In the end you should be able to list the best sand wedge golf club of 2020

Finding the best golf sand wedge club to help you extract the ball from the sand very easily can be a tricky and daunting task, this is why we have made it easy by giving you the updated list of this best golf sand wedge of 2020

Today’s golf sport offers great and insanely forgiving golf sand wedge club, to the golfer, this is a plus one, with then golf sand wedge on our list getting out of obstacles like the sand is made easier than ever before

Here is a vital information we think might be resourceful before listing this golf sand wedge, In golf sport, wedge fall under the big family called clubs, in a modern typical golf set there are about 12 clubs_three wood(1-driver, 3 and 5) at the least one hybrid(3H) seven irons(4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and PW) and a putter.

Giving you a total of twelve clubs, you can always add one or two more to your set by buying them separately, Pitching wedge also denoted as (PW) are often the only wedge that accompanies a typical modern golf complete set, the other three wedges are always bought separately

There are four kind of wedge with different purpose and they all have different degree loft, Wedge look very similar and if you are not careful you might think they are all the same

Types Of Golf Wedges

Pitching wedge

The pitching wedge is more often used be golfers trying to hit the green

With a pitching wedge the ball travel very high into the air

Pitching wedge is the least in loft of all the wedges, it has a loft of 44 and 45 degree, a ball efficiently struck with a pitching wedge should travel about 110 yard to 140 yard

Lob wedge

Lob are known for their high loft, they have the highest loft when compared to other wedges between 60 to 65 degrees and are often called upon for precise shot situation on course

They are designs to send the ball into the air and are usually hit 70 yard

Gap wedge

The name gap wedge was coined out of its ability to fill the space between the sand and lob wedge

They have the second least lob of all wedges between the range degree 46 to 54

Golf wedge was specially designed to hit for shots that are too short for a pitching wedge and too long for a sand wedge, you can see it stands as an intermediary and so the name “gap” was coined

Sand wedge

Best suited for sand trap and bunkers, Sand wedge was specially designed to create ease in hitting the ball from sand trap and bunker

Though we cannot deny the fact that sand wedge is a versatile wedge club also used to hit in the rough and fairway also

It does have a degree loft of 54 all through 58, it is also a short club when compared to other and helps create a lot of spin as golfers hit

What are the best pick 2020 of the best sand wedge

What Are The Best Golf Sand Wedge Club Of 2020


  • Callaway Mack Daddy 4 SW(Best For Forgiveness And Feedback)

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Callaway women’s mack daddy 3 chrome sand wedge is designed with a wider sole progressive groove optimization

This are in no doubt the best of sand wedge for the year 2018 because of its rare and extremely unique feautres

Into the face of these wedge for spin optimization as you ascend up the loft a groove package precision is milled

In the sand wedge there is a 20V designed for full shots and bunkers shots, Roger Cleveland a legend designer for callaway took tour input and blended that with very advanced CAD design


Lightweight graphite shaft

Extremely playable

Creates a snoother spin transition

Groove package precision

Freedom to reposition weight for better shots through the weight port

Balanced weight and high toe profile


Presence of sale sticker but you can scratch it off if you dont like it


  • Cleveland Golf Men’s Smart Sole 3 Wedge S(Best For Controls And Forgiveness)

2018 best wedge, best sand wedge, top rated sand wedge,

The sole wedge is one of the most solid wedges

For those having difficulty in the pitching and chipping department, this is the best for you

Sand wedges such as this is designed for people who getting out of the sand, fairway and bunker this is the most recommended for you, there is great joy and in exhaustible satisfaction for ever golfer who has this extra club in their possession

To hit out of the trap such as sand bunker or fairway this club is built with the ability to get through the sand with minimum twist or by burying of the front edge of the club or by the traditional way

Many people get confused on the difference between the “C” and “S” smart sole 3 wedge,  the difference is that the S represent a sand wedge while the “C” represent a chipping wedge

It is deadly accurate, excellent and very easy to hit

This wedge is a great deliverer and with its smart sole


Great bounce

Price friendly




  • Titleist Vokey SM6 Tour Chrome Wedge Sand SW(Best Lightweight And Forgiving)

Best sand wedge, top rated sand wedge, best wedge ever

Titleist Vokey golf wedge is a star club, it is a wedge with the best of golf club standards

Designed by the wizzy Vokey who had been into golf club design for over 20 years

This wedge feautres three area of improvement which include distance gaping, spin control and limited versatility

The centre of gravity is engineered using a technology known as cutting edge CAD

Titleist is speedy like never before through its spin milled TX4 and face feel

It is an awesome club and wheb you hit with this club you will be extremely suprised due to its friendly and ease to use nature

These club is very strong, eye catchy and resistance to rust because of its quality paint mesh


Multiple grind option

Precise distance and more trajectory control

Improve spin control and distance gapping


No warranty policy


  • Cleveland Men’s Golf Smart Sole 2.0 Wedges S(Best For Feedback And Feel)

2018 sand wedge, top rated wedge, wedge top pics good affordable sand wedge

The embarassment you experience in the bunker, sand and fairway, never again will you experience such when you get this wedge

This cleveland would give you the right amount of bounce to be able to lift your ball out of the bunker in less swing

The refined sole design makes it a no big deal for a smooth turf interaction

The premium black satin gives the club an eye catchy and attractive look

No matter how bad your golf game is this club is a therapist, with it your golf game can never be the same all you need do is to set up as though you are hitting a normal shot with a wedge from grass and not in sand, use the edge of the club hit the ball as you will hit from the grass

The difference between this version and that of the women is  that women’s own version is lighter in weight with a different grip


Great at alignment

Enough bounce

Improve plaque feel for more forgiveness

Suitable for an lie


Difficult to get used to


  • Cleveland Golf Men’s Smart Sand Wedge(Best For Control And Feedback)


Cleveland is absolutely one of the top rated legal club in the planet

These club has been trusted and tested with a 60 days money back guarantee if it never suits you

It is made of graphite material and so it is light weight suited, with the new XE1, you will hit out of the bunker, fairway and rough as easily and convienently like never before

If you struggle with cheaping this club is thus recommended for you and with it your golfing experience is transformed to a new whole level


Good for short chips and sand

Good for flop shots

Extreme bounce

Perfect drop shot for difficult green


It is possible to hit a fat shot


  • Sand Blaster Wedge(Best Responsive And Forgiving)

Too rated wedges, best sand wedge, 2018 top rated

Sand blaster wedge will blast any trap, it doesnt matter whether you ball gets stucked in the sand, bunker, fairway or rough.

Sand blaster wedge will get you out in no time, if you hate being stuck on a particular spot because you cannot get your ball to leave a difficult terrain

Then this is the very best wedge picks for you 2018, it is an ideal weapon for any trap

It does have a negative off set feautres which help those who may have the tendency to pick or sweep the ball and make this ball virtually shank proof

It is a game changer and a fantasic club to own

To make it one of the most forgiving club ever enginnered an exceptionally hollow two construction allows the sole width to be increased


56 degree but react like 60

Work well in heavy rough

Nice and inexpensive

Ultra wide sole


No cover


  • Wilson Harmonized Golf Wedge(Best Forgiving And Feedback)

2018 sand wedge, top pick sand wedge, 2018 best wedge

No club beats the Wilson, as far as clubs is concerened they have beem into its production for as long as golf sport exist

Just relax, with Wilson as regarding thw very best of wedge for 2018, you are at the right place

This is a go place to buy club for a whole lot of professional golfers

The classic high polish in this wedge makes it the most attractive sand wedge club in the globosphere

With this harmonized wedge you get more options around the green

With a special sole grind made available in this too good of a club you are guaranteed of greater accuracy, improved performance and higher launch ball angle plus speed control

The club hold 36″ by length and if you have never used this club no matter how many others you may have used then i doubt if you have ever used a club

This is a wedge like no other and with it in your posession you have no fear for the bunker or the rough


Nice weight club

Grips are up to standard

Tour grind and beautifully finished

Made of high quality material and properely balanced

Excellent on steep with exceptional forgiveness


Kind of thin grip

Poor instruction guide on how to use



Golf Sand Wedge, What Is It?

For professionals golf Sand Wedge is one of the important club they will be needing, this id one of the most important club in their bags

A sand Wedge helps you to retrieve your ball from sand obstacles, this helps you to get out of the rough in no time


What Is The Best Wedge For A High Handicapper?

As a beginner one of the very most recommended wedge that you will be needing is the Sand wedge as it does help you to get out of though lies such as the bunker and obstacles


What Is The Easiest Wedge To Hit?

While wedge can be categorized into four groups: Sand Wedge, lob Wedge, Gap Wedge and Pitching Wedge, the Pitching Wedge seems to be the most easiest to hit among beginners

A pitching wedge also known in short as (PW) has a loft between 44 to 49 degree and with it you can hit the golf ball to a distance of up to 125 yards for am average golfer

They are considered and known as the easiest to master this is why it is the most preferred choice for starters or beginners


Wedge, Which One Is Best For Chipping?

I hope it does not come as a surprise that the best wedge for chipping is undoubtedly the Sand Wedge, you can fly the golf ball close to the pin using a Sand Wedge

Sand Wedge does provides top spin even on shots out Of the rough, this makes them great out of the bunker

Chipping is a very essential part of the game of golf one f the reason it is so is, that it can help get you back into the green especially if you miss a green

For chipping, it is always agreed that for the best of chipping you will need a loft of about 56 degree, 56 degree loft gives you the proper height



One of the most important club you will be needing is a golf sand wedge, a golf sand wedge, just as the name implies is used to help you get out of tough lies such as the sand

Looking for the best golf sand wedges of 2020? We have carefully given you the updated list above to help you make a presumed and précised choice, they are the best for this year and now getting out of the sand is now easier than ever

Golf Wedges are classified into four kind they are, Pitching wedge, lob wedge, sand wedge and gap wedge and each having its own specified function


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