daddy 4(Best Forgiving And Easy)

Best sand wedge, bunkers wedge, top wedge for bunkers, best reviewed wedge for bunker

With the Men’s matte Black Mack Daddy 4 you will fear no bunker again

All your bunker tension is sure a thing of the past as you will hit more greens and escape more often and with ease from all fairway’s and rough

Mack daddy is known the world over for its versatility in grind option for more spin and control ability

Made of soft carbon steel you get a satisfying feel and with a precise CG location and crisp turf interaction you are guaranteed a more forgiving club ever with consistency

This wedge has been a winner of major awards

Callaway Golf 2018 Men’s Mack daddy 4 Video Review By Rick Shiels Golf



  • Easy to hit and highly responsive
  • Very well forgiving
  • Durable and light
  • Price friendly
  • Quick delivery with a warranty



  • Feels hard while striking

  • Cleveland Men’s Golf Sole 2.0 Wedge S, (58 degrees)-(Best For Response And Feel)

Sand wedge for bunker, bunker sand wedge, top reviewed bunker wedge

Never again will you have to endure the embarrassment of being stuck in the bunker, this wedge, “Cleveland Sole 2.0 Wedge” will bid all your worries and fear for the embarrassing bunker farewell forever

Want to get out of the bunker with ease and faster? Want to be made free from the fear of the embarrassment the bunker presents? Want to play with full confidence and agility with zero worries that anything like an obstacle might stop your game?

Look no further for the solution lies in front of you, this wedge offers a forgiving sole with the right bounce proportion and loft to get the ball out of the bunker

Taste and see for this wedge is such that you have never seen

Built with one of the most sophisticated yet simple understand the mechanism to help you spring out of the bunker in an unbelievable and classical style

One of the technologies that propel this club is the refined sole design which allows for smooth turf interaction, promotes cleaner contact and also increase playability from all turf condition around the green

How about the improved feel plaque another great technology that helps to place more of the weight around the perimeter of the club for better forgiveness and outstanding accuracy and consistency on all shots

One other mind-blowing technology that backs this club is the premium black satin finish which creates a contrast between the ball and the weight for improved alignment

Buy this club and watch how well you will master the bunker

Cleveland Men’s Golf Sole 2.0 Wedge S Video Review By



  • Suitable for any lie
  • Very easy to hit
  • Super easy to get out of the bunker(sand)
  • Perfect for a 5-yard lob shot over a bunker
  • Great for a wet hard-packed sand
  • Very forgiving and almost unthinkable
  • Nice feel, look, and hits the ball higher
  • A club for everyone


  • A lot of practice

Wide sole can cause you to hit farther than your expectation sometimes

  • Cleveland CG 16 Satin Chrome Wedge(Best For Control And Forgiving)

Best golf club, women's best golf club, senior women club

This club has more forgiveness than the CG 15, you will really like the club, and with the correct loft and bounce you are assured of more victories such that you’ve never tasted

With the Cleveland CG, your fear for the bunker is a thing of the past, Cleveland is greatly recommended by anyone who is serious about their game

Escape the bunker in the nick of time, get closer to the green, and hit the ball into the hole

With this wedge, you will get the ball up quickly with more spin and better rolls

The C Sole wider constant width sole from heel to toe combined with a mild heel and toe grind helps to improve bunker performance while maintaining shot-making versatility

Perimeter weighting and undercut geometry makes CG deepen for improving stability and forgiveness while maintaining the signature

Cleveland CG 16 Wedge Video Review By GlobalGolf



  • Very responsive and forgiving
  • Quality and easy to use
  • Lightweight
  • Quality for long-lasting efficiency


  • A little bit difficult to get used to



  • Cleveland Golf Men RTX 4 Wedge(Best For Feedback And Control)

Women club, golf club for ladies, senior ladies club

Made of black certain, a dark color preferred by many with the least amount of glare at address

Built for maximum forgiveness and easy escape from the bunker, with this wedge in your possession bunker becomes not a serious issue

Simplify your short game and lower your scores with the wider sole and feel balancing technology in the RTX 4 Wedge

If you want to hit a pitch or chip that will roll a bit this wedge is the best for that

It is an excellent and very easy to hit kind of club, trust it and it will hit the ball softly into the greens, your days of too much struggle, less result comes to an end, the very day you choose to identify with this club

Cleveland Golf Men RTX 4 Wedge Video Review By GolfMonthly



  • Optimized loft
  • Enhanced feel and control
  • Rotex face technology for more spin
  • Its low CG placement makes it exceptionally forgiving
  • Easy to hit
  • Quick delivery with a warranty


  • A little weighty


What Degree Wedge Is Best For Sand Shots

The best degree Wedge for sand shots would fall between 54 & 46 deg, but what is most important is that you work with a fitter so that they determine which is best for you


Can You Use A 60 Deg Wedge As A Sand Wedge?

Absolutely, the 60 Deg Wedge can be used as a sand wedge especially if you have a longĀ  bunker or sand shot

When you have a long bunker or sand shot, you can utilize a wedge with deg loft of 50, 52, 54, or 56, this will just be perfectly fit in

60 deg wedge is great on those short or difficult sand, this is where it is best suited


What Is The Difference Between A 60 Deg Wedge And A Sand Wedge?

Firstly we must understand that Sand Wedge is designed to make shots out of the sand

A lob Wedge can also be regarded as a ”60-deg wedge, typically Sand Wedge would have lots from 52 to 56 degree

”60 deg wedge to 64 deg would fall under the category, ”Lob Wedge”, the sand wedge is often included in a basic set of Iron even though it is not so all the time on the other hand it is not common to see a Gap Wedge or a Lob Wedge included in a package set

So for simple for short, Sand wedge does have their loft extending from 52 to 56, whereas a 60 deg wedge is a lob wedge




Sand wedges are a crucial club in the list of a complete golf club set, Why? the reason being, in the game of golf there are bound to be obstacles like trees, sand, fairway, and many more

at this point what saves you? oh, yes, the wedge, because of its high lofted angle it will chip the trapped golf ball in no time compared to other club and the result is better and faster result in your golf game

you need the best or else you could get trapped in obstacle longer than expected, being trapped for sol long might jeopardize your game

These are the best sand wedge for bunker and fairway, with these wedges all your fear for the obstacle you will bid bye-bye, this top 2018 wedge will get you out of the bunker as fast as possible and in a grand style





















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