In the end you should be able to explain the term ”light weight Wedge, tell what a proper game setup means and finally identify the top 5 best sand wedge for proper game setup

Today’s golfing promises the golfer the best of sand wedges for the best of proper game setup, through the early days of golfing there were little to no provision on great sand wedges that will assist the golfer for the best of setup, the story is different now as there are vast collection of golf sand wedge from where the golfer can comfortably choose from

Looking for the best sand wedges in 2020, look no further for this article will do you just good as it is bent in giving you the updated list of the best golf sand wedge today

Golf Sand Wedge Explained

What is a Sand Wedge according to golf sport? A sand wedge can simply be seen as a type of club in the game of golf designed specially to help players play the golf ball from soft lies such as sand bunker, a sand wedge helps you get your golf ball more easily and efficiently from sand

What is a light weight sand wedge? this simply means a light weight club used to rescue the golf ball from soft lies

What is a Game Setup? A game setup is simply the plans you have toward an efficient launching of the golf ball

A proper game setup is the most important thing for amateurs and recreational golfers, it is a fundamental for success at golfing

The reason being your swing evolve from your setup. Do a bad setup and expect a bad result all the time except on too rare occasion when the God of Good-luck decides to parson you on a particular swing

The setup writes the script for the swing and all great golfers and teachers are aware of the importance of a swing, Do not get it wrong, a good setup doesn’t guarantee a successful swing/result it only highly increase the probability

But let the truth be told, it becomes almost impossible to do a correct swing without proper game setup, How about equipment, does it help for proper game setup which ensures better result?

Oh yes it does, in this post we will be focusing on the best of sand wedge for proper game setup, Just as there are tips to positioning for a better golf game setup, so is there clubs for better setup as well

What are the best sand wedge for proper game setup in 2020?

What Are The Best Sand Wedge For Proper Game Setup OF 2020

It must be stated with precise and minute accuracy that the sand wedge in our list are based on fact and figures, test and reviews, debate and observation, record and speculations

So it is no one man suggestion, it is a world-over standard compilation and statistics

This are the best top pick wedge for proper game setup in 2018

  • Cleveland Golf Men’s Smart Sole 3 Wedge S(Best For Forgiveness And Easy)

Proper game setup club, sandwedge for game serup, top picks of game setup club

This sand wedge, “Cleveland Golf Men Smart Sole 3 Wedge S” hits the number one spot as the best sand wedge for proper game setup

They have long been an industry leader when it comes to golf wedge design and are expert in the manufacture of wedge for higher handicappers

There is a technology in the smart sole known as feel balancing which moves weight away from the hosel to the centre of the club face

Resulting in an awesome pleasant feel and better dispersion on shots and with an improved and recent three tiered sole you are assured of an improved turf interaction for a more precise and accurate result

It will save you many strokes, this club is termed as a club with excellency and easibilty in hitting purchase this club and you will be glad you did


Very easy to get the ball into the air

Price friendly

Standard flange

Unmatched forgiveness

Prompt delivery

One year guarantee on purchase


A little bit difficulty getting used to


  • Cleveland Golf 588 Tour Action Wedge(Best Responsive And Forgiving)

Proper game setup, best sand wedge for proper game setup, top rated clun for proper setup

Fear the bunker no more, without question and with zero opposition, “Cleveland Golf 588 Tour Action Wedge” is among the iconic and most successful golf wedge of all time

They have been part of the hundred’s of wins due to their simplistic yet well crested tour proven shape and design

This club will give you a proper game setup since it is structured in a specific way to help you position in the best suited manner for a better swing thus your result is greatly improved

You will love this club, its no guess but a fact, this club has an exceptional performance

This club has a new and advanced conforming groove designed to deliver maximum speed with a sole design and shape for better result

Comes in versatility of loft, these loft are 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, 60 degrees, with 50, 54, 58, degree representing right handed and

You will discover a noticeable positive impact on your swing, it is a perfect club for your game

The smartest thing you can ever do is to buy this club as a gift for a person (golfer)


Functionality outsmarts price

Won so many award

Well balanced and sturdy

Strong grip plus great feel

Prompt response on order

6 months to a year guarantee


A little bit on the heavy side

  • Wilson Staff FG Tour PMP Wedge Raw(Best Responsive And Feedback)

Wedge for game setup, proper game setup wedge, clubs for proper game setup, top list of club for golf game setup

This is a club built to perfection for a proper game setup

It does have a maximum volume on HM grooves for spin shots

Even on partial/weak shot the “Wilson staff FG tour PMP wedge” does offer an increased spin due to its laser etched micro spin technology

The three finished versatile finishes include the Tour frosted, oil can and raw offers a great opportunity for huge numbers of possible combinations with various loft and bounce option

A lot of positive reviews awaits this club due to its numerous test which all proves its a great club with every recent and top notch technology for better golfing experience


New raw finish

Delivers a higher ball launch plus increased spin for added stopping power, control and accuracy

Three finish option

Consistency on hit

Easy to use



  • Callaway Golf 2018 Men’s Matte Black Mack Daddy 4(Best For Forgiveness And Lightweight)

Golf wedge for proper game setup, sand wedge for better setup, top rated game setup sand wedge

The Mack daddy 4 has versatile sole grind options, all with a motive of suiting a variety of playing style

With the multiple option you can easily execute numerous type of shot from the fairway, rough and sand

You will love it and wouldn’t hesitate to get buy another in a heart beat considering its diversified loft option and bounce combination

This club has a very good spin with better control-ability and well balanced

You will make lots of good shots with this club

A lady bought this club for her fiancee as a birthday gift, being an avid golfer her fiancee was greatly mesmerized after doing few rounds with this wedge

He confessed, “this is one of the greatest wedge i have ever used

The CG is precise and perfectly positioned to give you the best of  proper game setup


Low CG for ultimate forgiveness

Versatility of sole grind to suit a variety of playing style

Choice of finish option either platinum chrome or black matt finish

Crisp turf interaction


Club feels hard while striking

New XE 1 59 degree Ultimate Sand wedge(Best For Feedback And Responsive)

Wedge for game setup, proper game setup wedge

Versatile degree loft and very easy to use, it gives you perfect drop shots for difficult greens as ball does not roll

Use it and you will be very happy with the tremendous improvement in your short game

Looking for a club that will boost your game setup properly?

Look no further for the New XE 1 is here, it restrict you to the right positioning for a better swing

With this club you will hit remarkable recovery shot from all around the green

With this wedge bunker, fairway wood and rough have no hold on your ball for long


Price friendly

Softer and more Consistent shot

Higher and more forgiving

Low CG for better accuracy and judgement

Easy to use and extremely durable

Best at spin

Proper game setup

60 days money back guarantee if it doesn’t meet your expectation


Someone complained of it being heavy

  • Callaway Mack Daddy 3 Chrome S-Grind Wedge(Best Responsive And Forgiving)

proper game setup, wedge, best sand wedge, game setup

works great as long as you swing easy,These are the best thing smoking in the wedge category and you will love them, there are 3 unique grind to suit your shots

its shaft material is made of steel which means it is more on a heavy side, this club comes in versatility of loft which includes_52, 54, 56, 58 and 60 deg, available in right hand and left hand all with the effort to suit your playing position

works in different types of course condition, the S-Grind fits the majority of players since it works seamlessly with versatile swing shape with turf condition


Works in different course condition

Versatile grind option from where to choose from

Progressive groove optimization makes it much easier for you to be able to set up your

Easily get out in no time from the bunker


takes a little time to get after order

A little bit difficult getting used to


The Need For A Golf Sand Wedge

In it’s simplest form , A sand wedge golf club  is one of the many clubs you will be needing while golfing as it is solely designed to get you out of tough lies, in this case and to be more specific, ”The sand”, Sand  dunes are one of the obstacle you might be experiencing as you golf and with a golf sand wedge you will be able to get out of the Sand much faster and easier

A Sand wedge is designed in such a way that it has a high loft angle , this results in a higher ball flight for easy escape from the sand



Just as there are tips to positioning for a proper game setup so is there clubs that can boost/ spice up your game setup, these 5 clubs(sand wedges) are the best proper game setup wedge in 2018

Looking for the best wedge for proper game setup? Look no further for this 5 wedges(sand wedge) are the best for proper game setup

there is a progressive groove optimization in the MD3 milled line, the 3 in the MD means it does have a 3 groove package milled that is milled into the surface of this wedge, this helps to optimize ball spin as the loft progresses


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