In the end you should be able to explain the concept, ”golf irons” as regarding golf sport and then be able to list the best set of golf iron to easily and quickly help you propel the ball towards the hole

Today’s golf sport has in offers great and quality golf iron sets to choose from, in the earlier days there were little provision of golf iron but now things are different as there are many golf iron set for men and women to make a choice

This all too many iron set makes it even difficult and a daunting task to pick from the best, this article will lift this burden off your shoulders at it is geared towards outsourcing the best

The use of a golf iron?

Irons are a subset of the big family of golf sport clubs, they usually have shorter shaft and smaller club head in comparison to woods

Golf Irons are used in wide variety of situation such might include from the Teeing ground, Fairway or the Rough , Irons are also used for ball extraction from hazards/tough lies, this tough lies might include water or bunker

In this article we will be listing the best golf irons for men that will help spice up your game and make you better have fun and become the favorite on course

In all the clubs in a set, irons are the most common, every iron has it’s own number for differentiation purpose, each of this iron have it’s own specified function even though they are quite similar to each other in function

What are the best golf iron set for men in 2020?

The best set of golf iron for men in 2020 is one of the ground breaking technology for golf sport, this latest technology has transformed the sportsman’s ship to a whole next level

Improve on your game, make more rolls, hit more stroke, gain more distance, gain better accuracy you can achieve all this with this golf iron designed for men If golf iron is strictly what you seek for

Then this article is highly geared to meet your needs, it focuses on the particular club set known as iron, seeing how difficult it is for golfers to make the right choice of iron to suit their playing style

Taylormade M4 Iron Set

TaylorMade M4 Iron Set

What are the best iron set for men in 2019? here is the answer, the, ”Taylormade M4 Iron Set, this set create a new generation of straight distance, consistency and accuracy

It does have a new RIBCOR Design which transfer more energy  to the golf ball by stiffening the perimeter of the club and focusing on flexibility where you make contact

M4 irons are ideal for golfers who not only want to hit the ball longer and straighter but do it more consistently, the Heel and toe weighing are optimized for increased Moment of inertia(MOI) plus forgiveness simply by the addition of weight to the perimeter of club head

You will love this new Iron due to it’s exceptional feel on contact and response on a hit, the grip of this Iron are very comfortable and easy to use offering you as well response un-matched even on a mis-hit

Taylormade M4 offers you remarkable distance and better ball control, they are an excellent set of iron with great forgiveness and feel


Very durable

Easy to use and maintain

Exceptional comfort and feel

Un-matched feedback and response

Quite light weight

Quick delivery and well packaged


Quite expensive

New Nike VR Pro Combo Iron Set

LAZRUS Premium Forged Golf Wedge Set for Men - 52 56 60 Degree Golf Wedges + Milled Face for More Spin - Great Golf Gift

The New Nike VR Pro Combo Iron Set have a true temper shaft and a velvet style grip, get ready for a life changing improvement on your game as you use them

These plays like any modern CB Irons, they are versatile and of a great value, when it comes to feel at impact and excellent responsiveness on hit, you cannot go wrong with this iron

The Nike VK Pro Iron Set are the bang for the bucks for those planning to start hitting the range, it’s shaft are not to stiff neither are they too flexible, so they are just good to do

You cannot imagine ho comfy and durable this club can be and how beautifully crafted and eye-catchy they turn out to be, one more thing you will love about this iron set is it’s highly forgiving tendency ad easy to use nature


Built to last

Very comfortable with exceptional durability

Price friendly

Easy to use

Great feel and maximum impact

Very responsive


Stiff shaft

2017 Cobra Golf Men’s King Iron Set

2017 Cobra Golf Men's King F7 Single Length Iron Set

The 2017 Cobra Men’s King Iron Set is a set that turns every of your game setback on course to a come back, they are truly on of the best club set out there which offer optimum forgiveness and insane accuracy on hit

This is the smartest pick for anyone who is tired of becoming a golf failure and is thirsty for growth, This 2017 Cobra Iron Set offers more distance, more forgiveness, better ball control and even confidence

A technology well known as the progressive spin technology helps reduce un-necessary spin and increase accuracy even on a mish-hit, the U-Groove on the 7-PW helps for spin optimization

How about the 100% CNC milled face Grooves-CNC helps improves structure of groove and helps for optimum spin and trajectory control

The hollow iron with face insert help delivers low CG with a highly responsive face for easier to hit, higher long flying irons


Improved distance with better control

Greatly simplifies your set up routine

Highly responsive with exceptional feel

Classical look and eye-catchy

Insane amount of accuracy

Truly forgiving


Quick delivery and well packaged


Take sometimes to get used to

Callaway Golf Men’s Apex C6 Iron Set 

Callaway Golf Men's Apex CF16 Irons Set

This is a very interesting set from Callaway, the Callaway Golf Men’s Apex C6 Iron Set offers great distance with playability and this is the first face cup in a forged player iron, it takes perfection further, moving it to the next level

This iron set operates with a leading cup 360 technology that redefined ball speed in fairway wood and irons, it offers the right balance of ball flight, playability, forgiveness and control

You get exceptional and consistent ball speed and control, the high tech multi-piece construction goes through the whole set for a remarkable combination of distance and feel

Men’s Apex C6 Iron Set are exceptional flexible and offers you maximum responsiveness and unmatched feedback on every single hit

The matte finish steel makes them exceptionally attractive and eye-catchy, this particular club actually delivers and are durable seeing the high end material from which it was crafted


Made from high end material so built to last

More distance and better control

Great feel and forgiveness

Remarkable response


Quick delivery and well packaged

Very forgiving

High MOI which makes them resistant to twisting


Exceptional distance only on well struck shots

Callaway Golf Men’s XR OS Iron Set

Callaway Golf Men's XR OS Irons Set

Features a Progressive length and loft for ease in hitting the ball farther, the soles of this irons are wide enough this offering you un-matched forgiveness with better distance gain and control

This clubs are well built for maximum accuracy such that your confidence is built ad unshaken as you use them, get out of the rough and every other bunker/obstacle with great ease and very fast

You wouldn’t have to worry about any tough lies again as this iron set offer lower Center of Gravity (CG) to get the ball airborne quicker, faster and easier

They do have a nice large sweet-spot so even you mis-hit can be corrected, it is one of the easiest iron to hit, they are a top line club by Callaway and you cannot go wrong with them

It’s forgiveness will beat your imagination, easy to swing, very responsive, great feel and balance


Large forgiving face

High CG

Longer distance and control

Great feel plus exceptional response


Easy to use and durable

High MOI which makes them resistant to twisting

Perfect for high handicap players


Someone complained of a scratched iron

Taylormade Men’s M2 Golf Iron Set

TaylorMade Men's M2 Golf Iron Set

Known as club which delivers amazing distance to help make it easier for recreational players to hit better approach shots that is it’s ultimate goal

the M2 was designed to provide exceptional forgiveness even on a mis-hits, as a matter of fact this iron is seen as a ”Swing Correcta” due to it’s great role in offering forgiveness even on a mishit

If you lack the swing speed for higher ball launch or you probably struggle with in-consistency, the M2 was designed to alleviate such issue

They are a great iron for higher and mid-handicap layers as well as senior players as well, Engineers removed weight from the hosel and redistribute it to the sole of the club This lowered the M2aTMs CG (center of gravity) to create higher launch angles and faster ball speeds

It offers great balance, trajectory and plenty of spin


Great iron for the mid to high handicapper

Great feel and feedback

Responsiveness with exception

Very forgiving

High MOI


More distance

Consistent ball control

Easy to use and quick delivery


Someone complained of receiving only one iron whereas it was advertised as a set

Cleveland Golf Men’s Launcher HB Iron Set

Cleveland Golf Men's Launcher HB Iron Set

The Cleveland Golf Men’s Launcher HB Iron Set in no doubt makes you a better golfer, yes, a better and more efficient golfer ready to take on any challenge yet reassured victory at all cost

First of all the Cleveland have an extensive role of creating popular product when it comes to anything golf sport related, with this Iron Cleveland has brought the recreational player a better combination of performance and simplicity with a focus on higher launch, straighter shots, and more forgiveness

This Cleveland offer rich feel and un-matched responsiveness, for those who seek maximum impact coupled with highly unique forgiveness, then this is for you

You will do better role and with great consistency, you will get exceptional feedback and flexibility on your every hit, they feature a fully Hollow construction through the set this enables redistribution of weight for maximum forgiveness

This Cleveland is one of the easiest to hit and the well crafted and wide sweet-spot makes bad strike correctable, you will like the quality and playability of these irons, very easy to use, well balanced and the grip are extremely soft and comfortable

You will now be able to hit consistent and high straight shot into the green, bad and unprediatable swing? not anymore


Predictable and highly accurate swing

Built for Premium durability

Very comfortable


High MOI

Improved distance and consistency


Shipping restriction

Limited edition

Taylormade PSi Iron Set

TaylorMade PSi Iron Set

The Taylormde PSi Iron Set offers great and superior distance and control without compromise, this club was designed to meet the demands of better players

It does have an ultra-thin sub 2mm face which adds an impressive ball speed to an iron with exceptionally compact shape, the innovative approach present in this set is all geared towards offering a better feel, impact and response

You will like the look and feel of this sets of iron as they have a soft and very comfortable grip to help you get the best out of your swing, The Taylormade PSi Iron Set is a forged iron set and this gives nice feedback for shots in-between

You will certainly look to the Taylor made iron sets again due to it’s exceptionally forgiving and easy to use nature, Your good swing will be rewarded by this iron, on contact with the ball this club iron offers a pleasant sound that will give you a long lasting positive impression

It’s difficult to go wrong with the Taylormade clubs as they offer you rich features which is a sure guarantee to becoming a better and well recognized golfer


Superior feel and look

Very forgiving

Ultra-Durable and easy to use

Well packaged and quick delivery

Exceptionally responsive

High MOI

Increased distance and better ball control


Someone complained of the absence of the 7-iron

Taylormade Golf 2018 P790 Men’s Iron Set

TaylorMade Golf 2018 P790 Men's Iron Set

Taylormade Golf 2018 P790 Men’s Iron Set offers a break through in technology, this proves to be the most versatile iron TaylorMeadeaTMs line up

The sweet-spot of this club are very generous, very forgiving and by far they are superior than the Mizuno MP33s, they are light and the feel and response are mind blowing

And now, armed with this rare club you will hit the ball more further, more consistently and even higher, this set are very forgiving and very responsive

They are a club for golfers looking for un-matched durability and awesome feel on every single impact, great looking set of club with soft and comfortable feel for more relaxation and less worry as you enjoy your game

The Low CG makes it easily airborne this makes it very easy to get out of any tough lies as quick as possible,  the cut-thru Speed Pocket on the sole of the club offers improved flexibility to promote consistent distance and protects ball speed on low-face strikes

No matter your golf level/ability this set will assist you either by increasing your performance on course or through the aspect of durability, the balance and weight is well distributed for optimal result enhancement production


Very durable

Easy to use

Exceptional forgiveness

Flexible and great feel

Very responsive

High MOI



Someone complained of item not delivered on time


Recent golfing have been so developed and revolutionized that there are many golf club single iron or set one can comfortably choose from, there are a whole lot of great golf iron set for men today

In years gone by it had not been so and now there are more golf iron set in production than one can ever choose from, this makes it quite a daunting task to make the right selection of golf iron and this is where this article come into

It is bent in outsourcing the best golf iron, single or set for men so that they can easily make a choice without being mislead and with this golf iron set you will notice a dramatic improvement on your game



















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